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erotic stories

'The bike-job'


The week was long and hectic. I am bored and the evening young. It's perfect weather for a ride. I grab my helmet and gloves, and lock the door behind me.

Mounting my ride once more I feel relaxed and comfortable. The engine comes alive and we buzz down the few metres of driveway toward the street. A short sharp turn later and the bike accelerates beneath me, knees gripping the tank and leaning forward.

We cruise for a while, down main roads at first. Freely flinging our way towards the coast and the quiet, winding esplanade.

Turning on to the esplanade we accelerate once more, quicker this time. The bike is playful beneath me. I'm hard. He feels warm and safe and fast. We are one.

Something strange happens - a clicking noise - the bike lurches upright and I'm terrified! I'm looking up at the big white moon and for a moment time stands still. I can feel myself slipping backwards. Then an arm tugs around my waist...

I'm upright but I'm not falling. It's quiet. I can see the sea. Hear the waves lapping at the shore a short distance in front. "What happened?" I think.
I hear the a smooth male voice, "Shhh. You're safe pal. It's your bike!"

Minutes pass with only the sound of the water on the beach and my own thoughts almost mute. The haze of moments ago lifts and I realize what's happening. My bike is all around me now - it isn't even a bike anymore. He is -- a robot!

We're sitting on the beach. I am inside him, looking out through my visor, helmet intact. My arms, chest and legs encased in aluminum, steel and plastics.

I try to stand. Effortlessly we glide upwards perhaps a metre or more. He is silent but I can feel him somehow. I'm hard again.

"Enjoy pal. Feel good. You're safe with me." I hear his voice again in my head.
"How?" I think in reply.
"Nevermind that now. There's time for explanations later. Just enjoy me. Enjoy yourself. Have fun!" he falls silent again.

A tingling sensation takes over my body. I feel myself being rubbed gently around my crutch. Rubber slowly expanding toward me, swallowing me, sucking at me. I'm moaning unable to resist, not wanting to stop it.

I'm supported, legs spread. The rubbing continues endlessly. Only the sounds of my own grunts and the rubber sliding around my manhood...

Finally I can't hold back - for a moment there is pure bliss and I can get no harder. Then it comes. Pulsing and throbbing rhythmically for what seems like an eternity.

Clicking and rotating again, I'm hurled forward and my cocoon releases. We accelerate together, knees on tank, leaning forward. But it's not me. I'm not doing anything! The throttle winds on by itself and the bike steers playfully through the corners heading back the way we came.

My bike is alive!

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