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erotic stories

Riding the Rails

By Wesley P. Benson


The sexual experience is a biological as well as psychological event, arising naturally in each individual. This initial event is often predictable by circumstance and age and furthermore is certain in almost every case to become a preeminent signature of the individual’s sexual persona. Subsequent sexual acts happen – again in most cases -- with some calculable regularity. Naturally several factors personal to the individual are inevitably involved in the sexual act as each of us has his or her own point of personal stimulation as well as those so called ‘erogenous zones’ and/or events which are common to all of us. Moreover, and in deed more importantly, the sexual potency of these subsequent sexual acts are in direct relation to that initial sexual situation, personal to each of us as individuals. That is to say, some where in the recesses of the individual’s mind, is stored the perpetuated memory of his or her first sexual transaction. Further more that memory is in one way or another most often the catalyst for all-subsequent sexual activity and sexual stimulation.

The sexual journey, therefore, like all other journeys, must begin with that first great step. I might add, for all of us, that first step is a dynamic phenomena of the inner self. For the rest of our lives, our inner self in both the individual id and ego -- that recess deep within the very being of each individual -- will compare each subsequent sexual encounter to that first, initial sexual experience no matter weather the comparison is realized, or hidden in the subconscious of the individual’s psyche. Certainly I can remember my own first sexual experience clearly and distinctly; how well can you remember yours?

* * *
I was nineteen years old back in a time when being a virgin at nineteen was just about ‘normal’. If of course there is a way to measure what age is ‘normal’ for such a widely undocumented activity. After all there is a lot of -- shall we say – ‘inaccuracy’ out there where this subject is concerned. It’s actually just like masturbation, where so many males will swear so staunchly that they don’t or ‘no longer partake' in auto erogenous satisfaction. When in fact auto stimulation and climax in the male continues on throughout his entire life span; so admittedly or not, all guys jack off. And in all reality it’s a necessary action that allows for individual exploration of the inner self and to respond to and gratify more fully those needs that are particular to that specific individual in his person and his inner needs. Often times, weather sexual opportunity is present or not, masturbation – jacking off – petting the one eyed wonder worm – riding the magic crotch rocket to the stars -- because of its deep personal satisfaction may in all actuality be preferable to the shared experience from time to time. So too each male will hide -- sometimes irrationally -- his own virginity. As if it were in some way ‘wrong’ or worse yet somehow ‘immature’ to be a virgin.

For me, each summer my family would travel to the West Coast by train to vacation with relocated relatives. I remember the time well because I was also at ‘that age’ when all you had to do was sit for an elongated period of time, and there it was, that hard to manipulate, uncomfortable hard-on that would throb and beg for release. For those of you who are marking statistics, the average male is at his sexual prime between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. During that time in a male’s life, masturbation generally occurs three to five times a day. I've read surveys indicating that three times a day would be a minimum with the maximum being an unknown factor. Also as a statistic, it took a total of three days and two nights to cross the country by train back then. That was a lot of sitting and consequently a lot of uncomfortable ‘hard-on’ time for any teenager.

Through the experience of train travel then and now, you had a lot of opportunity to meet a great many people, and observe many different types of personalities. This particular summer I recall I was also at that stage in my development where my own virginity was constantly on my mind. And the fear that I might die a virgin presented itself as a real possibility. So here I am a nineteen-year-old, sexually frustrated virgin, with a constant hard-on, going cross-country by rail! Now, many of you today may never have traveled on a train. So it’s ok if you can’t realize what it was like to try and jack off on a moving train. First you’d have to slip into a men’s room -- and there was one in every coach so naturally you tried them all just for comparison sake; then you’d sit in this tiny cubicle barely large enough for you and the metal commode. You’re whole body would thrash about side to side and up and down all at the same time, while you stroked and teased your one eyed glow worm. And unless you were really lucky there was always a group of men and boys in the outer area – they called it the Men’s Lounge -- waiting in line, to follow you in; generally in pursuit of the same goals. I can also remember thinking as I choked my chicken to the rhythmic clicking of the rails, that at the end of the trip I’d be able to brag that I’d had sex in each and every state we passed through. And we passed through a lot of states! Of course I didn’t have to mention that the sex I was having was with the infamous Mae Palm and her five sisters.

