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erotic stories

Interview With A Cock Sucker

By Wesley P. Benson

My occupation places me in a position where travel is constant; while this was certainly attractive in the beginning, and on some levels it still is, itís also become a tedious confinement all its own. I Ďm seldom in the same surroundings for any length of time, yet I have the same needs as one who actually has a home and lives there. So, for some time I had frequented a young man who was both talented and good looking in an effort to ďease my needsĒ. Certainly every time my travels took me into his area I was sure to make a Ďdateí with him and was never disappointed. For years he chided me about the idea of doing an interview with him discussing his Ďspecial attributesí as I did other celebrities and professionals. This interview then is a result of his many seductive pleas.

Q. You have an admitted reputation for particular talents in your craft that set you apart from others out there. Iím speaking of course of your ability to give head with an above average skill and gusto. So my first question is, how long have you been giving head?

A. Well I am well seasoned (he smiled back at me as he sipped on his cocktail). Right now I have almost thirteen years of experience in sucking cock.

Q. So like, how did this carrier begin for you?

A. (Kicking off his shoes he smiled over at me warmly, set his drink down and snuggled up on the love seat) I remember when I first came out; it was summer, I had just moved into my own apartment in a town where there was almost nothing to do. I had been hanging out at the Courthouse Square in our downtown area late at night; I come from a small coal town in Pennsylvania, a depressed area with an even more depressing aura. Its one bright spot was a University which at that time was really just beginning to grow. All these hot young men coming into an area with nothing to do and no where to go. Most of them had more desire then experience and of course they all had money; then too there were all those handsome professors and they all had needs as well. The Courthouse area downtown was the after hours hang out for streetwalkers; we used to joke that at least if you got busted, and of course that was rare (here again he smiled brightly) you didnít have far to go. The Courthouse area was divided in half, one side was for the guys Ė the male hustlers -- and the other was for the ladies. I had a crush on one of the young hustlers, his name was Jimmy, and he hung out around the city Courthouse and made most of his business there. Getting involved with him was basically how I got my start. Anyway I remember I used to sit next to Jimmy on a park bench trying to make on like I was cool as he waited for his next trick Ė God I was so young.

Q. Wait, I have to ask, how old were you then?

A. Iíll say was eighteen, but a very young eighteen (He winked his eye at me here as if his words had some double meaning). Anyway I would sneak subtle glances at his crotch and get myself so excited. Since I hadnít been with a guy yet and hadnít seen how different we all could be, I was very naive especially about down there; after all dicks come in such varied shapes and sizes. When we would talk and I caught glimpses of his dick it looked to me like he had an erection, so I figured he was interested in me. Later when we finally made it I found out that he wasnít aroused, he just had a very large member!

Q. A large member? I mean just how big was it?

A. I actually measured it once when we were fooling around I remember it very well cause it was my first! Anyway he was just over ten inches long and I forget now exactly how big around, I know he was thick at the base, with a long tapering shaft that ended in a short pointed head. I had trouble with it at first, but I knew if I was going to keep him Iíd have to be able to perform well enough for him to want to come back for more. After all, I mean he had a lot of tricks lining up for him every night; my competition was intense.
I couldnít swallow it all; it was just too long and too wide for me. Now I made a lot of hustler friends hanging out down there with him, like with any other situation his friends soon became my friends. One of them was petite young man called Queenie. Queenie liked to pass for a girl but never really wore a dress; except I guess on Halloween. Anyway as hustlers do, when we werenít doing tricks we were going to bed with each other for kicks, so Queenie was Ďfamiliarí with my guy. I told him how I felt about Jimmy and about my not being able to swallow more than a few inches and asked for Ďprofessional helpí, so it was actually Queenie who showed me how to manage the big ones.
See everyone has a problem with giving head at first, especially with dicks that are long or thick or -- God help us Ė both long and thick! When you first start sucking cock you imagine the worst part is having someoneís penis in your mouth. You know, youíre afraid of how it would taste and would you heave. But actually thatís the part thatís the easiest; hell thereís no difference in taste from sucking on your thumb. Unless the guyís a beast; choosing your tricks is on you! The hard part is getting it all or enough of it anyway, into your mouth to thrill the guy. Queenie taught me that going down on a dick is a step by step procedure.

Q. You almost make it sound like thereís a formula for doing it!

A. Well, yeah honey in a sense I guess there is. Queenie taught me that the first thing you have to do to stop the natural gagging reflex Ė I mean thatís natural for all of us. We actually have this thing in our throats that makes us gag. Queenie taught me that if I sucked on a Sucrets or used a sore throat spray right before I tried to go down on that big dick of his I could get the gag mechanism to sort of go to sleep while I swallowed him. Once you get it past that gag thing youíre good to go.

Q. Wait, you mean you do that every time you suck on a big one?

A. No, of course not silly; see once you get over it - once you swallow a big one a few times - from then on itís like second nature. You just have to sort of get over the hump.
Anyway, once you get past the gag thing, you just swallow as much as you are able, stop and breathe; hold it there and kind of play with it with your tongue and then in a few moments swallow more. Even if itís just a little more, itís still making headway (here he chuckled a bit and repeated the word ďheadwayĒ). I used to wrap my fingers around a certain point on the shaft of his dick and make that point my goal, when my lips touched my fingers Iíd stop and push my fingers down a little more. You keep that up, taking the long ones in a little at a time until youíve swallowed it all and your nose is pushing into his pubies. Again after the first three or four times, youíre a champ; and honey like all good things, practice makes perfect.

