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erotic stories

Snow Storm

Melina Catts

I looked out the window into the wintry night. “Look at all the snow.”

“You’re not still planning on going home tonight?” Sammie asked. I had only agreed to come over for dinner. I knew he wanted to take our relationship to the next level, but I wasn’t so sure.

“Did you have this planned? To trap me here?” I teased him.

“What, the freak snow storm? Oh yes. I’ve been busy all week making the arrangements. You wouldn’t believe how much it cost me to bribe the National Weather Service to make it snow tonight and even more for them to not forecast it,” he quipped with his wicked grin. His smile always makes my knees weak.

“Dinner was really great,” I told him again, needing to change the subject. He had served grilled salmon, new potatoes seasoned just so and steamed vegetables.

“I’m glad you liked it. Would you care for some coffee?”

“Yeah, that sounds wonderful.”

“I know,” he eyes lit up. “Let’s put a couple of logs on the fireplace and I’ll make us some gingerbread lattes.”

Half an hour later, I was snuggled up next to him on the sofa in front of a warm fire with the aroma to the lattes tickling my nose.

“This is nice,” I cooed.

“Yeah, it is.”

I turned to look at him and he took that opportunity to capture my lips with his. His kisses slow and gentle tasted of ginger. “Mmm,” I sighed.

He grinned and took my mug from my hand, setting it with his on the end table. He turned back to me and resumed his sweet tender kisses. His hands slid to my waist and crept up under my shirt. His fingers caressing my skin as our kissing deepened. My hands reached around him gliding over his muscular frame.

Some how I found myself lying on my back on the sofa, his body over mine, his kisses distracting me from the rest of the world. All I knew was him. He broke from my lips long enough to pull his shirt up over his head, exposing his beautiful chest and perfect abs. I couldn’t help myself as I reached up and ran my fingers over his smooth skin. He pushed my shirt up to my chin and then bent down and began licking and nipping at my nipples.

My hands slid around to his back feeling the velvet skin over his hard muscular back. His tongue continued its journey down over my abs and to my belly button. He swirled around it then took a quick dip in smiling up at me with mischief in his eyes. Then he began unbuttoning my pants and pulled them down to my knees. “Commando,” he said noticing I wore no underwear. “I like that in a man.”

My cock lay against my stomach, weeping for attention from his mouth but Sammie had other plans. Back up to my belly button he headed and started teasing. He ran his tongue down my happy trail allowing it to come so close to my cock that my hips bucked up on their own accord. He continued on down, ignoring my dick as he placed feathery kisses on the inside of my thigh. Then bathing my balls in long sloppy licks, and finally sucking them into his mouth. My fingers had been running through his hair encouraging him on, but at the sensation of my sac in his wet warm mouth my dick demanded attention. I let my hand slide up and grip it, stroking up and down.

“Huh-uh,” he mumbled around my sac taking his hand and pulling mine from my cock. The vibration against my balls almost pushed me over the edge. “Ahh,” I moaned.

“Mmm,” he hummed again, then tugged on my sac until my nuts popped from his mouth.

I opened my eyes to see him watching me. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered then dipped down to run his tongue up the shaft of my dick. Again my hips bucked wanting to be inside his mouth. “All in good time,” he said with a grin.

His tongue swirled around the head of my cock then back down the shaft to the base. Then back up again. I lost count of how many times he ran his tongue up and down but I remember thinking I’d go insane before he finally took me in his mouth. At last, my cock was where it had longed to be, in the warm wet cavern of his mouth.

He slid up and down on me, each time taking me just a little deeper into his mouth all the while his hand fondled my sac.

“Oh, God,” I cried out. “Oh fuck, Sammie.”

He chuckled around me, again the vibrations sending shivers to my core. Then he slid all the way down, opening up his throat to allow me in. Now I know everyone likes to think that deep-throating is common practice, but in reality, it’s not. Very few guys can suppress their gag reflex that well. I know I can’t. And truth be told, Sammie was the first I had had that could do it with such ease and skill. He slid down on my cock until his nose was buried in my pubes then he twirled his tongue around the base as he moved his hand around and slipped his finger into my hole. Just up to the first knuckle. My body was in total conflict; my dick wanting my hips to go up to press further into his mouth, my ass wanting to move down to slide his finger further in. I truly thought that I was on the brink of madness; the need was so great. Then he swallowed around me and I literally saw stars. I’m sure I called out, but I really have no memory of anything but ultimate bliss.