After the first three states, experiencing all the different types of people, I can recall telling myself so repeatedly that I just had to have sex with someone; anyone! At that age as long as they were living and could in one form or another respond to my actions, the ‘who they were’ of it just didn’t matter at all. Of course like all teens a lot of strange thought crossed my mind then, I can also recall wondering as we entered and passed through what was the Old West, if Cowboys knew about blow jobs. No one ever mentioned it in the Western Movies, at least not back then. Do you suppose the Lone Ranger ever did it with Tanto out there on the ‘Lone Prairie’? And if they did, who did who, or did they do each other? I thought about blowjobs a lot back then, and knowing what I know now of psychology and biology, I know only too well that everyone else my age had those same ‘dirty’ thoughts.

I also have to mention that the social taboo’s – which were much stronger in those days then they are now – dictated that the subject of Gays or “Queers” as we were called then never came up as a topic of conversation. Not even among ourselves let alone the all mighty and domineering heterosexual masses that existed in those days; or at least appeared to exist. So you were left to your own inner thoughts on matters of homosexuality; I confess that thoughts of a chance homosexual encounter occupied my own mind with some frequency. Though I didn’t know then, almost all males of my age group anyway often had similar thoughts; it actually comes with virginity and the rush to end that so undesirable state of being. Since we never dared to talk about such topics none of us could have realized that we all wanted to at least ‘be done’ -- at least those of us who were still virgins anyway. And some of us even thought about what it would be like to be the one doing the sucking. The bottom line was that we all had this tool we knew was capable of doing so much more than what we were doing with it, and we all desperately wanted to finally have our own test-drive. Truth be known, I can honestly say, looking back through my life, I don’t believe I’ve ever met any man – straight or gay – who didn’t like to have his dick sucked. Like many others of my day -- and of the present time – I had a horrible fear that if I didn’t soon pass out of the ‘virgin’ stage I might somehow be doomed to remain a virgin for the rest of my life!

We had a brief layover in Chicago after which we would board the famous Super Chief line, marking the beginning of the second leg of our trip. The famous Dearborn Station which was – perhaps more especially back then -- this huge edifice to travel, found me to be a curious yet naive small town boy in awe of everything. I remember too, that my eyes had been opened to a brand new horizon by some scribbling I encountered on a men’s room wall there in that great temple to train travel. Someone had left behind a tale of how they had broken their own virginity. Penned there on the men’s room wall it remained behind acting like a beacon of hope to all those virgins who came upon it.

The story was an account of how this young guy had been invited to a bachelor party for one of his relatives. When a stag movie was brought out and the intoxicated partiers played it, some of the guys, along with the groom, started a jack off contest. The teller of the tale explained how during the contest one of the men noticed that while he was too shy to participate in the fun of their circle jerk, he was instead staring in seeming wonder at all the other guy’s cock as they stroked themselves off into oblivion. So the man got up and walked over to him waving his long hot tool pulse in front of the young man’s face, jokingly at first. The others chuckled and shouted loudly at the two of them quickly making them the center of attention. As everyone hooted and cheered them on, the man came to straddle above him as he sat bewitched in his folding chair. The man brought his cock closer and closer to the young man’s face until with bated breath he felt the hot luscious dick softly touch his trembling lips, begging to enter his pie hole. At first he just stared at it as if he craved having it. Using intoxication as an excuse, the young man eventually gave into his own temptations, surprising himself and the crowd as he opened his mouth and began taking in this mans cock! The others cheered the two on, jacking off around them as he willingly gave the man head. It was his first blowjob; and it was quickly followed up by him going down on several others who had been standing in the circle around him and the first man. They had been jacking their own tools as they stood watching him give head and now one by one needed a release of their own! He became the life of the party with everyone wanting some of the same. Then there was a twist to the story, something unheard of and unimagined by me at the time. He went on to say how one of the men he attempted to suck off, pissed in his mouth! He went on to describe how the man then proceeded to piss all over his face, and how he found he sort of liked it. And now he wanted to have more of the same leaving his name and phone number for anyone interested. It was a repulsive thought, but daring one that made me wonder.

It was night when my family and I finally boarded the Super Chief. I remember the sights and smells as if it were happening right now. And since this was a different train I of course wanted to explore it and all its Men’s Rooms. I walked through each coach looking at the faces and just sort of cruising.

