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Yard Work

July 2004 - Greg


"Hey, Greg, it's Mike."

"How ya doing, buddy?" I mumbled, trying to suppress a yawn. I glanced at the clock and sat up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. "You know what time it is?"

"Sorry, guy. I know it's early and a Saturday on top of it, but I've got a big favor to ask of you."

"So ask," I said, reaching down between my legs and hooking a finger around the end of my dick. I pulled my cock down between my legs and when I let it go, it smacked up against my belly. Looked like another case for Tom Thumb and the Finger brothers.

"First of all, stop playing with yourself."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked guiltily, pulling the sheet up over my crotch as if he could see me over the phone.

"I know you, Greg. Your cock's so hard most of the time, there's a rumor you've got a real bone in it."

"Dry up, Mike. Now what did you wake me up for?"

"I'm in a real bind with my old man. He wants me to help him in the yard today and I've got a date to go on a picnic with Sheila Martin. You know I've been trying to get to first base with her since I was a freshman. I finally got her to agree to go on this outing with me and now my dad's telling me he's gotto have some help, and it has to be

"So what if I have a date?" I countered, not wanting to seem too eager to go to his rescue, even if he was my best friend.

"Come on, Greg, you never have dates. There's never been a girl in this town that managed to turn your crank."

"I'm too busy to spend all my energy chasing skirts who aren't going to put out anyway."

"Busy lifting weights and studying. You're gonna end up with muscle strain, brain cramp and blue balls."

"Thanks, Mike. Listen, guy, you aren't doing much for your case by shoveling all this shit my way."

"Come on, man, this is my happiness at stake. You gotta help me out."

"Okay, I'll do it. But don't forget, you owe me one."

"Anything, anytime. I really appreciate this. I'll tell my dad you'll be over in an hour." I heard Mike whooping as I hung up the phone. He obviously thought this date was going to lead straight to the sack. I wished him luck.

I sprawled back on the bed and took my tingling prick in hand. As I started to pump it, I closed my eyes and thought about Jack Steed, Mike's father. Actually, the idea of spending a hot summer day working with him was damn near the most exciting thing I could think of. Nobody knew it, but the reason I wasn't chasing girls around was because I had no interest in them, except as friends.

I was definitely hot to trot, but my interests were very specific. And Jack Steed fit my specifications. He was my father's age, early forties, but he didn't look anything like my father. Jack Steed was a construction worker and he looked the part. The dude had arms on him that would make me weak just looking at them. His shoulders were broad and slabbed with muscle and his chest did things to a T-shirt that pushed my blood pressure up into the danger zone. I'd seen him stripped to the waist many times when I went over to visit with Mike, and it was all I could do not to drool all over myself.

I've got this thing for hairy men, probably because I'm such a hairless guy myself, and Mr. Steed was a real bear. The long silky hair on his chest swirled around his tits in a circular pattern, then shot down the middle his belly, dense in the center, gradually getting sparser as it approached his sides. He even had a thick tuft of hair that curied in the hollow of his throat. His forearms were dense in fur making them look even bigger than they were. I'd never seen him with his pants off, but I figured his long muscular legs had to be furry as well.

My balls were in a knot by now and beat my meat faster and harder, keeping my friend's father's smiling image in mind. I looked down over the smooth planes and angles of my body, wondering how a man like him would react to me. I had a good build, because I did spend all my time lifting weights and studying, and I was pretty bulked up. My pecs were big and I had great definition in my belly. I'd also been careful to develop my legs to keep them in proportion. If I'd just had some hair besides the reddish gold bush above my dick, and the fluff in my armpits, I would have been totally satisfied with myself.

I squeezed my cock from base to tip and juice squirted out onto my belly. I kept the shaft gripped tight in my left hand and started rubbing the big red knob on the end with the fingers of my right. It felt so damned good, I could hardly stand it. The more I teased my cumhole and the mass of nerves tucked behind the ridge of the crown, the tighter my toes curled. The slow fire that had been smoldering in the pit of my stomach was blazing up into a raging fire that I could only put out one way.

