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erotic stories


By Maurice


Hi I am Lucas Adel and I am 17 going on 18, I am an honor student at Charles Williams High School, my mom is black and my dad is Polish, I have a half-sister but she does not live with me but her mom, is there anything else that I forgot to mention is I am…. you know…. its kind of hard for me to even think about it, I am gay. Yes I said it that’s been kind of hard to say. If I were to tell anyone they would probably have my head on the stake. I tried telling my sister but she thought I was kidding. I tried telling my friends by saying a boy I thought was cute I would say “He’s hot” but I say everything hot even ugly people. I recently realized that I was gay I mean I always knew but I suppressed it for so many years that I forgot that was. I was determined that by the end of the year my closest friends would know that I am gay.

Now it is the beginning of the second quarter. I am doing pretty well in school with all A’s. Score one for Duke. That’s my nickname Duke because I am always like royalty with the money and popular friends since I was on the track team. That is the reason why I am so afraid of coming out I was going to lose everything. Even if I were not as popular I would still be treated like crap like all the out people here. I have made a friend his name was Chance Kulment, he is in four of my classes and a really cool dude and hot I mean smokin’ but I would never tell him that. He had piercing gray eyes that had a hint of light green splattered on the outer rim of the eyes, he had long dirty blond hair that went a little passed his ears, he had a slim body that had the perfect six pack and the wildest personality you can imagine. There was only one flaw he was straight yes he had a girl friend Mandy that skank. She was not even what he need he needed a polish black mulatto, with a great body, hazel eyes and short curly hair wait that’s me see that’s perfect. We always joked around about how he was going to give me a blowjob one day and how I was going to bang him in the P.E. locker room. Only if he knew I wasn’t kidding.

We bonded like he was my brother from another mother on the weekends we would hang out and of course the skank had to come too. She acted like she was my friend when Chance was around but as soon as he left to do something she would turn into a bitch. Oh how I hated her I wish she would just go away and leave him and me alone. There was one week where he asked me to come over his house for the Wrestlemanina 23 weekend because we both like wrestling. My heart skipped a beat and I of course said yes.

“You know that this weekend is going to be crazy right mom.” I said with such enthusiasm while I was packing my clothes to go over Chances house.

“Well you two take it easy though. I don’t want to hear anything about you misbehaving or I will make sure to take away all your little gadgets like your phone and Ithing” She said not knowing what she was talking about.

“Mom it’s called and Ipod. And I will you an trust me I am innocent until proven guilty.” I said.

“That’s what I am afraid of.” My dad said joining in the conversation. He was always up for the boys night out thing as he always took one every fourth Saturday.

“You see I am not the only one concerned.” Mom said giving dad a kiss on the cheek as to say thank you for backing me up. I made a face of disgust as they kissed it is nasty seeing older people kiss its not natural or something.

“Well dear boys will be boys and as long as they don’t blow up the country they will be okay.” He said but then mom hit him gently as he contradicted what she just said. I just smiled. About an hour later I was in the car staring out the window thinking about how much fun we were going to have this weekend.

When we pulled up to his two-story house I felt like my heart was going to explode. The mixed emotions of terror and anticipation filled me as I walked up to the door. My mom was still in the car making sure that everything was okay. His mom answered the door and waved at my mom letting her know everything was alright when my mom pulled off I knew all hell was going to break loose. Chance’s mom closed the door and invited me inside when I heard a yell and was attacked by the god of mischief. Chance was on my back and I could feel his semi hard on which instantly made happy in my pants. His mom looked at him with the mom look and he got off. She briefly went over the rules which my mom had already mentioned and she also said that her and her husband were going to be away for most of the weekend and would be back on Sunday afternoon. Could this weekend be any better I thought?

When they left that’s when we started to go crazy. We watched TV and movies and then we started to talk about all the people at school and who is hot and what not.

“How about Judy, that red head from PE?” he said

“That fire crotch I guess if you were into that sort of thing then yeah. How about Amanda the girl with the big boobs always wearing the mini skirts?” I replied.

