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Alex’s Friendly Little Reunion

November 19th 2006 By Wesley P. Benson

Alex was excited about rekindling the old gang and thought of little else from the time the three met up the night before. He drove up to Shot Glass, the bar Chris said they were to meet at and parked; taking one last time to quickly check himself out in the rear view mirror before he got out and went into the bar. As soon as he entered he could tell he was in the right place, it was loud and alive with the shouts and laughter of a good time. Like the lyrics of an old tune, he could pick out voices he recognized; voices of friends not seen in a long time all coming back in a thousand different memories. In excited anticipation held back by that sense of ‘self machismo’ he felt a slow grin grow and take over his face.

“They’re in the back room.” The bartender said to him as he took a few steps towards the bar. The man knew he had to be a part of ‘those guys’ just by the look of his age and the way he was dressed.

“Thanks man.” Al returned with a nod of his head; with that he took out a cigarette -- yet another prop of that ‘machismo’ image that gripped him -- and sauntered down towards the ruckus.

“Who’s the fuck is this?” Steve Hughes called from some where in the crowd as he entered the smoke filled room.

“Hey,” Jason Hunter announced, noticeably affected by the alcohol in his beer, “look who’s just comin’ in!” and they all grew quiet, still grinning, their red eyes glaring. Jason was a tall, well built twenty one year old with brown hair and eyes his face was framed by glasses and a great dimpled smile.

“Hey guys,” Chris beamed from the center of the room “it’s Alex, another ol’ bud from school. He shops at my big Circle.” And they all laughed.

“Yo, Alex,” Donny Williams called out standing up for a moment, “over here.” letting him know he had a welcome seat waiting for him over at a round table full of his old chums. Alex smiled and gave a wave to the room and as he got to the table Donny announced with a chuckle, “And have your dollars ready cause the keg is five bucks a head.” With that all the other school mates roared with loud laughter and nodded their heads, remembering the five dollar fee in the past tense.

“Ya got a plastic cup ‘er what?” Alex said as he slammed a five spot down on the table, as if to confirm the old memory. Donny Williams was a very handsome young man. His sandy blond hair was highlighted by his green eyes. His face was very pleasant to look at, and his complexion clear and bright. His body was trim with all the lines in place. He had a nice basket in front and a fine set of well defined buns behind him. His mind was sharp and was always looking to make money back then throwing beer parties all the time.

Alex sat down still surveying the room and as one hand slammed down a clean glass on the table in front of him it was filled by a pitcher held by the hand of another happy friend. He looked around the room and drinking in the faces; they were all about the same age. Some of them he recognized and some of them were strangers, all seated at three round tables in the room; a jukebox and a set of long tables against one side of the room held trays of pizza and other foods. As he sipped his beer he looked over at the table where Chris was. Chris already looked like he was ‘having a good time’ complete with some kind of paper crown on his head and different brightly colored lay around his neck; his smile was perpetual and his eyes were glassy and red. The sight made Alex chuckle as he remembered his friend. He was seated with some guys who were obviously Circle K employees, some were friends from school. At the other table was still another mix of friends and strangers, again everyone around twenty one or so without exception, and everyone smiling and having a good time.

Suddenly, as he looked over the faces at that third table, he noticed that next to Justin Taylor, one of the only friends from school that he still kept in close contact with sat Brad Spano! He thought to himself ‘What the hell is he doing here?’ as he stared over at them; neither Justin nor Brad were looking over his way. Just then his concentration was interrupted by Donny who was anxious to catch up with what was going on in his friend’s life.

In time he, like all the others made his way around the room saying hello to everyone and sharing sips of beer and conversation. Finally he had gotten to say hello to Chris who by that time was still smiling that stupid smile worn by those who have imbibed too much. Chris demanded that this not be the last time they saw each other, telling him that this was a great little bar and that he and several of the other guys all came around from time to time. With that they shared phone numbers and feeing the warm glow of friendships rekindled he made his way safely home.

The next day was Sunday, and Alex shared most of it with his couch and a slight headache along with the TV and the sports events. Late in the afternoon the doorbell rang just as he was finishing a sandwich. It was Justin, he usually showed up on Sunday afternoons.

“Hey dude, come on in.” He announced with that last bit of sandwich still in his mouth.
“So Alex..” his friend announced as he walked in going straight to the fridge for a beer “how did you like the party last night?”

“Yeah,” he declared with a smile, “that was cool.”

“Yeah, hey nice to see he’s making out alright.” Justin said, and for some reason Al’s brain switched over to Brad again. He remembered Justin had been sitting next to him.

“Yeah….decent job,” he said slowly “and he’s married.”

“Yeah some girl named Violet from one of the other Circle K’s” Justin told him.

“Yeah…” he replied and there was a silence then. “Hey you sat with Brad Spano.” He said testing the waters.

“Yeah he came over with me.” Justin said making Al’s ears perk up.

“Oh…I didn’t know that.” Finally unable to contain his curiosity any longer he spoke up again asking “So…you guys are close buds?”

