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Keeping Love Alive

By Wesley P. Benson

Erin was a very attractive twenty-year old, with a smooth clear complexion and an almost impish face graced by an ever constant smile. His stylishly short haircut gave him the appearance of being neat and very well groomed; his dark red hair was a perfect highlight for those sparkly blue eyes of his that had a natural way of captivating you. His trim, very well defined body was graced with a set of nicely firmed well rounded butt cheeks behind and a very attractive box of family jewels up front; Erin was a very good catch on any man’s plate.

Even though he knew he had the situation completely under control, he still had butterflies; nervously he glanced out from between the blinds to the street below. He and Justin had been together now for eighteen very love filled, sexually satisfying months and had no real ‘need’ to fan the flames of their relationship. In fact both of them were still quite infatuated with one another. Their meeting had been true Kismet; while shopping in the local mall an elderly customer tripped and was just about to fall when Erin, on one side and Justin on the other reached out at the exact same time to come to his aid. As they were brushing the old guy off, Cupid flung his arrow and the rest was love. At the time they met Justin had just ended a bad relationship some months earlier and was in the “I’ll never live with another guy again” stage. Erin on the other hand had dated but still hadn’t ever been in a live in relationship.

When the love of his life had to work late yesterday Erin found himself watching this TV show quite by accident, a documentary called “Keeping Love Alive”. The main theme of the show was that every couple needed to enjoy some unexpected stimulation; but what caught his interest more than anything else was the idea of sexually manipulating Justin; that thought titillated him. So today on his day off, instead of screwing around with friends or messing in the back yard or even going to the mall the way he usually would, Erin followed the steps the show outlined putting his plan in action. First, he straightened the apartment even more than normal, because as the show explained ‘a clean bed sleeps best’. Next he went out of his way to cook a special meal being careful to combine all the things Justin craved but didn’t usually get. The panel on the show demonstrated that this would not only help to get him ‘in the mood’ but would ‘make him feel grateful’ to his partner, building on the old adage that the way to man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. The plan then called for the couple to be alone and to occupy the evening with something they could both join in on, like playing a game or watching a favorite movie; as long as it was just the two of them. With the plan laid out and ready to go, basically all that was left was to wait for his honey to come through the door; that of course, was proving to be the hardest part of all! Finally Justin pulled up and parked his car in that same spot in front of their apartment just like he did every other day. Giddy with anticipation, Erin watched his tall sandy blond haired lover get out of the car and walk up to the house; quickly pulling himself out of the window he closed the blinds and listened to Jus’s footsteps as he made his way up the stairs.

“Hi Babe!” Justin smiled, kicking off his shoes as he entered the apartment.

“Hey Justin!” Erin smiled back at him, eagerly wrapping his arms around his man. “How was your day?”

“Bad enough to be glad I’m home.” He smiled; then came the greeting kiss. Not the ordinary peck he was used to, no, no! Following the plan step by step first Erin made sure he had a big smile on when they greeted, looking clean and inviting and happy to see his lover. Then purposely he called him by his name, because as the show had taught him, while cute names like “honey” or “big boy” are fun they tend leave out that persons real identity, and after all everyone loves to hear their own name. Then came the embrace; this was a caress full of stimulation letting his hands and fingers telegraph all his emotions. And now came the second kiss, this was a very important kiss; it had to be a long, full kiss with lots of tongue and steamy emotion that screamed “I’ve missed you!” and “I want you!” Every body has some little idiosyncrasies that they carry into their relationship; Justin had a thing about liking Erin to touch and fondle his private parts when they made out something Erin, out of shyness, didn’t usually do. Today Justin was getting it just the way he liked it!

“Umm.” Justin smiled still embracing his lover. “That was nice!” Looking into each others eyes the two hugged again and just sort of glowed for a moment. Then lifting his head Justin sniffed at the air.

“Hey what’s that smell?” he smiled.

“Oh, that.” Erin smiled knowingly “I made you a pot roast.”

“For real?” Justin beamed. An all day pot roast with potatoes and lots of gravy was his favorite meal of all time.

“Yep. I started it this morning and right now it should be just about done.” he whispered back at him tilting his head and smiling coyly. “We have roasted potatoes and carrots and I even made a big salad.”

