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gay sex guide


This guide has been written to appeal to both the beginner in gay sex and the more experienced guy as well. The guide is meant to read by consenting adults and gives tips and ideas for consensual and fun sexual activity. The guide has been prepared as an informative and frank discussion on male to male sexuality and does not judge people based on their sexual identity of sexual fantasies. While reading this his guide keep an open mind about your own sexuality and use it as a basis to make your own mind up about what you do and don't do sexually.


The material contained in the Superdrewby Gay Sex Guide deals with human sexuality, and in particular male sexuality. The words and images used in this guide are sexually explicit. If you are offended by human sexuality or the frank discussion and description of sexual acts between consenting males then you should not read or view any part of this guide!

Sex Rules

Before you begin the journey of gay sex always keep in mind a few small rules which everyone should know and stick to.

1) - Always practice Safer Sex, use condoms and lots of water based lubricant!

2) - Never do anything you don't want to do, if you don't feel comfortable, then stop and say no!

3) - No always means no! If he asks you to stop, that means stop, not go slow or anything else!

Safer Sex

Safer sex means that you always use a condom when you are fucking or getting fucked, never ever fuck without one, the risk is not worth it! Never let a guy cum in your mouth as this is considered risky behavior. If you do do something unsafe, see a doctor within 72 hours at the absolute latest, as there are treatments to stop you getting infected by the nasty lurkies out there, but only if you act really fast!


Guide Chapters

You can flip back and forwards from one chapter to another, even though they are in a kind of sequential order! If you are just looking for pictures of cute young guys going for it, then you will be disappointed by this guide, as there are very few pictures like this on the guide. There are however sexually explicit words and images on his site so if you are offended by human and in particular male sexuality, they you should probably not continue further in this guide.

Gay Sex Dictionary

Your Penis




Erotic Massage

Anal Sex

Fantasy and Role Play

Playing with Sex Toys

Sex in Relationships

Threesomes and Group Sex

Performance Enhancing Drugs


Beats, Cottaging and Cruising

Saunas and Bath Houses



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This guide and all parts of it are copyright to Superdrewby ( and no commercial use is allowed unless Superdrewby agrees in writing via e-mail or other means. You may request to use this guide by using the online contact form. Most non commercial uses will be allowed provided full ownership and authorship are retained to Superdrewby and this copyright statement is included!