“ No I am not into the whole big boob craze.” He said smiling showing his pearly whites. “ Oh how about Spencer?”

“The fat chick in our first?”

“No, the boy that always wears the tight clothes you know they gay one.” He said in a serious tone and straight face.

“ Are you serious?” I said unsure to answer.

“ Nah I am just joking.” He gave out a nervous chuckle and changed the subject. “ Hey want to watch all the old Wrestlemanina’s?”

“ No.”

“You don’t oh well we can do something else.”

“No I mean no to Spencer he is to flamboyant.” Did I just say that? Did I just judge a guy in front of my best friend? “ I mean if I was to into that then he would be too gay. If that is even possible” He just stared at me and smiled a smile that I have never seen before.

“ Yeah you are right he is like Jack of Will & Grace times ten. I mean I never thought there could be that gay.”

“Hey you watch Will and Grave? So do I.”

“Hey poodle” we both said at the same time imitating Karen. Then there was an awkward silence for about a minute but it seemed like five years. We just sat there looking into each other’s eyes and the popcorn in the microwave staring to pop broke it.

“ Well uh, what do you think about me?” he said breaking the silence but not looking at me but the floor instead.

“I think that you are a loser that cant be me at anything no matter how hard you try.” I said trying to lighten the mood.

“No Lucas. I am serious.” I have never heard him speak with such a tome like he was ashamed. This was the kid that had the perfect life and girlfriend and people liked him even more than they liked me because he was the star on the track team and I only came second.

“ I think that you are cool man. You are like a snowball that would never melt in the summer time.”

“ No I mean how do I… look,” he said looking up at me for the first time.

“Okay I guess. Well actually…” I paused.

“Actually what?”

“I think you’re hot.” I could feel my cheeks turning red. I couldn’t believe that I actually said that to a kid that I had been in a trance by for so long.

“Really!” he said with such an enthusiasm, which made me happy. “ I think you are not bad looking yourself for a monkey.” He laughed which made m feel good.

“So does that mean that you are queer?”

“Does it mean you are?”

“I asked you first.”

“Yes.” I was having a party in my head I was going insane my body was like an earthquake and every other natural disaster going off at once. He smiled at me, which made all of that subside and turned me into goop.

“ Then yes I am.” I proudly declared.

“ So all that stuff we talked about you know I wasn’t kidding right. I do want to give you a blow job and a whole lot more.” He said blushing. “But not right away I not a whore.”

“So why are you with Mandy?”

“ The same reason why I am not out. Fear.”

“ You know when I see you together I go crazy. Her eyes upon you face.” Then he joined me in singing “ Her hand upon you hand, her lips caress your skin, it more than I can stand.”

“I love that movie,” he said. “Moulin Rouge a great movie.”

“No but I really feel that way.”

“I know I purposely bring her along to make you jealous hoping that you would eventually make a move on me.”

“I am too shy to do that.” Then I look down.

“ Well it seems I will have to make the moves then.” Then he leans in and kisses me. It felt like cloud nine but even better like a drug that even looking at it will get you addicted. I break the kiss.

“ I …I…” I just froze as I actually thought about what just happened. All the colors stared to blend together like life had turned into a kaleidoscope.

“ You don’t have to say anything just say that you will be mine”

“ I was yours when I first meet you.” Then I go to kiss him.

The rest of the day we sat in his living room on the big plush couch in the dark watching horror movies in the dark because he remembered a long time ago that I said that makes me extra horny for some crazy reason. Well I don’t know if it was the movies or was it him nibbling at my neck the whole time. I know by 9 I wanted to just go crazy and do all sorts of dirty things to him. That’s when he whispered, “ Lets go up to my room.”.

When we got to his room it was filled with half naked men okay well they were wrestlers but that’s all it was. “So this is my competition” I chuckled.

“Yeah but all it is a pretty face no brains.” He said caressing my face and ended it with a kiss on the forehead.

“So why did we come up here?”