“I still see Brad every now and again.” He chuckled as the two sat down on the couch. “You know how it goes.”

“Justin…” Alex began and then paused as he tried to figure out how exactly to say what was on his mind.

“Yeah......?” Justin replied as he hung on Al’s every word.

“You were close with Brad in school too, weren’t you?” Alex said finally in more of a question than a statement.

“Spano?” Justin repeated, remembering back to the day. “We were never ‘close’ but we did hang out from time to time.”
“So guys like still hang out?” he probed.

“Alex......we all know each other from fuckin’ kindergarten.” Justin chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, “he agreed, “I know. But like...are you guys know...close buds?”

“No.” Justin laughed “I told ya nothing like that.”

“Yeah, well...what do you know about him?” Alex asked. Justin stared back at his friend trying to figure out his line of questions and then a light went off and Justin smiled knowingly.

“Ok, what,” he smiled “did you just find out he’s a peter puffer?”

“ Justin! Man don’t fuck with me,” Alex retorted holding his hands up, “what the fuck are you sayin’?”

“Alex, I don’t mean to mess up your mind, but Brady Boy is gay.” And having exposed the ‘secret’, laughed softly keeping his eyes on Alex and his reaction. Alex said nothing, but wondered in his own mind if that meant Justin was Gay too. “Yeah, Brad likes to give head. And, he’s not too bad at it.” he said adding the last statement half to himself, and as he bit his lip at what he had just said the palm of his left hand unconsciously slid slowly down the front of his trousers and quickly tweaked his tool.

“ Justin,” Alex began “are you......”.

“Man how can someone so cool be so whacked!” Justin said in soft anger. “NO!” he announced wide eyed as he drew his face close to Alex’s, “No dude, I am not gay!” After a short silence, Justin added in his defense, “That doesn’t mean I don’t like to have my flute played now and then.” Alex was silent. “I mean Brad’s different; he’s a friend from way back. Christ he’s given me head since the eighth grade!”

“Since the eighth grade?” he groaned. “Yeah but Justin you and I go on double dates.”

“Al, Jesus!! I am not a fag!!” he replied getting visibly upset as he sat foreword on the couch. “I’ll boink chicks all the time!! But if I get hung up and there is no girl to be had or the bitch I’m with is on the rag, well...hello Brad.” he argued, “I mean....fuck...look, to be honest when a bitch gives head it’s cause she figures she has to. When a Gay guy gives head it’s cause he not only wants to he really loves sucking on it! And Brad even takes the load!”

“Man I just don’t know about this.......” Alex said just barely beginning to give in.

“Alex we all let Brad do it once in a while: he’s a good guy.”

“Who is all of us?” Al asked almost frightened to hear the answer.

“Me...Chris......Danny... probably even Steve.” He added thoughtfully. “And I mean you know Steve can’t even get a women!” he exclaimed. “I mean don’t go skinhead on me here.” There was a pause as Justin calmed down and Alex tried to let it all sink in. “Shit, he goes down much better than a girl.” There was another short pause, and Justin pulled away from Al, his own words, combined with his thoughts and memories making him even more steadfast in his conviction. “Yeah, I’ll let him suck my dick.” Alex was still silent. “You wanna know the truth, he just did me.” Justin confessed as he brought his arms to his chest and bared them.

“What??” Al stammered as his face dropped and his eyes strained.

“Yeah, last night right in the car after the party.” He bragged with a big smile “I knew he would; shit that’s why he asked me for a ride in the first place.”

“So what do you do.....” Alex asked pulling back on the couch waiting for an answer.

“Man Alex I’m tellin’ ya.” Justin explained nervously as he set his beer down on the coffee table and sat upright, “I know it would be a tussle, but if you even ask me that” he warned “I will have to throw a punch at ya. You and I will fight it out right here, I’ll probably get killed and break a lot of furniture and all.” This was followed by another silence as Justin thought about all that could happen in this moment. “NO! I am not fuckin’ gay and I do not...........”

“But you just said you let him suck your dick?” Alex questioned franticly as he grappled with his own thoughts.

“Yeah” he answered in frustration “and I also let Janet Murphy down my jeans when I’m hard up, but you don’t see me eatin’ her out!!!.....right?!?” he proclaimed. As hard as it was that statement did make sort of clear sense to him in a queer kind of way.

“Alright, let’s just drop it.” Alex said giving in as he shook his head.

“I honestly thought you knew.” Justin said to him after a long silence.

“No.” Alex threw back at him shaking his head and giving a belch, “I caught him in the basement at school one time......”

“Holy God he wasn’t doin’ the Janitor?!” Justin laughed breaking in.

“No, no he was…” Alex choked, “Never mind I really don’t want to discuss it.”