I thrust my hips high off the bed and started pumping my meat so fast that my fist was just a big blur with knuckles. A wave of intense pleasure washed over me and the cum started churning, pushing up along my fat juice tube, heading for fresh air. The first shot splattered on my pistoning fingers, then my whole body tensed and I got off a blast that arched high in the air before it splattered down on my neck and chest. The next one went wild, over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. After that, it was mostly shuddering and shaking, with just a few stray drops of cream oozing out and drooling down the shaft.

I looked over at the clock and jumped out of bed. I only had about ten minutes to get over to Mike's place and I didn't want to be late. I wasn't sure just what I had let myself in for, but it was hot, so I figured I'd wear as little as possible and work on my tan. If Jack wanted the roses trimmed, he could do it himself.

I dug in the bottom drawer of the dresser, pulled out a pair of black nylon shorts and wriggled my way into them. They hugged and showed off my basket as well. Then I pulled on a pair of white socks, laced up my tennis shoes and stuck a baseball cap on my thick reddish blond curls. I took a final glance in the mirror, flicked off a little glob of
spunk on my shoulder that I'd missed with the towel and headed out the door.

Mr. Steed was already hard at work when I got there. I stood at the gate, my hand on the latch, trying to get myself under control before going in. He was also dressed in shorts and I sure as hell had been right about his legs. They were long and thick, and muscles in his calves bulging out damn near as big as his thighs. And they were hairy-dusted with the same long silky fur that covered his upper body and arms. He had already worked up a good
sweat and his broad back glistened in the hot morning sun.

"Hey, Greg, good morning," he called out cheerily, motioning me into the yard. I walked across to him and shook his outstretched hand. "Thanks for coming over and helping me out. I thought Mike was feeding me a line of bull when he told me that you had agreed to come and help me. He must have the goods on you, guy."

"I can use the fresh air and the exercise," I replied. I was also looking forward to watching his big, hard body all day, but I didn't mention that. "What's the plan, Mr. Steed."

"Jack," he corrected me. "As long as we're going to be working side by side, you might as well call me Jack."

"I'll get right in behind you and between the two of us, I think we can muster the muscle to get this old bitch out of here."

I stepped into the area where he'd cleared away all the branches and gripped the trunk. Then Jack stepped in behind me and I thought my heart was gonna explode, it started pounding so hard. His chest pressed against my shoulders, that sweat-soaked mat of hair tickling my bare back. His long arms stretched out in front of me, laid alongside mine from shoulder to wrist. When he gripped the trunk of the old lilac, our hands touched.

We pulled and strained, using all of our combined strength. The muscles in his arms jumped and bulged as he said "Greg, I think I'm ready for some help with this," he said when I walked over to ask what he wanted me to do next. "If we both got in here and pull on the trunk, I think we can get her out. Damn, this is hard work!" He grinned
at me boyishly, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his arm and flashing me a glimpse of a densely thatched pit. He sure as hell didn't look old enough to be father to a guy my age, but he was definitely my idea of a Daddy. I could feel my nuts shifting around in their pouch and a little flame was starting to tickle in my gut.

"You get in there and grab hold of the trunk," he instructed. dug in his heels and threw all his weight into it. My feet slipped a little and my butt pressed back against his crotch. I could feel the big rubbery lump in his shorts against my crack and I groaned, but not from the effort I was making to dislodge the lilac.

"I think she's moving," he grunted, his lips at my ear I could feel the stubble on his chin scratching my neck as he lowered his head and yanked at the trunk again. The veins in his arms were standing out like cords now and I could feel his massive chest flexing and knotting against my back.

Without warning, the roots of the lilac loosed their hold and we went flying. I heard Jack grunt as he hit the ground. I landed on top of him and the bush fell on top of me, pinning us both down. I heaved it to one side and we struggled to our feet, laughing and panting.

"Damned good job, Greg," he wheezed, clapping a heavy hand on my shoulder. As he looked at me, his expression changed from satisfaction to concern. "You're hurt," he said, suddenly serious.

"Huh?" I looked down and saw a little rivulet of blood trickling down my left pec. It followed the curve of the muscle to the center of my chest, then ran down my belly. I wiped it away and saw the scratch on my chest. "I think I'll live," I
assured him.

