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erotic stories

Body Art

By Laevi

March 2006

“Enlighten me,” growled detective Roth to one of the officers. He looked at the scene while he listened to the man.
The body was lying on the bed, surrounded by men in white clothes and rubber gloves. The room was filled with flashes from the camera. After a while, the body was covered with a white sheet.
“Right,” said Roth with a sigh. “So she has been found, naked, and no signs of breaking in. Strangled, you say?”
“Yes,” said the officer. “With hands, no sign of a rope or anything.”
“Intimate,” mumbled Roth. “Killed by bare hands, while being naked.” He walked slowly to the bed, and lifted the sheet. “Who squeezed the life out of you?” he said quietly. “What happened? Were you disobedient, or did you upset someone, or was it just a game, going out of hand?”
He gently placed the cloth back. “Right, that will be all, I guess. Let’s wrap up and see what the autopsy tells us, shall we?”
They let the investigators do their work, and went to the bureau.

The report was delivered the next morning. Not much evidence was found. No fingerprints besides that of the victim, no traces giving any clue about why she was killed. Roth assumed he had to wait for the autopsy. He threw the useless report aside and went to the morgue.
She was just about to be examined. The pale body was lying on the table, just as she had been lying on the bed. Naked and serene. She didn’t have a frozen expression on her face at all. She was just looking peaceful and at ease, it seemed. Roth observed her for a while.
“She’s strangled alright,” interrupted the coroner his thoughts. “Bare hands, definitely male. Large hands. He was strong. She didn’t struggle much, though. No traces under her fingernails at all.”
“Was she washed afterwards?”
“No, it doesn’t seem so. We found evidence of sexual intercourse. He had been wearing a rubber.”
“Was she raped?”
“It doesn’t appear so. No signs of struggle. We did find a pubic hair. We’re running it for DNA now, to see if it’s hers or from the killer.”
“Maybe her lover didn’t kill her,” said Roth thoughtfully.
“That’s up to you, to find out. I only look for traces.”
Roth walked around the table, looking at the white body. She had been tattooed. He looked closer. Black tribal tattoos, beautifully inked. They were made by a skilled artist.
“Freehand,” he mumbled. “Crisp lines… Sharp points. Look at the black, no blobs at all. This has been made by someone who has a steady hand and much patience…”
He walked around her again. “Those piercings,” he said, “Are they put in before her death?”
“Yes,” nodded the coroner. “They are healed a long time ago.”
Roth bent to the most obvious ones. He observed them for a while. “Her lover pulled on them,” he said. “The holes are stretched. They didn’t bleed. It was part of their little game.”
After a last look, he stood upright. “Thank you, doctor, I’ll leave you to it. I have to make some visits.”
He quickly left the morgue and stepped into his car. He went to make some inquiries, and he went alone.

There were many tattoo shops in the city. Roth drove through the streets, and thought about where to begin. He needed to see a skillful artist who could tattoo as well as pierce. That didn’t make it easier…
He parked in front of a large, clean studio, and looked at the pictures he had taken with him. Tribals…
Tribal tattoos were common, nowadays. And these tattoos were inked in the last five years, he reckoned. The black hadn’t fade a bit, and the lines were as crisp as they had to be, after they had healed. He looked from the picture to the shop and decided this wouldn’t be any help. A shop like that would have new artists. He needed an older studio.
Roth needed to find someone with experience.
He stopped at a few more studio’s, but drove off without going inside. Too grubby, too small, too crowded…
Eventually, he parked again. This time, it felt right. The studio was situated in a quiet street, and there were no signs telling by passers they could have a quick picture inked for a small fee. The windows were painted black, and the only advertisement was a white tribal, painted in the middle of it.
Roth took the pictures with him, and tried the door. It was open.
He closed the door quietly behind him, and looked around. The hall was lit with warm lights. The walls were filled with paintings of naked bodies, all covered with tattoos. Roth nodded slowly. This was an artist alright.
When he walked further, he reached a second door. This also gave in when he tried the handle. He stepped in what appeared to be the waiting room. Heavy music was playing in the background, not loud enough to overpower, but definitely part of the ambience.
A young man had been reading behind the counter, and stood up on his approach. “Good afternoon,” he said friendly. “How can I help you?”
Roth looked at him. He started at his eyes, and his gaze slid slowly down to his hands. Young, slim, and handsome. He blinked a few times, and said, “I’d like to see the artist.”
“Leon? I’m afraid he’s occupied right now. Do you have an appointment?”
“No. I’d like to ask him some questions.”
“Hm. Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait then. He’s busy.”
Although he wasn’t invited to it, Roth took a seat. He looked around a little more. He ignored the looks of the man.
Against the walls, there were framed black and white pictures of the most obscure piercings and tattoos. Roth looked at them in awe. Just for a second, he wondered who would voluntarily torture himself, but at the same time, he had to admit he understood perfectly. This was art. This was pure body art.
“Is this all the work of Leon?” he asked quietly.
“Yes,” said the man behind the counter a little surprised. “Are you here to have a tattoo?”
“Ah… Then maybe it’s a Prince Albert, you’re here for?”
Roth looked at him. “A what?”
“A Prince Albert…” He shook his shoulders. “Apparently not,” he concluded.
“I’m just here to ask a few questions.”
“Yes, so you said,” nodded the man understandingly.
Roth frowned. “I really am.”
“Sure, did I insinuate you weren’t?”
A door opening kept him from replying. A young woman stepped into the room. She had gleaming eyes and a feverish blush on her cheeks. As if she just had sex, thought Roth.
“All done?” asked the man behind the counter.