“Look,” Justin announced with a light chuckle, grasping Alex’s shoulder as he tried his best to sooth his buddies weary mind, “try to remember, it’s just a fuckin’ blow job.” His words pierced Alex’s brain but he gave no reply. Then Justin added in a sort of mumble, “I mean it’s not like we’re goin’ steady! Gees...I’m just lettin’ him suck my dick.” Alex whirled around to stare at him for a speechless moment, his mouth wide open with wonder. “He gives really good head!” Justin added in a smiled whisper, finally Al just turned and silently went back to watching the TV.

“Hey listen,” Justin spoke up a long time later “we wanna have a friendly little reunion.” he said excitedly “Just the old gang.”

“Ah dude, count me in definitely!” Alex exclaimed with a big smile. And with that Sunday passed into another memory.

Two weeks later when the day came he didn’t have to wonder about what to wear or how to look, he didn’t have to put on any pretense, he was going to be with the best friends of his life, no matter what he did he would be accepted. Ringing the door bell Donny came to the door and just laughed; they hugged and went inside and basically it all started. He and Donny sat taking shots with their beers for a while and just talking. The gathering was great, good friend some beer some smoke and a lot of catching up. The stereo was blasting out classic Doors music, the T.V. was flashing some bloopers DVD about college girls bearing their tits; and every body was starting to pair off into pal groups like when they were one big happy school gang. Jason and Donny were over on the couch rolling a nice fat one. Chris was making with his usual babble about death and after life and all that crap. Alex was sort of wandering about, frequently sipping on rum and chasing it with beer. Just as Alex began to think ‘hey where’s Justin’, he came walking in through the back door dragging Brad one step behind him. Justin made his way over to each of the others in the crew waiting to greet Alex last. Brad was talking to Steve as they drank. Finally Justin made his way over to Alex, who was now by the stereo and only some what impaired. His blue eyes now red, like two hot cinders.

“I knew you’d be like this.” Justin said quietly as he walked up to Alex, his face full of smiles.

“Hey,” Alex broke in, “and you brought him with you again!” meaning Brad of course.

“Yeah....” Justin said as he cocked his head and smiled, “I did.”

“Why.......ya fuck!” Alex smiled in drunken amazement. But Justin looked at him and smiled.

“Why what?” Justin asked after a time as he puffed a first drag on his Marlboro.

“You fuckin’ know ‘why what’“ Alex quietly petitioned, as he watched Brad from over Justin’s shoulder. Brad was now talking to Chris by the sofa but was slowly making his way over to them.

“Because I want you to ‘get to know’ Brad.” Justin smiled. Alex choked a bit on his drink and laughed.

A while later Alex went to find a bathroom but instead found himself wandering into a small den down the hallway, away from the others. He lit up a smoke and took another healthy belt of his beer. The room was quiet and there was only a dim light coming from a small lamp in the corner. Just as Alex began to acclimate himself to the quieter surroundings, the door opened and in walked Brad; before entering the room Brad took a quick glance down the hall to be sure the rest of the crew hadn’t noticed him slip away. He came through the door and his eyes met with Alex’s; very quietly he closed the door behind him, softly stepping back onto the door, in a sort of body slump. The two were looking directly at each other smiling but not speaking. Finally, after the silence, Brad spoke up ever so softly his face wearing an odd smile.

“Hi.” He sort of whispered. Alex kept on looking at him poker faced and totally silent; so after another long pause he asked, “Mind if I come in?” his voice still in that whispering tone.

“Did Justin put you up to this?” He laughed.

“Put me up to what?” Brad said dryly.

“Yeah....”Alex repeated, “I get it.” From that moment on Brad knew Alex was drunk off his head and was able to be much less tense, he even smiled.

“I been hearing some stuff.” Alex spoke up now smiling as thoughts raced in and out of his head.

“Hearing what stuff?” Brad asked, but there was a long silence again. “Tell me who said it.” Brad retorted wondering what Alex had on his mind.

“I know who said it.” Alex smiled, and thinking then about the situation, his breathing started to get a little heavy. His private thoughts actually beginning to stimulate him now, and he could feel his balls sort of churn and his dick got warm and had that tingly sensation.

“Yeah...” Brad chuckled, “I know you tell me!”

“We all started out friends.......”Alex began now in earnest.

“Yeah.” Brad agreed only to find another long silence. He watched as Alex’s face showed he was thinking about something there deep in his pickled brain.

“You don’t think I’m ‘cute’?” Alex said in a dry, horsed whisper, barely able to be heard. Alex’s breathing was more of a panting now, and now it was Brad who felt a stirring in his crotch.

“Oh yes I do!” Brad admitted honestly.

“Cute as Justin?” Alex asked cocking his head and toying with him.

“Yeah....”Brad admitted, somewhat eagerly, “As a matter of fact, Alex I’ve always thought you were much cuter than Justin!”

“I have a nice cock ya know.” Alex said with a slurred voice, a slight swagger and a shy smile. He put down his beer on a bookcase behind him and began to unconsciously grope himself through his all cotton Dockers.

“Alex what the hell is this?” Brad questioned with a slight chuckle as his own dick gave a twinge.

“You never seen my dick?” Alex twinkled. “I’m sure it’s just as good as Jason’s er Donny’s.....” he chuckled nervously. “Er even Justin’s?”

