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erotic stories

Dance Floor Smut

Melli Cat

December 2005

On the crowded sweaty dance floor, Jason and Kyle ground their bodies together to the slow seductive tempo of the music. It was late and they had consumed just enough alcohol to loosen their inhibitions.

I know you like me
I know you do
That's why whenever I come around she's all over you.

Jason could feel Kyle's rock hard dick against his thigh as he pressed his own rigid cock against Kyle. Kyle's lips covering his, his tongue exploring Jason's mouth. Kyle's hands on the small of Jason's back, pulling him closer, grinding their bodies against each other with more force on every thrust. The alcohol making Jasonís head spin, or maybe it was just Kyle; the feel of Kyleís erection against his body.

I know you want me
Itís easy to see
And in the back of your mind I know you're wishing for me.

Kyle's hand slipped down the inside of Jason's pants, sliding over his ass, squeezing his cheek as he pulled Jason closer still. Jason gasped as he felt Kyle's finger circle his hole; Kyle's lips moving over Jason's neck; tasting the salty skin just below his ear. His tongue making a lazy figure eight over Jasonís sensitive neck.

Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Doncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

The smell of sweat filled Jason's nose, and the sound of the music coursed through his brain. Kyle's body pressed tightly to his. "Fuck, Kyle, I'm going to come in my pants," Jason whimpered. "Do it," Kyle whispered back. "Come all over yourself." Kyle continued grind his body into Jasonís. His finger continued to play at Jasonís hole, his tongued at Jasonís neck. Their bodies swaying along with the music, ďYou want me to talk dirty to you? Tell you what a slut you are out here on the dance floor with my finger up your ass?Ē Kyle asked. Jasonís eye lids drooped closed as a moan slipped from his lips.

Doncha wish your girlfriend was wrong like me?
Doncha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?

Kyle's finger teased around Jason's hole as he pulled Jason's body closer to his, grinding their cocks together. He slid the tip of his finger in, just past the first ring of muscle. "Fuck, Kyle," Jason groaned. "Come for me. Cream your jeans like a teenager," Kyle replied. Jason felt his knees begin to buckle and Kyle's arm pulling him closer, holding him up as his other hand continued to taunt Jason's hole. "Take me to the back room and fuck me," Jason pleaded. Kyle shook his head. "I want you to come right here. I want you to come just from me touching you, dancing with you, whispering into your ear." Kyle pulled his finger out, then slid it back in, wriggling it from side to side.

Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Doncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

Kyle leaned in, kissing Jason's neck, working his way up to the sensitive spot behind his ear. He pushed his finger up inside Jason a little further. Then pushed in far enough to stroke it over Jasonís prostate. Jasonís knees gave out again, Kyle's breath on Jason's neck was more than he could take and as Kyle's finger made a lazy circular motion inside Jason's hole, he cried out. "Oh Fuck."

Kyle held him close as he recovered from his orgasm. The thump-pa thump-pa still pounding in their ears.


"I think I need a drink now," Jason said as a shy smile washed across his face.

"I think we need to go find the back room," Kyle replied.


"I want to see my dick in your mouth."

"Ahhmmm," Jason moaned, feeling his cock twitch at the thought. "Okay, follow me."

As they entered the small dark room near the bathrooms, the smell of sweat and sex engulfed them. Jason led them over to a corner, turning his lover so that his back was against the wall. He smiled at Kyle and reached out to unbutton Kyle's pants. Jason watched Kyle's eye slide close as his hands worked the buttons on his fly. He pushed Kyle's jeans down far enough to free his cock and started to lower himself down to take the weeping dick in his mouth. He was stopped by Kyle's hand; reaching out, holding him up. Their eyes locked. "I love you," Kyle whispered, his hand cupping Jason's face, his thumb sliding across Jason's lower lip. Jason gave a shy smile and dropped to his knees.

Itís 4am and you hate your life

Alone again just you and too much time

If only you would know you had a guide in your life

Kyle hissed in a breath of air as he felt Jason's warm mouth envelope him. Jason's tongue twirling and twisting around the base of Kyle's cock. His nose pressed up against Kyle's pubic hair as one hand fondled his balls. The other hand snaked around Kyle's buttocks to find his sweet spot; playing lazily with the bud of Kyle's hole.

Kyle opened his eyes, and gazed around the room. Sex in public had always been a big turn on for him. He watched as a dark skinned man rammed into his lover a few feet away. Their well-developed muscles glistening with sweat. Kyle's eyes continued around the room, locking on a pair of blue eyes staring back. Straight across from Kyle stood a striking blond; his dick being serviced by someone as he watched Jason and Kyle.

Kyle licked his dry lips and let a soft moan escape his lips as Jason slipped his finger into Kyle's hole, up to the first knuckle, then back out.

Itís raining again
No stars tonight
You tell yourself you need a satellite
Drive away drive away,
Until you shine

Kyle stared at the blond across the way as he was being sucked off. His blue eyes drifting closed in pleasure, then opening back up to watch Kyle and Jason.

Jason opened up his throat and let Kyle's dick slide in deeper. Kyle moaned again as he felt his cock hit the back of Jason's throat. Jason's tongue spread flat and warm across the base of his dick. Kyle could feel his balls tighten in anticipation, knowing Jason's next move, knowing that Jason would hold off as long as he could, teasing Kyle. Then he would have to give into his reflexes. Kyle's eyes fell shut and the sensation of being swallowed took him over. The combination of the smell and sounds of sex along with being watched by the beautiful blond across the room, not to mention Jason's talented tongue and finger playing at his hole, all proved to be too much for Kyle. He came with such force that the first stream almost gagged Jason before he could pull Kyle far enough out of his mouth to catch his spunk and drink it down.

ĎCause you know itís a great big world

and we are still alive

Yeah, itís a great big world, so baby, come on,

Dive on in

After Kyle's orgasm had subsided Jason rose to his feet and tucked Kyle back into his pants, buttoning them back up for his lover. Kyle reached out, pulling Jason into a urgent kiss. "I think I've had enough dancing. Letís take this home. What do you say?" Kyle asked.

"I'm all yours," Jason smiled. "Lead the way."

Song Credits

The first song is Doncha by The Pussycats

And the second is Dive by Debbie Holiday

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