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My First Time by Jayson Williams

January 4 2006 Jayson Williams

My first gay sex experience came a little later than most but good things are worth waiting for and this was no exception. I graduated college in 2003 with a degree in Computer Engineering and had been working for a year at a computer firm in New Jersey. During my college and high school years I was fairly shy but still got around to dating a few fine girls. I always considered myself a straight acting educated brother but I always had quite a few fantasies I jerked off to that involved me experimenting with a real cool laid back type dude. I never worked up the nerve during my college years to kick it with a dude who I suspected didn’t mind sucking dick on the side in between classes. After my first year of being out of school and working I would get my second chance to hit it with one of them fine dudes and I didn’t let it pass by.

After a year of working in the real world, all 24 years of age, I was put in charge of guiding a few summer interns from my department. Immediately Evan was the one of out of the four interns who stood out, mainly because he was black and we would be one of the few black employees working in my department. Naturally I took Evan under my wing and he was eager to learn and take my advice. I played the role of the older teacher and he was they younger student willing to learn. We hit it off pretty well early on and begun talking 2 to 3 times throughout the workday even though his desk was down the hall from mine.

Evan or Ev as I called him most of the time was freshmen year who just completed his first year of college. Ev was about 5’9 and around 150 pounds with dark skin and a low fade hair cut. He had that youthful energy and enthusiasm that made everyone else smile. He was the captain of high school baseball team and played in college too but he had more of a lean swimmer’s build. At night I started substituting Ev into my fantasies of messin around with a guy I’ve been having since college. I busted a few thick heavy loads on my stomach more than a few nights imagining what it would feel like to have Ev’s tongue and lips working my hard dick in his mouth. Then I would suck his dick and lap up all his juices. Ev had the complete package for me he was young, smart, athletic, good looking and always tried to impress me with his work. Not to mention I had peeked he had a nice little booty on his slender frame. I love azz and his wasn’t big but I could tell it was firm, tight and had a little bit of rounded shape to it.

As faith would have it I found out Ev’s parents lived quite a while away from work.
I had just bought a cozy 1 bedroom condo about 10 minutes away from work. It was completely unfurnished expect for a bed, 1 futon sofa bed, a TV and an Xbox. I quickly invited Ev to stay at my place during the week free of charge so he wouldn’t have such a long drive. Ev happily jumped at the chance to stay with me but he had to check with his parents first. After talking to his parents Ev decided to stay with me but insisted he wanted to pay for rent and didn’t just want to freeload. I refused but he was more stubborn so we settled he would pay $150 a month for rent and sleep on the futon.

One night Ev and I were sitting on the couch playing Madden football on the Xbox. We were leaning all up against each other like we usually do and with our dicks starting to get hard under our boxers. There was about 3 seconds left in the game and I was down 21-20 and I needed to kick a 49 yard field goal to win the game. Ev started teasing me by laughing and shouting, “Miss it, miss it, miss it Jay!”
He knew I was horrible at making field goals and I most likely wouldn’t make this one but he couldn’t resist rubbing it in, in the name of fun. I gave him a little poke in the ribs with my elbow to get him to shut up but he kept on shouting and laughing to get under my skin. Ev kept going and on so I told, “If I make it bro you’re going to have to suck my dick.” He just sat their silent for a few seconds thinking about what I said with his lips pouted mulling it over. “If I miss then I’ll suck your dick”, I told him. Then I give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He sat their again for the first few seconds trying to hold back his big smile. Then he quickly said okay and moved in quickly and gave me a quick kiss against my lips and we both smiled. “I can’t wait to get my shit sucked”, I boasted. I went ahead and attempted the field goal and missed it badly probably from thinking about Ev so much. I smiled and started giggling thinking about what I gotten myself into. Ev started laughing and smiling at me again. “I want you to suck the shit of my dick Jay”, Ev yelled and laughed all at the same time.

