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erotic stories

A Mind of It's Own

by John January 2008

My dick was twitching like one of those damn witch-hazel sticks psychics use to locate underground water.

I tucked it down inside my briefs unless someone saw the bulge it was creating as I walked down the corridor. What was going on down there? All day it had seemed to have a life of its own—getting hard at the most inopportune moments. I nearly shot my load in the middle of the conference room during our monthly conference call. Since when did I get horny listening to a sales meeting? Good thing I was sitting down.

It started as soon as I woke up today. My morning wood seemed friskier than usual—especially considering I had fucked around last night with the two guys I found stroking themselves in the showers at the gym. The three of us had a future, I could tell. One top and two anxious bottoms.

One followed me home and spent the night. We sucked each other for a half hour then fell blissfully asleep. He was gone when I woke up-- my dick as rod-tight as a flag pole. I shot a fresh load after playing around with my cock-pump in the shower. You’d think even my prick would be ready for some R & R after all that attention.

The day had been busy, but my dick was never far from my mind. Especially during the 4:00 appointment with Richard Hager, Jr. and his father. Rich and good-looking, they were known as Little Dick and Big Dick, which did nothing to take my mind off my crotch. I kept wondering if their names meant anything else…. If so, I wanted to get Big Dick alone!

I stayed late to finish my paperwork, but kept checking my messages on my account. As the evening wore on and the office cleared out, I spent more time chatting than working. It seemed a lot of guys were horny tonight. The chat room was full and promising.

Needing to piss, I left my cubicle, heading for the men’s room. So now, walking down the corridor why was my cock swelling again? Damn. It was like taking the dog for a walk. Down boy. Stay.

Stopping just outside the men’s room door, I paused. A muffled sound from inside made me stop and listen. The room was obviously occupied, and someone was having a good time. I could faintly hear someone moan ‘’Oh, fuck, that’s good.” Not wanting to miss a chance to watch hot sex, and not wanting to disturb the fun, I quietly and slowly opened the door. The lights were off, but I could still hear excited breathing, and the sounds of wet flesh pulling out of wet flesh-- like galoshes lifting slowly out of mud.

Not being able to listen without getting in on the fun, I quietly unzipped my slacks, undid my belt, and let my pants drop to my knees. Sliding down my briefs, I began to stroke my own hard cock when an idea hit me. Softly removing my loafers, I let my pants drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, I walked with quiet, socked feet to where the soft panting and groaning were coming from.

Quietly and intermittently, I introduced my cock to the action. For a minute they didn’t seem to realize there was a new dick involved. Suddenly the action stopped. “Who…what…?”

“Never mind”, I whispered. “It’s my turn.”

After a moment, I felt a wet tongue exploring my crotch, while an invisible hand spread my cheeks, and toyed with my man hole.

“Any limits?”, I heard a voice whisper in my ear. “None at all,” I whispered back.

I felt firm hands lightly touch my shoulders and glide down my arms, then reach around from behind, unbuttoning my shirt. Soon it was off, and wet lips kissed the back of my neck while a warm mouth took my throbbing cock slowly, methodically down its lubricated tunnel. The kissing continued as a warm, slightly hairy body pressed against me from behind. Again the invisible hands reached around and began to caress each nipple, continue to kiss my neck and shoulders. I was in heaven. Nearly reaching the point of no return, I jerked by dick from its warm moist haven to let the aching subside. Moments later, gentle hands from below pressed against the inside of my thighs, spreading my legs further apart. Then a wet tongue began to explore by ball sack, giving attention to each of my alert nuts. From behind, the soft stroking and kissing went lower, until I felt fingers spreading my cheeks and a hot tongue began darting in and around by hole.

With two invisible tongues working so close together, I felt a new sensation. My entire crotch was alive with fingers and tongues kissing, licking, sucking, stroking, entering, and massaging. My thighs stiffened and my butt grew taught. I swayed slightly with the motions of my unseen benefactors. It was too soon for the fun to end, but from deep inside it began, deeper than any ejaculation I had ever felt before, my legs quivered, I sunk half-way to the floor and leaned forward. A hard, pulsing cock slid effortlessly inside me as a warm mouth and tongue encircled my rod, tight with the rush of blood filling every nook of that wonderful elastic muscle. As the tip of the unknown cock slid past my prostate, the inevitable occurred. I moaned low and soft and shook involuntarily as the semen shot from my prostate, mixed with the sperm from each ball and exploded from the tight urethra into a warm, but unknown throat. I pulsed and jerked with each spasm. I rocked back and forth and lifted myself on my toes. It was difficult not to scream from the intense rolling pleasure that began deep inside and spread to every part of my sweating, trembling frame.

As the pulsing ended, by two invisible friends kept their post a little longer, sucking, fucking slower and slower and slower until my limp dick dropped from its wet home and a tightness in my ass resolved as the intruder removed himself. Standing quietly in the dark, catching my breath from this magnificent encounter, I felt two bodies press against me from both sides. One voice softly whispered, “Thanks. Leave without turning on the lights.” Puzzled, but willing to let my mysterious encounter remain anonymous, I quickly dressed and slipped out the door.

The dimmed lights in the hallway seemed bright by comparison to the dark restroom. I saw a janitor vacuuming the intersection of hallways ahead of me. I smiled and nodded as he stopped to let me through. Slipping into my office, I switched off the computer, and shoved some papers in my briefcase. Enough work for tonight. I saw a peaceful sleep ahead of me.

Stopping at the elevator, I pushed the down button and waited. When the doors opened, I was surprised to see Richard Hager and his father inside. They nodded politely, but ignoring my presence, continued their conversation about their latest beachfront development project, Double Head Point. The three of us exited at the lobby level and walked through the parking garage without further acknowledgement. Unlocking my car, I drove to the exit. It was then that it occurred to me. We were driving the last three cars in the lot.

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