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erotic stories

Cat and Mouse

By Phil

Our eyes met inconsequentially; his lips being the trigger drawing me into this game of cat and mouse. They parted slightly, turning up in one corner into a smirk that pushed his left eye closed into a wink. In the flutter of a heartbeat his eye opened once again, his glance dropping to the growing bulge in my already tight jeans. Any chance of me continuing my trek to the bus stop would have to remain on hold for a moment. As I passed, his eyes dropped from my gaze. Sighing, I realised all too clearly that I was left to my own defences once more.

Game over.

Or so I thought, until I felt a hand reach into my back pocket. Turning around, I saw my conquest wink at me again and I took a mental snapshot of his back view as he continued walking the opposite direction. Subconsciously, I reached into my back pocket, almost as though doing so would prove that his flirtation was not a mirage. Inside, I found a card. It read:

‘Follow me’

And so I did.

We walked for five minutes or so. He never turned around to see whether or not I was following, until we reached the front door of a smallish townhouse. Unlocking the door of his townhouse, he paused for a moment, turning so we were face to face. Leaning in as though to kiss me, his eyes widened as though he was surprised. His expression quickly morphed into the same smirk that had when I first caught his eye. Quickly turning away, he walked inside. I shook my head, quietly laughing at his antics. He spun around again, pressing me roughly against a wall. I gasped, the wind being knocked out of me. His lips met with my bottom lip, his teeth pulling it gently. I was surprised with his sensitivity: the light and shade that capitulated his movements. Soft, delicate kisses followed by passionate, probing ones, my senses were overwhelmed. The touch of his hands nestling in the small of my back; the taste of his lips; the smell of his cologne combined, intoxicating me. Euphorically, I hardly realised that my pants were unbuckled and lowered, or that I had slid down onto my knees. Instinctively, I began lapping at the bulge in his pants. Pushing his jeans down to his ankles, I could see that he had been leaking a large precum profusely into his boxer briefs.

No longer was this a game; neither of us could bluff nor cheat anymore. We were exposed.

Imitating that sinful smirk of his, I simultaneously lowered my head and his underwear in one movement, engulfing his warm manhood until I felt the head push against the back of my throat. I held it there for a moment, moaning around it, sending vibrations from my throat to course through his body. Sliding my tongue around to the underside of his shaft, I absorbed the real beauty of his member. His circumcised cock curved upward gracefully, a large mushroom head adorning a generously proportioned shaft. I glanced up, my eyes meeting his again as I slammed his cock back into my throat. Feeling the head slip further back behind my throat, I grabbed his arse in my hands, pushing him roughly back and forth- in and out of my throat. Grunting wildly, his hands intertwined with my hair, increasing the pace of his thrusts. His balls slapping against my chin, he moaned louder and louder, cursing in a deep voice. I could feel the head of his cock engorge in the back of my throat and knew that it was time. I drew my head off of his cock shaft, leaving only the head of his prick in my mouth so I could taste him. Moaning and tossing his head back, he shot his first load; warm and thick, into the back of my throat. I swallowed, again and again, drinking all of his salty spunk. Pulling away, he slumped down next to me against the wall, his jeans still around his ankles.

‘So what the fuck are you doing in my house anywhere?’

He didn’t sound angry; just quizzical. Confused, I flicked the card to him.

‘Didn’t you put this in my pocket?’ He shook his head.

‘Well then… who did?

His infamous smirk returned to his lips.

‘Whoever it was, I owe him. Big time.’

And so the game began again…

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