“Yes,” she sighed. “He’s so good…”
Roth watched her in silence. She was swaying a little, and her hands trembled when she paid. She either had a great fuck or a definite shot of adrenaline, he concluded. She listened to the man, when he explained her how to treat her new piercing, and Roth understood. She hadn’t been fucked…
His eyes shot to the door, when it opened again. A large man stepped in. The girl had left, so all his attention was for Roth.
So, this was Leon, thought Roth, calmly looking back. The artist.
It was a huge man, fit and looking healthy. He was dressed in leather pants and studded boots. His torso was hardly covered at all, and exposed his muscles. And his tattoo.
The tattoo was black, and striking. It started at his left wrist. Flowing, black flames, accentuating the muscles of his arm. It didn’t stop at the shoulder. It went even higher, and almost touched his ear.
He had stretched earlobes with large rings through the metal flesh tunnels. On top of his ears, he had two pikes standing up, as if he had pointy ears. But Roth was most impressed by his horns.
Leon actually had two small devils horns on his shaven head. They were piercings, and Roth understood how they were made. The piercings were implanted, and the horns screwed on them.
“Are you done?” asked the man friendly.
Roth realized he was staring, with his mouth open. He quickly closed it. He nodded.
“Good. Then tell me what I can do for you.”
“I–” He scraped his throat. “I’d like to ask you some questions.”
Leon smiled. It showed a silver tooth. “I don’t do questions, copper. I do art.”
“I didn’t. You just admit it yourself.” He turned. “Come in. Hugo, we’re closed. Lock the door behind you, please. See you tomorrow, alright?”
“Sure Leon. Have a good night.”
Leon let Roth pass by and smiled again. “Don’t worry, I will,” he said. He closed the door behind him.
Roth stood in the middle of the studio. He was petrified. It looked like an operation room, but instead of white, everything was black. It was lit with halogen spots to chase any disturbing shadows away. He was staring at the most impressive chair he’d ever seen. It was made of black leather, protected with paper, like in an examining room. It was large. He wished his dentist had a chair like that…
“Does copper have a name?” did he hear the dark voice behind him.
“Glenn Roth,” he said, before he knew it. He took a deep breath. Time to get a grip again…
“My name is Leon. I don’t use my last name. Take a seat, Glenn.”
Roth looked around and found a normal chair in the corner of the room. He took a seat, trying to look relaxed. Leon offered him a Scotch, without ice. He gratefully accepted it.
“A copper, named after a whiskey,” smiled Leon. “Well now, Glenn, tell me what you want from me.”
“What is a Prince Albert?” asked Roth.
Leon laughed. “Ow, please, Glenn, don’t tell me that’s what you wanted to ask me. You could look that up on the web.” He took a seat in the black chair, after he removed the creased paper.
“It’s not what I’m here for, I’m just curious,” said Roth.
“Let me tell you a little story then,” grinned Leon. “A long time ago, a young Prince, named Albert, wasn’t supposed to get an erection. So they put a ring through his dick head, and bound it to his leg. Get the picture?”
Roth felt a blush coming up. “Yeah.”
“Good. So now you know…”
Roth took a large sip of his whiskey. “Are you willing to look at some pictures for me?” he asked.
“That depends. Why?”
“I’m investigating a murder. The victim was tattooed and pierced. I’d like to see if you recognize her.”
Leon’s smile faded. He played with his glass, and them emptied it with one swallow. “Show me, Glenn.”
Roth threw the pictures on his lap.
First, Leon didn’t look at them. He looked into Roth’ eyes and slowly picked the pictures up. Then, he turned his gaze down. Roth kept a close look at his expression. And he saw his recognition.
The artist slowly leafed through the large photo’s. It took several minutes. He handed them back and Roth waited for his response.
“I’ve never seen her before,” said Leon.
Roth was stunned for a moment. Leon was clearly lying. “What?” he managed to say.
“I said, I’ve never seen her before in my life,” snarled Leon. “I’d like you to leave now, please, copper. Leave me alone. There’re many artists in this town, so don’t bother me. Interrogate others. Go away.”
Roth shook his head in disbelieve. He didn’t understand it. Okay, time to return to earth, he thought annoyed. Forget his impressive appearance and treat him like you’d treat an unwilling suspect. He sighed.
“Don’t make me hurt you, Leon,” he said.
Hurt me?” snapped Leon. “Are you threatening me? With your impeccable, expensive clothes and manicured hands? You threaten to hurt me?”
Roth looked in his eyes. Expensive clothes? He was wearing jeans and a jacket, and a tight, black T-shirt. Nothing could suspect they were expensive. Oh, they were, but no untrained eye could ever see that. Leon had unexpected experiences.
“Come on, Leon,” he said softly. “Help me with this. Work with me. Please.”
“Leave, cop,” growled the artist. “Get your classy ass out of my studio.” He cursed when Roth suddenly grabbed him by his throat. Roth pulled the man out of his seat, and threw him roughly against the wall. He held one arm behind his back, and held his throat tight. He didn’t really want to hurt the man, and pressed him against the wall with his body.
“I’m sorry you make me do this, Leon,” he sighed close to his ear.
“Are you going to frisk me, or fuck me?” asked Leon with a hoarse growl.
Roth blinked with his eyes. It was a rude remark, but somehow it sounded invitingly.
“Which would you prefer, Leon?” he whispered in his ear.
Leon’s free hand reached backwards and touched his hip. Roth quickly pulled his gun away from the hand.
“Were you reaching for my gun, Leon?” he said, aiming at his face.
Leon didn’t answer. His hand slid over his hip, and pulled Roth closer against him. He wasn’t impressed by the gun in his face at all.
