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erotic stories

Locker Room. Part 2

By Jack Crelin

July 8 2006

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My cock was tingling, for release and my ass oozing cum, my hands felt numb with the tight bonds around it and then to my horror the door to the gym swung open. And with it the last two guys in the gym came in.
"Well well, look what we've got here." The first said, instantly stripping off and coming over to me.
"Looks like we've been left a gift by the manager. Mmmm I just love it when he does this." The second said, his clothes hitting the floor as his sweaty body locked around the first from behind.

The first's cock was twitching as he walked closer to me. His companion was caressing his sweaty body and his own throbbing member. They came up to me on either side and looked me over as I whimpered to be let down with the three sweaty jocks in my mouth. Both looked me over like I was a piece of meat, "Nice abs and pecks, big meaty cock, just enough pubic hair." The second said as the first roughly turned me, burning my wrists with the towels that held me to the clothes peg. "Yes but its been used, look at all this warm sticky man juice on him." He said, pointing to my sticky, cum covered ass.
"Oh well, I don't mind sharing him." The second said as he grabbed my sweaty hair roughly and bit one of my nipples.
"Well if you don't mind then…" the first said, walking around the back of him and spreading his ass.

Suddenly the second guy was pushed into me, his teeth biting down on my nipple even harder, cutting me and causing a trickle of blood to flow down my chest, through my pubes and onto my cock, causing even more problems for its desire to release. "Ohhh fuck, you made me break him!" the second one said as the first rammed his cock into him without a second thought.

This continued for a minute or two, with the second kissing my body all over, leaving blood to trickle down my chest and into my bush. Then the first grabbed his hair and said, "Fancy facing me, then you can suck his balls and clean his ass a little?" The second nodded as he began to twist on the first's cock to face towards the ceiling.

A few moments later the second was sucking on my bulging balls while he was thrust backwards and forwards by the first's powerful and deep cock thrusts. After a minute of this he moved his head and stuck out his tongue, using the thrusts to brush it backwards and forwards across my wide and oozing hole, lapping up some of the cum that had filled it.

I spent another minute under this cock throbbingly good treatment before the first pulled his cock out, "Pull away, I'm about to cum and I think this toy needs his cock and balls coating too." With that the second pulled away and stood up, working on his own cock. The first leant in jacking his cock at a furious speed as he held it over my own throbbing cock and balls. With a deep throated moan he began to cum, just as the second thrust deep into him, his cum splattered my balls, cock and pubes in a torrent that seemed never ending. He finally finished, leaving my cock covered in dripping, sticky white cum and pulled back looking satisfied.

"Now where should I put mine?" the second asked. "Why not coat this toys chest and face?" the first offered, and with that I had the second looming over me, standing on a bench his hands furiously beating off. Within moments he was cumming, showering my face and chest with cum, leaving me coated from head to ass in the sticky man juice of four different men.

Surely now they would let me go and allow me to release my aching cock of all of the pent up cum. But no, they looked at me, saying "He's excelled himself this time with the toy, can't wait to compliment him." And with that they showered and left, leaving me with a cum covered body, tightly bound hands that forced me to stand, three jocks tied to gag me and a trickle of slowly drying blood from one nipple into my cum filled pubes and onto my cum covered cock. I moaned, which forced me to take another breath of the pungent jocks, and wished that I hadn't.

I waited for twenty minutes like this, until I heard the sound of someone coming, the manager? Hopefully he would let me down, but that is the next and final part of the story…..

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