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erotic stories


By Melina Catts

May 14 2006

My boyfriend loves to have sex in public. He loves the idea of being watched, but even more he likes to watch other couples. Not the cheesy scenes in the typical porn movie, but real men having real sex. He loves going to smoky night clubs, drinking a few drinks, dancing to a few songs, and then going to the back room and letting me suck him off while he watches all the men in various acts of sex.

His favorite to watch is frot, or dick-to-dick action. He loves watching two guys doing the cock rub while his dick is buried deep in my ass.

Last Saturday night was particularly hot. We had gone out to our usual club, which is always packed with hot guys; that night was no different. We sat at the bar and downed a few shots while checking out the numbers on the dance floor.

One couple caught our eyes. They were both tall and lean, one with fair hair and skin; the other was dark skinned with long gorgeous dreadlocks. Their contrast was only made hotter by their sensual dancing.

We watched them for a while, or rather my boyfriend watched them. I preferred to keep my gaze on him as he observed them. Finally, he took my hand. “Let’s go cut a rug,” he said. That has always been his less than flattering way of asking me to dance.

We took to the floor and he led me over close to our favorite couple. He pulled me close to him and began grinding his body into mine. I didn’t have to look to know whom he was watching.

“Maybe they’ll go to the back room,” I said in his ear.

“Maybe we’ll follow them if they do.”

We continued dancing, our bodies getting hot and sweaty in the process. I glanced over at our couple and saw that the dark one had shed his shirt. His dark skin taught over his muscular frame. The blond beauty was still wrapped tightly in his arms.

“They are a pretty sight,” my boyfriend remarked.

“Oh yeah, they most certainly are. Do you think they know we are infatuated with them?”

“Hmm, maybe. Maybe they think it’s hot,” he said with a wink.

The thumpa-thumpa gave way to something a little slower and our pretty couple left the dance floor, making their way to the back room. “Come on,” my boyfriend took my hand and pulled me with him, following their path.

In the backroom the smell of sweat and testosterone filled my nostrils. The lights were dim, just enough to make out the hard bodies. I saw our boys standing in the corner, their lips together, their hand roaming each other’s bodies.

My boyfriend positioned up so that we both had a good view as he pulled me to him from behind. He wanted me to watch the show while he rode my ass. I was more than willing.

I watched as the dark skinned beauty pushed down the jeans of his lover, freeing his cock. His blond boyfriend did the same so that both men stood with their exposed dicks touching. Both had already shed their shirts on the dance floor.

My lover had pushed my pants down as well. He was applying the lube to my hole, then a finger; opening me up, stretching me for his dick.

The two lovers stood face to face; their kissing grew more intense, more urgent. The blond one’s hands roamed over the muscles of his lover’s back.

I felt the pinch, as my boyfriend slid into me, just past my first ring of muscles. He stopped there, letting me adjust. I closed my eyes and focused on relaxing, on the feel of him inside me. When I was ready for more, I pushed back onto him, letting him slide the rest of the way in.

When I opened my eyes I saw that our boys had stepped things up too. They continued their lovemaking as if no one else was in the room. I don’t think right then they were aware that anyone else was even on the same planet.

The dark one had reached down and had both of their cocks in his powerful hand. He was stoking them together, sliding his hand up and down, as the tender skin of their heads rubbed together. Again I marveled at the contrast of their skin and how beautiful they were together; so light, so dark.

My lover was watching them too and I could feel his excitement grow with theirs. His breath in my ear grew heavier, his fingers on my waist gripped tighter.

The fair one broke from the kiss; his head tilting back, his eyes closed, lips parted, obliviously in a state of bliss. His lover leaned into him, whispering something in his ear. Whatever he said, it was enough for the blond. He let out a cry as his orgasm erupted. The milking white spunk shooting up onto his lover’s dark chest, and running back down over their cocks and the fingers of his lover’s hand.

I continued to watch as the dark beauty continued to pump their cocks, bringing on his own climax. I knew I wasn’t far from reaching mine and I could feel my boyfriend’s dick grow bigger inside me as he was close too. I felt my lover’s teeth on my shoulder, biting that tender spot with just enough pressure to send me to my release. My knees grew weak as I pumped my dick and felt the warm jiz hit my chest. I heard my lover moan as he also reached his goal.

The two men we had been watching finally turned and looked at us. The both smiled and the blond raised an eyebrow, as if to say ‘did you enjoy the show?’

What can I say? My boyfriend likes to watch.

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