“ Justin!!!” Brad huffed moving foreword slowly, his eyes getting bigger as the light went off in his head, realizing in that moment who had but all this in Alex’ pretty head. But the anger was short lived for now, Brad watched with bated breath, as Alex slowly unbuttoned his pants, then just as slowly unzipped them. For Brad it was one of those times when everything seems to be somehow locked up in slow motion. Alex looked at Brad as he slipped the tips of his fingers past the elastic waistband of his boxers and while his red eyes never left Brad’s face, his hands slid down exposing a beautiful semi hard cock. In one motion he lifted his balls and the shaft of his cock over the rim of his shorts, totally exposing all of the family jewels. The sight was not wasted on Brad; no not at all, breathlessly he bathed in Alex’s beauty.

“See,” he told him with a coy self assurance “my cock’s not bad.” he smiled still enthralled at Brads never ending gaze. Alex watched in delight as Brad took in every inch of his almost alabaster white shaft with its light blond pubic hair at one end and beautiful purple, rose bud-shaped cock head at the other end. Alex began to massage his beautiful cock, and teasingly questioned Brad. “Do you think my cock’s bad?” Brad didn’t verbally respond but was breathing heavy and slowly moving closer to his buddy as his gaze still riveted itself to Alex’s hot cock and balls.

“No....”Brad croaked hoarsely with a smile and a nod of his head, “I think it’s very nice.” and for the first time Brad tore his gaze away from Al’s crotch and having moved within grasping distance looked him straight in the eyes.

“Feel it......” Alex entreated Brad with a lustful smile.

“Alex......” Brad said trying hard to object, and thinking if it would be right to play with him while he was so drunk.

“No. Now I’m serious.” Alex came back, as his dick expanded getting harder. “Feel it.”

“I am not going........” Brad began, attempting to be strong, but Alex broke off the objection.

“Just feel it.....” Alex said coyly tilting his head he spread his legs apart and drew his pelvis forward. As if his physical provocations weren’t enough, now he gave out with a childish “Please!!!!” that melted all of Brad’s inhibitions. Then, no longer willing to wait for Brad to respond, Alex slowly reached over -- everything again going into slow motion -- took Brads right hand in his own and drew it to his waiting dick.

“See...” Alex said forcing the sounds out of his dry throat “It’s not it?” For a few moments, Brad massaged and stroked at the growing tool in his palm as if he were zombified. Then Brad looked up and staring into Alex’s eyes, their silence expressing more lust then any words could ever even hope to do. Their hearts were beating double time and both were beginning to perspire as they came even closer now.

“It’s a nice cock.” Alex sighed softly. Then Brad took over and used his hand to intentionally arouse the young man in his grasp. “That feels really good!” Alex sighed as his body leaned back onto the bookcase behind him.

“Really...?” Brad said in a sort of tease as he continued to work at the dick in the palm of his hand. Now he brought his other hand into play grasping Alex’s balls and rolling them tenderly in his capable hand.

“Oh yeah.” Alex returned again swallowing hard. “Your hand is real soft.” And as he gave the remark he smiled, embarrassed by his own thoughts.

“You like how my hand feels?” Brad asked, almost seducing himself as much as Alex. Alex, now unable to actually speak just nodded his head and smiled in approval. “I bet my mouth would feel a whole lot better then my hand.” Brad whispered to him with a knowing smile. As he spoke the words Brad could hear the air being sucked into Al’s chest, and he could feel the powerful member in his grasp pulse and grow. Knowingly then, Brad -- a big smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes -- dropped slowly to his knees. Waiting with hunger-filled desire to bring his face closer to this most beautiful cock; a cock he had wanted and fantasized about for so long. Now it had grown to a true hard-on in his loving hand. He had waited for it and longed for it since grade school; and it was oh so very nice. The perfect cock to suck on, a long pleasing shaft, full but not so thick you couldn’t swallow it comfortably, attached at one end to a very nice set of balls, and at the other end a pretty head, all satiny and pink. Brad was enthralled and willingly hypnotized by the moment. Then drawing in a deep breath and closing his eyes he took in that pungent odor of maleness wafting up from Alex’s cock and balls with an abject hunger that drove him crazy with desire.

From above Alex watched in amazement as the moment unfolded. Brad teased at him first as he brushed the silky, fuchsia colored head of that hard, throbbing cock across his soft full lips, looking up at Alex knowingly and smiling. Then as Brad continued his visual adoration of the dick that was now poking him in his face, his fingers curled around the base of the long shaft caressing it. Again he brought the soft warm dick head to his lips, this time flicking out his tongue he teased at it. Teasing it and watching with hunger as it throbbed back begging for more. Brad looked up at Alex, who was himself hypnotized by the pure magic of the moment, and smiled up with a devilish grin. Then turning his attention back to the cock in front of his face, Brad slowly parted his ever so willing lips and slid them over the waiting dick head taking it into his warm, wet mouth, savoring not only the flesh, but the very ‘act-in-motion’. All at once Alex could feel Brad’s whole mouth come alive as it swallowed his member in a slow inch by inch mastication; loving every ounce and savoring every inch of the portioned meat before him with passionate anticipation. Brad loved to suck cock, and always took the time to do it very, very well.

