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So you're thinking of advertising on the Internet but you're not quite sure how to go about it? Superdrewby makes it easy. With all the information you need about our wide variety of advertising options, we'll make sure you get your message online in the most cost-effective, targeted and successful way!
Why advertise online?

The Internet provides an amazing opportunity to attract new customers to your organisation, and whether your currently online or not, millions of potential customers are - they're using the net everyday to find information, businesses, products and services... you need to be here to be found!

About Superdrewby

Superdrewby launched in 1999 and has quickly become one of the most popular sites for gay and lesbian young people on the Internet. Our mission statement is to provide a safe and positive role model for young gays and lesbians by providing objective information on lifestyle topics.

Superdrewby has grown significantly since it's launch and it's popularity is steadily increasing and has been profile in gay magazines and newspapers accross the world. Superdrewby does not charge it's members to access the site and derives all revenue from advertising, donations and cross marketing opportunities.

Our Market

Superdrewby is targeted predominantly at gay males between the ages of 16 - 35, although the site also has a high pentetration of straight females and males especially in the fitness section. Superdrewby is one of the highest listed sites for topics such as "Killer Abs", "Gay Sex Guide" and "Eye Candy". Superdrewby reguarly receives over 5000 unique visitors a day with well over 3 million hits a month, reflecting on average 350,000 page views in a month.

Successfully done, the Internet can provide returns:

Brand Building: The Internet plays an important and cost-effective role in building brand awareness among consumers. Unlike other media that expect little involvement from the consumer beyond passive attention, the Internet enables users to interact and build a relationship with the brand. Companies that harness the interactivity of the Internet in their campaigns will win over competitors that don't, both in terms of brand development and sales.

Direct Marketing: Online promotions, coupled with email and action-oriented campaigns make the Internet a powerful direct marketing tool. The ability to understand, reach and reward users enables the Internet to deliver high quality leads without the costs normally associated with traditional direct mail.

Cross Promotion Opportunities: The Internet allows advertisers to integrate their marketing and communication strategy like no other medium. Promotions can often exceed expectations by providing relevant offers, immediate participation, reasonable value, and low participation effort.

Market Research: Visitors to websites automatically provide information about their interests as they visit and navigate through the site. When this information is captured and viewed in aggregation, a consumer profile is created.

Competitions: It's a simple fact that people love to win. Online competitions often draw the most attention, they can be built around online voting, email responses or surveys, and not only do they help build brand recognition, but they can also assist in market research when carefully implimented.

Specifications & Charges

Superdrewby offers advertsing spaces on the right side of each webpage, Section Pages, Messages between members and in the Superdrewby Newsletter, our monthly newsletter distributed directly to our members Inbox.

Right Hand Page

Advertising is located on the right hand side of the screen on each page of the Superdrewby website.
Images need to be 150x60 pixels in size and should not include more than standard rotation or animation (extremely 'flashy' images are not suitable).

You can choose whether you want your ad to appear every time a page renders, or would prefer to rotate your ad and share the expense/space with other advertisers. You can also opt to place your ad on every page or in a specific area.

Section Pages

You can advertise directly on any section page of the site, such as Stories, Eye candy etc. Only one advertisement will be place on each section page so get in early.

Members Messages

Advertising is available on every message that is sent between members from the site. The advertisement is limited to one company / organisation per email.

Superdrewby Newsletter

Advertising is available in the Superdrewby newsletter by way of monthly sponsorship. One organisation/company will appear in the newsletter per month.

  • Reduced rates may be negotiated with long term/bulk advertisers.
  • Superdrewby can create advertising imagery for your organisation in-house if required.

Contact Us

To enquire further on the advertsing opportunites we can offer your organisation, contact us via...

Email : advertising@superdrewby.com


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