I had sat down in one of the Lounges for a while, at least twenty minutes or so and was actually just about to get up and leave when the door to the toilet opened and a very handsome young man of about my age sort of slid out. At first I thought he came out like that because those little rooms were so very small you almost had to squeeze yourself out. I remember being taken back at how cute the guy was. He stood about five ten, a lean frame with light blond hair, and a clear complexion dotted by just a few very light freckles that danced around his nose highlighting a pair of beautiful blue eyes. He seemed very nervous to me as he stood there in front of the mirror quickly adjusted his clothing and running a comb through his wavy blond hair. I had caught him glancing at my reflection in the mirror as I sat behind him. Then with a smile he silently turned to leave, giving me one last glance as he did. I remained seated there for a few moments longer, barely avoiding the temptation to run after him to see where he went when suddenly I was again surprised by yet another guy, I’d say in his early twenties, who came out of the same cubicle! Avoiding any eye contact with me he seemed very surprised to see me sitting there. He took a quick glance at himself in the mirror then darted out of the room. My jaw dropped as I realized the two of them had been in that tiny little room together. At the same time! Over and over again I asked myself what the hell they could have been doing in there together. And then that story I had read on the men’s room wall vividly flashed through my brain. As the two thoughts connected with one another, I got a roaring hard on! They had to have been having sex right there with me just a few short feet away. The torrid excitement of it all made me feel almost as if I had been in the very same room with them as they were doing it. Why oh why couldn’t it have been me? And then it hit me. If that cute number would do it with that older guy, maybe he would do it with me. Now I had to find him. I needed to connect with that blond!

Fleetingly I traveled through each and every car on that train, twice as a matter of fact. But to no avail, I couldn’t find him anywhere. All that night my mind raced, imagining every sexual situation possible using the cute blond and the friend he was with, along with scenes from the story on the men’s room wall all of which replayed themselves in my mind over and over again. As my mind raced my crotch ached unmercifully until finally in the middle of the night when I felt certain that the rest of the car was asleep, I went into the nearest men’s room and relieved my throbbing cock yet again! Spent and drained at least for the moment, I was only then able to find sleep.

The next day I was making my way to the dinning car for a late breakfast tagging almost reluctantly behind my family. The journey through the train was a long one and we went through car after car with me following sleepily at the rear of our parade. Suddenly, there in the middle of one of the last cars, a young man popped up from his seat to quickly grab something from the overhead rack. I had to stop momentarily as his sleek body shot up directly in front of me. Had I only have been more awake as I ambled through the cars I might have seen him before bumping into his body.

“Sorry…” I smiled, not coming to full consciousness until after our bodies collided. Imagine my brain shock when I finally realized I was staring into the beautiful blue eyes of ‘him’. Just the one I had been searching for all my life; or at least since last night!

“It’s my fault…” he said as we stared into each other’s eyes, “Really.” Just then as he spoke I felt his hand on the side of my body. At first I thought he had unconsciously placed his hand there on my ribs for support on the bouncing train as we collided. But there was a different feel to it, he wasn’t just touching me, I felt the palm and fingers of his warm hand definitely feeling my body. And the smile on his face as he bit his lip and coyly arched his eyebrows told more me than words ever could have.

“I was reaching up for my jacket…” he explained as we gawked at each other; or I guess as I gawked at him. I was smiling blankly as if in some sort of mental stupor. Then I felt my cock start to swell and my face began to redden. “I guess I ‘could’ have waited for you to pass by before I tried to get it.”

“Hey, no problem……” I smiled as my throat went dry. “This jacket?” I said as I reached up and rescued it for him. Then suddenly a voice from the other end of the car called out to me breaking our mental joining.

“Kenneth……keep up with us please.” It was my mother.

“Yeah, thanks.” Came his reply with an understanding smile as he looked over his shoulder then at my mom. “Guess you better hurry up.” There was a silence then between us and a look in my eyes that seemed to shout out loud of how much I really wanted to stay. “Maybe we’ll meet again later.” Just then he slid back down into his seat, as he did the train joucled me forcing my body to lean into him embarrassingly as he sat there. I felt his forearm brush against my hard on and turned bright red. God I was so embarrassed! Hurrying on through the coaches to catch up with my family, managing to look back one last time as I left the coach I saw him peeking out at me from his seat. He was smiling and sort of biting his thumb, a gesture that only made my hard on throb even more. A moment or two later I was able to break through my naiveté and realized he must have staged the whole thing, knowing that I would never have noticed him as I shuffled through the car in my sleepy state of half consciousness. So that meant he wanted to meet me as much as I wanted to meet him! I felt so much like turning around and running back to talk to him, to let him know for sure that I felt the same about him. But of course, that wasn’t what happened. I had to stay with my family and go through breakfast.

