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short film cinema

Gay & Lesbian Short Film Cinema

Gay & Lesbian Short Films allow directors, writers and actors to explore issues that mainstream films rarely do. The recent mainstream interest in Gay films brought on in part by Ang Lee' s Brokeback Mountain is only the tip of a long tradition of great short films with Gay & Lesbian themes.

Breakfast is a German short film that folows two freinds through a few days. Boris is a typical EMO gay twenty something who is looking for more than just a casual encounter with his best friend. His best friend however is focused on one thing and one thing only SEX!

High school senior Ben secretly lusts after bad boy classmate Johnny. After Ben gives Johnny a ride home one night, the boys end up in Johnny's swimming pool and have an encounter that breaks the rules and blows Ben's mind.

A sixteen year old boy is sent to his Grandmother's for summer beacsue of his "secret". While at his Grandmother's he befriends a young girl who develops a crush on him, while he has a crush on another boy in the small town. The young girl shows both a maturity and youthful ingenuity that helps him come to terms with his crush, and let's her be closer to him!

Summer Blues
A very nice short film made from a longer film. The story of a boy who falls in love with one of his friends. There is an amazingly tender scene in this where he undoes his friends jeans. It is so touching and gentle!

Running Without Sound
Sean is a teenager who is coming to terms with his sexuality and growing attraction for one of his running teammates. To make matters more complex, Sean is deaf and the object of his desire cannot sign.

A very fun film about the stereotypes that some parents have about their gay children. Typical middle America parents hire a Private Investigator to follow their son around because they believe he is gay. The Private Investigator doesn't get what the problem is, but a job is a job and so he follows around their son and his boyfriend.

Miles Apart
Jeffrey and Miles are lovers who go to stay with parent's house for his sister's wedding. Unfortunatley Jeffrey's mothers is not particuarly accepting of their relationship or the fact that her son is gay.

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