Working over the dick like a master; slowly contorting his head from side to side as he worked the length of Al’s beautiful hot cock passed his mouth, sliding it into his wiling throat. Finally when he could feel the firm spongy inflated head press against the back of his throat, he began to saw it in and out. Again and again, he bobbed his head up and down in a firm pole in slow tender motions, like a lion tamer demanding the cock to respond. Then, knowing how to really please the handsome young man at the end of the dick he was doing, Brad brought just the head of Al’s maleness to his lips. Sucking softly on it, he slipped just that luscious purple head in and out of his lips as rapidly as he possibly could, still pitching his head from side to side as his tongue rolled over it again and again giving hot waves of electrifyingly seductive pleasure. Brad could feel the head quickly swell and begin to throb. Feeling it too, Alex gasped a pleasurable half whimper half sigh, and Brad could feel the body above him sort of quake as the shock waves of stimulation coursed through him. Knowing the time was right; Brad then very slowly began to again swallow the shaft. Latching on to Al’s thighs, softly pulling Alex’s body closer and closer almost forcing the now wildly aching cock down into his ever willing throat. Alex watched in total disbelief as his ivory shaft was slowly and tenderly engulfed by Brad as he continued to take in more and then still more of him in a never ending progression of pure sexual hunger!

“Uummm.....”Al groaned softly, the pleasure he was experiencing was like nothing he had ever felt before; a purely wild intense exhilaration of lust! Soft waves of electrical shocks were literally flowing up and into his body from his balls making him feel as if his dick was plugged into some magical electric outlet. His legs felt like rubber-bands. His face was red and his face and head felt like they would explode. Suddenly as Alex looked down, to his disbelief, there was no more cock left. Brad had actually taken it all into his mouth and was now lapping at Alex’s ever tightening balls with his tongue at the same time. The sensation was nothing short of explosive as Brad tried to force the shaft even deeper inside his face. Alex felt his cock pulse and throb hard in response to Brad’s efforts. Finally Brad went back to fucking his face with Alex’s now rock hard cock, in slow even thrusts!

Alex tried to mutter the word ‘Fuck!’, but only a blubbering sound came out from his lips. He could feel his body start to sway a bit and his legs were now visibly shaking; out of necessity, he reached out and took Brads head in his hands. He grasped at Brads head with both hands at first because he needed to grab onto something to steady his quivering body, but like some sort of magic wrought about by pure animal instinct, when his hands made contact with Brads working head, it felt as if his pelvis took over and instinctively now began to do his own thrusting! With one hand on top of Brads head, his fingers intertwined in the mousse laden crop, and the other wrapped around the back of Brad’s neck, he began shoving his now thickly engorged, rock hard cock all the way down Brad’s throat. Like a crazed beast he was pulling his cock almost all the way out and would then drive it right back in with a grunt again and again. Brad began to gag and choke a bit as things got a little out of hand, but he was a true cock sucker, a real champ, and he loved it, he actually craved for it!

“SO! How is our reunion with the boy down the street now?” the words came into Alex’s ears like white hot lightening. It was Justin! He must have slipped into the room unnoticed by them both and was now standing there beside them, fondling his own exposed dick. “Are you getting to ‘know’ Brad?” he chuckled.

“Oh my God!” Brad blurted out, clearing his mouth.

“” Justin smiled assuring, “It’s ok....don’t stop!” and he pushed down on Brads shoulder with his free hand as Brad tried to get up. For a moment the three all exchanged numb glances. Then looking back down at Brad, Justin said with a knowing smile, “Don’t fuckin’ stop now!!. You know you want it; and he need’s it.” with that Justin wet his palm with spit and began to stroke himself. “Suck it!” he smiled. And with his desire in full swing Brad just figured why the hell not. After all Justin was right, he did want it, and so did Alex; so he went back to doing what he did best and sucked on.

“Hey buddy lean on me before ya fall.” He said as he put Alex’s one arm over his shoulder and then interlaced his own arm over Alex’s. “See?!” Justin said with a knowing smile as he looked over at Alex, “Now you understand.”

“Oh fuck yeah!!” Al testified with an eager grin. Justin just looked down and continued to stroke his now fully ridged cock. Justin’s dick was thicker then Alex’s and the head of his dick was very fat and full.

“Can ....can you suck us both?” Alex whispered after a time.

“Whoa...dude...” Justin smiled as he stroked harder.

“I’d like to see that!” Alex said in a dry horsed voice. You could tell by the way he said it that the thought of watching Brad go down on someone else had thrilled him almost as much as having his own dick done. Wanting to give his best effort to Alex, and a little aroused by the thought of doing more than one hot cock at a time himself, Brad took his mouth off Al’s cock and stroked it with his left hand. Smiling he looked up at Alex, and then looked over at Justin’s fully engorged hot cock. Having done him so many times before he knew Justin would have no problem getting into it, and that thought almost made him chuckle.