“Whoa! Thank you!” Justin beamed, returning with a heart felt kiss.
“And, there’s desert too!” he beamed. “I didn’t make it myself but there’s hot apple pie, and I got some Butter Pecan ice cream to go with it!”

“Ok,” Justin smiled looking around the room “what did you break?”

“I didn’t break anything.” He laughed

“Oh God Erin what did you buy?” Justin sang out, his eyebrows spiking. Erin just smiled again slowly shaking his head as they hugged.

“I didn’t break or buy anything.” He whispered; again going outside himself to teasingly grope at Justin’s crotch. “I just wanted to do this…'cause I love you.” There was a silence as Justin looked into his eyes and bit his lip; happy to be loved and happier still to know it.

“Erin.” He announced in a voice that said ‘Wow’. Then came another kiss, filled with lots of tongue and building passion.

“Are you horny?” Erin whispered as they pulled out of the kiss, still holding on to one another. Justin didn’t say anything, he just smiled in that little boy way he sometimes did. “I hope you are.” Erin whispered as he began undoing Justin’s pants.

“Hey, hey!” Justin retorted shyly looking over to the window.

“Don’t worry, it’s all closed up. No one can see us.” Erin assured him. “Oh, I put a DVD in.”

“A movie?” he questioned.

“Yeah.” Erin smiled “You know; the one you like to watch.”

“What one I like to watch?” he asked smiling with suspicious anticipation; leading him over to the couch Erin turned on the DVD player and handing the remote to his big boy, cuddled with him while the movie began to play.

“What is this?” Justin beamed.

“Just a little something to help you…get into the mood.” He said with a kiss.

“You already have me in the mood!” Justin chuckled softly as he placed his hand on top of the hand Erin was using to feel him up.

“I wanna go down on you.” He replied in a softly hushed whisper, as he undid Justin’s pants. “Alex’s Friendly Reunion”, the porn flick Justin loved to watch came on catching Justin’s eye and his imagination.

“Do I at least get a kiss?” Erin chided him. Too taken with all these surprises, Justin didn’t answer, instead he looked into his lover’s eyes with passion and desire, panting a bit as the two went into a session of very heavy petting. Moments later Justin was shirtless, his pants unbuttoned and half off while Erin was slowly stroking and caressing his ever stiffening ten inch tool; smiling at his lover he slid down onto the floor between Justin’s knees and announced softly as he looked up “I wanna suck you off.”

“Erin…!?” Justin sighed, catching himself. One of Justin’s complaints was that Erin was almost never sexually out going. Sex was something meant only for the bedroom. Groping and such was a thing Erin just didn’t do. And they never made love in the living room; no matter how many times Justin tried, Erin would never allow them to have sex on the ‘new’ couch; so all this was like a fantastic dream to come home to. Erin also usually had a thing about the two of them cuming at the same time so getting a blow job this way almost never happened!

“What’s going on in the movie right now?” Erin asked smiling up at him from between his legs as he stroked the pulsing tool in his hand. Wow this was yet another surprise; Erin always insisted they not watch TV when they had sex; he’d always say “If you’re gonna have sex with me you don’t need to watch TV”. Justin was totally beside himself with everything his lover was doing down there to him so he almost didn’t hear his question about the movie. He was far too busy looking down and watching with delight as Erin took the flat of his tongue and very slowly ran it all the way up from the base of his beautiful hard-on, only to lick at it delightedly and then slide back down lapping at the cock with a very sexy smile. “Come on.” Erin asked again “What are they doing in the movie?”

“Oh…ok.” Justin sighed dryly. “Ahh…oh yeah, this is the part where that guy…Frank…is sucking on two guys’ cocks at once.”

“Uummm…” Erin groaned eagerly as he slowly pushed Justin’s thick hard cock between his soft wet lips and began a slow throat slide down his baby’s love shaft. With a dry giggle Justin slid his legs further apart and dreamily reclined a little more on the soft ‘new’ couch; then tenderly he placed one hand on the back Erin’s neck and the other on the top of his head getting ready to guide the delightful nymph between his legs. Closing his eyes he laid back, smiling through pressed lips as Erin began really sucking him off.