When I came back to earth he was still sucking, milking my semen from me. He finally let my cock slip from his lips and sat up, watching me with that killer smile across his face. “You taste good,” he said. I moaned and closed my eyes. This was too much; he was simply too good to be true.

He slid off the couch and tugged on my arm. “Come on, let’s take round two to the bedroom.”

“My legs are rubber,” I said trying to stand.

“Hm, well then, I’m not done yet. I want your whole body a pile of quivering muscles, too relaxed to move.” How could I say no to that? I pulled up my pants and let him lead me to his bed.

I stood in the middle of his bedroom as he lit candles on the dresser and the nightstands until the room was bathed in a sensual glow.

“You need to get rid of these,” he said, pulling my shirt over my head and pushing my jeans back down to my ankles. I toed off my shoes and stepped out of my pants as he slipped his jeans off as well. My eyes resting on his cock as he stood there. It was semi erect and hanging off to the left side. I’m no expert on sizes, but I know I’m a little over average. Sammie in the other hand, well, there was nothing average about him.

He moved back over to me, reaching out and pulling my body to him. Again his tongue found my mouth and suddenly there were no other people on the planet. Just him; just me, just our bodies touching, exploring, just our lips meeting, our tongues entwining; just us.

I was breathless when he pulled away and took my hand leading me to the bed. He laid me down and covered me with this body. His eyes never leaving mine. “I want to make love to you,” he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

I literally thought I could come right then, just by his soft voice in my ear. A moan escaped from deep in my throat.

“Is that a yes?” he asked.


He rose up onto his knees and placed my legs up over his shoulders. Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube. He laid the condom on the bed for later and instead squirted some lube into his hand to warm it up.

Then he took my balls into his palm and massaged the lubricant onto them, rolling them, tugging on them and making me tremble with desire. Next he let his hand slide down to my hole. First, he made lazy circles around the bud, then he pushed in a well lubed finger. Sliding it in and out, then adding another. As he relaxed my muscles and opened me up he pushed his fingers in further until he brushed my prostate. I moaned at the sensation. At this point I was putty in his hands.

He slid his fingers out and back in, brushing the gland again. I moaned a little louder. In and out he fucked me with his fingers; each stroke brushing against my prostate and sending me closer to the edge. With his other hand he took the bottle of lube and popped open the top. He held it high over my cock letting the cold liquid slowly drip from the bottle on to my dick where it ran slowly over my head and down my shaft.

“Oh fuck, God, Sammie. Fuck me, please. I want to feel you inside me.” I was overcome with lust.

I heard the condom wrapper tearing open then I felt his cock at my entrance. “Ready?” he asked.

“Please, Sammie, I am past ready.” I don’t think I had ever felt the need, the desire to be filled like that before.

He pressed in, pushing until his cock was completely buried. “Ah,” he cried out. “You’re so tight, so warm. Oh God, I want to stay here forever.”

He began stroking, sliding in and out; pumping my cock with his fist in the same rhythm. He filled me so completely so—fuck, I don’t think there even is a word to describe the feeling.

“Oh, Sammie,” I moaned. “Oh God, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“Never,” he said pounding into me over and over again.

I tried to keep my eyes open, I wanted to watch the candle light dance over his gorgeous body; but each brush over my gland made my eyes roll back and my eyelids fall closed.

I wanted to it last forever, I didn’t want the feeling to ever stop, but all the while my body cried for release. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and knew I was almost ready to shoot.

“I’m close, Sammie. I’m so close.”

“Come for me,” he said. “Come all over my hand.” Then he took his fingertip and pushed across the piss slit, pushing down hard.

I cried out loud enough to wake the neighbors and for the second time that night I left my body and floated on a cloud of bliss.

When I was finally aware again, Sammie was laying on top of me, my legs back down on the bed, my spunk gluing our bodies together. He was breathing hard too, recovering from his own orgasm.

“Mmm,” he moaned lifting up just far enough to kiss me again. Then he laid his head back down on my shoulder. He had succeeded; my whole body was a pile of quivering muscles, too weak to even move.

I lay there trying to remember why I had thought it was too soon for us to take our relationship to this level and thanking God for unexpected snowstorms and lovers like Sammie.


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