“Yeah, I can suck on you both.” He answered back. So, with a proud smile on his face he reached over with his right hand and grasped Justin’s dick and began to stroke it as well. A moment later he leaned over and put his mouth around Justin’s thick hot cock and began doing him. Because Justin’s dick was so much fatter, Brad simply couldn’t swallow as much of it. But he had done Justin so many times before; they were used to each other.

“Oh yeah!” Alex gasped as he watched the sight with an entranced gape, “Suck him real good!” the sight made him even harder. And like a champ, Brad worked at the cock, sucking on it as if it gave him life. Loving it, his mouth bobbing up and down the shaft taking in as much as he was able.

“Lean close.” Brad instructed and he held the two cocks close together and surprisingly put them both in his mouth at the same time. His eyes bulging as he swallowed them both, his tongue doing over time as it swirled over and around each of them again and again. Then he slipped his mouth off of the twins and went back to sucking each cock one at a time. A few bobs of his head for Alex and then a few for Justin; his eyes closed and a smile in his brain proving how he loved to suck cock.
“You are fucking great!” Alex sighed and with that Brad worked even harder. Taking it out of his mouth and allowed his tongue to lick and lap at it working up and down its length with the flat of his silky wet tongue. When he had licked it clean, his tongue slid down to the heavy sack where he would lick and suck on each of Alex’s tightening balls only to turn and do the same to Justin.

His own dick was now straining inside his jeans, he was himself in dire need. But if he attempted to undo his clothing and try to get at his own wildly, hot throbbing dick, he would have to let go of one of these beautiful cocks, and driven blindly by his own lust and sexual greed was unwilling to do that. All he was able to manage was to tug at his cloths between strokes and eventually expose most of his protuberance, but it was very uncomfortable, and more and more he needed to be able to stroke himself!

Removing Justin’s great shaft from his mouth he massaging it with a few tender strokes, he smiled up at Justin and then turned his cock sucking efforts back to Alex, who by now was more then ready to be sucked. All three were cooing and openly sighing and at times even lightly groaning. For Brad, after having struggled to engulf Justin’s thick cock, it seemed so much easier now to totally devour Alex’s joy stick. Again Alex was long, at least seven inches of pure beauty, but it wasn’t as fat a shaft. It wasn’t thin either by any means, but like the little baby bears things in the fairytale, ‘it was just right!’ As he brought Alex very close to a climax, he again strained to relieve some of his own madness by trying to stroke his own now ever throbbing hard-on. He was nailing Al’s hot cock at fever pitch and could hear the sounds of one who was building up a great explosive load deep in his bowels. Alex’s straining and groaning made him more and more excited; after all, Brad wanted Alex’s climax at least as much as Alex did.

“Here Brady,” a voice whispered into his ear from behind him, “let me help ya, guy” Once again Brad was startled by an interloper on this momentous sexual event. This time it was Chris! Brad had been with Chris a few times, truth be known for quite some time as a child he had a large crush on Chris, but in any of the casual sex-capades they had together all Chris was interested in was getting off. Now he was straddling close behind Brad, and began immediately to undo Brad’s jeans.

“Christ don’t stop now....!!!”Chris said with an impish smile as he began to grope at Brads private parts “Alex looks like he’s gonna cum any minute. Keep suckin’, you don’t want him to loose it!” And just then Brad felt a hand grasp the occipital portion of his skull and heave his face forward heavily.

“NO...PLEASEEE.....” Alex pleaded loudly, his legs shivering, “Don’t stop!!”

“Suck him!” Chris directed, “He needs you!” Brad looked up and seeing the look on Al’s face, abandoned all else and went back to sucking him off.

“That’s right. Yeah! Suck him real good!” Chris encouraged him as he massaged the back of Brads head, “Now let me help my buddy out.” he smiled. He brought his arms around Brad’s body making them skin close, now he was grasping Brad’s cock and had begun to slowly stroke up and down with one hand while the other was reaching down between Brad’s legs to fondled the cock sucker’s churning balls. This was great! In no time at all Brad could sense he was in a pre-cum stage himself, just out of the excitement of the moment. Now with Chris literally hugging him from behind, rubbing his body in ways that really turned him on even more suddenly he felt a warm tickling at his exposed butt hole, rockets of pleasure shot up and down Brad’s spine in spastic waves.

“Yeah.....”Chris whispered into Brad’s ear again knowingly, “does that feel good guy?” Brad could only moan, but it was apparent that the moan was a positive response, no question about it. “Make him cum buddy.......” the voice in his ear encouraged “make him cum real hard!” As Chris spoke he seemed to hug Brads body even tighter in a very welcome closeness, and was arousing Brad by leaps and bounds. Out of the corner of his eye Brad could also see Justin wildly flailing on his own big boy. But just then Alex began to lean forward slightly, seemingly on tip toe. And then came a wild groan leaving nothing to doubt, they all knew now that Alex was about to cum!

