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erotic stories

Darkest Adventures

By Theed

It was time for something different, thought Mikel. He’d been searching for a thrill, adrenalin junkie as he was.
Paragliding didn’t speed up his heart rate anymore, nor did bungee jumping. He’d been to Spain to run with the bulls, but that was scary rather than exciting, and certainly no turn on.
When he thought about what he’d done until now, it was disappointing, really. Every time he thought he found what he needed to make his blood pump faster, and every time it seemed to be over before it begun.

Some friends suggested he would visit a night-sauna, and to go to the darkroom. Maybe that would do the trick. He could even volunteer to hang in the swing, but when he heard the stories about that, he thought that would be just a bit too much.
His body was his tool rather than his temple, but he loved it, thank you very much. He didn’t want thirty or more men to ravage it and use him, with the almost certain prospect of ending up in a hospital. Or worse, in the alley behind the club to bleed to death.
He shivered at the thought, which was nice, but no.

Disillusioned, he kept thinking and searching. In his despair, he began to search on the Internet. “Come on,” he muttered at the screen. “There must be someone out there understanding what I need?”

At a gay forum, he made an account with the name ‘dial M for Murder’ and he placed a post.
‘I need a thrill, people… I want a dark adventure. Suggestions?’

Well, it was anonymous enough, and he wondered what the replies would be like.

As he came back online the next morning, he found many replies. With a mug of coffee and a cigarette, he began to read, curious to see what people thought would be a ‘dark adventure’.
And boy, was he disappointed yet again…

People had no imagination anymore, he thought with a sigh. No, he didn’t want to be eaten up. Or eat someone. Ugh, the thought alone…
And to come to an orgy to be the living buffet –not to be eaten, but to have food on his body– wouldn’t exactly excite him.
It was all about parties, he realized. Where he would be used to pleasure the guests, not the other way around. Well, damn you, it was about him! He wanted to be pleasured in the most thrilling way!

Just when he wanted to give up, a reply drew his attention. Not because of the suggestion, but because of the little amount of text.

‘PM me. I know exactly what you need.’

Well, that sounded like a bold promise. Mikel sent a private message to the account, which had the name ‘Blinded’. The name made him a bit nervous, so he sent the following; ‘I hope you’re not talking about cutting my eyes out?’

The reply arrived a few hours later. ‘No. No blood. Despite your name. Can you travel?’

‘Yes,’ answered Mikel. ‘So what’s your suggestion?’

The other seemed to be online, because the reply came very quickly. ‘You’ll come to this hotel room. I’ve already prepared it. You’ll follow my instructions, and wait. It’ll be your best experience. Willing?’

Mikel laughed. Oh man, how commanding. A little stubborn, he typed back. ‘You want me to be your slave? Done that. Not exciting.’

‘This will be different. You want a thrill or not?’

‘Yes, I do. When?’

‘How soon can you get there?’

Mikel took a map, calculating the distance. ‘It’s an hour away,’ he replied.

‘See you in an hour then. Be there.’

Staring at the screen, Mikel felt his heart beat just a little faster. This was quite unexpected. He just wanted to type ‘hang on a minute’ or something, when he realized he was excited. Oh shit, this could be just what he wanted!

He didn’t reply at all, and quickly freshened up and changed. Before he could change his mind, he was in his car, and drove off to the hotel the man had mentioned.
The traffic took up all his attention and he had no time to think. He didn’t want to think, either. That would mean his sensibility would take over, and he would turn around again.
Exactly an hour later, he’d arrived, and he found himself in front of the counter with the proper key in his hand.
Oh God…

Mikel took a deep breath before he opened the door. The room was lit, but the windows blinded, he discovered. It was a simple, small room on the top floor, with only a double bed and a small bathroom.
On the bed, he found an envelope and a long, black silk scarf.
His hands were trembling as he opened the envelope. There were instructions inside, just as the man –well, he hoped it was a man– had told him.

‘Blindfold yourself. And do it good. As soon as I feel you can see me, the show’s over. Lay down naked, and wait.’

He would have to lay down naked and blindfolded, for someone he’d never met before? What did the man think… that he was daft?

Yes, he was daft. Mikel undressed, neatly folding his clothes, and tied the scarf tightly in front of his eyes. He made sure he couldn’t see anything. Lying down, he tried to make himself comfortable, and then he said “I’m ready…”
His voice was trembling, he noticed. Oh yes.

At first, noting seemed to happen, but then the door opened. And it was locked. Mikel could hear someone breathing calmly, the footsteps were quietly, and the man stopped at the end of the bed. Even without seeing anything, he knew he was observed. Whoever it was, he was judging him with his eyes.
“Well, do you like what you see?” he asked, not because he wanted to know the answer, but because he wanted to hear the voice.

