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erotic stories


By Peter Foster

The stories I would like to relate to you are all based upon fact, they were adventures I had while I was sailing the High Seas around the world in the British Merchant Navy.

However there is also an element of Fantasy weaved into the story and I hope that you will enjoy travelling the world from your chair, with this mix of fact and fiction.
This was my first gay adventure.

The story proceeds;.

The ship was rolling and pitching in the high winds and the white caps of the waves were breaking away in the wind.
The ship was pretty uncomfortable when the weather was like this.

I ran down the alleyway in spurts, sometimes running up hill and then hanging on to the rails to stop myself running downhill at a faster pace.
I had decided to go to the upper deck as the atmosphere below was heavy with the stale smells of a ship that had its portholes closed for days due to the heavy weather.

I opened the outer door on the upper deck with a bang, as the ship lurched again
and I ran to the after funnel, to get out of the strong wind.

When I had almost reached the area of the deck protected from the strong wind by the funnel I was taken aback by the sight before my eyes.

One of the sailors that had recently joined the ship was lying on the deck in the lee of the funnel, completely nude.
He was about twenty and was a Negro, he had a beautiful body with a strong definition of his chest and strong legs and thighs, and to crown this picture of vibrant manhood, his cock was large and "uncut".

I vaguely remembered that he had introduced himself to me when he joined ship in London.
The occasion came back to me in flashback; I remembered that when he was signing on, I was in the saloon with the shipping master at the same time.

I had looked him over then, and decided that he was 'straight" so I was wary how I greeted him now.

"Hi are you expecting some sunshine mate"
Gerry smiled and said " No, I just love the opportunity to lay up here in the nude and get out of the stuffy enclosed atmosphere of the ship during this rough weather."

Page Two.

"I hope you do not mind Gerry, I would like to join you here and get some fresh air"
"That is all right mate, strip down and join me."

I placed my towel down on the wooden decking, and held it down to prevent it blowing away in the strong wind.
I decided to leave on my skimpy little briefs, they were made of nylon and were red with a blue stripe down the side, and I have always loved wearing sexy looking shorts.

Gerry said "Move closer to me and get out of the wind".
I shifted the towel right next to him, and I also had a small cushion with me and
I made my self comfortable.
I felt Gerry getting closer, and he leaned towards me, "tell me" he said
"where did you get those shorts, they look very "camp".
In sailors language at the time that meant "gay".

I said" Why do you like them" he said "yes they look sexy on you'!
With that he moved even closer, I pretended I was falling asleep and had my eyes closed, but I could clearly tell Gerry was almost on top of me.

My breathing was pretty ragged and I felt very vulnerable.
The next minute I felt strong hands playing with the front of my shorts, and then they took strong hold of my cock.
Gerry leaned in over my face and said in a husky tone" Nice cock mate".
I gasped for breath and said in a ragged tone "I did not know that you liked gays".

Gerry said "Yes mate I always have someone who I have sex with on each ship, I want to avoid getting a disease ashore with a tart, so I always choose a good looking guy to have sex with , a lot safer!"

I said "So you have decided that it is me"?
"Do I have any say in that"?

Gerry said "Of course I want you to be my lover and for both of us to enjoy it".
With that I rolled into his arms, and we started to kiss passionately and his hands were everywhere, all the hairs on my arm were standing up with the passionate nature of his embrace.

His tongue forced its way into my mouth, and rolled around my mouth, I had difficulty breathing and my chest was heaving.

The ship changed direction and the wind was howling stronger around us.


Page Three.

Gerry said "Gee you are hot babe"!

Lets go down to my cabin and get better acquainted.

With that we gathered up our blankets etc and descended from the upper deck,
Gerry holding me tightly around the shoulders.

We reached his cabin, it was very comfortable as Gerry was Second Steward in the Catering Department.

The door closed and Gerry started to kiss me as passionately as he had on the upper deck, but at the same time, his hands thrust down under my little sexy shorts and his index finger violated my man hole!!

I gasped and he pushed harder at the same time continuing his relentless kissing.

I said" Let me come up for air Gerry, you are drowning me in kisses"

He ripped off my little sexy shorts, and lifted me bodily into his arms and laid me on his bunk.

He stripped himself and his cock rose up very quickly, what a sight, it was large, smooth and about eight inches in length, I was very excited, but also concerned that this monster cock was going to violate me.

"Gerry, I have never been fucked before, please don't put that monster into me, there is no way I can take it..

"Don't worry babe" he said, I will be gentle".

With that he got out from a drawer a huge bottle of KY lotion, and pushing me over on to my stomach, he greased me liberally with the sticky gel.

"I will open you up some babe" he said.

Two fingers were thrust up my boy pussy, and I screamed out, "be careful".

Then very slowly I could feel the hard presence of his cock, pushing slowly but strongly into me, it was a strange mixture of dread, mingled with excitement that I
was experiencing, I felt full up and then Gerry started to thrust back and forth he

ploughed, and after the initial shock I was beginning to enjoy this feeling of being possessed by such a strong and virile man.

"Babe " he whispered in my ear, this trip lasts for three months and I want to be your man for the trip, how about it?"

With those words, I felt a hot stream of Gerry's cum flood my boy pussy, and he thrust even deeper into me and he held me so tight in his arms.

We lay like that for some time, and then Gerry said, " I will clean you up"

He got out of the drawer some tissues, and ever so gently cleaned up my boy pussy.

He turned me over and pulled me into his arms and kissed me very gently, and said "That is the first of many romantic nights that we will be sharing on this trip"

I was so very happy and I stayed the night in his cabin and the next morning we arranged for us to go ashore together when the ship reached our next port,
which was Tangiers.

Please join us on our next excursion ashore with my Negro lover……….





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