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New Beginnings

By Jason Seife

December 2005

It was an early summer morning however today was not just another day for Aaron, today he was approaching the last year of public school education. Aaron has become a senior at Sunny Palms Sir High. Aaron is your normal 16 year old kid. He enjoy spending vast amount of time on the computer, some of his interest are online gaming, writing/reading and poetry. Although he lacks social skills he still has a small amount of friends. Aaron hasn't been in "love" with someone for over 4 years. The last time was back in his childhood in 5th grade. He was madly in love with a blonde, green eye's sweet girl named Lina. Something along the way happened and he never got her to like him. This event destroyed his confidence and made him "curious". Aaron is now bisexual.

The year started like many other years. He saw some old friends and new teachers, and new opportunities. Aaron is always fascinated with the world of business. He is visionary and an entrepreneur. Weeks past. Aaron is been doing well in all of his classes and managing well his spare time. Often he goes home and read business books and magazine. When his not doing that he looses him self in a fantasy online game his addicted to. Although his addiction has faded within 3 long years.


Aaron always feels lonely, never had a first kiss before or has experience a relationship with anyone. But all of this is about to change, on the 3rd week of school Aaron obtaining a schedule change to a photography class. And little did he knew that for the first time in years he would yet again fall in love with someone, or at least feel something for that person.

Aaron believes that all things that happen in life are with one reason, destiny, and fate. One morning Aaron was walking toward the school library like he does any other morning. But this time his eye guided the way to a mysterious boy looking down a balcony on the 2nd floor of Sunny Palm Senior High. Aaron right away tremble and felt funny when he past by him. And for the first time in many years of being loveless this gave him a chance once again.


Destiny. This word means a lot to Aaron. That next day after first seeing this person he saw him again walking toward class, his new class. As days went by and Aaron lacking his social skills, being very shy and caring about this individual he did not know. One afternoon Aaron was looking thru an online community containing millions of profile he came across this person he felt something for, and that day he found the name of the person he cares so much about, William. The love he had grew stronger the moment he found out that he was bisexual as well.
For the next few days Aaron disguise him self to be able to chat with him online. He chatted with him for days, leaving clues to his true identity. But William did not notice. He wrote poems and stories to try to reach to him, but there is no use up to this moment. Aaron just continued to chat, wishing with all his heart to talk to him in real life but did not found the courage to do so.

One fateful day Aaron was walking to the library on a cold morning in October, it was foggy that morning all of the sudden he heard someone calling his name. Aaron quickly turned around and saw William standing there, smiling. Aaron just paused and remained speechless. "My name is William" he said
Aaron quickly shakes his hands and smiled. William walked to the balcony and Aaron followed, the two boys talked for more than half an hour. Suddenly the ball rang.

"I better be on my way, nice to meet you"

"The pleasure is always mines" said William

Aaron turned around when William grab him and kissed him fast. Aaron face suddenly turned as red as an apple. William giggles and said: "What's the matter, never been kissed before?" Aaron nodded and walked away. For the rest of the day Aaron mood was excellent, although he lacked concentration in classes just thinking he have receive his first kiss by a boy. That same day he talked online with William and exchange phone numbers with him.

Dark Secrets

Some people say that each person carries their deepest secrets inside of them. William loved Aaron and did not want to keep anything hidden from him. Aaron that day found out that William do drugs, marijuana. He was very disappointed and William promised him that he would stop for him. But the next question surprised Aaron more than he bargain for. "William, I'm curious, are you a virgin?"

There was a brief pause in their conversation "No, I'm not". Said William.

"Let me explain, I was 13 and he was 21, we both agree to do it because we were curious and I agreed on it."

"Both of you!" Said Aaron.

"Yes, I love you Aaron and I know you feel the same way about me and I really don't want to hide anything from you. My love for you is more than I have ever felt before". Said William.

From that moment on the two shared a strong bond between each other that no one could break.

Sharing Memories

The two were inseparable they tried to be together all the time. William however had very neglected parents that in order to go out of the house he had to sneak out or said he was going out with a bunch of friends. As for Aaron parents they did not know he was bi. And would be unacceptable for them. However this did not weaken the relationship between them. They went to the movies, the mall, went out to play tennis, shared same drinks, ice cream, and laughs and jokes between each other. Their loves have become stronger.

The Turning Point

It was an early evening on a Friday night. That night Aaron agreed to go with William to the local movie theater. Aaron got on his car and headed to William house, however Jer Aaron father has suspected something wrong with his son so he followed not too far behind him. When he got to William house it was dark and William was waiting in the front gate. William ran toward the car in joy and kissed Aaron in way so deeply passionate as if they haven't seen each other in years. On the fact it was dark Jer did not see very well who Aaron was with but continued to follow. Aaron and William went to the movie theater as planned, but one thing that was not planned was Jer right behind them watching every move they made.

They both shared all the food and drinks Aaron bought and went into the dark movie room. When the movie was over and everybody was gone the two remained inside, they kissed and kissed and it went on for 20 minutes. Aaron took a quick glimpse around the room and notices no one. William smiled at him and his hands started to reach down at his chest, slowly making his way down to Aaron pants. Aaron knew what was coming so he lowered him self deep in the chair. William giggled and unzipped his pants and continues from there. Deep on the west side of the theater was Jer , shocked trembling from hearing the occasional moans and gasps of his son. Half an hour went by and the two boys stood up with hands hold tight walked out smiling and sharing jokes among them selves.

But Jer walked out of that theater with his eyes moody and about to cry. About 12:46pm that perfect Friday night Aaron and William headed toward the beach which wasn't far. William got out of the car and ran toward the sand laughing in joy. Aaron followed in back of him. The two boys fell together in the soft sand, giggling and laughing in joy, kissing in happiness. Ten minutes later Jer father arrived, but what he saw was perhaps something he would regret to ever witness. He got out of the car and slowly walked toward the sand on his way there he saw a piled of clothes in the floor and some gasp of air by someone. There was a palm tree near by in which Jer kneeled down in tears and trying to understand what was happening with his son. He turned and saw two dark figures in the sand together sharing love between one another. For Jer this was enough, and weak in pain headed toward the car. Jer all his life has detested homosexuals and now his own son is doing something that he would never imagine. Once in the car Jer Screamed in pain, scream louder but no one could hear him, punch the seats shook his head, and experience a mental breakdown.

As for Aaron and William both dressed them self and drove back to the town.

"Aaron this is the best night of my life, I want to love you forever and nothing break this relationship". Said William.
"I love you with all my heart, if something ever happened to you I would not know how I can live with out you, I love you Wil" Said Aaron.

They both kissed and William left the car and into his house. Aaron made his way home. But his father never did.

In Memorie of my father.

By Jason Seife

December 2005

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