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Biker's Confession Two

It was now two months since Tom had joined the biker group and had been well

accepted by the other members.During that time, he had regularly met up with

other members for days out on their bikes visiting various tourist spots

around the area.

It was a hot Sunday morning towards the end of summer when Tom`s mobile

went. It was Roger the group leader phoning to let Tom know that another guy

wanted to join the group and that an initiation ceremony had to be arranged

for the following weekend for this guy to go through in the same way that

that Tom had a couple of months before.

As Tom was the most recent new member, it was up to him to decide where and

when the ceremony was to take place and what the member would have to go

through.Tom and Roger met up later that evening to chat through the

possibilities."I know just the place" said Tom "there is a secluded cave at

the bottom of the cliffs just east of Dawsons Bay. We can park up in the

fields on the cliff top and climb down the old path set in the side of the

cliff then wander along the beach to the cave.I will bring all the equipment

we need to make it a memerable initiation for the new guy".

"Ok" says Roger "I will arrange for the others to be there at 12 noon and we

will meet in the field".

Sunday morning arrived. It was a hot late summer`s day and the group met as

arranged in the field.About five minutes late the new member arrived.He was

greeted by Roger who went through the rules and got him to sign the same

disclaimer that the rest had signed previously agreeing to undergo any

activity the group should set up as an initiation. He signed, already partly

aware of some of the previous ceremonies that had taken place.

Before they knew it, they were all heading down the overgrown track leading

to the beach following which it was about a two minute walk to cave which

Tom knew well having spent lots of time playing there as a youngster.Once at

the cave, the new recruit was grabbed by four other members who were quickly

removing his leathers.This revealed that the new recruit,Jamie, was a very

fit and good looking 18 year old with very smooth slightly tanned skin.He

had fairly short blonde hair and blue eyes.The other guys were looking at

him with a look on their faces as if they hadn`t eaten for a month and had

just been presented with a plateful of food.They certainly liked what they


Tom produced a metal bar from his holdall about two foot in length with a

handcuff chained to each end.There was then a longer chain attached to the

centre of the bar in two places creating a large circular shape that could

be fitted over things.Two of the guys then lifted the bar and secured the

chain around a large rock in the centre of the cave.Jamie was then made to

place one hand in each cuff which was then firmly shut.Jamie was then stood

there next to this rock with his hands about a foot above his head and two

foot apart. Tom then repeated the exercise attaching a similar bar to

Jamie`s feet so his legs were spread with his feet about three feet apart.

"Right" said Tom.I think it`s time for us to start having some fun and

forJamie to prove he wants to join us, whilst reminding him of a password

that Jamie could use at anytime to escape from this but which would result

in him not being able to join the group.

"Roger, as the group leader,I think you should be the one to try and get

jamie`s cock springing into action." Roger didn`t need a second invitation

and was soon on his knees in front of Jamie slowly playing with Jamie`s

floppy cock before placing it in his mouth.Tom asked Jamie if he had ever

had a guy suck him off before to which he replied he had only been sucked

off by his girlfriend and wasn`t interested in guys.Roger saw this as a

challenge and was soon sucking firmly on Jamie`s cock which although

swelling a bit was not hardening.Roger raised a finger at Tom who knew that

this meant he had to finger Jamie`s tight virgin ass. He moved around behind

him and greased his hole up before sliding two fingers very slowly inside

Jamie`s ass before moving in deeper to feel his love spot which immediately

brought more life into his cock.As Tom fingered quicker,Roger sucked harder

and harder moving his mouth up and down Jamie`s shaft which has getting

harder and harder until it was standing firmly to attention.With Jamie

beginning to groan with delight the two others stopped what they were doing

and stood back to admire the cock standing proudly in front of them.Whilst

not the biggest cock they had seen at about 5 1/2 inches,it looked very sexy

on this beautiful young body.

"Right" said Tom "Jamie obviously likes the feel of something up his tight

virgin ass so I think it`s time we all investigated it a bit further" The

other guys knew exactly what this meant and turned Jamie around so his front

was against the rock and his ass was facing them. One by one they all

stripped off. Tom was first and pulled Jamie`s butt apart whilst running his

hands over the young guys tight bottom every now and then is hands wandering

down to feel his balls.Tom then bent down and started licking Jamie`s ass

hole pulling it apart again then sliding his tongue slowly inside getting

deeper and deeper with each movement.After a few minutes of this he stood up

and grabbed hold of his own hard throbbing cock gently rubbing his cock

head around Jamie`s open hole before making a forward thrust into his

captive`s gaping hole.Jamie yelled but didn`t use the escape word so Tom

thrust deeper with each push until he found himself fucking this tight ass

faster and faster.There was now only one thing Tom wanted and that was to be

the first to unload his cum inside Jamie`s ass.Within a couple on minutes

Tom shot load after load of hot cum into Jamie`s hole. Jamie was by now

really enjoying the experience as shown by his own hard throbbing cock which

was deliberately being left untouched by the others.

