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Shed Boy!

A special tale by

Wesley P. Benson


Tristan Allaguccie is the main character of our story, though in no small way his nemesis, Brad Wickdears, has so much more to do with the real story of his life. Brad might have been attractive had his personality not gotten in the way. He grew up tall and thin with light skin, blond hair and blue eyes. His face was long and he had a larger than normal chin. More noticeable than any of his physical countenance however was his limp wrested and swishy movements. Instead of a wallet he carried a mirror and comb; but nothing for his breath. His impact on Tristan, by one simple act, and at such an early stage in his life, was so traumatic as to scar the poor boy for the rest of his life. We can all take heed here as we see how one inept, mistaken act – a simple prank elicited by one to another meant only as a lark – can have such a lifetime effect. Tristan was one of four children born to parents who had immigrated to Canada from Italy. In fact most of an entire generation of the Allaguccie’s immigrated all at once from Italy, some going to America and some going to Canada. Once settled into their respective new countries, as might be the custom with most Italian families, they kept in close contact with each other through regular visits, letters and phone calls; a close knit and interwoven extended family.

As a child, Tristan was not exactly blessed with an attractive appearance. He was thin and lanky with a some what pale countenance. His dark hair and eyes were sullen and while his complexion was clean and clear his face was some what impeded by a ‘hook’ nose that was oddly reminiscent of the bust of some Roman Creaser. He stumbled a bit when he walked and had a noticeable stutter in his speech, an impediment that was confounded by a slight lisp. To say the least, poor Tristan was not only some what unpopular as a child, he was also the butt of many jokes; both by friends and family. By the time he was entering puberty he had become a definite loner and was often referred to as a ‘geek’. Obviously most of his time was spent alone, but this situation had made him quite astute which was of course a positive attribute but at the same time it obviously lent itself to his social ineptitude. His parents had once suggested getting him braces but the thought of having yet another affliction heaped upon his already long list of adolescent maladies led him to threaten suicide; thankfully his parents relented.

His three sisters on the other hand had none of his misfortunes. They were attractive and ‘normal’ – especially going into their high school ages. As children for safety sake they refused to walk to or from school with their brother. There always seemed to be a group of boys chasing after him, sometimes pelting him with small stones, books or even hard candy. By the third grade he was having his hair cut close to make it easier to get out the chewing gum, none of which he chewed. He had his shoes stolen so often that his parents refused to buy him the modern sneakers all the other kids would wear. Often as they drove down the street it became a common sight for his father to screech the car to a halt, only to get out, angrily peer up at a pair of shoes wrapped around the electrical wires and yell out with frustration, “Aren’t they your shoes!” After the fourth grade his shoes came from the thrift store and were purposely unattractive. In a lose, lose situation that idea was financially easier on his parents but again was the source of a great deal of chastisement from his peers. And by the fifth grade he learned well what ‘flag poling’ was.

One summer when Tristan was fourteen, the Romano’s came to visit for two weeks. Tristan really never liked his cousin Brad, firstly because he always thought so much of himself and of course because he was always getting him into all sorts of trouble. What’s more as they entered their teenage years and went through puberty, aside from spending hours in front of mirrors posing Brad seemed to want to ‘touch’ him and being older by two years, tried to get him to ‘do things’ he didn’t want to do! One time while the two were ‘wrestling’ on the ground in the back yard -- an activity definitely not initiated by Tristan – Brad forced kisses on him; on the lips three or four times. They were pulled apart by their respective parents and of course Brad reversed the true situation and swore that it had been Tristan who had forced himself on him. Not only was Tristan punished, he was disgraced in the eyes of all of the other relatives who had congregated there for a family reunion. Talk of that episode lasted long into poor Tristan’s manhood.

The next year Brad and his family came for a long weekend. Again there was all the touching, groping and the goosing that always went on when Brad and he were forced together. Then, the night before they were to go back home the incident that would leave its indelible mark on poor Tristan for the rest of his life unfolded. Tristan and his family lived in a very nice home with a large back yard; at the end of the back yard was a very big shed where the family kept a prize boat, it was a large structure that opened onto the alley behind the house. The alley was a hang out for kids of all ages. Away from traffic they would shoot hoops, skateboard and just plain old congregate to smoke cigarettes, weed and late at night even pass around the occasional stolen beer. On this particular night the house was full of relatives. Sure that his dastardly cousin Brad would try something that would embarrass him again, Tristan decided to hide out in this shed. It was early in the afternoon and there were tons of people in his house and for whatever reason there was also a larger than normal parade of teenage traffic out in the back alley as well. What Tristan was unaware of was that his sister Maria, who was also going through puberty, was hanging out in the alley on the outside of the shed. She had hatched a plan using the lure of free beer, which she had taken from the party inside their home, to attract one of the more special boys all the girls were interested in. A smart girl who knew and understood boys, she didn’t want to hide in the shed for fear of his ‘possible intentions’, so while she was on the outside plotting an attack on her boy, her brother found it a perfect place to escape from Brad.