As I went through the motions with my family, I replayed the incident in my mind and became more and more assured that the meeting had not been clandestine at all. And thought how I had to plot a way of getting to speak to him on the way back from the dinning car; trying to think of how I could make it happen and just exactly what I’d say to him.

Forsaking my family I left the table before they did and made my way back through the cars. This time I knew the number of the car he was in and didn’t have to guess about where he was. Gathering my wits and all the intestinal fortitude I could bring to bear, I entered his car and walked slowly down the isle. He wasn’t there! Once again I was left to curse the fates that be. I went into that same men’s room but it was empty. Dejected and limp, I left the coach and went on. I was about two cars away from my own when an elderly couple interrupted my path. We were in that tricky space between the coaches where the cars join. That section of the train was loud and the floor where the two cars joined would move back and forth like a fun house obstacle course. I could see by their wrinkled white faces that they were filled with anxiety as they stood there looking down at their feet and the moving floor. There was a begging in their eyes for me to step to the side and help them pass, so of course, silently I did. Maybe it was because of that gentlemanly act that the Gods above finally smiled on me. As the old couple left and I passed over to the other car, I saw him again! He was standing there in the open window of the door. At the end of each coach, there was a door on either end where you would get on and off of the train. When the train was in motion passengers could open the top half of that door and smoke or just look out. He had been standing there with his hair blowing in the wind as he watched the whole thing with me and the old couple without my even realizing it.

“Hi.” I managed to croak. He returned the greeting and smiled. The two of us were silent and in that moment I watched his eyes give my crotch a glance. Again I felt myself harden down there as thoughts of every nature filled my brain. That silent, pregnant moment seemed to linger for what felt like hours while we just sort of smiled and acted nonchalant towards one another; admitting silently to ourselves what was really on our minds. I watched him glance down at me several times as my uncontrollable dick grew and grew. I remembered just then of seeing how when dogs came into contact with each other, one dog would sniff at the other dog’s nuts as if in some canine ritual. The two dogs would check each other out, deciding weather or not they could be friends by the scent of their balls. It kind of felt like that to me just then as I watched him breathing me all in; and I was really hoping that -- as long as he was checking out my package like that -- he might decide we could be friends! You know -- kind of by the scent of my balls.

I searched and searched for something to say, but wanted to be sure I didn’t say something stupid. I wanted so hard to ask him what he was doing in there with that other guy that I got terrified I might accidentally blurt it out and fuck up everything. I could tell he wanted to say something too, then without warning the coach door opened and a little girl came out.

“Mommy said for you to get back to the seat now Michael.” She announced after looking at the two of us. A look of true frustration came over him and his face avoided me for a moment.

“Alright Amy,” he retorted giving her a grimacing glance.

“Well, she said to come now!” Amy snorted back at him with the grin of agitation only a younger sibling could possess.

“I said alright!” Michael snapped back.

“I’ll tell mamma you’re being mean to me again!” She snickered back tauntingly.

“Gee, where’s Sheila?” he taunted back pressing his lips at her.

“Don’t you dare touch my dolly!” She announced in horror. “Don’t you dare!” and with that turned and scampered away. Michael smiled and looked into my face again.

“You know I have to go.” He said with a sigh “Are you going on to California?”

“Yeah…..” I smiled.

“We are too!” he smiled back at me hopefully. “I like being up in the observation car, your name’s Kenneth, right?” he said as he started for the door.

“Ken.” I replied hoping to make it more personal”

“I heard your mom call you Kenneth when we met in the coach, remember?” he said as if explaining, then asked “You don’t like ‘Kenny’?”

“Ken is…” I said as my words stuck.

“Better.” He came back, finishing my statement for me as if he already knew my mind. “So…..maybe we’ll see you later…..Ken.” he replied saying my name again as if he really liked saying it.

“Sure…Mike.” I smiled back, and with that he was gone and I was left to stand there alone with my hard-on. I stood there at the open window of the train for a moment and just bathed in the moment. It had been a short meeting but at least he let me know he liked me – at least it seemed he liked the scent of my nuts I mean. I went right to the nearest men’s room after that and jacked off, after which I spruced up a bit, changed my clothes and dawning some Hi Karate perfume (a hallmark of those day) giving as much of an edge as I knew how, and then I went off to the observation car.

