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erotic stories

The Foot Massage

By Tony

Justin and I had been friends in high school. We never dated girls a lot, but just hung out with our groups of friends. In college, we went to different schools. Then, during our junior year, we both transferred to UC Berkeley.

The first year we shared an apartment. While we had seen each other nude, there was never anything going on between us. I would make it a habit of undressing in my room, and then walking nude to the bathroom to take my shower. I knew Justin slept in the nude, so I sometimes happened to have something to talk about as he would get up in the morning or go to bed at night.

The next year we each had our own apartments. Since my building had a pool and hot tub, Justin would come over by my place. Usually we would strip off our swim suits in the hot tub, as was the usual custom there.

One night, while we were sitting across from each other in the hot tub, no one was around. Suddenly, just out of the blue, I put my foot on Justin's leg and asked for a foot massage. I assured him that I would reciprocate.

He agreed and sort of gave an OK foot massage. Then I said, "OK, my turn.," He set his foot on my leg. I turned around so that his foot would be up against my penis which he immediately realized. I gave him a nice foot massage, working all the toes and bottom of his foot against my penis. He said that felt pretty good! Next I started working up his ankle and legs. I told him to tell me "when." I started working his thighs and moved closer to continue the massage around his balls and ass. Soon I was stroking his penis and massaging his pubic hair.

He decided that he had stopped short, so he returned to my other foot and gave an equally satisfying massage. We decided to end the night back up in my apartment by giving each other a warm soapy shower.

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