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erotic stories

Something About Jerry

By August 2005

I have always been interested in my best friend's brother Jerry. There is just something about him that intrique's me, maybe it is his sexy hot cut body or his bad boy image.

Jerry had been in and out of prison three different times for drug related charges.

during his stay in prison made him tuff and he built that hard thick cut body even stronger than ever before. His body was covered in tattoo's from his neck down to his toe's a beautiful display of artwork. when ever he had his shirt off I enjoyed looking at the artwork display as well as how firm the canvas was that is was displayed upon.

He had the perfect body his body mad mine groan and heat up with desire I just wanted to grab a hold of it and have my way with it. But jerry was straight and my desire were just fantasies.

after he got out of prison the last time. He needed a place to stay I said to my friend that jerry could stay with me if he would like. Jerry or my friend didn't know about my sexual preferences and I prefered my friend at least didn't know. Jerry I would like to show him my preference's at least I would like to.

Jerry accepted my offer in living with me. I know I couldn't really have but at least I could see him and admire that body every day. after six months of living with jerry it made me more horny being in the same house with nights were even more harder to get through, but I controled myself for as long as I could.

One night I was very restless and had a hard time trying to go to sleep. I decided to go to the kitchen and get some water to drink. as I headed towards to jerrys room I heard strange sounds coming from his room. I walked closer to the door it was half open, his light was on and peeked through the door standing next to the frame of the door way. I gasped as I saw him laying down on the bed totally naked stroking that thick rod. His bed squeaking and creaking has hit torso was humping up and down on the bed. the sight of him stroking his love tool got hot. I pulled out my rod and started jerking on it. It was a wonderful sight looking at that well sculped muscle bound body humping up and down on the bed. his body was covered in sweat the head of his cock was getting wider he was puffing and grunting to every stroke. His cock keep growing almost turning from the rough stroking he was giving it. My cock was bulging and getting warm from the blood that starting to rush to my head of my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon. I looked back over to jerry his humping getting faster he was making the entire bed jump up and down causing the bed to the other side of the room. we were both puffing and moaning ready to climax anytime now. I couldn't take it any longer I tilt my head back and two big long shots of hot goop flew out of my piss slit and sprayed onto his bed room door.

I let out a sigh of relief and then I heard jerry say oh fucking god holy shit, man fucking ehh oh fuck yeah. I then saw several large shots of cum fly up into the air from his masive volcano erupting up bigger and almost taller than mount st. helens eruption going high almost touching the ceiling and fallen down like heavy rain onto his hard cast iron chest. I heard him grunt, and moan with delight. I saw his massive hands wipe the cum off his chest and he began to lick and suck on his own love juice. I quickly ran back to my room and layed in bed and savouring that moment that I had just experienced.

The next day jerry was swimming in the pool. after several laps in the pool he came out wiped him self off. and went to the wash room. I was watching him I saw him take his swim trunks off and put it in the washer. I entered the room and stood behind him. he turned around and said what the fuck. I grabbed a hold of that wet smoothe cock and said I can't control my self I want you. he looked confused and scared but then he started to smile. I have always known you wanted me. He pulled me closer and we started kissing passionately, shoving out tongues in and out of each other's hot mouth. we were slobbering all over our faces. spit was running our chins and necks. I grabbed a hold of that tight hard rock shaped ass. running my finger between the crack. we pulled our lips away from each other and I went down on my knee's with that huge mountain shaped dick danggling in front of me. I opened my mouth and he slid it right in. he shoved back to the back of my throat spreading my inner walls of my mouth wider making gasped and slobber all over his cock. jerry began fucking my mouth bouncing up and against my tonsils. I was slurping and sucking that cock ferociously. I heard jerry moaning and breathing heavy. I heard him saying coming you horny bitch fucking suck that big cock. you been wanting it for so long take it all. make me blow a nut.

He was fucking my mouth so hard I thought I was going to pass when all of a sudden I he stopped and then I felt a rush or vibration come frome his cock and soon hot warm liquid shot out of his and into my mouth rolling down my throat. yum it was warm, salty and very tasty.

After he shot his load he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up. He unzipped and pulled off my pants and shorts and tore off my shirt. he picked me up and I flung my legs around his waist with my feet clinching his buttocks.

He gave me along wet slobbery kiss and said the fun is just about to begin. I was holding onto him when he carried me into the kitchen and layed me onto the kitchen laying on my back. he said I want to taste that tight hole. He knelt down and raised my ass up into the air. spreading my ass cheeks wide apart and then lapping up in my ass like thirsty puppy dog. each time he stuck his deeper into my hole swirling his tongue around inside this was making my cock harder by the minute. I began jerking on my rod making red. this ass sucking went on for what was several minutes but seeemed like hours until he stopped he backed off pulled me up turned me around onto my stomach with bend over exsposing my ass to him. I felt him slapping his cock between my crack. I then felt him spit large amounts of saliva into my pink hole. He then said get ready for some serious ass raping. I am going to plow the shit out of your ass. He then rammed it in I gasped from the pain but I did love it. he began drilling my grinding my inner flesh.

My ass was throbbing from the pounding. My ass was getting loser and loser with every thrust. My cock was quivering I was stroking it wildly thrusting my hips with each stroke. I started to raise my standing on my tip toe's and then I shot out several large shot of cum across the table. jerry slammed my face down on the table in my own cum and I started lapping up that love juice.

Jerry began to buck his hips back and forth like he was running a marathon. Slamming harder up into my ass making my entire body jump up and down to his fucking. I heard him yell as he pulled his cock out, holy shit I'm gonna fucking blow my load. I heard a loud gasp out of him then several loads of hot cum splattered all over my ass running down into the crack of my ass. I then felt jerry hot lapping up his hot cum which he just blew all over my ass. I heard slurping and swallow coming from him. he leaned ontop of me and told he was glad he moved in.

I know now what that something about jerry was his wildnest but yet his hidden tenderness when he caressed me after we had just fucked the shit out of each other.

I knew there were going to be more hot times with him in the future.


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