Roth pulled himself away from him, and put the gun back in its socket. He quickly frisked the large man. He found no weapons, only tight muscles. When he came back up, he let his hands slide over his thighs. Leon stood against the wall, with his legs a little spread. He held his breath when Roth slid over his crotch.
“Okay,” said Roth, “I’ve frisked you. Now what, Leon?”
“You tell me, copper. You’re in charge, aren’t you? You’re the one with the weapon.”
Roth took his gun and placed it on a cabinet, out of reach of the large man.
“We’re equally armed now,” he said, pressing against his back again. “Would you like to fight over this?”
Leon turned his head to look at him. Roth observed him. He looked at the piercings, at his gleaming eyes, and his parted lips.
“Why don’t you cooperate, Leon,” he sighed with his lips close to his ear. He stuck his tongue out, and slowly licked him over his earlobe. The metal ring slipped round under his tongue. He saw Leon closing his eyes.
Roth slid his arms over his chest and pulled him close. He licked him over his jaw, and sucked his mouth over the soft spot behind his ear. Leon sighed. Slowly, he moved his mouth down over his neck, to his shoulder. He bit him softly.
“Do you want me to hurt you?” he asked quietly.
Leon turned around in his arms. Roth felt his hot breath in his face. Their mouths were close but didn’t touch. He felt how Leon pulled his jacket of his shoulders. He let him take it off him. The man hung it gently over a near chair.
“Take a seat, copper,” said Leon softly.
Without letting him out of sight, Roth walked to the leather chair and sat down. Leon followed. He quickly pulled a lever and the chair plunged backwards. Roth was lying almost helplessly, like in a dentist chair.
The artist pulled his top off. His nipples were pierced with metal studs, and decorated with large jewels. He lowered the chair. Then he stepped over Roth. He towered above him, legs spread wide, looking down on him. Roth tried not to show he was impressed.
“You have a beautiful body,” said Leon. He let a hand stroke over the smooth T-shirt. It was made of thin, luxurious jersey, and didn’t hide any detail. Roth looked down when Leon pinched his nipples, and saw them clearly visible erect.
“But it needs some work,” continued Leon. He pulled the shirt up. Roth helped him, and undressed his upper body. Leon pinched his nipples again.
“What do you mean, it needs work?” asked Roth breathlessly.
Leon rumbled through some stuff on a trolley. He pulled a few rubber cloves on, and took a bottle and some cotton wool.
“Do you trust me?” he asked, wetting the cotton.
“I don’t know, can I trust you?” asked Roth with beating heart. It skipped a beat when the cold alcohol touched his tits. “You’re not going to do what I think you’re doing, right?”
“What am I doing, Glenn?” smiled Leon. He took a felt tip pencil and leaned down. He carefully marked a few dots on both nipples.
“Shit, Leon, you’re going to hurt me, aren’t you?”
“Oh yes, it’ll sting.” He came up, and took a large clamp in his hands. “I’ll hurt you a little, and then I’ll let you hurt me.”
Roth yelped. Leon pulled on his flesh and put the clamp on it. He checked if the dots were level.
“I’ll be gentle with you now,” said the artist, “if you’ll be gentle with me.” He bent to the trolley.
Roth saw the thick needle and cursed. “Fuck you, Leon!” he snapped.
“Yes,” grinned the man. “That’s exactly what I mean. Now hold your breath, and don’t move.”
The needle slid through the skin. Roth felt the sharp pain and uttered a short scream. Leon loosened the clamp. The needle stayed behind, sticking through his nipple. It didn’t bleed at all. Roth watched it with wide open eyes, disbelieving. He breathed heavily.
Leon took a stud and placed it in the tip of the needle. Then he pulled it through the hole. He screwed a ball on the end.
“That’s one,” he said with a smile. “Are you ready for number two?”
“You’re going to hurt me twice?”
“Yes, Glenn. And I’ll let you hurt me twice too, if you’re up to it.”
“Damn you, Leon,” growled Roth, but he didn’t mean it. He moved his hips a little and heard Leon snigger. The clamp was put on his other nipple and Leon pierced it. This time, it hardly hurt. Roth looked down on the piercings. His tits were red and erect, and very sensitive. Leon blew softly on them. Roth moaned.
“Now you’re perfect, copper,” grinned Leon. He sat down and moved his ass over his crotch. “Would you like to hurt me now?”
“Oh yes,” groaned Roth, grabbing his hips between his hands. “Let me pierce you.”
Leon grinned and stepped off him. He quickly undressed. Roth held his breath when he saw the large cock between the muscular thighs. He felt his own erection growing swiftly. Leon pulled his shoes and socks off, and Roth opened his pants. He stepped out of the chair to undress.
“Oh wow,” sighed Leon when he showed himself. Roth had a large, uncut cock. He looked at it himself, and found it fatter and harder than it had ever been. His tits were sore when he breathed deeply in and out, and that made him even more horny.
Leon stepped over the chair and leaned forward. Roth had full view on his hairy cheeks and the shallow notch between them. His ass was a rosy button.
“Come on, cop,” sighed Leon, invitingly moving his hips. “Hurt me. Pierce me.”
Roth shook his head in disbelieve. Leon clearly needed it, he thought. He needed a fat rod in his ass. His shaky hands took a condom out of its package and he pulled it over his erection. Leon needed it… And he would give it to him.
Instead of entering him, he pulled a rubber glove on. Leon looked at him, impatiently, but smiling when he saw what he was going to do. Roth took a large quantity of Vaseline on his fingers and sat behind him.