“Do you?” asked a warm, heavy voice.

“I see nothing,” laughed Mikel nervously. “It certainly is a dark adventure. Can I touch you?”

The man sighed. “Shut up,” he rumbled. “You’ll make no comments and are in no position to make commands. You’ll do exactly as I say, understood? You’ll follow my orders to the letter, or I’ll leave. You wanted a thrill, I can give it to you. So stop being nervous and enjoy.”

Mikel held his breath, feeling a bit obstinate. He never was a good slave in the past, he was far too stubborn to obey orders. But the sound of the voice alone excited him, and he breathed out slowly. “Yes, master,” he whispered meekly.

“That’ll do,” rumbled the voice with an amused undertone. “I’ll call you M, I think. For ‘murder’, right?”

“Just don’t kill me,” trembled Mikel. Shit, he knew he shouldn’t use that name on the forum.

“I told you, no blood. And I won’t strangle you either.” The bed creaked softly as a heavy weight climbed on the mattress. “You won’t be dumped,” promised the voice. “Now, do you have enough insurances? Or should I leave now?”

Mikel tried to control his breathing, feeling exposed and a little scared. “Don’t leave,” he whispered sincerely. If this man could make him so nervous by just talking, not even threatening like his previous ‘masters’, he had to be very good. “Don’t leave me, please, master…”

He gasped surprised when a large, rough hand touched his stomach. A shiver ran through his body, and it took a lot of willpower to stay put. He wasn’t tied up at all, only blindfolded, and it was entirely up to him to stay in place. Without being ordered to, he kept his hands at his side, even when he felt the warmth of the other nearby.

“You’re very pretty,” whispered the voice. Mikel felt the warm breath, but the man didn’t kiss him, only brushed over his face with his lips. As the hand began to explore him, he realized the man used a scented oil to slide over his skin. His quivers slowly dissolved as his muscles were kneaded, and he relaxed.

“Mm…” That was nice, he thought. He squirmed a bit when the fingers slid over his nipples, erecting them, and he moaned when the man pinched him hard. “Ah…”

“You can make noise,” whispered the voice close to his ear. “I love to hear you. Just don’t beg, or command. Alright?”

“Yes…” Mikel moved in a more comfortable position, and accidentally touched the man’s leg. He held his breath as he felt the hairy skin, tense over marvelous muscles. “Oh…”

The man laughed softly. The slick hands stopped massaging, and grabbed Mikel’s wrist. “Yes,” he whispered. “This is what you’ll get when you’re ready, my little slave…”

If possible, Mikel would have spread his eyes wide in shock as the man placed his hand on his member. “Oh fuck!” he squeaked. “You said no blood!”

“I won’t rip you apart,” grinned the man. “You’ll be very willing once I’m done with you. Shut up again, I haven’t even started on you yet.”

This would be more than an extended fuck, thought Mikel, suddenly nervous again. The man retracted, and pushed his legs up. He could feel him sitting between them, and the hands touched him again, feeling and exploring him. Just as he felt a bit at ease, he heard something being pulled on the bed. It sounded like a briefcase, opening…and a soft jingle. Toys, he thought as his breath stocked.

The man pulled him up a bit, and something rough and cold was wrapped around his back. Mikel was pushed down again. It felt like a belt, made of rough leather, and it was pulled tight around his torso. Breathing was a bit difficult now, but not uncomfortable. He just wondered what the purpose would be, when something really sharp was pushed under the belt, right above his nipples. “Shit, what’s that?”

The man didn’t answer him. He pressed on the belt, sending a sharp pain through Mikel’s tits. Every breath would now stimulate his nipples, and he squirmed a little. “Ah… That hurts,” he complained without conviction. “Mm…”

Another soft sound could be heard as the man took something else out of the case, and Mikel tried to control his breathing and listen. Keeping his hands to his sides was difficult, and his hands twisted. As if that was what the man was waiting for, he yanked the arms aside. Two cold clicks, and he was tied up, his arms spread. Only his legs could move now, and the man spread them wide, exposing the shallow notch.

Mikel licked his lips. His heart was beating faster already. He could feel his cock grow, but he couldn’t squirm without hurting himself. He moaned softly and approvingly. So far, it was very pleasant indeed.

The man took his time to prepare his next offence, but didn’t take long enough for Mikel to become impatient. He pressed something cold and slick against the entrance between the cheeks, and forced it though.
It was a hard ball, realized Mikel, who held his breath. It was pushed inside, followed by a long finger, and stayed behind when the finger drew back. Another ball followed, as large as the first. They were quite big, and his muscle was stretched as the ball was pushed through. His rectum contracted, trying to work them out again, but the second ball forced the first even deeper.
A third followed. Then a fourth. After a while, his ass was filled up completely with balls, and the man caressed his hips.

