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erotic stories

Midnight Driveway Sex

By August 2005

I woke up one summer night. I couldn't sleep because it was extremely warm. I looked at the clock on the nightstand by my bed. It was a qaurter to midnight. I restled myself out of my bed and trampled downstairs. As I entered the kitchen I hurried myself to the refrigerator to cool myself down. I opened the door and in the bottom shelf I saw a six pack of beer that hadn't been touched. A sip of beer sound so refreshing to this warm and tired body. I grabbed it and open the bottle and quickly took a swig. It felt good going down my throat but I was still warm.

I opened the freezer a grabbed a couple of cubes of ice. I started to rub the ice over my forehead it was very cool, so I decided to to cool down the rest of my body. I slipped my shorts and tshirt off of me and I grabbed some more cubes of ice. I began rubbing it all over my body. across my chest and down my stomach to my torso sliding down my cock making my body shiver from the coldness.

I was feeling pretty frisky, I don't know if it was from the heat or just being tired but I felt like getting nasty.

leaving the refrigerator door open I decided to plop my hot sweaty naked ass on top of the kitchen table. I laid down on the table on my back with the bottle of beer in my hand. I started to pour some of the beer over my body down to my cock. I began stroking my cock getting it all wet and frothy from the beer.

My cock was loving this unusual beer bath it has never had before. I started stroking it harder making my cock grow bigger by every stroke. The head of my cock was getting thick and like a beautiful rosebud. I began jerking and rocking back and forth on my table making creek louder and louder. The rush of energy started to flow from the base of my cock surgeing forward to the piss slit of my cock. some wetness started to ooze out and finally with a couple more hard strokes cum shot out up into the air spraying the light above the table and down onto me like rain from heaven.

I laid there for a minute when I saw a light flash my my kitchen window outside. I quickly jumped off the table put my shirt and shorts back on to see what the light was. I saw across the street my neighbor had just got home from his fishing trip. It was now midnight. I thought I would go greet him and chat with him. I grabbed a couple of beers from the frige and walked out and across the street to meet brad.

Brad was a good neighbor and not a bad fuck. Brad and I have had many great time in bed. He is a divorced 40 year old blond hair smooth body bulging biceps hard cast ironed pecs you just love to nibble on. I always liked being around him. I asked him how was the fishing. He grunted not good he didn't get a bit at all. He was not happy. I handed him the beer and watched him take a couple of swigs. He asked me how my weekend was. I said it was hot and lonely.

He said that was too bad maybe we should have spent it together and perhaps something interesting and exciting could have happened.

I smiled at him and said it still could be exciting the weekend isn't over yet. I grabbed a hold of that huge bulge he has rising out of his crotch. we stared at each other and he pulled his body closed to mine and we started kissing really hard. I could feel he's wet slimming tongue thrusting to the back of my throat while I am gasping for air we slobbered faces all over each other making us both really hot and horny. he pulled away from me and the tailgate of his truck. he pulled off my shirt and shorts and pushed me back onto the bed of his truck. he leaned over started kissing me again and then going down on me trailing down my body with his slimmy slithering toungue he circled both of my niples with his tongue at times even biting. I moaned with delight he was making my body quiver.

He then proceded down to my cock licking the head of my cock and at times nibbling on it.

he then took it all the way in slurping back and forth on it like it was the loly pop he had ever had. saliva ran out of his mouth and down my cock and drizzling off of my balls. I was enjoying his suckfest. He then raised my legs into the air exposing my entire ass. I felt again his slithering sliding up my hot ass. I graoned with delight and let him dive even deeper so he could wet my ass up.

After exploring my ass with his tongue giving me great pleasure. He pushed me down to my knee's. I unzipped his pant pulling out that huge bigorama cock out and started stroking it. I was teasing it my licking it but not taking it all the way in. He then kicked off his boots yanked his pants off and ripped his shirt off. He pulled me up and leaned me over his tailgate and spread my ass open. He stucked his finger and began ramming it up my ass. he ripped my anus wider by pulling it and spreading with his finger.

I want to fuck your hole real fucking bad He said. And then he slammed it in. I growled with the pain and the satisfaction his cock was giving me. He began ramming it in and out pound my ass slamming his balls between my thighs. I could hear him grunting and groaning and puffing. He then pulled his throbbing cock out. He pulled me up off the truck and then he layed down on the bed of the truck.

He said I want you to ride me wild boy. I stepped on to the bed with my legs over him. I spread my ass apart and sqautted down and slid on that hard rock pole.

I was slamming up and down on that hot cock. we were fucking like to wild dogs between the both of us we were rocking he truck up and down giving his shocks a workout. thank god nobody walked by or heard us fucking.

I then began to feel the cum rushing out of my cock onto his hot sweaty chest. brad started fucking my ass with even more force I stood up and he shot several large loads of hot cum spraying it on me. I collapsed onto his arms and we took a rest.but we did several more times that night until the crack of daw. It was the best midnight driveway sex I will never forget.


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