“I have some other movies up here.” He gave a devilish laugh.

“ Oh. So where are they?”

“On my computer.” Then he sat at the computer desk and opened a up my computer and a series of code name folders leaded me to a file loaded with porn.

“That’s pretty extensive. Its bigger than my movie collection of a boy jacking off for two seconds.” We both laughed. Then he pulled out some wire and connected it for the computer to the TV and what was on the computer turned up on the TV.

“That’s the power of technology my dear friend.” Then he opened up a file that had these two hot guys on the bed and then he paused it. “ Lets play a mimicry. You pick a person and you do what ever they do for however long they do it. You up for it?”

“How can I not be? This is hot.” I said. “ I pick the blond one”

“Okay then that makes me the brunette. Lets go.” He unpaused the video and we started.

It stared simply by kissing on the lips. Then we proceeded to take our shirts off and he got on top of me kiss me from the chest to the belly button then back up again. The he unbuckled my pants pulling my shorts of just leaving my boxers with a big ol thing sticking up. We both giggled. Then in the video the blond became more active meaning it was my turn. I did basically the same thing but I went further. I had to give him a blowjob. I never done anything even close but I ate a lot of lollypops incase something like this ever happened so I was not completely useless. I also had to play with his balls licking the up and down rubbing the hair on them and stuff. Then the guy in the video licked his finger and slid it into the other guys butt that’s when I froze.

“Do you really want me to do that?” I asked.

“Yeah remember you said you were doing to fuck me.”

“ Alright tell me if I hurt you.”

“You could never hurt me.” He said smiling making me a little more confident. Then I put my finger up his but slowly and he let out a moan that let me know that I was doing a good job. Then I had to add another finger in there. So I did. Then I had to use my tongue to eat his butt. I was afraid of the smell cause that’s where poop come from. The smell was weird but in a good way. I enjoyed it on some sick level I thought this was mine and it belonged to me so I went crazy on it. Even when the guy in the movie stopped doing it I continued.

Chance just sat there enjoying in thrusting and moaning while I ate his ass and jerked him off. Then I noticed in the movie the blond was about to get his blowjob so Chance stopped me because this is what he wanted to do. So I sat at the edge of the bed while he pulled down my boxers and revealed my seven and a half inch cock only a half-inch bigger than his. He smiled and proceeded to go down on me. It felt heavenly his soft lips going up and down was amazing. I was going to cum when he stopped and said, “Fuck me.” I was thankful because I did not want to be the first to kasploude. He went into his drawer and pulled out lube and a condom out of his dresser out of a black box labeled “Rock collection”. I never used a condom so I did not know what to do with it and by the look of it neither did he. So we went looking for the instructions.

“Do you know where they are?” I asked.

“Well if I did we would not be looking now.” He snapped back.

“Whoa someone has something up there ass.” We both just laughed. Then I suggested that we look on the inter net for it. So we went to google and typed in “How to use a condom”. There were many sites but most of them just said read the instructions on the box. So then we finally found one that told us.

“Did this ruin the mood?” He asked embarrassed.

“Nothing can be ruined when you are around.” I assured him. By the time we went back to it we were still hard.

So after putting the lube on and the condom we went back to it. I just stuck it in and he yelled out of sear terror. I was scared that I like killed him. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Fuck man that thing hurts.”

“We can stop if you like.”

“No I want to go I am sure the pain will go away like they said on the sites.”

“Yeah. Are you sure you want to do this because we can just watch a movie or something.”

“YES! I want to do this. It has been my dream for a long time to do this with you.”

“Okay well then lets make our dream come true.” I stuck I back in and slowly plowed him. The expression on his face was priceless he was enjoying it but I could tell he was in some pain. His moans were music to my ears letting me know I was doing a good job. Then I thought I heard something but I dismissed it as just the bed hitting the wall and did not mention it to him.

Then I heard a yell but it was not his yell it was woman’s yell, a girls yell, more accurate Mandy’s yell. I turned me head to see he standing behind us.


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