“You need a bit of preparation, if you want me to be gentle with you,” said Roth.
“Yes,” sighed the large man, leaning deeper down. “Prepare me. But give it to me, copper, give everything to me.”
“Hot, horny devil,” moaned Roth. He slid two slithery fingers inside his ass. “So greedy. You want everything, hm? And twice, even.”
“Yes…” Leon groaned deep in his throat when the fingers stretched him. “Give it to me, Glenn, don’t wait any longer. Do it.”
“Do you want it?”
“Do you need it?” He placed his cock in position.
“Oh yes, Glenn, I need it. You have no idea how much I need it!”
Roth slowly entered his ass. It was hot and tight. Leon held his breath, and almost sucked him deeper inside him.
“Hurt me, copper! Make it burn! Pierce me!”
Roth grinned and pulled back. He was going to obey… With a hard thrust of his hips, he forced back inside. Leon screamed out of pure pleasure. He fucked the large man ruthlessly and rough. If Leon wanted to be fucked twice, he shouldn’t come too intensely the first time. The man jerked his cock while Roth fucked him deep, and screamed before Roth reached his climax. He saw the white sperm all over the black leather.
“Oh, you’re naughty,” grinned Roth. He pulled back, and pushed Leon away from him. The man was trembling. “Lay on your back,” he ordered. Leon obeyed without any protest.
Roth took the condom off, although he wasn’t finished yet. He took a new one and didn’t lube himself this time.
“Time for pain, baby,” he smiled. “Lift those legs!” He pushed them up and stuck his cock back in the tight ass. It was stretched now, but the lack of lube made it tight.
“Ouch,” hissed Leon.
“Good,” smiled Roth. “You wanted to get hurt. Oh, I’m going to hurt you so much now, baby…”
“Yes!” yelled Leon delighted, when he started to fuck. He pulled his body close and moved his ass to increase the force. “Oh yes, Glenn, this is it! Oh baby, give it to me!”
Roth panted and did his best. He loved it. His balls hurt him, tight as they were. His tits hurt too, when he tensed his muscles to fuck the tight hole with as much speed as he could. He groaned in pleasure.
“Man, you’re so hot,” he sighed, and he came. He screamed when his load filled the condom. He pushed deep inside and fell down. His hips shocked a few times. Leon’s hot hands caressed his skin. He pulled slowly back, and found he was still erect.
“Does this count as one, or two?” he panted.
“Are you up for more, then?” grinned Leon.
“Mm,” Roth groaned. “I want another go.” His groping hand found another condom and he pulled it on. Leon spread his legs willingly. Roth slid the head between his cheeks, but didn’t enter him. “Such a delicious ass,” he sighed. “How come you’re so hot, baby?”
“Stop talking, copper,” growled Leon. “I want you to fuck me.”
“I know,” smiled Roth. He leaned down on him. “I know you want to be fucked. Your body is screaming to be fucked.” His free hand took the erection in a firm grip. “How come, big boy?”
Leon held his breath when he slowly jerked him. “I don’t know, copper,” he sighed. “I just want you inside me. Oh, please fuck me, Glenn, I need you in my ass.”
Roth entered his dickhead and stopped. “Do you want me to stretch your hole, big boy?” he asked with his mouth close to him.
“Yes… Stretch me,” panted Leon. He licked him over his mouth. His tongue was double pierced with studs.
“Do you want me to enter completely?”
The man kissed him briefly. His lips were hot. “Yes…” he said. It sounded almost begging.
Roth sucked his mouth on him in a wet kiss. “Do you need it?” he asked when he pulled loose.
“Fuck me, Glenn, please, fuck me…” He was absolutely begging now. “Please Glenn! Oh yes!”
Roth pressed inside until his balls hit the ass. He still jerked the large dick, standing bent over him, and moving his hips slowly. It drove Leon crazy.
He watched how the man rolled his head, his mouth open, licking his lips shamelessly.
“Look at you, you cheap little whore,” he said with a low voice. “You need this so badly, don’t you. You need a cock in your ass, and you love to be fucked.”
“Damn right I do,” growled Leon, arching his back.
“You’re so brazen, Leon. You look so dangerous, but you’re nothing more than a little faggot who needs it.” He fucked faster now. “I can give it to you, baby,” he panted. “I can satisfy your hunger. I can show you heaven, or hell if you want it.”
Leon howled in delight. His nails sunk in Roth’ arms. He held his eyes shut tightly, and just screamed.
“Come on, big boy,” growled Roth. He jerked him faster. “Give me your load. Make me dirty, you little faggot, give it to me!”
The man screamed and then held his breath. His cock exploded in Roth’ pumping fist.
“That’s it!” yelled Roth. He grabbed his hips and thrust between the spread cheeks. “Oh baby! Brace yourself!” He uttered a loud cry when he came for the second time. This time, it was for real. He felt his sperm pump through his rod and filling the rubber. It made his dickhead prickle, when he fucked a little longer.
Panting, he slowed down. He managed to open his eyes and focused on the sweaty body underneath him. Leon smiled at him, and licked his lips. With a moan, he fell down on him. Leon closed his mouth over him in a hot kiss. The two studs slithered under his tongue when he slowly licked him. He played with them until Leon pulled his mouth back.
His cock was limp now, and Roth took it out. He threw the condom in the bin with the others. His hand found its way between the cheeks and he slid a finger inside. Leon held his breath.
“That was amazing,” sighed Roth, fingering slowly.
“You can say that again,” smiled Leon. “Thank you, Glenn. I really needed a good fuck.”
Roth fingered him deeply. He saw Leon closing his eyes. They were satisfied, but he just couldn’t get enough of him. He sighed deeply. “You’re so hot, baby.”