“Oh, God!” Justin panted collapsing a little as he slid his ass ever more foreword on the couch. Looking down joyfully he watched through dream filled eyes as his lover’s mouth slid slowly -- lovingly -- all the way down his cock, only to methodically glide all the way back up the entire length of the shaft; sucking on him really hard so that his mouth teased and tortured him with every stroke. All the while he used that skillful tongue of his making it seem as if his whole mouth was some wild sex machine; bent solely on giving Justin untold pleasure. With one hand wrapped around the base of Jussy’s dick he used just the very tips of the fingers of his other hand to tenderly toy teasingly at Justin’s churning balls. Rising to the very tip of Justin’s hot cock, then bringing his tongue out he attacked the spongy inflated head lovingly licking and lapping at it as if he was venerating the hot glistening cock. Again and again slowly licking at the fuchsia colored rose bud with the flat of his tongue while holding it between his soft wet lips; turning his head from side to side making it look as if he was painting it with his tongue, causing spasms of hot electric pleasure to course all through Justin as he gasped and moaned above him. Forming his tongue into a point he tortured him even more as he slowly licked the rim of the wildly pulsing head, causing Justin to push his pelvis foreword and shiver.

“I love you Babe!” Justin gasped only to repeat himself as his legs began to jitter now and his toes flexed and curled.

“What’s going on in the movie now?” Erin whispered up to him through his licking.

“Movie?” Justin asked feebly as he stared down at him unable to comprehend reality at that moment. “Oh, um...I don’t fuckin' know!” He chuckled softly. “Who cares!!”

“Am I pleasing you, Justin?” he smiled, toying with every emotion in Justin’s being!

“Yeah!!” Justin answered barely speaking as he quickly nodded his head affirming his answer. “Oh yeah!!”

Just then Erin once again engulfed the head of his cock with his hot wet willing mouth sucking on it really hard as his tongue rode over, under and all around it. Unable to control himself or his urges Justin pushed down a bit on his lovers head; responding, Erin made that slow slide down its length, forcing the hot cock into his face until he buried his nose deep into Justin’s pubic bush. Erin had forced all ten inches of him deep into his throat and now seemed to be trying to cram the wildly throbbing monster still further into his throat making Justin grab onto the couch franticly, arching his back as he panted and groaned uncontrollably! Then his head began a fast pumping, bobbing up and down with growing speed as he slowly turned his head from side to side. Still teasing Justin’s now tightening balls with those magic finger tips, grazing around, under and all over the two magnificent orbs creating steady electric like waves of joyously tormenting pleasure to shoot up through his already convulsing body!

“Are they fucking yet?” Erin whispered as he stopped a little later to catch his breath, looking up at Justin with a big smile.

“What…who?” Justin quivered, barely coming out of his sex induced trance.

“The guys in the movie, hon.” Came his coy reply. He smiled up at him, stroking the throbbing member in his hand as Justin just looked down at him in bewilderment. “Here I’ll look for you.” He replied, only to announce impishly a moment later in a voice filled with hot anticipation. “They’re fucking, Justin!” Still bewildered Justin couldn’t answer; instead he just looked up at the TV and sort of nodded with a dopy grin.

“Why don’t you come down here and fuck me like that?” Erin hushed as he slid down, slowly sprawling his hot naked body out seductively onto the carpet for his lover’s enjoyment. Justin just smiled eagerly, panting dryly in amazement, still not knowing what had gotten into his lover this afternoon but loving it all the same!

“Come down here and fuck me!” Erin said repeating his demand. Looking down at him with a wide eyed smile on his face Justin thought about what he was going to do for a moment then slowly slid down off the couch to lay atop this sexy nymph he truly loved. Kissing and fondling each other passionately; heightening the cravings now smoldering deep inside, Justin rose up to look down at Erin and panted lustfully; leering at him in his naked beauty. Reaching down he grasped Erin’s legs at the knees, one in each hand, and raising them into the air he prepared himself to fuck, and fuck hard! Erin ran his hands through his hair and turned his head anxiously awaiting penetration, frightened slightly for the first time by this monster he had created. Justin bit his lip he knowingly placed the now enormous head of his red hot cock on Erin’s hot quivering, puckered little butt hole; now it was his turn to sexually tease and torment his lover.