"I think we'd better go inside and get some antiseptic on it anyway. Come on." I followed him into the house. The air-conditioning was wonderfully cool after the heat outside and tightened my nipples into hard points. Jack took me into the bathroom and told me to sit down on the toilet while he soaked a washcloth with warm water and knelt between my legs.

"Sorry about this, Greg," he said as he wiped the blood off my chest and gently dabbed at the scratch.

"It's really nothing," I protested, extremely conscious of the pressure of his big hand on me. He was resting his free hand on my thigh, his curled fingers brushing against my belly. His dark hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat. He was so handsome with his big, chiseled features and the dark stubble on his cheeks and chin, that
I could hardly contain myself. I had to fight a strong urge to reach out and stroke the strong line of his jaw.

Sweat was still dripping off of him, splashing onto the floor and onto my thighs. I could feel my hard-on trying to fight its way out of my shorts. When he reached up to the shelf behind me for the bottle of alcohol, my face was pressed against his chest. I didn't even try to back away from him. When I felt the fleshy point of his big nipple brush my lips, I couldn't suppress a groan.

He dabbed alcohol onto the scratch. It felt cool at first, then burned like hell when it hit the raw flesh. My whole body tensed. "You've got a hell of a body, Greg," he said softly, still dabbing at my chest. "You obviously spend a lot of time on it."

"Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself." After I realized what I'd just said, I could feel myself blushing to the roots of my hair. No telling what he'd think now.

"Maybe that explains this," he said, and chuckled softly, looking down. I followed his eyes to my crotch and damn near had a heart attack. My prick had slipped out of the leg of my shorts and was pointing right at him, stiff as a pole.

"Oh!" I blurted, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," he said soothingly, laying aside the piece of alcohol- soaked tissue and resting both hands on my thighs. "It's completely natural. Look at me." I looked down as he tugged at the front of his shorts. First I saw a thick curly bush of pubes, then the fat base of his dick. His hand slipped inside the waistband and Jack hauled his equipment out into the open.

His cock was long, fat, veiny and hooded. It looked twice as big as mine and I'm no slouch in the meat department. He pulled the skin on his dick forward, bunching it up over the glistening head and dragging his big balls out of hiding as well. They hung low in their hairy bag, swinging back and forth.

"I get horny, too," he whispered, licking his lips and winking at me. I couldn't fucking believe it! The hottest man I'd ever seen was down on his knees between my legs, playing with his cock. "You interested in playing, man to man?" he asked finally. I nodded and he kissed the head of my dick.

His mouth was hot and wet as it closed over the knob on the end of my meat. Then his tongue slithered along the underside, tracing my tube back to my balls, and I damn near lost it. I reached out instinctively and grabbed his thick forearms, running my fingers through the damp curls growing there. I didn't know what felt better, his hungry mouth sucking my prick or the hair on his arms. I did know that I was willing to work all day to figure out the answer to the question.

His head started bobbing up and down between my legs as he blew me. I couldn't believe the sensations I felt. when my cock punched past the back of his mouth and down into the tight muscular heat of his throat. He'd go down all the way, then stay there for a long time, his lips pressed against my bush. I could feel his tongue and the soft insides of his cheeks as he sucked me, quickly drawing my balls up into a tight knot. I took it till I was ready to cum, then I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled his head away.

"I want to suck you," I said, my voice hoarse with lust. "I want to make you feel the way I'm feeling right now. This is fucking incredible."

"Be my guest," he urged, standing up in front of me. His big dong was sticking straight out in front of him, honey dripping off the tip. I reached out and grabbed the pulsing shaft and pulled him close in to me. He braced his hands on the wall behind the toilet and thrust his hips forward as I milked the juice out of him, letting it drip down
onto my lips. When I licked my mouth, I got my first taste of man and I knew I was hooked for life. His honey was delicious.

He whimpered when my tongue first made contact. I licked at the tight collar of skin hiding his knob, then opened wide and lunged forward. I gagged when the fat head bounced off my tonsils, but I wasn't about to let that stop me. I pulled back, swallowed and started trying to remember what he'd just been doing with his tongue that felt so good on my own prick. I licked along the underside, tracing his swollen cum tube back as far as my tongue would stretch. Then I went to work on the cockhead, chewing on the sticky tip that was poking out of the hood. Every time I touched it, it would swell and throb and I'd get another taste of juice.