“Keep them inside,” ordered the voice. It sounded warmer now, and a little horny. The man shifted closer, and Mikel could feel the large cock rubbing up against his notch.

Unconsciously, Mikel moved his hips to meet him, and he made a surprised sound as the balls rolled inside of him. “Holy fuck…”

“That good?” laughed the man. “I’ll make it a bit harder for you.” He drew his hands back again, and came back with yet another toy. Pulling Mikel’s balls up, he enclosed the base of his cock with a leather strap, and tightened it. “To prevent you from coming already,” he explained.

Mikel didn’t protest at all. He loved this, he noticed. His body was feeling warm all over, his tits felt like on fire, and his ass was filled so delightfully. He moaned, licking his lips again, and pushed his hips up to stimulate the balls.

The man lubed his fingers, and pressed them against the filled ass. Two of his digits slid inside, pushing against the balls, keeping them in place as Mikel writhed on the mattress. His other hand closed around Mikel’s erection, and squeezed. “Fuck yourself,” he ordered huskily. “Move.”

“Ah!” Mikel squirmed cautiously, turned on by the pain in his nipples as he moved. He pressed down on the fingers, feeling the metal spheres roll in his rectum, stimulating his prostate. His tied up hands curled in the sheets as he moved faster. “Oh yes… Mm…”

“Come on, more!” growled the man. A third finger forced through the muscle, spreading Mikel’s ass. His other hand jerked him now, dragging soft complaints from Mikel’s lips. “And don’t you come, you hear? I’ll just leave you behind if you come before I give you permission!”

“Then stop jerking!” yelled Mikel, feeling sorry immediately. “Oh shit!”

The man drew back instantly, and smacked him in his face. “What did I tell you? No commands!” He didn’t leave him though, and Mikel silently thanked him. The belt was loosened and roughly yanked away. “Too hard for you, eager bitch? I thought you would be stronger than that. Don’t disappoint me, M.”
The voice sounded less angry as the man spoke, and ended in a sigh. “Don’t disappoint me,” he repeated softly. “It would be such a shame for both of us if you do.”

Mikel breathed slower, but deeper now his chest wasn’t constricted anymore. “I’m sorry, master,” he said quietly. He meant it. “I got carried away…”

The hands touched him again, gently stroking over his nipples. He felt the warm breath of the man as he leaned over him, and a kiss on both of his sore tits. “I don’t mind if you get carried away,” whispered the man with his lips on a nipple. He softly sucked it in his mouth, and licked him. “But never command me. Alright?”

“Yes, master,” breathed Mikel. The soft tongue was divine on his sensitive knobs, but he didn’t say it. He only moaned, and tugged on the cuffs around his wrists. It was useless to beg, he realized. The man was pleasuring him anyway, he had no intentions to leave him unsatisfied. With a soft sigh, he relaxed again, surrendering completely.

The man seemed satisfied with that turnaround. He came up again, pressed a brief kiss on Mikel’s lips, and then crept down.

Mikel felt how his legs were pushed up. The metal orbs rolled deeper, but it was the hot lick on his ass which made him hold his breath. The man forced his tongue deep inside of him, and touched his entrance with his teeth. He was glad his cock was restricted and no longer touched, or he would have come just like that, stimulated by so many pleasant sensations.

The man rimmed him for a while, making his ass nice and wet. Then he came up, sucking the tied testicles, and slid his fingers inside. As Mikel moved, the balls were pressed out, and the man pressed them back inside. It was as if he was fucked slowly and deeply, and Mikel moaned and panted. “Oh God, man…” he gasped. “This is perfect!”

The man didn’t warn him not to come, but Mikel knew the warning still counted. He laid still when it became hard to control himself, and forced himself to relax again. The man seemed to understand this part was finished, and drew his fingers back, sitting on his knees between the legs.

Mikel realized the balls were attached to a sting when the first was pulled out of him. “Mm!” he moaned, arching his back. Slowly, the spheres were pulled out, sliding over his prostate as they moved. It left him with an empty feeling when they were all out of him. He knew better than to beg, but squirmed slowly. He needed more…

Suddenly, something soft and hot press up against him. Mikel nearly said something, but shut up just in time, feeling the large head of a cock sliding inside. Finally… This was even better than the balls. The muscles of his rectum were pushed aside as the enormous cock entered him slowly, filling him completely, until he felt the heavy testicles against his butt.