“I love you Jussie!” Erin sighed as he smiled up at him in almost fearful anticipation of the fucking he was about to receive. With that Justin pushed foreword slightly, allowing himself to slowly enter Erin’s tight man hole, preparing his partner for that steady ten inch glide foreword. Justin let go with a groan of happy anticipation, then unable to contain himself he turned his head opening his mouth bit down lightly on the big toe of Erin’s right foot; licking and sucking on it as if devouring him mentally.

“Ok wait!” Erin grunted with a slight chuckle. “Wait please!”

“It’s ok honey.” He said in an understanding hush. “Tell me when.”

“Big boy!” Erin chuckled as he panted; momentarily reading himself for more of that ten inch serpent of pleasure Justin proudly drove. “Ok.” He instructed a moment later as he took in a deep breath “I’m ok.”

“Tell me you want my cock.” Justin smiled. Erin looked up at him grinning as he exhaled slowly and then closed his eyes.

“I want your long hot cock, Justin!” he hushed and Justin allowed the one eyed pleasure worm to slowly slither deeper into Erin’s waiting hole.

“You like that?” Justin asked softly as he crammed more and more of himself into Erin.

“Fuck me!” Erin’s voice came back panting as he dug his fingers into the carpet as if to hold on. And with a smile Justin complied, pumping in and out of him slowly at first. With each plunge now he was sending his long ten inch cock deeper and deeper into him until he was finally sawing his tool of delicate delight all the way in and out of Erin. Panting, he pushed in as deep as he could then held himself in place and leaning into Erin with the weight of his body began grinding his hips from side to side, really screwing Erin’s tight hot ass as his cock throbbed unmercifully inside the young man. Extending his legs fully now, like some aerobics pro Justin held himself up on the tips of his toes as his pelvis fucked rhythmically in and out of the butt hole wrapped around his throbbing dick as if he was doing sexual push ups on his partner.

“OH, MY GOD!” Erin moaned as he gasped for breath. Faster and faster Justin’s pumping came, drenching both their bodies in thick hot sweat as they grunted and groaned; fully engulfed in the joys of lust. As he fucked faster and harder and deeper he brought his face down to Erin’s for a hot impassioned kiss; their tongues entwining as the two lovers genuinely sucked face! Justin was fucking as hard and as fast as he was able now, making Erin throw his head back clenching his teeth and eyes as his own now raging hard cock began to throb. Now he found himself instinctively stroking his own tool to the cadence of Justin’s fucking as the session reached fever pitch. Again their faces ground together in a session of hot tongue sucking kisses when suddenly Erin could sense that Justin was coming to that point of exploding.

Sweaty and panting Justin gave out with a loud groan as his throbbing hot cock grew even more as it fucked inside Erin until he thought it would rip his little fuck hole in two. Just when they both thought they couldn’t possibly take any more and Erin knew his partner was about to gush foreword with his load of thick hot cum, he cried out to Justin.

“Tell me you love me Justin!!” he cried out, repeating himself “TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!!”

“AAhhh…I love you Erin!” Justin grunted looking deep into Erin’s eyes, “I love you!!”

Then came the searing hot rush of erupting love juice in an orgasm that was harder and longer than either was used to. Justin’s body was quivered wildly, pounding in and out to the very end, until eventually collapsing happily on top of Erin as they enwrapped themselves lovingly into each others waiting arms, Justin still repeating his chant of ‘I love you’ until the words were but a faint loving whisper replaced by kisses and tender swooning.

Overwhelmed by the gift he had just been given, Justin flooded his lover with a river of kisses as the two softly glowed. Then Erin felt Justin’s mouth latch onto his neck sucking and biting down hard, almost painfully!

“Justin.” Erin sang out through a smile. “Your mother is gonna ask me where that came from!”

“Yeah?” he chuckled back, their lips meeting yet again in a kiss of love “Well,” he said defiantly, “you just tell her it came from her little boy!”

“Nothing little about it!” Erin laughed. And for a long time the two shared a very romantic encounter of tender petting and caressing.

“Erin?” Justin asked finally “Can we eat now? I am starving!”

“First I wanna e mail Wesley.” He replied wide eyed.

“Yeah, me too!” Justin agreed “I wanna tell him how much I liked this story!”

“What’s the e mail address again?” Erin smiled, and together they repeated it happily.

“ It’s !” and as this story ends Justin and Erin hope you too will e mail Wes to let him know what you thought of this tale of sexual romance.

“I’d really love to hear from you!” Wesley says.

The End

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