My hands were busy as well, exploring every glorious inch of Jack's body. He was hairy everywhere-his ass, his legs, his solid belly, and especially his big chest. I ran my hands from his knees, up over his butt, then around to his long, curly pubes, tugging on them till he groaned. His fur had pretty much dried by this time and it stood up straight
when I ruffled it. If he hadn't stopped me by grasping my wrists, I would have probably rubbed it longer.

He stepped back and pulled me to my feet. "Let's get down on the floor and we can both suck at the same time," he suggested, brushing his lips across mine. I knelt down with him and we were soon flat on the floor, faces buried in each other's crotch.

The first thing I noticed was that this angle was much better for sucking his cock. There was a slight curve in his boner that seemed to have been custom-made for my throat. I bobbed my head up and down, faster and faster, tickling his nuts with my fingers, watching them draw up tight on either side of his fat shaft. Then I took a deep breath and didn't stop going down till my nose was pressed against his balls and his prick was down my throat. I stayed put, coming up just long enough to gasp a quick breath before going down to the base again.

Every time I did this, Jack's dick felt like it was getting bigger and harder The head was so swollen that I could no longer shuck his hood up to cover it. The skin just bunched up behind the rim of the crown, soft as velvet to the touch. I loved the feel of the thick veins against my tongue and the way his juice tube pulsed with his heartbeat.

He had me so hot I was ready to explode. My toes were curling and my whole body was tingling-partly from his tongue work and partly from the sensation of all those short soft hairs tickling my bare flesh. He started shaking his head from side to side, my rod buried deep in his throat. This brought the pressure to bear from all angles and I came. My whole body started to spasm and shake as Jack sucked the cum right from my balls.

I wanted him to cum as well, so I tried to duplicate his moves, rolling my head from side to side against his thighs and tickling his nuts. It was a good move. He squeezed me so tight I could hardly breathe and began pumping his hips rapidly.

His first gob of cum oozed out onto my tongue and I blew like a fountain. The taste of his jism was strong. I pulled back till his cockhead was resting on my tongue, eager for another taste, just to be sure I liked it. His prick flexed and my mouth was literally flooded with spunk. I tried to swallow it all, but it was coming out too fast. It ran out the corners of my mouth and down my chin, splashing onto his hairy thighs. No matter how fast I swallowed it, he kept pumping more. I finally gave up and aimed his meat so it started spraying thick white ropes of jizz against my chest and neck. I jacked his cock till I had drained every last bit, digging the last drop out of his gaping cumhole with my

After it was all over, I just lay there, too dazed to move. I had saved the last mouthful of his cream, rolling it over on my tongue and squishing it between my teeth, not wanting to ever forget how he tasted this first time. When he sat up and pulled me up next to him, I started to swallow, embarrassed by my action, but he put a finger on my lips and shook his head. Then he opened his mouth and I saw my own jizz glistening creamy white in the hollow of his tongue.

He kissed me, his lips sticky, his breath hot on my face. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped between my teeth. Now I could taste my own scum, the same thick, funky man-taste, but still distinctively different. Our tongues pushed and twisted together, mingling our juice till it was thoroughly blended. Then Jack scooped some of the sexy brew out of my mouth and swallowed it, licking his lips contentedly. I did the same, leaning my face against his big, hairy chest.

We finally got back out to the yard, and finished hauling the lilac and the hedge clippings out to the alley. It was getting to be mid-afternoon and too hot to work anymore, so we decided to call it a day.

"Damn fine bit of work, Greg," Jack, said, giving me a conspiratorial wink. "You're quite a man."

"So are you, Jack," I said. "Anytime you need help around here, you just give a holler and I'll come running."

"I gotta haul all this stuff off next weekend. I'll probably run it up to the country to a landfill. If I can't get any help from Mike, I'll give you a call."

"I'll count on it, Jack," I grinned. "I like this yard work stuff a whole lot more than I ever thought I would."

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