The Super Chief had two observation cars linked together; observation cars on a train were very exciting bi-level cars where you could go to just have a good time. The lower level had a seat-able cocktail bar and a large area with social seating rather than rows of coach seats. There were even one or sometimes two small segregated rooms with round tables were people would go to play cards. The upper level was a glass domed car where you could sit in very comfortable cushioned seats half were individual seats that rocked and swiveled and half were similar to stationary love seats. At the very front and rear of the car on that upper level was a small platform with pillows scattered about where you could also sit. Passengers could order from the bar and be served up in the observation car in comfort and style so it was a popular as well as a comfortable and exciting place to be place to be. Here you could look out at the picturesque scenery the West was famous for high above the rest of the train. In the day your view was Painted Desert scenes against a dark blue sky. At night as you leaned back to look up through the glass dome you were swept away into the imagination under a blanket of stares.

I had chosen a loveseat at the rear of the coach facing that platform with the pillows, and sat there feeling my cock swell and throb down in the crotch of my new dungarees; with a stylish four inch wide cuff, a western belt with a big shinny buckle and a plaid shirt, tucked in of course. Looking back on it now I had to have looked like a life size Howdy Duty; only without the scarf. Watching the desert scenery flash by as the train glided rhythmically over its track, hearing that constant clickety-click sung by the rails quickly drew me into a short unexpected afternoon siesta. My waking was soft and slow; as I drifted lazily out of my slumber I became conscious of a child playing on the platform in front of me and there was a constant chatter coming from two woman a seat or two behind me. Waking was fuzzy at first, but in a moment my eyes focused and the realization that I had dozed off set in. Rubbing my hands over my eyes and face I realized with a start that Michael was sitting there in the seats across from me. Amy, that little sister of his, was the child playing on the platform. Michael was casually bouncing a ball off of the edge of the platform; but not really. His gaze had been all over me as I reclined there almost half off the loveseat, my legs spread wide exposing the dancing bulge that was so constrained inside my stiff jeans. And I could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t mind the fact that I caught him at it; in fact it seemed as if he wanted me to know he was watching. Watching I might add with a kind of hunger in his eyes making me realize his gaze was centered on my crotch. I had gotten a full hard-on in my sleep and was still rock hard now. Knowing he was inhaling the sight of my woody made me more than a bit embarrassed causing me to close my legs and quickly sit up.

“Hi.” I announced with an embarrassed smile, watching as his gaze was forced to lift from my crotch to my eyes.

“You’ve been asleep for a long time.” He said softly with a coy smile spiking his eye brows and sticking his tongue into his cheek. I just sort of smiled and swallowed hard, still trying to hide the swollen cock which was throbbing now and defiantly refusing to go down. “That’s my mom and my Aunt Lisa.” He announced nodding his head in the direction of the two ladies who were so engaged in conversation and their viewing of the passing desert scenes they had become oblivious to either of us. There was a short silence, and then he looked over to his mom and aunt real quick and then over at Amy, and finally back at me. With a smile that was ever so seductive and a gleam in his eye, he cocked his head to the side and asked me, “Well…..Can I come over?”

“Sure.” I responded quickly making room for him to sit beside me.

“They’ll leave soon,” he whispered sitting down next to me on his one leg so that we were face to face. “I can’t wait for them to leave!” He retorted. “So, where are you from?” As he spoke I could see his eyes search my face admiringly telling me he liked what he saw.

“Pennsylvania,” I replied, “And you?”

“New York.” And at that he glanced out the window.

“The desert’s really neat.” I said as I turned my own head to look out at the scene’s going by.

“Yeah, it is.” I heard him reply; as he did I suddenly felt the flat of his palm come to rest firmly on my inner thigh. I pretended not to notice anything but then a moment later as we looked out the window I felt his hand move up my inner thigh and come to rest just shy of my crotch. I could feel his fingers knead the soft sensitive upper flesh of my inner thigh. I was too afraid to move, so again I pretended everything was ‘normal’.

“You got a really big hard on in your sleep.” He whispered, his words burning my ears as they melted into my brain. “I watched it for a long time.” I turned now to face him looking into his eyes, unable to continue to pretend this was all casual and ordinary. My breath had stopped as he looked back at me. He gave a quick glance over his shoulder to his mom and aunt for a moment then returning his gaze to mine he asked in a soft voice “Can I feel it?” never moving his gaze.

“What?!” I stammered in amazement.