Q. Ha, ha; practice, practice, practice.

A. Itís true! And guys with long endowments look for people who can take it all in. Itís a pleasure they donít always come across. Hell now I win prizes at the bars when they have contests.

Q. Wait, you have contests at the bars? What, with dildos?

A. No, instead of dildos or real dicks we use Kielbasas. But see swallowing a cock Ė big or small -- is just one part of a good blow job and all dicks arenít huge.

Q. All right, Iím putty in your hands, teach me!

A. You have to learn the sensitive parts of the cock; the places that can give the most pleasure and make the guy just curl his toes and moan. And you have to learn how to move your head up and down and side to side and weather itís time for you to go fast or slow.

Q. This sounds like a real education.

A. Oh it is, every guy Ė straight or gay Ė likes a good blow job; and if youíre really talented, theyíll all come back to you!

Q. Well I can definitely vouch for the fact that you are very Ďtalentedí in that department. Help me to teach someone how to do it.

A. First of all remember that Ďslowí is golden. The best blow job is slow and low. The other thing is this, some guys donít suck on the cock, they just sort of let the dick fuck their face; thatís O.K., but itís just not gonna make him come back for more, I mean he can get that same feeling with a good lubricant. Iím a cock sucker; I think sucking the cock is king. That means you have to totally avoid using only your hands, after all they want a good blow job not a good hand job.

Q. So donít use your hands?

A. Only as an addition, a stimulant, never as a substitution; my mouth will always feel better than any hand. Itís ok to use your hands and your mouth at the same time, just never use your hands alone; the guy can do that all by himself.

Q. A stimulant? What do you mean?

A. Well for example, as youíre down there mouthing his cock, you can use your hand to go further down the shaft of his cock. But you also need to use the tips of your fingers to very gently graze the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs and especially his balls. Try it on yourself, let your finger tips just barely graze the skin of your inner thighs close to your balls, it sends little electric shocks up into the scrotum, after all the skin down there is never touched so itís really sensitive. And you have to stimulate his balls too; just be real careful one wrong move and itís no longer a good time! Sometimes, if the guy is really horny, you can cause him to cum just by licking and teasing his balls.

Q. Just licking?

A. Licking and then you can carefully take one of his balls into your mouth and let your tongue swirl around it as you suck; just donít suck too hard. Then stop sucking and slowly let it slide out from between your lips and go on to the other ball. When youíve done it a few times youíll be able to do other things like make one ball go in and out from between your lips real fast or even taking both balls into your mouth at once and running your tongue over them. Just remember no matter what extra you do never let that cock out of your mouth long enough for it to start going soft. If the dick isnít too long I can take all of it and both his balls into my mouth. They really like that!

Q. Anything else you could pass on, I donít want too much more Iím getting horny myself!

A. Youíre anxious to have me go down on that pocket rocket of yours. Thatís cute. All right yes, you have to know all about the head of the dick. You know itís not out there at the tip for no reason. The head is always very, very sensitive. You want to suck down hard on it, really hard and while you suck you have to make your tongue fly around, under and over it. Donít forget to tease at the eye; sometimes I sort of pinch the head between my fingers at the tip and then pull the eye open it and make just the tip of my tongue dart into it and suck on it. That always makes them moan.

Q. I can see that happening.

A. Your teeth must never ever touch the dick, anywhere. But there is a way to make him go wild. Very and I mean very carefully let the tips of your teeth scrap over the soft skin of the head. Do it real slow and then go fast and then slow again; turn your head from side to side while you do it. Just be very careful! You have to be sure not to do it too hard and you canít have any broken teeth or you could get punched in the head!
Now if you really like the guy and you want to send him into orbit, hereís what you do. Get him right to the point of orgasm, and you can tell when he gets there by watching his balls. When heís getting ready to cum they tighten, separate and get real close to his body; or just pay attention to how big the head of his dick gets; when heís ready to shoot his load his head will get really big, youíll feel it grow in your mouth. When heís almost there, stop. Take your mouth off and let it pulse there in the air. A few minutes later when heís a little calmed down, suck some more; suck hard but go slow, bobbing up and down. When heís there again, stop. By now youíll see pre cum ooze out from the little eye and heíll be wiggling around. He may even be bitching at you or try to get his hand in there to jack himself off; donít let him! Wait a while more and then put it in your mouth and suck hard, real hard and this time bob your head up and down as fast as you can. Take him to orgasm and most importantly let him shoot his load in your mouth while you keep bobbing your head up and down real fast. Then keep sucking and bobbing even beyond his orgasm. Youíll see him wiggle and arch his back and beg you to stop. I guarantee you, from then on heíll follow you anywhere and be yours alone.

Q. Well that all sounds very good on paper, but ya know I think we need Ė I mean for the sake of the article Ė to actually try all of it out; kind of see if it works.

A. (He laughed then in a sort of funny little giggle, then with a wink of his eye he answered me) Well, you know the rule, money before pleasure, sweetie!

The End

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