Within seconds Tom moved out of the way and Roger knelt down behind

Jamie.Some of Tom`s hot cum was running down the inside of Jamie`s thighs so

Roger quickly cleaned it up by licking it off.Liking the taste, he then

pulled Jamie`s ass apart again and slid his tongue inside lapping up as much

cum as possible and flicking his tongue around making Jamie gasp with

pleasure. Once he had licked the hole clean, he stood up and thrust his own

throbbing cock into Jamie`s ass which squeezed tightly around his cock as he

entered. With a couple of thrusts he was in as deep as he could go then

slowly slid out until just his cock head was inside which gave Roger a

fantastic feeling of pleas.ure. He then began to push in and out slowly

getting slightly faster each time as the pleasure increased until he could

hold out no more and pumped load after load into the young, no longer

virgin, ass.

The other five members then took it in turns each licking out the previous

one`s cum before pleasuring themselves.Throughout all of this Jamie`s cock

was in a constant state of hardness clearly enjoying every minute but no

doubt frustrated that it was not getting any activity itself other than

being ground into the rock face as he was being fucked from behind.

By now, Tom noticed that the tide was coming in and beginning to lap around

the mouth of the cave."Right" he said,"time for test 2 to take place to see

how brave Jamie is".Tom and the others picked up their clothes and waded

naked through the shallow water along to foot of the steps then up to their

bikes.Tom knew that at high tide the water would be no higher than about

waste high on Jamie but Jamie wasn`t to know that and had a real look of

fear on his face as the others left the cave.

The group decided to leave Jamie there all night and returned the next

morning at low tide to find him still tied up as before totally naked.He was

pleased to see everyone and hoped his ordeal was now over and he could

return home.When questioned about his time alone he said the sea had come as

high as his chest with the occasional wave splashing across his face

although it was a very calm night and the sea was fairly flat.He said he

wasn`t too concerned as he could see from the cave walls how high the water

usually reached.He had several bites around his ankles where crabs kept

biting him and at high tide fish were swimming around and having a nibble at

his big worm.Fortunately at this time of year the sea water was quite warm

so there was no danger of hypothermia setting in.

Tom had brought with him a large pan and set about setting up a fire on to

whiich he put the pan and filled it with several bars of chocolate.While he

was doing this, the others set about having a play with their captive.One

would suck his nipples while another played with his cock and a third guy

fingered Jamie`s ass.It wasn`t long before this nice young cock was firm

again hoping to see more action than it did yesterday.After a few minutes,

the chocolate was warm and had melted in the pan. Tom put a finger in it to

check the temperature and how runny it was then lifted the pot and moved

over to Jamie.He first got a couple of the guys to lift Jamie`s feet so he

was lying face down supended in mid air.Tom then poured the runny hot

chocolate over Jamie`s ass and returned the pan to the fire to keep it warm

while Jamie was held aloft until the chocolate began to harden.

They then turned him over and Tom did the same again pouring the chocolate

this time over Jamie`s chest and finally over his cock and balls. Once the

chocolate had hardened, he ordered the group to eat up all the chocolate and

leave Jamie clean. They stood him up and all had a turn licking the

chocolate off of him. First his chest and nipples then his ass with one or

two tongues venturing much deeper than the chocolate had gone! Finally it

was just his cock and balls left.First Roger got his mouth around Jamie`s

balls licking and sucking all the chocolate off until it was just a bit

sticky then it was left for Tom to clean up Jamie`s cock. His tongue out he

slowly worked his way from the base to tip then back again several

times.Jamie was groaning with pleasure then Tom inserted the whole of the

throbbing cock into his mouth and began sucking violently and he soon had a

mouth full of cum flavoured chocolate as Jamie could hold back no longer.

The captive was finally released but the ordeal wasn`t over as he was bent

over a rock and fucked again by each member`s throbbing cock.Once they had

finished, they released him and all ran naked on to the deserted beach and

into the warm sea to wash and generally play around. It wasn`t long before

all the members were paired up kissing and playing with each other in the

sea.They spent most of the day there during which time most of the guys had

cum two or three more times and there must have been a film of cum floating

on the top of the clear water.

As darkness began to fall they all got dressed except Jamie and headed up

the cliffs to their bikes.Jamie`s clothes had been taken and as was

customary in these events he had to ride home naked as the final ritual.

The next morning Tom phoned Jamie to check he was ok and confirmed that he

was now a fully fledged member. Jamie said he had really enjoyed the

experience and stated that he knew someone else who wanted to join the

group, his twin brother Josh!

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