“Please?” he smiled looking back out the window as he massaged my inner thigh. “No one can see. I promise.” I held my breath and said nothing; I couldn’t possible respond. I just continued looking out of the window. A moment later I felt his hand move down cupping my balls; I felt my cock get harder than it had ever gotten before feeling like I would split apart at the seams. I had to shift in my seat to cope with the uncomfortable cramped feeling. Then suddenly Michael came close to my ear and whispered to me.

“Spread your legs a little and relax.” He whispered softly. For a moment I looked at him as he looked out the window and swallowed hard, and then I turned my gaze back to the window and slowly spread my legs.

“The desert’s really nice isn’t it?” he asked, as he spoke my legs spread slowly open for him like a flower to a bee and then I felt his hand move up and take hold of the raging demon itself.

“Oh…..yes…..”I stammered with a smile, “the desert’s…very nice”. Skillfully the tips of his fingers were gliding along the length of me back and forth sending electric shivers up and down my body. Using just the very tips of his index finger and thumb to roll around the head of my pulsing cock as it throbbed inside my clothes he gave me more pleasure than I had ever known before; I couldn’t help myself, I let out a half sigh half moan and felt my forehead accidentally thump onto the glass of the window in front of us.

“I guess I better stop.” He whispered looking back at me, I don’t know weather my face was a pale white or a glowing red. “We really need to get together later. Ok?”

“Yeah……sure.” I croaked thinking silently to myself ‘Need to get together? Good God more than you know!’

For a moment he was silent, then he looked into my eyes and whispered “You’re really nice.” I didn’t know what to say in response; luckily we were interrupted by the voices of his mom and aunt before I had the chance to say something really dumb.

“Michael, Amy….”One woman called out, “We’re going back to the car and then to dinning car.”

“I’m coming!” laughed Amy and she gathered up her toys and dolls to run off after them.

“I’m going to stay up here for a while.” Michael said with a smile and I watched as one after the other each woman gave me a glancing look, then smiled to one another as if to say ‘He’ll be safe, this looks like a very nice boy.’

“How old are you?” he asked me when we were finally alone.

“Nineteen. And you?” I replied still trying to regain my composer.

“I’ll be nineteen in three weeks.” he smiled. “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?” I was so taken back by his question that my face had to have reflected the amazement my brain was in. He took it the wrong way though and it worked in my favor. “Yeah.” He said almost as if to himself, “I kinda figured you out to be one of those guys who likes to play the field.” I didn’t say yes or no, I just sort of grinned and moved my head, happy that my true virginity didn’t seem to show.

“So.” he said following up his statement with another even more stunning question “What do you like to do?” his question frightened me because now I had to talk about something I really had NO knowledge of and yet make it all come out like I was well versed.

“Well,” I said stumbling right from the get go “I guess I…”

“I’ll be honest,” he whispered interrupting me just in the nick of time “I definitely don’t like getting fucked.” The words pierced into my brain and imagination almost stifling me. Yet what he said next was even more defining. “But I can give a real good blowjob,” he continued, “if that’s ok?”

“Oh.” I came back, trying to be so normal about it “Well blowjob’s are good.”

“I mean I can tell you’re probably real experienced and all,” he said as if pleading his case, “but I can try real hard.” And with that he again placed his hand on my leg and slowly ran it up and down bringing my dick back to life.

“Do you kiss?” I heard myself ask. I have no idea where the question or the voice came from but somehow I had actually said it! He waited before answering me, a sort of rich glow coming over him as he let his head fall back into his seat. His eyes seemed to twinkle dreamily and again he bit down on his lower lip.
“Yes,” he announced finally, I like to kiss a lot!” For a long time I looked deep into the pools of light that were his eyes desire filling all my thoughts. I think it was at that moment that I fell in love with him.
It felt as if my face was being magnetically pulled into his, as if my very lips themselves were begging to touch his. We were like that for a long time, then finally I saw his lips part ever so slightly, my eyes followed the tip of his slender tongue hypnotically as it darted out slowly outlining his mouth, moistening his waiting lips. I knew then that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, that his lips craved mine with the same ravenous desire.

“I want you.” He said in a soft hunger-filled sigh. “I want you now.”

