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About Superdrewby

Drew and Lee Commitment Ceremony


About Superdrewby

Superdrewby is an online community for you gays and lesbians to share and discuss issues of interest and to provide a safe, positive role model for young gay guys and girls coming to terms with their sexuality.

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The Superdrewby mission statement is:

"To provide a safe and positive role model for gays and lesbians on the web."


Superdrewby has had many different faces since it was born in 1999. The first site was called MyPlaceDrew and was hosted by the now defunct At that stage it was mainly a personal site for Drew. Superdrewby itself was born in January 2001 when Drew purchased the new domain name and launched the new site.

Since then Superdrewby has undergone three face changes:


The functionality of Superdrewby is provided by Perl CGI scripts available through freeware and modified by Drew.