Brad could feel the cock in his mouth swell and begin to pulse; the head had just about doubled in size. Using every ploy at his command Brad began to lead Alex into climax. He sucked down harder now and forced his tongue to tease and tickle and buffet the underside of Alex’s hot cock. Over and over again he rammed the massive dick down his throat. Then, knowingly, Brad turned all his efforts and attention to the head of Al’s cock. His tongue swirling around and around the head as he fucked his face with the tip and just an inch or two more of Alex’s member, pitching his head from side to side, sucking so hard now that his cheeks went beyond sore and began to feel numb. Suddenly the salty taste of pre-cum saturated Brads tongue. All the while Chris was stroking Brad’s cock and, whispering all sorts of encouragement, was bringing him to the threshold of his own wonderful climax.

“You are so hot Brad boy!” Chris whispered again, the side of his face rubbing against Brad’s almost lovingly.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH..........” Alex heaved, and his whole body stiffened as if to say ‘..Here it cums!’ “YYYEESSSSS....” he shouted.

“Yeah, do him......” Chris said again.

“Oh man!!” Justin croaked as he continued to flail on his tool, “Make him cum Brad! Make him cum!”

“Uuummm......”Brad responded, feeling the rush of cum start to rocket up from deep inside his own body.

“I’M GONNA CUM!!!” Al shouted, “I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ CCCUUUMMMMMMM!!!” Brad again felt a hand grasp the back of his head and guide his face down hard onto Al’s cock. Though he certainly didn’t need any help at this point he went along with it due to the frenzy of the moment, and of course there was the fact that there was nothing else he could do impaled as he was on Al’s cock. Chris began to stroke Brad even faster now and his other hand was squeezing at Brads firm satiny ass cheeks, fingering his butt hole and rubbing his warm body against him.

Now the other two watched as Brad began to gag just a bit at first, and choke slightly as his eyes bulged out of his face. But like a champ he never spit out the cock that was climaxing inside his mouth and throat. White jizzim oozing out from the corners of Brad’s mouth; he gulped again and again trying to swallow as much of the hot love juice as he could. A moment later strands of dripping cum formed on his chin. Again and again Alex softly screamed and groaned in spasms of delight. Just as Alex’s climax ended, Brad’s own beautiful orgasm took off. Having finished the first of his tasks, Brad was able now to lean back onto Chris who supported him knowingly. He clutched at the forearm of Chris’s stroking hand, and gritting his teeth allowed himself to cum.

“YES!!!” Brad choked.

“Cum hard!” Chris grunted behind him as he squeezed at his buddies dick and stroked it faster and faster.

“Shoot that load Brad boy!” Justin joined in. And like a good boy, Brad complied totally. He shot his load in wave after wave of electrical spasm. Chris did a very good job indeed, and seemed to take pride and pleasure in his own efforts allowing Brad to shoot his load continuing to stroke until the last stream of cum had shot out from the head of Brad’s throbbing cock. As he came, Chris’s other hand was fondling his buddies butt hole, slipping a finger in and out of the tight virgin hole.

“Yeah....”Chris soothed, “How’s that Brad?” and as the last vestiges of Brads orgasm melted away, Chris squeezed the head of Brads cock, wringing out the last drops of sweet cum, driving a shiver of pure electric delight through Brad’s whole body.

“O.k. .....o.k.!!!” Brad half chuckled half whimpered as he allowed himself to slump back into Chris’s chest, who was still fingering his booty hole.

“Holy Fuck!” Alex said finally joining the living.

“Wanna lick my fingers?” Chris chided him in a whisper from behind.

“Don’t stop now, look Justin need’s ya.” Alex said encouraging him and pointing to Justin. Brad looked over and realized the truth in his statement. Justin was just about ready to shoot his load. Raising himself back into position, Brad brought his face close to Justin’s cock, and began to lick at the head with his tongue as Justin continued to stroke himself.

“Do it!!! Do it!! Please do it!!!” Justin begged, as he took his hand away and allowed Brad to take the member into his hot mouth. Parts of his face and hair still wore some of the gobs of Alex’s cum.

“Man!” Alex swooned as he looked on. Brad sucked hard and bobbed his head up and down over Justin.

From behind him, Brad could feel movement by Chris. His hands were still roaming all over Brads private parts, stroking his cock and kneading his ass cheeks. But he also seemed to be struggling with something else back there. The only thing Brad could imagine was that he was trying to pull out his own member and join in the orgy. Indeed that was exactly what Chris had in mind. But this would come as a sensual shock to Brad who didn’t at all expect what was about to happen. As he sucked away on Justin, bringing him close to exploding, he felt a strange hot ember start to press against his butt hole. Then he heard Chris heave up what had to be a large ‘hocker’. A moment later, Brad felt a searing hot pain push hard against his little pucker hole. Like a lightening bolt it came to Brad just exactly what Chris was doing back there.