“Yes!” I replied, nodding my head as if zombified. He smiled up at me silently and for a moment -- just a brief moment – and in such a way that no one else in the observation car was able to see, he reached over and tenderly took my hand in his. I clasped it hard and in that return of silent soul filled emotions any doubt either of us had about how the other felt faded away completely. I heard him make a soft sort of giggle then and the sound woke me to the reality around us, coming quickly out of the membrane of that lust filled fantasy we had been lulled into. Both of us looked around submitting only briefly to the paranoia that had filled the moment yet only half-caring weather or not anyone had seen us in our emotional acknowledgement. The world and all the thoughts that hover around it simply didn’t matter any more. We were all that mattered. Climbing out of our seat he stood in the aisle, the glint in his eyes silently speaking to me, silently proclaiming “I want you…NOW!” And like some mythical siren I was totally taken by his unspoken words and their intent. Abandoning the dark shadow of my virginity I bravely got up and followed close behind him, knowing only too well that he knew the way!

Eagerly we slipped into the first unoccupied men’s room we could find. My heart was pounding in my chest and at one point I almost turned to run away as I battled with the ghosts of my virginity. For a moment we stood there in the Men’s Lounge, then he grabbed the door to the commode, and looking back at me hopefully, slipped inside motioning with his head to follow him. Suddenly my feet seemed to be frozen to the spot! I was unable to move and had started loosing my hard on to my inner fears. He motioned to me once again with his hand, I swallowed hard and dry and simply demanded my feet to move. A moment later we were face to face in that tiny little room.

The walls the ceiling and the floor were all metal, and there was a dim light just a little more than a night light, making me feel as if I had gotten stuck inside a refrigerator. For some reason it seemed to jump around in there more than anywhere else on the train making so hard to navigate. I stood in breathless anticipation as we faced each other; finally alone we looked at one another silently, motionless and starting to perspire, we just smiled. Suddenly I felt myself melt away into that magnetic feeling that had come over me earlier as I gazed into his eyes, and again I as if my lips themselves were reaching out to meet his in a soft tender kiss. He reached out enfolding me into his arms gently pulling me closer, giving in to my senses I gathered him up into my own arms and our bodies entangled as we met finally making that soft tender kiss we had both desired. It felt wonderful!

It was very hard to keep any sort of balance, so realizing the futility of trying to stand straight; I allowed myself to fall back against the wall behind me and leaned there as we continued to kiss. Truly in that moment I was in love with him. Suddenly I felt something wet and slippery force its way into my mouth and for a second my eyes shot open. Then I realized it was his tongue. The thought of having a tongue kiss for the very first time totally captivated me. A moment later and I was tonguing him, feeling a rush of machismo cruse through my body. I was really hard now and could feel my hips undulate forcing my rock hard cock to grind into him through the clothing. My legs felt like rubber and began to shake as I felt his hand reach down and grab at my crotch. I needed no prompting to spread my legs now, in fact I felt my own hand reach down and grasp his pushing it harder into my crotch as our tongues lapped at each other.

“Ok! Ok!” I heard him whimper as he tried franticly to unloosen my belt and get into my jeans. Suddenly I felt his fingers touch the skin of my ball sack and all at once I felt as if I might explode! Not since I was seven or eight had any other person touched me down there. And he was a real master at it. I could even feel his fingers reach past my balls and tickle my bootie hole. Then I felt his other hand wrap itself around the great monster, and at the sensation of his touch I could hear myself make a sort of whimpering groan.

“I am so hard!!” I whimpered to him. I would have settled at that moment for just the sensation of his soft tender hand as it slid up and down the shaft of my aching dick. But then, unexpectedly I watched as Michael pulled down his own pants and sat on the commode, still maintaining his grasp of me. Looking up at me he smiled as he continued tenderly stroking my hot throbbing cock with one hand while he played with my now churning balls in the other. Then turning his gaze to the hot, pungent cock that was pulsing wildly in front of his face I watched in slow motion as he began to bring his mouth up close to it, the glow on his face told me he was savoring the very thought of what was now to come. Anticipating it with all his senses, he was filling his mind with all the marvelous thoughts of what he was about to do. Like a craftsman about to ply his trade or a conductor about to orchestrate his masterpiece.

Just as the velvety head was about to brush against his full waiting lips he flicked out his tongue and began to slowly lick at it like it was a candy cane. The sight of it all made my legs so shaky I almost collapsed to the floor in a heap. Still I watched with titillating delight as his tongue teased at me. I must have been a sight with my jaw almost unhinged, bug-eyed, my body drenched now in sweat as I franticly held myself up by pressing my arms against the walls on either side of me. Finally, after licking the head of my dick for a few more tantalizing moments, he opened his lips and knowingly took just the silky purplish head into his mouth. His mouth was steamy hot, and I could feel his west, slippery tongue as it swathed and teased me, swirling around and around really slow; knowing exactly how to do it. I thought I would die! Looking down at him I saw the expression of pure delight that came over his face, he was loving it; and so was I. Slipping the ever so sensitive fuchsia colored head out of his mouth he again began to lovingly lick and lap at it.