After we put the Xbox controllers down I put my arm around Ev on the couch and started kissing him on his lips. Soon we began sliding our tongues in and out of each others mouths. Ev pushed his tongue against the inside of my lips and I began getting more excited as our tongues and lips mashed together. I moved my lips down Ev’s neck slowing kissing and nibbling down his warm dark skin. The more I flicked my tongue against his neck and the tip of his ear the more he let out low moans and sighs of pleasure. I then pulled away for a second and starting concentrating on kissing his lips again. I asked Ev if he was nervous about being with a dude, he replied “I’ve done this before with one of my boys on the baseball team”. I told him this was my first time with a dude. He happily replied with a big smile, “Now I get to teach u something – I’ll be teaching you shit like you used to teach me”. We continued tongue kissing and rubbing up against each other bodies. My hand ran across his thighs and I began tugging at his boxer shorts.

I looked down and saw that Ev’s hard black dick had poked out through the hole in boxer shorts. Ev’s dick was pointing out like a flag pole and even bobbed up and down a little. Seeing his hard dick jerking up and down drove me wild with passion. Evan sat on the couch and I slide down to the floor between his legs and for the first time in my life begun tasting dick. I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked Ev’s dick head and then up and down his shaft. I grabbed his shaft with my hand and started sucking up and down on his dick head as hard as I could. Ev began breathing and sighing heavier and heavier with each stroke of my mouth over his dick. Hearing his excitement inspired me to suck harder and faster. I focused on sucking his dick head with all my might while letting my tongue massage his head in my mouth. Ev placed his hand on the back of my neck and caressed my neck and back of my head every time I went up and down on his hard dick. My dick at this point was about to bust out of my boxer shorts from excitement. It was time to move to a more comfortable location.

I grabbed Evan’s dick sticking out through the hole in his boxers with one hand and told him let’s move to the bedroom. Holding his dick in my hand I led him down the hallway back to my bedroom. He then quickly slipped out of his t-shirt and boxer shorts. We stood next to the bed and Ev grabbed my t-shirt and helped me pull it over my head. Then he gently pushed me back on the bed, raised up my legs and pulled off my boxer shorts. This was probably the moment Ev’s was waiting for so he could finally teach me a thing or two. He jumped on top of me and began kissing my neck and lips as he grinded his now slightly moist body against mine. Our dicks rubbed against each other as he pushed his tongue in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a few groans of pleasure and he soon followed with his own sighs of pleasure. Ev then went down my neck to my chest and begun flickering his tongue over my nipples as my hard dick popped up and hit against his smooth stomach. I closed my eyes and squirmed as the pleasure ran through my body. Then I felt his warm wet mouth quickly gobble up my dick. I sighed heavily and begun to squirm from the pleasure. Ev wasn’t kidding when he said he could teach me a thing. He sucked my dick like a pro. Occasionally letting it pop up of his mouth where I could see his spit all over my dick. Without a word from me he began sucking and licking my balls, taking each ball in his mouth and licking, I was in heaven.

“You want to get really freaky” Ev said, before I could reply he grabbed my waist and motioned for me to lye on my stomach. I quickly rolled over so he could do what he wished. Ev began kissing my big bubble butt azz cheeks; then slowly worked his finger around and over my hole. He took both hands, spread my cheeks wide and began tongue kissing my hole. Every time Ev’s tongue when in and out of my whole I squirmed away from the intense tickling and pleasure sensation. Each time I tried to wiggle away Ev would simply grab my azz, slap the shit out it and drag it back towards his face. He loved hearing me pant and struggle to get away. I tried to get away one last time when Evan grabbed that azz and slapped it hard multiple times with his hand. Then he slapped his hard dick against my azz and pushed it against my hole a few times. “Every time you move away Jay you going to get more of that”, Ev said. I enjoyed the rough treatment but decided to stop fighting because each time he slapped my cheeks harder and harder. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of pleasure that his tongue produced against my hole. I gave in completely to Ev and titled my azz up to his mouth so he could work his tongue real good while rubbing and spreading my cheeks with his hands. I kept shoving my azz back in his face and he gladly took it all saying, “Yea do you like!!!?”