“So are you…” smiled Leon, spreading his legs a little more. His erection was growing again. “But to pierce me again, we need a trade.”
“What do you mean?” He took some Vaseline on his fingers and slid two of them deep inside.
“Mm,” moaned Leon pleased. “I’ll let you pierce me, if I can pierce you again.”
“Where, big boy? You’ve done both nipples already.” He held his breath when the large hand enclosed his cock.
“My little Prince,” said Leon softly.
Roth understood him perfectly. “No way,” he said, trying to pull back.
“Oh yes,” smiled the piercer, tightening his grip. He opened his eyes. They had a hard look. “Yes, Glenn.”
“No way!” He struggled free. “You’re not going to pierce my cock!”
Leon let him go. He was visibly disappointed. “Why not? You’ll love it.”
Roth stepped away from the chair, and collected his clothes. “I loved your ass, baby,” he said. “But if this is the price I have to pay, I’ll never fuck you again.”
The artist watched him while he dressed. “You could have me any time…”
“Well,” said Roth, closing his zipper, “That’s too bad then.” He pulled his shirt over his head and carefully lowered it over his sore nipples. “Since you’re not helping me solving the murder, I won’t let you pierce me again.”
Leon sighed. He let his hand slide over his body and between his legs. “Glenn, I love your cock. I want you to fuck me more often. And I want to pierce you.”
“You have too many wishes, handsome. I’d love to fuck you more often.” He was dressed now, and walked to the naked man. “I’d love to have you. But my only wish now, is to solve my case. And for that, I need to know more about the victim.”
“If I tell you about her, will you give me my pleasure?”
Roth looked down on him. Leon looked him straight in the eyes, relaxed, and at the same time full of desire. “Yes,” he said. A fat grin appeared.
“Just for the record, Glenn. If I tell you who she is, you will let me pierce your cock?”
Good grief, thought Roth. “Yes,” he heard himself say. The grin broadened.
Leon came up, and walked to the cabinet with gun on it. He took it between thumb and finger, and gave it to Roth. “Don’t forget this,” he said. “This wasn’t the gun I wanted to have.”
Roth took it and put it away. Leon opened the cabinet and searched through the files.
“Here she is,” he said, giving it to Roth. Roth sat down and opened it.
The file contained pictures of freshly inked tattoos and piercings. They were all hers. And it had a paper with her personal information on it. Her name, Vicky, her address and even a copy of her ID.
“This is how I work with clients who want as much as her,” explained Leon. “She had costly wishes, and I worked on credit with her. It’s been years since I saw her. She was finished, you know.” He sighed. “It’s a shame she’s dead.”
“Yes… It is a shame.” Roth slowly looked through the papers and pictures.
“How did she die?”
“She was strangled. With bare hands.” Some of the photo’s showed her face, and she was happy. Her eyes were gleaming. He wanted to close the file, but opened it again. He went through the images to find the one he needed to see again. He looked closer, in the light of a lamp. “Who’s this?” he asked.
Leon took the photo from him. “That guy you mean? Her boyfriend, I guess. He was with her on most of the occasions.”
“Do you remember a name?”
“Mm…” He thought for a while. “Something like Jack, I believe. Not much help, I’m afraid.”
“Actually, that might be very helpful. We’ll have to see. Can I have a copy of her personals?”
“Sure.” Leon took the paper and went out of the studio. He returned with the copy.
“Thanks, baby,” smiled Roth, taking the paper and standing up. “Let’s make an appointment soon, hm?”
“Where are you going?”
“Back to the office. I have work to do.”
Leon stopped him when he wanted to walk to the door. “You made a promise,” he said softly.
Roth placed his arms around him and looked him in the eyes. “Yes,” he smiled. “I made you a promise. And I will keep it. But now, I have to work on my case.”
“You won’t be able to fuck me for a while when I’m finished with you,” said Leon.
“And you almost sound upset,” laughed Roth. “Give me a kiss, and let me go.”
Leon kissed him. He took Roth’ face between his hands and kissed him as if they would never meet again. He sighed when they let go.
“Shouldn’t give me a business card now, to call you if I remember more?” he said, a little gloomy.
“Yeah, I should, shouldn’t I.” He pulled away and took his wallet. He gave him his card. “Use it wisely,” he said.
“I won’t,” said Leon.
“You mean you will.”
“Oh no, I know what I mean, baby. I mean I’ll call you soon, to remind you about your promise, and to hear if your piercings heal alright.” He put it in his back pocket before Roth could change his mind.
Roth grinned and gave him a kiss on his nose. “Looking forward to it,” he said.
“One word of advise,” said Leon when he walked into the waiting room.
“What’s that?”
“Don’t surf the web for Prince Albert piercings too much.”
“That bad eh?”
“Some may look a bit scary…”
Roth smiled at him. “Call me,” he said. He left the studio.
When he drove off, he sighed pleased. That was one hell of an experience, he thought. Such a beautiful man, so masculine, and yet so willing to take it up the ass. Just what he’d been looking for all his life. A sting went through his nipples, and he groaned. He had to pay a high price for pleasure…
He went straight to the bureau and met his partner in his office. He smiled a greeting, and shared his information with him. Then he went home. He longed for a warm shower and a good night sleep.

After a good rest, Roth felt perfectly fine. He had thought back about his fuck with Leon, and had jacked off on the memory. He went to the bathroom and looked at his nipples in the mirror. He grinned. They didn’t hurt much. Only when he touched them, they were a bit sensitive. They looked great though. His tits had two hard knobs, firmly erect, with the metal spheres on either side.