“You have a beautiful cock.” He sighed looking up at me for a moment, knowing full well that he was driving me wild with what he was doing. Then as if that weren’t enough I looked down to see him take it back into his mouth and start a slow, steady swallow. The sensation was like nothing I had imagined, there is simply no way to accurately describe the sensation of having your dick in someone else’s mouth. Now he began bobbing his head up and down the length of the shaft. Taking in more and more of my inflated young member on each down stroke until finally I watched as his nose darted in and out of my pubic bush; I swear I could feel the back of his throat with the head of my dick and felt certain my cock had never grown this large or had ever been this thick! The head of my dick felt as if it would burst like some over done hot dog on a hot grill. My balls too began to ache, and in the worst way; they began to feel as if Michael was somehow slowly sucking them up into my body through my cock!

Just as I thought I had reached the highest plateau of this promiscuous pleasure, Michael seemed to go into overdrive. Now stroking his own tool as he devoured mine, giving us both pleasure, he had begun to bob his head faster and faster over the massive length of my thick hot maleness. I saw him as he twisted his head from side to side sucking down harder and harder. Amazingly it felt as if my cock had grown even larger in his mouth, though I was certain that was totally impossible. I could hear him panting now and making funny slurping sounds as he went into a fever pitch.

Then it happened; first I became conscious of the fact that my hips had started undulating all on their own as if on some kind of autopilot. My hips were in perfect timing with the frantic bobbing of his head. I realized then that I was actually fucking his face. Suddenly from deep down in my groin I felt a searing hot almost pain like sensation begin to brew up within me. My balls no longer hung below my dick but were actually inside my body now. My right leg began spasm and quake really fast, refusing to carry my weight. Then without warning, the searing hot fluid that had been boiling up deep in the bowels of my body began to slowly rise. It actually felt as if the fluid had somehow become too thick to shoot out from my balls and up the shaft of my cock. I shut my eyes tight and grit my teeth as I threw my head back and shot my pelvis forward. With a muffled grunt that hurt my throat as it came out, I began to shoot my hot load of white jizim. Wave after uncontrollable wave of lightening like spasms gushed up and out of me through my cock. I could hear poor Michael gage and sputter beneath me as he franticly attempted to take it all in.

I couldn’t help myself then, my legs, now rubberized, gave way finally, and my body slowly slid down onto the floor. Like a trouper, and much to my amazement, Michael never took his mouth off my member. For a brief moment I sort of zoned out, and as I came back to reality, he was kissing me and running his hands over my face and through my hair.

“Relax.” He whispered with a smile, his face close to mine.

“Michael…..” I muttered, still shaken as the two of us lay about the floor of that tiny place. “I’m so…sorry.”

“What do you mean?” he asked quietly as he planted kisses on my face.

“I lied.” I announced, confessing my sin.

“I let you think I was… know….experienced and all.” I said in a stammer. “I’m not…’experienced’ at all. This was my….first time!”

“Well,” he began, “I hate to tell you, but I knew that all along.” And at that we stared silently into each other’s eyes. A moment later he smiled and then went on to explain himself. “You see, I wanted you, so I helped you feel….a little more comfortable.” I was so impressed and taken back by him and the realization that he had seduced me with out my even catching on. Then we sealed the moment with a long impassioned kiss with lots of tongue and hot emotion.

“You are totally cool!” I hushed.

“We have two nights left on this train,” he whispered “wanna’ learn to do what I just did?” he asked through an impish smile. Without hesitation, raising my eyebrows in anticipation and rapidly nodding my head ‘yes’, I chuckled back to him, “Yeah…..I do!”

“I can’t wait to tell Wesley about this.” He smiled.

“Wesley?” I asked, wondering if that was the guy I saw come out of the Men’s Room that night.

“Yeah, he’s a writer friend of mine.” He explained. “You can write him at and tell him what you thought about this story. He loves to hear from fans.” As he explained it I thought to myself how kewl that was.

I was nineteen years old at the time, and back then being a virgin at nineteen was just about ‘normal’. If of course there’s a way to actually measure what age is ‘normal’ for such a widely undocumented activity.

The End

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