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erotic stories


By Melina Catts

July 8 2006

I feel myself being pulled to consciousness by his feather light caress and his warm breath on my stiffening cock.

I'm lying on my back; my eyes still closed as I drift between dreamland and the real world. I can feel his body hovering over me, bringing me to life, slowly - gently.

He loves to do this; to see how hot he can get me before I actually wake. I love that he loves to wake me this way.

His tongue gently licks at my sack. A low moan escapes from my mouth as he flattens his tongue and runs it up my shaft. I feel his dick slide up my leg as he bathes my cock; his precum leaving a trail along my shin.

My eyes have yet to open but I allow my hands to wander up his back, feeling his taut muscles under his smooth skin. His tongue leaves my dick and travels up my stomach. Slowly, seductively, he licks my abs, moving up leisurely to my chest. He takes my left nipple between his lips, first suckling then nipping at it lightly with his teeth. I feel a shudder start at the base of my neck and travel down my spine.

He continues up my body kissing and nibbling on my neck, then my ear. His breath is hot on my skin. His lips finally meet mine; tentatively at first, not sure how awake I am, then hungrily as our passions combine and rise.

Our morning stubble chafes each otherís skin as we let our fire consume us.

My hands find his hair, my fingers getting tangled in his curls as I pull him closer, wanting, needing his body to join with mine.

"Fuck me," I whisper.

I feel his lips curl into a smile. "Yeah?"

I nod my head.

"Beg me," he taunts.

"Please. I want you inside me."

He moans, "Ah, fuck, I'm too easy," he sighs, unable to resist me. He reaches down, sliding my legs up over his shoulders.

I sigh as I feel the cool wet gel of the lube as he squirts it on my hole, then I moan as I feel the pinch and burn as he enters me.

Call me a sadist, but I love that feeling; that initial pain just before it gives way to the unbelievable pleasure.

My eyes finally flutter open to watch his face as he enters me. His eyelids are low, his lips parted; I love the ecstasy I see on his face. I love that it is me that put it there.

"Oh god, you feel so good. So tight; so warm," he tells me.

When he is all the way in, he stops and waits for me to adjust to him; taking the time to calm himself. I feel myself begin to relax and open up; I nudge him to let him know Iím ready.

He slides back out slowly, then back in equally slow. We both moan at the sensations. Again and again, he slides out and back in at a slow leisurely pace. Our eyes locked on each other; expressing our love wordlessly.

When our need for release over takes our desire to prolong the act and our pace quickens. He leans back, bracing himself with his hands on my calves, angling to stroke my prostate gland as he continues to ride me. My eyes drift back closed as I feel my body respond. I reach for my cock and pump it in rhythm with his stride.

I know I won't last much longer, I feel the familiar tingle in my sack.

"Are you ready for me?" he asks. "I donít think I can wait."

I give my cock a final pull and shoot my answer all over my chest. He moans as the sight of my climax sends him to his own release.

"Fuck, that was hot," he says later, after we have recovered enough to speak.

I turn my body to him, snuggling in his embrace. "Yeah, it was."

We lay like that for a while, enjoying the afterglow as we drift back to sleep.


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