He dressed in his usual jeans and chose a tight, thin, black T-shirt. It exposed his biceps and showed his muscular stomach. He tucked it in his pants and saw the piercings clearly visible behind the thin jersey.
“Cool…” he said to his reflection. Then, he remembered his promise. He turned to his computer and went online.
Colorful pictures filled his screen. Prince Albert piercings. His heart started to beat a little faster. Surely that must be agonizing…
His phone startled him. He picked it up without taking his eyes of the screen.
“Hey, Prince Charming,” he heard the dark voice.
“Shit, Leon, I’m just looking at pics…”
“Told you not to do that, baby.”
“I know. But since you want to give me this, I should know how it looks, don’t I?”
“Yeah. Well, it’s not as painful as it looks.”
“How would you know? You don’t have one!”
“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t just stick a needle through your cock. You’ll absolutely love the experience. I promise.”
“Hm. Is that what you always do, when men want something like this?”
“Hell no. Normally I just take a thick needle, and prick it at random. Duh!”
Roth chuckled. “Okay, I’ll trust you on this. What do you want?”
“I just want to know if you’re happy, baby.”
“I was, until I went online.”
“Stop whining, you little fool. When can we do it?”
“I’ll call you later. First I need to see if I can make some progress on the case. I need to find a kid named Jack, you know.”
“Yeah, I know. I don’t know if they were still together though, it’s been five years since I last saw them.”
“Well, since he’s the only thing we have right now, he’s the first to look for. We’ll just go from there.”
“Let me know if I can do anything for you, copper.”
“I’ll keep you informed, baby. Talk to you later, okay?”
“Okay. And get offline. It won’t comfort you to look at those pics.”
“I’ll work hard today, to distract me.”
Leon laughed sadistically. “Then I’ll call you to remember you again, hot fucker.”
“I hate you,” laughed Roth.
“And I love you. Bye-bye.” He disconnected.
Roth stared at the screen, where he saw a large erection with a thick ring through the head. It was covered in sperm. He licked his lips.
“Shit, you’re my demon, Leon,” he said to himself. He tried to imagine how it felt to fuck with a ring through his dick. Then he fantasized about how it felt to be fucked with a pierced cock… He had no trouble imagining both of it.
“Oh, man,” he groaned. He took his erection out of his pants and jerked until he came.

His partner was already waiting for him, when he went into his office.
“Well well, if it isn’t the sleeping beauty,” he joked.
“Sorry Simon, I overslept.”
“Really? You must have been exhausted then. You never sleep for more than five hours…”
“I guess I was, then.” He sat down and ignored the subject. “Enlighten me.”
“Well, we found out her parents still live in that house, mentioned in the personals. So we’ll visit them this morning. We couldn’t find a match with the DNA yet, but maybe we get hold of that Jack. Well done, by the way.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean finding her personals, at the right piercer. Must have been quiet an investigation.”
“Not at all. I was lucky at the first shop I entered.”
Simon nodded slowly. “That’s what I mean, Roth. I would have taken all week, going in and out of studio’s. You just go to the right one, and hit the bulls eye.”
Roth didn’t look in his eyes. “He wasn’t too willing to cooperate,” he said.
“What did you do to persuade him?” He got no answer. Simon observed him. “You didn’t kick his butt, did ya?” he grinned, clearly hoping that he did. Then he spotted the piercings. “Roth, no! He pierced you?”
“Why don’t you take them out?”
Now, Roth looked up. “Take them out? Why on earth should I take them out?”
Simon stared at him, jaw dropped. Roth sighed.
“Simon, I like them. They look absolutely cool. I won’t take them out.”
“Did it hurt?”
“No,” said Roth with frown. “Hardly. A bit, as you can expect when a 2mm needle pierces through your flesh.”
Simon shivered. “Don’t even go there. I have a lively imagination.”
“I won’t tell you more, then.”
“Oh God, Roth, don’t tell me you have more piercings now?”
“No,” said Roth, standing up. “Not yet. Shall we visit the parents?”

As expected, Vicky’s parents were shocked and upset by the news their daughter was dead. They hadn’t seen her for three years, and would never see her again.
Roth was a little bit annoyed to find out they just abandoned her years ago. They couldn’t accept her lifestyle. They just couldn’t understand her tattoos and piercings. He wondered how that could be a reason to reject your own child. They were sorry now, but they were too late. He was glad to leave the house.
Quietly, they got back in the car.
“Why are you so angry?” asked Simon when Roth steered aggressively.
Roth took a deep breath. “Never mind,” he said. “Forget it.”
“We should go to her boyfriends house now, you know.”
“Yeah. I know. Tell me how to drive.”
“A bit calmer, for a start,” mumbled Simon. “Take a left here,” he said.
Roth let the car slow down a little and turned into the street. “Sorry, Simon,” he said. “But it makes me so mad, that people only look at the outside. They just abandoned their kid, Simon, without any other reason than her passion for body art! And now she’s gone!”
“Yes, Roth, she’s gone. And yes, her parents are fools. Now get over it, and focus on the case itself. It’s a murder, Roth, it’s nothing personal. You’re a good one for the case because you obviously like body art, but try to stay focused, okay?”
Roth parked in front of the house where Jack was supposed to live. He stared at his hands on the wheel for a while, collecting his thoughts.
“Yes,” he said eventually. “Let’s go.”

They knocked on the door until a figure appeared. Roth recognized him immediately.
“Hello Jack,” he said. “Can we come in for a second?”
The young man looked them up and down, defensively, and suspiciously.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“We’re investigating a murder,” said Simon.