The man leaned over him, and bit him in his nipples. “Ready or not,” he whispered, “Here it comes…”

Mikel cried out when the man pushed up, without retracting completely, fucking him very deeply and slowly. He swung his legs around the hips, forcing the man inside, moving up to take him even deeper. “Oh yes,” he gasped with a delighted smile. “This is so good…”

The man laughed softly, and then shut him up with a hard kiss. Mikel immediately parted his lips, receiving the hot tongue in his mouth, licking along it as he moaned.

The man pulled his hips back a bit. Mikel tensed his legs, forcing him back inside, and that action was repeated for quite a while, to the pleasure of both of them. The grunts of the man sounded deeper and faster. “You’re wonderful,” he whispered. “So delicious…”

“Oh! Oh man, so are you!” Mikel was close to bursting, and only the leather strap kept him from coming. He squirmed hard under the heavy body, stimulating the man as much as the man fucked him, and his head rolled over the pillow. “You’re good, so good!” he groaned. He almost begged him to make him come, but moaned instead. He absolutely didn’t want to be left alone now!

“Come for me,” whispered the man. He came up a bit, and loosened the strap. “Come on, beauty, you can come now.”

“Oh yes! Oh thank you, master!” Mikel was almost delirious as his blood was allowed to pump again. His cock felt like double its size, and the man’s thrusts inside of him only made it worse. The head of his dick was throbbing, his ass contracting, and his testicles pulled back in his loins in the most delicious agonizing way. “Yes!” he screamed, feeling the first squirt pumping up through his pounding rod.

“Come on, little thrill-seeking slut!” shouted the man. He was no longer slow and cautious, but drew back completely before he slammed back inside. Mikel’s rectum was cramped up to prepare the ejaculation, but the man had no difficulty at all to enter. Their screams complimented each other as they both began to shoot, and it was as if the man’s sperm came out of Mikel’s cock.

“Damn!” cursed Mikel sincerely, arching his back. His heart was trying to break out of its cage of ribs and he gasped for air, overwhelmed by the rush of delight. “Go-od,” he groaned genuinely. “You are fucking amazing…”

The man shivered, falling on top of Mikel’s sweating body. He kissed him intensely, wrapping his arms tight around him, still connected to him with his now relaxing cock. “That was intense,” he finally sighed. “Was this what you were looking for?”

“It’s pretty close yes,” smiled Mikel, nuzzling the unknown man. “Mm. We should do this again, sometime.”

“Maybe we will,” laughed the voice. The man kissed him again, but then climbed off him. “I’ll let you go as soon as I’m ready, alright? Just a minute.”

Mikel was too tired to complain. He realized he’d fallen asleep when he rolled over, no longer tied up, and he quickly sat upright. “Master?” he whispered urgently. He was still blindfolded, but the room was quiet. “Are you still here?”

When there was no answer, Mikel pulled the blindfold off. The room was quiet and empty, and light was coming through the windows. The realization of being left alone without seeing the man was shocking.

His movements were slow and distracted as Mikel freshened up, and he dressed up without looking at what he was doing.
As he turned to the bed, he slowly looked around, trying to find traces or clues of what had happened.
Only the scarf reminded him of his marvelous adventure, and he took it in his hand. With a deep, sad sigh, he knotted it around his neck, and then he left the room to go home.


In the weeks and even months that followed, Mikel tried to contact the man again on the forum. He searched the web for hours, trying to find more of him, but he never got in contact with him anymore.

After a few months, it was as if it had been all a dream. Only the scarf reminded him, proving him it had been real.
When the urge to find a new thrill was too much for him again, he left the house to go out.

It was still relatively early. It was a warm day, the evening was long, and the terraces filled with people. Mikel sat down and ordered a beer, and quietly looked around.

He wanted to find the man again. Someone that wonderful had to be found. He needed him, he wanted him, and he just had to be taken again by him. But he’d never seen him, and it was impossible to locate a man he didn’t know anything about.

Sighing, he left the terrace after a few beers, and began to stroll through the darkening city. It was there, on a corner, when he heard the voice.

He froze to the spot. That voice… The low rumble, the warmth, the sweet commanding tone. With a jerk, he turned around, spotting a large, dark haired man standing between some other people.

“Master,” he breathed, and at that moment, the man looked up.

Oh yes, he saw the recognition. Mikel staggered, convinced he just found his man. The soft brown eyes locked on his, and he saw the smile. He had to support himself on the wall and closed his eyes to collect himself, and when he opened his eyes again, he was gone.

Oh no… “Master!” he said a bit louder. The corner was empty, nobody standing there anymore, and he ran around the building. Was it all a mirage?

The streets were empty, Mikel was alone. He took a deep breath, and cried out. “Master!! Please!”

No begging… Or he would be left alone. Mikel sank on his knees, and cried. He just begged…
© Laevi

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