“Yes, yes, I love it”, I replied every time.

Occasionally he would pull out his tongue and work me with his finger. I enjoyed that greatly but loved his tongue the best. Ev tried to push his hard dick into my tight hole but I screamed each time cause my shit so was so tight. After trying to push his dick in a few more times without making it all the way in Ev went back down to licking and fingering my throbbing hole. He slapped my azz a few more times even though I didn’t try to run just caused he liked seeing bubble butt jiggle. Ev must have eaten and fingered that juicy azz for a good 15-20 minutes straight. After that I couldn’t take it anymore so I made him move forward so he would be lying down on his stomach in front of me. I hopped on his cute little azz so that my dick landed firmly between those firm azz checks. I laid on top of him and kissed his neck and back as I trusted my dick between his sweets cheeks. It felt so good that I bit down on his shoulder a few times and left a little bite mark. I started to ask “Can I stick my dick in…”, before I could finish Ev titled his azz up and I felt my dick slide in his hole. His azz squeezed tight around my dick and I began slowly pumping in and out as Ev laid flat on his stomach and I rested my entire body against his with my hands around his neck and my lips kissing his shoulder. I squeezed Ev as tight as could without choking him to death. I began thrusting faster and faster as his hole squeezed my dick tighter and tighter. Ev turned his head around as far as he could so and gave me a big wet tongue kiss.
“Jay I getting precum all over your sheets” Ev moaned.

“Don’t worry about it; your azz is working my dick way too good for me to care”, I told him.

After banging the little tight azz for 10 minutes or so I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I popped my load inside of him and let out the loudest sex groan I ever had in my life. The sweat from my body dripped onto to his as I rose up. I stuck my finger in his hole for a minute or so. I felt cum on my finger inside his hole and I mixed it deeper into Ev’s hole. He breathed harder and harder with each fingering.

I was fully satisfied but desperately wanted to see Ev pop his load. I grabbed him by the waist and rolled him onto his back. His dick quickly got hard again and immediately popped up and stuck straight up in the air like a flag pole. I spread his thighs, pushed them up in the air and jumped in between to suck his dick head will jerking the shaft with my hand. I hit Evan right in the sweet spot as he as he let out, “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhhs” louder and louder each time.

“I gonna cum soon!” Ev said, “Be sure not to touch my dick head after I cum.”

I knew what Ev meant, he couldn’t taken the deep sensations of having his dick head played with right after he came but I had my own plans. I sucked and jerked him as hard as I could then...

“I gonna cum now!” Ev blurted out.

I pulled my mouth away from his dick and gave it few more jerks with my hand. Ev shot out possibly the biggest load I have ever seen.

“Oh shit”, Evan said after busting his nut.

Most of it went on his stomach and chest but the load was so big a decent size amount ended up my hand. I knew Evan didn’t want me to mess with his dick after he came but I wanted to finish off my fantasy with this little hotboi. As soon as he finished shooting his load I gobbled up his dick in my mouth and sucked up and down as shivers ran through Ev’s entire body.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” Ev shouted as I continued to suck away devouring his head in my mouth.
Ev put his hands on my head in an attempt to pull it off his dick but he couldn’t do it and I didn’t want to stop sucking until he couldn’t take it anymore. He shivered for another minute as I sucked away tasting the remaining cum left in his shaft and on his head. After a couple of minutes Ev stopped shivering and I released his dick from my mouth. I grabbed a towel in the bedroom and wiped the cum and sweat from Evan’s body then mine. We both lay down side by side and gave each other a big kiss then smiled and watched some TV.

After that night Evan and I hit it regularly for the rest of the summer until he had to go back to school. Every time was great but none quite as great as the first time. Evan never came back to the intern program after that summer and we fell out of touch. It’s been three years since that experience. Ev if you’re out there some place drop me a line.

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