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erotic stories

Locker room. Part 1

March 28 2006

By Jack Crelin

Also see Part Two!

I’d just finished a hard workout at the gym, it was late and practically deserted, just me and a three or four very hot guys, very hot guys, I’d had my a hard time thinking of things other than them, trying to keep my package a manageable size. With all the hard work I’d decided to finish my workout early and try and minimise the damage I could do to my cock with an erectile/ rowing machine injury. So I grabbed my towel and headed to the changing rooms, wiping the sweat from my forehead as I pulled my workout tee off I had just started wiping off my chest when I got to the door, and luckily so, because as I got to the door I looked up, through the half-door window.

To my surprise I saw the two hottest guys in the gym, one a tall tan-skinned latino with dark hair and deep brown eyes, the other a slightly shorter, tanned blonde guy no more than twenty-five and with brilliant sky-blue eyes, both naked save for a towel, and very close. I stopped to watch for a second, and as soon as I did they kissed, their towels dropping to the floor, revealing their already semi-erect cocks. My hand dropped to my rapidly expanding package.

I fumbled with my shorts for a few seconds before I managed to pull my now fully hard cock from both them and my jock. It was already soaked with sweat and precum, and I was certain seeing these two hunks even kissing, naked as they were, would be enough to bring release to my aching balls. To my amazement the blond began to suck on the others nipples as the latino moaned and stroked his hardening cock, he was the larger of the two, but not by much, but they were both very big.

I decided to leave my cock alone and play with my balls to see if they went any further, and to my delight a few moments later they did. The blond dropped to his knees and swallowed the latino’s cock in one gulp, I whimpered as my cock screamed to be whacked off. Now I knew I should wait, and a few more minutes of playing with the hairs on my balls proved to be prudent. The latino said something to his blond friend, and blondy stood.

The latino knelt down on one of the benches in the changing room and bent forwards onto another as blondy moved behind him, his big, blond pubed cock dancing in anticipation of its penetration into the tight, tanned asshole. Blondy drove his cock in one hard, deep thrust. Latino cried out in pain and pleasure, his strong arms barely able to hold him upright, nearly slipping off the bench. I lent forwards, bending my ass outwards so I could image blondy fucking me instead, my left hand supporting me on the door, my right moving rapidly backwards and forwards on my cock.

I didn’t notice them hearing the sound that my hand made slapping the door, both must have noticed and stopped fucking, because the next thing I knew I was being thrown off balance by the opening door and before I realised what had happened my wrists had been tied, tightly, with three towels to one of the clothes pegs on the wall of the gym.

Blondy and latino looked at me like I was a piece of meat, and then they both dived at my nipples, biting on them roughly as their hands stripped my shorts and jock from me. Their mouths and hands explored my body, ignoring my throbbing cock, as it splattered them with sweat and precum. ‘You’ve been a very bad boy,’ Blondy said as he grabbed our three sweaty jocks, he stretched them, tied them together and then gagged me with them to silence my near orgasmic whimpers.

The taste of their musky sweat nearly pushed me over, but latino stopped my orgasm by tightly wrapping his sweaty workout tee around the base of my cock, causing it to bulge a little at the head, and soften a little near the middle. I wanted to whimper, but every breath I drew in brought more of the fucking hot smell, and made the feeling in my cock worse.

Then they backed away and smiled at me. Latino bent over again facing side on to me while blondy got behind him and began to fuck him hardly again, ‘You like this pervert?’ Blondy asked in a teasing tone. I nodded as best I could, my eyes watering at the desire to whack my cock off. A few minutes later blondy pulled out and turned around. He bent down as latino stood up, his massive cock driving even harder and deeper into blondy.

Latino continued to fuck blondy for a few more minutes as my breathing became more and more laboured and whimper-like. Then suddenly he pulled out of blondy and said, ‘What you say we fuck him now, nice and deep and hard?’ I nodded my head vigorously, hoping their fucking would bring me to climax and release me from this torment. Blondy nodded in agreement and they both moved closer to me. They violently turned me round, and latino dropped to all fours, his hands grabbed for my balls as he began to suck on them, blondy pushed four of his fingers into my ass to widen it before dropping down next to latino and beginning to lap my ass like a cat laps milk. My body writhed under their mouths but they simply laughed and after two minutes changed places, my cock screamed for release, but because of my bound hands I could give it none.

Then they stood, blondy smiled at me as he moved closer to my ass. He drove his cock in, deep and hard, but in such a way as to miss my prostate gland. He drove in and out in and out rapidly for maybe thirty seconds, then he grabbed my wet hair and pulled my head back, as he did so he drew his cock out for one almighty thrust and then like a piledriver forced his cock deep into my ass until his balls slapped violently on my ass cheeks. He screamed in my ear ‘I’m… I’m… cum…fucKING…CUMMING!’ and as he did so I felt blasts of hot, sticky cum rammed deep into my ass, his moans continued for maybe a minute, until I could feel his cock slipping around on his own cum.

His cock had barely been pulled, stickily from my ass when latino thrust his even larger cock into me in the same expert manner. His thrusts came faster and deeper than blondy and my ass felt so sore it might explode this carried on for nearly two minutes before he grabbed my forehead and pulled my head back and screamed, ‘ohhhh… your ass is gonna BE… SO…. CUM… FILLED! OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHH!’ with that his cum blasted up my ass, his deep thrusts brought his cock violently out of my ass, spraying it with warm cum before driving back in. He continued to cum for over a minute, my ass becoming sticky on the outside with all the cum, and oozing from the two massive loads that it had received into it in the last three minutes.

Latino pulled out and now I thought they would finish me off and release me, or at least release me. Neither happened, instead blondy turned me around and then they both went to the open plan showers and began to wash the sweat and cum from each other’s bodies in an erotic, cock tingling way. When they’d finished they dressed in silence and swapped numbers, placing a copy in my gym bag which they had somehow found. Then they both smiled at me, leaving me tied to a peg in a basically deserted gym, with a cock that just begged for a single touch to release the cum that had been building in it. I had no idea of how I’d get free, or of how I’d explain my naked, sweaty body, my painfully erect and yet tightly bound cock and my cum filled and covered ass…

Also see Part Two!

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