“Hey!!!!!” Brad said in hot protest, as he spit Justin out of his mouth. “NO ChrISSSSS!!! NO!!”

“Come on buddy,” he lunged as he pushed his body closer to Brad and clung to him so tight Brad could do nothing else but comply. “This will be good!” he said soothingly, and then added “Trust me.”

“NO!” Brad wriggled in protest.

“Suck Justin’s dick!” Chris demanded.

“What the hell are ya doin’ down there Chris?” Alex laughed.

At that Chris forced the head of his hard dick up into Brad’s virgin ass. Seeing but only half believing it, Alex brought himself into the play and grabbed Brad’s head forcing it toward Justin’s waiting cock, and helping Chris to hold Brad’s writhing body in place so Chris could force the rest of his rock hard cock past Brad’s sphincter and press deep into his ass.

“Please.......BRAD!!” Justin begged, his knees starting to buckle. Justin was forcing his thick, hot, throbbing cock into Brad’s mouth with the help of the others.

“Come on Brad, do it for me.” Alex smiled as he hugged Brad’s still struggling body. Then to Brad’s complete shock he felt Al reach down and grasp his dick. Brad looked over at him from the corner of his eye as he sucked Justin in total disbelief. “Just do it....” he soothed, and at that Alex began stroking Brad’s cock into another erection. Giving way to it all, Brad complied with all three of them. Sucking on Justin, letting Chris saw in and out of his tight butt hole, while Alex stroked him and teased with his emotions as he whispered things into his ear.

“Yeah,” Chris said as he began plowing Brad’s ass in earnest. “ like that don’t ya?” But with his mouth all over Justin’s nearly erupting dick, Brad couldn’t actually speak, he just sort of mumbled. Then without warning, Chris slapped Brad’s ass cheek hard, leaving a slight red mark.

“Yeah!!” Chris exclaimed as he slapped him again, “That’s a tight ass Brad boy!” and he fucked in and out a bit faster now.

“I wanna see Justin shoot his load all over your face Brad” Alex smiled as his breath became a loud panting and his hand stroked over Brads cock faster and faster. Brad looked at him out of the corner of his eye then felt Alex grasp his other cheek and begin to knead it with an anticipating passion. And even though he could only see him out of the corner of his eye, Brad knew by the look on his face that Alex was getting into the idea of fucking his ass after Chris was done. That was something he wasn’t at all sure he wanted that to have happen; then again he wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t like it all the same. But for now Justin was about to cum, and that took up all of his attention and his ambition.

“Here it cums!!” Justin announced through his panting.

“Please Brad do it for me.” Alex whispered in his ear, “Let me see his cum shoot all over your face.”

“What the fuck is this!!” A voice from above them laughed. It was Donny, and he was followed by Jason and Steve. “Holy fuck guys!!” And just at that very moment Justin exploded, Brad opened his mouth and licked at the tip of his engorged head and stroked the shaft with his hand as the cum shot out of Justin streaming all over his face. Some globs landed in his open mouth and drooled down his chin, a big glob almost got him in the eye, others were cascading into his hair. Chris continued fucking at his ass doggie style and finally he too came. Brad could feel the searing hot fluids shooting into his ass while Chris pumped so fast and hard Brad began to ache, and couldn’t wait for the fucking to stop.

“OH BRAD!!!” Alex shouted, “ cum all over your face. Oh Yeah!!” and with that Brad also came. A few moments later and all four of them collapsed onto the floor and folded themselves into each others arms.

“What the fuck do you call this?” Donny laughed.

“Yeah.....holy fuck.” Jason chimed in gleefully as he groped at his cock.

“Brad’s givin’ a party all his own.” Chris laughed.

“What about us?!” Donny smiled looking down at them and without warning they all started tearing off their clothes.

“Wait a minute!!!” Brad protested trying to get up and escape what he knew was about to happen.

“Wait....where the hell are you going?” Alex laughed grabbing onto him and tugging at his cloths to pull them all completely off of him. “I want my piece of that tight ass.”

“ too.” Jason joined in as he too began to peel off Brad’s clothes.

“NO!!!!!” Brad laughed in disbelief. “NO! STOP...” the others all just laughed and prepared to continue the orgy in any case.

“Hey I wanna see his face when Justin plugs his fat ass dick up that hole.” Chris laughed.

“Fuck Yeah!” Alex agreed with eyes bulging.

“NO!!!” Brad gulped as his eyes went from face to face, realizing what he was in for. “No! Justin’re too big!”

“That’s nothin’ look at this one!” Steve said as he held onto what looked like a fat babies arm. And at that the others all laughed from above him.

“O.k. turn him over and hold him down for me,” Alex directed the others. “I’m goin’ in Brad boy!!” At that his request was complied with and as he began to poke Brad’s ass, Jason, the youngest of them all positioned himself in front of Brad’s face and began poking his hard dick into Brad’s face. I leave the rest to your imagination, that’s how our friendly reunion went with the boy down the street.

The End

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