Jack’s eyes flashed to him. “And what’s that up to me? I didn’t kill anyone.”
“We didn’t say you did,” said Roth. “But you might be able to help us.”
Hesitating, Jack opened the door to let them in. Roth looked around when they entered the living room. It was messy as a place would be, with a guy alone in a house. Clothes were thrown over every chair and on the floor. He could see empty beer bottles and pizza boxes tossed around. The walls were dirty white, and covered with posters and pictures. Most of them were cut out of magazines, and all were about tattoos and piercings. Another cognoscente.
He turned to observe Jack, and found him observing him. They looked each other up and down. The kid was heavily pierced. Both ears were filled with rings, his lobes were stretched, and he had rings through his eyebrow and nose.
Jacks gaze slid down to his chest when he opened his jacket. He smiled indulgently.
“Take a seat, gents,” he said much more at ease. “I’ll make coffee.”
Simon looked around to find an empty chair. Roth simply threw a pile of clothes on the floor and sat down. After a while, Jack came back in with steaming mugs. Simon put his on the table, but Roth thanked him. The mugs were chipped but clean. The coffee was good and strong.
“Now then, gents,” said Jack, who had cleared a place as well. “Tell me what I can do for you.” He didn’t look at Simon.
Roth smiled a little sad. “Vicky,” he said with a soft voice.
Jack’s expression froze. “Oh, no,” he said with a sigh. “Not Vicky!”
Roth nodded, keeping his eyes on the kids face. “Yes, Jack, Vicky has been murdered.”
Jack quickly put his mug down. He stared to the ground. “Oh, God,” he moaned. “Oh, no…”
They let him sit like that for a while. He mumbled ‘oh no’ and ‘oh God’ with his face in his hands.
“Jack,” said Roth eventually, “Help us, please.”
Jack looked up. His eyes were red. “Yes. Of course. Tell me what I can do.”
“Were you seeing her lately?”
Jack shook his head. “We broke up about two years ago. She was in love with someone else. She didn’t want me anymore.”
“Do you know who she was in love with?”
“Yeah,” growled the kid. “Some bloke she met at the studio, years and years ago. They met again, apparently, and he promised her adventures I could never achieve.”
“Like what?” asked Roth, sipping his coffee.
Jack looked briefly at Simon. “You wouldn’t understand,” he mumbled.
Roth nodded. “Simon, can you leave us alone for a minute?”
Simon didn’t even protest. He seemed glad to leave the stuffy house, and left Roth alone with Jack.
“Now, enlighten me,” said Roth.
Jack observed him. “I’m not sure you would understand, either,” he said.
“Really? And how can I convince you I will?”
The kid laughed softly. “You’re pierced, yes, but only through your nipples. I bet you only have them because they’re fashionable. I’m talking about games, cop. Not fashion.”
Roth spouted his lips. “Jack,” he said quietly, “Leon pierced me, as part of a game. And he will pierce me more, when we play again. Enlighten me. I will understand.”
Jack grinned awry, with a surprised look in his eyes. “You and Leon?” he asked. “Oh wow. Be proud of yourself, he’s a good catch.”
Roth nodded. “Oh, yes. He certainly is. Now, tell me about that bloke.”
Jack took a deep breath. “Vicky had a crush on Leon, when we went there. But Leon wasn’t interested in her at all. I still went with her every time, because I didn’t trust her alone with him. It made her hot, being pierced and tattooed. She told me it made her horny. So she wanted to be hurt when we had sex.”
Roth thought about the stretched holes. He nodded understandingly.
“Then she met him at the studio. He wasn’t particularly handsome, like Leon is, but he could pierce, he said. He could pierce her while they had sex… And that was just what she wanted.”
“I see,” said Roth. He put his empty mug on the table. “Do you have a name of that bloke?”
“Shit, no. I only saw him once, when we were at the studio. Maybe Leon knows his name…”
“I’ll ask him. Is there anything else you can tell me?”
“I’m afraid not… I broke up with her, and saw her occasionally. She looked very content with her life. There was no place for me anymore.”
“Do you think she might have been killed during a game?”
Jack laughed sharply. “I wouldn’t be surprised.”
“Jack, tell me, if it’s not too intimate… How did you hurt her?”
The kid sighed. He avoided his eyes. “I pulled on her rings, mostly. Oh, and she liked to play dangerously. You know, squeeze the air out of her, like strangling?” He shivered. “I couldn’t do that very often. It was madness.”
“That’s madness, yes,” said Roth thoughtfully.
“How did she die, anyway?”
Roth stood up. “She was strangled, Jack,” he said softly. “You were right. It was a dangerous game.”

Roth informed Simon about the results. They had a new lead now, and had to find out who that man was.
“Right,” said Simon, “Let’s interrogate that piercer, shall we?”
“We?” said Roth, looking at him. “There’s no we, here, Simon. I’ll go alone.”
“Alone? Come on, Roth, we’re a team, remember? Why do you want to go alone?”
“Because they won’t tell you anything, Simon. You’re not one of them. I’ll get more results on my own.”
Simon laughed without humor. “Fuck you, Roth,” he snapped. “Are you one of them, now that you have a few stud through your tits?”
Roth sighed irritated. “Shut up, Simon. All I want to do is find a name of that guy. You can catch him, when I know who he is, okay? I’ll let you talk to him then.”
“Fuck it,” muttered Simon. “Oh, what do I care. I have other jobs to do, I guess. Bring me to the bureau.”
They were silent until Roth parked in front of the office.
“Very well, Roth,” said Simon a little more friendly. “Good luck with it. I hope you get results. But do promise me I can fetch that bloke, and interrogate him, alright?”