Through the cracks in the shed door Tristan watched his older sister Maria as she was enticing this very handsome teen hotty named Jared. Maria was a very well developed, very pretty girl, had placed herself tight against the shed door so as not to be viewable from the house. This was great for Tristan because he was able to enjoy by hearing what he could not actually see going on through the cracks. Jared had consumed just enough beer to make him daring and was tonguing Maria and feeling her well developed breasts. Maria moaned with delight in her best interpretation of the hot women she had seen on TV late at night. Jared had just suggested to Maria that she run her hand over his crotch to feel how hard he was and was suggesting the two of them go into the shed. Knowing better, Maria was willing to feel his happiness, but unwilling to allow herself to be alone with Jared just then. The thought of such sublime interaction between two people made Tristan hard; hard enough to want to whip it out and start jerking off. So there he stood, pressed against the shed doors, his face all sweaty and red with a growing smile as his body panted. He had just swallowed hard and dry as he spread his legs, took out his growing member and was beginning to caress himself. Suddenly Tristan felt the weight of a body press on him from behind. His brain jolted into reality and his eyes bugged out of his head. He spun around and found that Brad had not only discovered his hiding place but had now pinned him up against the shed door and would not let him move. He gasped and groaned in protest as he began to attempt to push Brad off of him.

“Stop….Stop it!! Wait a moment!” Brad panted. Now remember, Brad was totally unaware that Maria and Jared were on the outside of that door, pressed as tightly as he and Tristan were on the inside and going through an encounter all their own. Tristan had been purposely silent up to now, so neither she nor Jared had been aware of a presence other than their own. Now however Maria heard through her own heavy petting, voices she recognized to be Brad and her brother. Since she already reguarded her brother as a pervert her mind heard what she thought was her cousin Brad protesting the unwanted advances of her sick, sex crazed brother.

Suddenly on the inside of this shed, Brad became aware of the fact that he had not only caught Tristan off guard, but that the object of his lust had his dick out and was in the midst of spanking his monkey. For Brad what could have been more perfect! Looking down at Tristan's crotch his jaw dropped and he immediately began to beam.

“Umm,” Brad gloated, “That’s very nice! Is it for me?” and with that he threw a hand out and took hold of poor Tristan.

“OH! Brad please!” Tristan said out loud, forgetting all about the action on the other side of the door. Then as he remembered Maria and Jared he whispered to Brad “Please let me go!”

“NO!” Brad retorted loudly with glee “No I’m not going to do that!”

“Brad…I want to go!” he retorted in a soft, pleading whimper. He tried hard to squirm out of Brad’s grasp or even just to get Brad to quiet down, but the now sexually enraged Brad was having no part of letting go! The shed doors began to push outward against Maria and Jared and soon the whole shed was thrashing, Tristan was sure that now his sister could hear every word Brad said.

“I already know what you want to do Tristan,” he explained “and I’m not going to let you do it!” as he spoke he used his hands and his body to feel Tristan up making the younger boy squirm against the door.

“What the fuck is that?!” Jared said as he stopped his Roman arms and Russian fingers, stunned by what was happening – or what he thought was happening -- on the other side of the door.

“I said I want to…go!” Tristan said in a loud voice as he got frustrated with his captives groping and mauling. “OH….YOU!!” Now on the other side of the door, in true comedic fashion Maria and Jared were quite certain what they heard was Tristan saying “I said I want to… blow you!”

“What the heck is your brother doin’ with this guy?” Jared laughed as he stopped making out and tuned in on the havoc inside.

“Nothing…it’s nothing.” Maria whispered as she grabbed his face and plunged deep into a kiss. All the while flashes of her brother trying to do the nasty with Brad as he always did raced through her mind. She began to panic as she feared her stupid brother would ruin her plans with Jared, and now it would be harder for her to get more beer!

