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erotic stories

The Meat Market

By - February 21 2005

I returned home one day after a hard day's work. I exhaustly drag myself into the kitchen. I was looking around in the cupboards looking for something to eat for dinner. I peaked in the refrigerator to see what was in there. I had let my refrigerator get pretty low. I was hoping to find some meat perhap's because I was suddenly starting to crave a nice juicy steak. The only problem I didn't have any. So it look's like I have to make a trip to local store and visit my meat market.

I arrived at the market and I started to browse the selection of meats they had to display. I was looking for something near where they had the prime rib steaks. while I was looking at the prime ribs I noticed a gentleman looking at the same type of meats I was looking for myself. I stop and gazed at him he looked so beautiful and very scrumptous to me. I quickly forget about my prime rib steak because I was looking at something more appetizing to me. He had gorgeous dark hair nice long and wavey. His hair went pass his shoulder and it was nice and shiny. I took a look over the rest of his body. He had broad shoulder's long strong arms the type of arm's that could wrap around and squeeze you so tight until you couldn't breath. I was enjoying my view of him his pants were so tight I could see the perfect shape of his ass. It was perfectly shape like it was from a fine mold and I just wanted to wrap my hands around it and squeeze it hard.

While I was looking at him he must have notice that I was giving the look over. He stared at me and smiled and then he winked and tilted his head. I felt he was giving me a gesture to follow him. My heart started to pump faster has he walked away. I followed him he wasn't going very fast. I know he wanted me to follow him. He slipped in the back into the bathroom. I followed him in. He was standing by the stall in the bathroom. He was stading there smiling at me. I walked to him he grabbed my hand and walked me in the stall and locked the stall's door behind him and put me against the tile floor.

My heart still pounding harder has begin kissing me. The kissing was was getting intense as I began to feel his crotch. A nice firm bulge. I unzipped his pulling his hard cock out. stroking it and squeezing it hard. He then dropped to his knee's lifting my shirt up and began sucking on my nipple's sucking and gently bitting them. He then began to lower his head down to my crotch. He unzipped my pants pulling my cock out and began sucking taking all the way in sucking it hard. My blood was rushing through my body as it was up against the cold tile. My finger nails dug deep into the cracks in the tile.

I felt the my cum starting to rush to my head of my cock. It was strong intense I let out aloud groan has I shot several loads of cum into his mouth. It must have been a massive amount because I heard him gulping and gasping as he was swallowing my creamy cum down his throat. He pulled away from my cock with his mouth exhuasted and tired. I helped him up and leaned him over the toilet pulled his pants down to his ankle's. I pulled his nice firm ass cheeks apart and dived my hot wet tongue right in there to get the nice salty taste of his ass. I started to penetrate deeper into his pink dark hole. I heard him start to moan and yell as I went deeper into his splendiful ass giving him a good cleaning.

I stood up after my mouth was tired and sore from diving and devouring that nice sweet tasty ass. I pulled my pants all the way off. I took a condom I had in the pocket and opened it up and slid it on that hard cock he got from getting firm from me eating his ass. I stepped over him while he was sitting on the toilet. I slammed hard down on that thick wide cock. I took it all the way in. I began wiggle my ass around letting that cock splitting open my inner ass cheeks making wide enough for some furocious fucking. I began slamming up and down really hard. The fucking was so intense and hot. we were so enjoying our selfs that we began talking and shouting to each other with some hot dirty talk with out worrying if anyone would happen to come in. We were fucking up and down so hard that I almost that that the toilet was going to break off from the floor. I began juerking my ass back and forth making his moan and groan with desire. I then slid my ass off of him yanked the cond!

om and jerking his cock faster and harder until three long shots of cum shot up and landed all over my face. he leaned forward and licked up all of the cum off of my face and then gave me a deep tonque kiss down my throat cavity until we were slobbering all over each other.

we got dressed and smiled at each other and that was the last I saw of him. I never did buy my steak becuase I was already from devouring that nice juicy meat.

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