“Stop for a minute.” Brad said in a protest of Tristan’s trying to fight him off; he grabbed Tristan's shoulders and through him against the door, pinning the younger and less aggressive teen. Tristan’s head hit the back of the door hard and with a loud thud so he stopped objecting out of a fear that their struggle would be heard, and once again it would all be misconstrued. Now Brad was pressing his body hard against Tristan’s .

“You like to pretend you don’t wanna' get it on, but I know you really do.” Brad pleaded softly in his ear as he brought his face close to Tristan’s. “It’s all right, I know you think I’m hot!” he smiled as he tried now to throw a tongue kiss into Tristan’s mouth and down his throat.

“I want you to leave me alone!” Tristan hushed in an angry, frustrated voice as he flung his face and head from side to side trying to avoid his overbearing, self indulgent cousin.

“All right,” Brad hushed now as he tried to bargain “kiss me…just one time, one time and I’ll let you go.” And Brad pressed their bodies together even harder making another thud like sound on the door. As their bodies were pressed together Brad began to rip and tear at Tristan’s clothing. His fingers were all over the poor boy’s private parts. Wrapping around his hard-on, pulling and stretching it, clenching at his balls, even penetrating his ass crack and forcing a probing finger up into his butt hole! Suddenly Brad grabbed one of Tristan’s hands and pulled it down to his own now throbbing and exposed cock and grunted loudly.

“Ya know what I’m gonna do with this hard-on!” he said almost foaming at the mouth as he forced Tristan to feel him.

“Oh my god!” Maria gasped as she and Jared heard the encounter on the other side of the door only too well now. In her mind her demented brother was trying to rape poor Brad again.

“Maria what the fuck is goin’ on in there?” Jared said in astonishment. The whole shed was shaking and banging and the commotion was drawing up a crowd of onlookers who couldn’t help but be attracted to all the noises on the other side of the doors. The thought of finally having Tristan was too much for Brad to take. As Tristan struggled in protest he kept getting pushed against the door and walls making loud thumbing noises again and again. What had been an encounter was now a braw, the doors and walls of the shed were shaking and banging making all kinds of noise until the two fell away to the floor. Just then Jared – in a desire to both see what was going on in there and to possibly join in on the sex -- pushed Maria aside and forced open the shed doors, giving the alley and all its on lookers the view of a lifetime.


“TRISTAN!!!” Maria shouted “NO!!!” Her scream was so loud and so terrified that everyone in the house momentarily stopped what they had been doing and in the next instant came running for the shed. Her father of course ran out to give aid to his daughter and was followed by all the men in the family. All the guys in the alley stopped dead and rushed over to the open shed doors as a crowd gathered in a semi circle and peered in. When their dad rushed in from the other door he was followed closely be all the family men and there was Brad with Tristan on the floor, his pants and shorts around his ankles as they laid there in shock and terror -- Tristan was still sporting a throbbing hard on.

“OH, NO!” Brad screamed as he realized his plight, “Make him get away!!” Just then Maria then threw herself into Jared’s chest in embarrassment and wept. Tristan’s father and the others stood there falling over one another with their mouths in shock; and the crowd of teens in the alley peeled with laughter as they pointed their fingers at the sight.

From that time on everyone in the neighborhood began to refer to Tristan as ‘Shed Boy’. His fame spread like wild fire ‘Shed Boy’ the Gay Don Juan of Canada; can you possibly imagine the embarrassment. And the nick name stuck immediately, kids from school called him Shed Boy – even the ones he didn’t even know. The teachers and the principal called him Shed Boy, even over the school intercom; “Shed Boy report to the principals’ office.” Soon his mother and father started calling him ‘Shed Boy’! Imagine how devastating it was to be down the block and hear your mother’s voice call out for all to hear, “Shed Boy, dinner!!”. Or for his father to call out into the back yard “Shed Boy, you have a phone call.” When he took an after school job as a bag boy at the local supermarket everyone there from the workers to the shoppers referred to him as Shed Boy. “Shed Boy, clean up in isle four!!”, “Shed Boy to the parking lot to pick up shopping carts.” He lived out his high school days with high hopes that when he finally graduated and left home to go away to college it all might stop. But two days after he arrived as he was standing in line at the

Student Union trying to decide if he wanted the Jell-o or the pudding his body stiffened, his eyes popped and his face froze in total torment as he heard someone from behind him yell out “Come on Shed Boy, move it!”. There was simply no escaping it and he had his cousin Brad to thank for it all.

The End

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