“I promise, Simon,” smiled Roth. “See you tomorrow.”
He watched his partner going in the building, and drove off to the studio. He tried to focus on the question he had to ask. Who was that guy? Who was that guy, Leon, and don’t tell me you want to pierce me before you answer me…

“You know I want to make a trade, baby,” grinned Leon.
“All I want is to solve this case, Leon,” said Roth. “I only want a little information. Who is that guy, who could pierce, and who met Vicky?”
Leon sat himself in the leather chair and looked at him. He was smiling faintly and seducing. His hands stroked his crotch.
“Show me you cock, copper, I’ll give you what you want, when you give me my pleasure.”
Roth tried hard to look annoyed, but he knew it wasn’t convincing. “Do I have to come back later?” he asked.
“Oh, no… Just lock the door. Hugo knows he shouldn’t disturb us. I told him you’re my number one client…”
Roth turned the lock, and waited for a second before he turned back to the chair. Leon opened his pants. His hard cock jumped free.
“Come here, copper,” he said hoarsely. “Get that gorgeous body over here. Give me your beautiful rod.”
“Leon, I’m investigating a murder, remember. And it appeared she has been killed during a sex game. Strangling her, appeared to have been part of that game. And now you want me to play such a game too?”
“So? I won’t strangle you, baby. I have no intentions to hurt you much. It’s not the pain, that makes me hot.”
Roth sat on the chair. Leon caressed his arms, and slowly slid to his nipples. He tried not to moan when the fingers touched his sensitive knobs.
“Do you really want to give me a Prince Albert, Leon?”
“Oh, yes.” He licked his lips. “That cock is mine, baby. I’ll pierce you, and decorate you, and make you mine forever.”
Roth laughed, despite his nerves. “You’re just possessive,” he grinned.
“Yeah. I want you to be my lover.” His hands slid to his crotch. “Undress, baby,” he said softly. “And sit in this chair.”
With a lenient sigh, Roth obeyed. He undressed completely. His dick was half-erect, and he had to admit the thought about being pierced made him hot. Leon stood up and he took his place. The leather was warm.
The chair plunged backwards again, and was lowered. Leon pulled a trolley closer. He took new rubber gloves and spread his equipment on the covered surface. Roth swallowed when he saw the thick, curved needle and the large, heavy ring.
“My God,” he groaned. “Is that what I will get through my cock?”
“Yes,” said Leon simply. He undressed too, and sat astride on the chair. He pulled Roth’ legs on his lap and spread them. “But not yet.”
“I’m scared,” said Roth. His voice trembled.
“Of course you are, baby,” smiled Leon. “That’s normal.” His hands caressed his testicles. He let his fingers slide between his cheeks and gently touched his anus. “Just enjoy what I’m doing now, my beauty. Trust me. You’ll love it.”
Roth tried to relax. He controlled his breath. He felt the rubber fingers slide inside him. Leon lubed his ass and entered deeply. It felt good. He spread his legs willingly.
“Do you like this?” whispered Leon.
“Uh-huh,” said Roth with his eyes closed.
A second finger slid in. He moaned pleased. Leon squeezed his balls with his other hand and moved his fingers deeper inside.
Roth groaned when he felt the fingertips touch his prostrate. “Yes, baby, that’s it,” he sighed.
“Good,” he heard him say. He massaged his sensitive spot. “Ah yes, it’s there alright… Enjoy it, baby, relax and enjoy. I’ll satisfy you.”
“Wow,” sighed Roth. “Don’t make me come yet!”
Leon laughed softly. “You can come, my darling.” He pressed a little harder. “Oh, yes… Come on, baby, that’s it! Empty those balls for me, baby!”
“Shit!” yelled Roth when the fingers made him come. Leon didn’t even touch his cock, but he shot his load all over his body. He cursed from the depth of his heart. Leon slowly pulled his fingers back.
“Didn’t you just love that?” he grinned.
“Of course I did,” panted Roth. He opened his eyes. Leon pulled his gloves off and threw them in the bin. His own cock was hard and pointed at his ass.
“Will you fuck me now?” asked Roth invitingly.
“No, not yet. I haven’t finished with you yet.” He took new gloves and lubed his fingers again. “I want to prepare you,” he smiled. He slid a little back and bend down. His hot mouth closed around Roth’ limp dick and sucked it.
“Damn, Leon,” sighed Roth. “That isn’t safe, you know.”
Leon moved his head up and down. He was skilled and he was hard again in no time at all.
“It’s safe enough,” said Leon. “Don’t worry about it.” He pushed his fingers in his ass and sucked his dick deep in his throat. Roth closed his eyes again.
The two fingers entered as deeply as they could, and he was sucked and fingered firmly. Leon was too good, he thought, and he had to warn him far too quickly. The hot mouth pulled back and he was jerked to his second climax. It was a good one. Roth almost screamed.
“Ahh,” sighed Leon pleased. “I love to see you cum, baby. You’re well-prepared now.”
Roth could hardly open his eyes. He panted and saw how Leon pulled a condom over his purple dickhead. Another pair of cloves ended in the bin, after he had lubed himself. He groaned when the stubby cock entered his sensitive rectum.
Leon penetrated him, but didn’t fuck him. He sat still and pulled new cloves on. Roth automatically put pressure on his ass muscles. He heard the man laugh.
“Oh yes, milk my cock,” grinned Leon. “Feels good, hm? Being stuffed with a hot, fat piece of meat.” He moved his hips a little, pushing deeper inside. “Close your eyes, my darling. Feel my cock. Ride me.”
“Leon…” groaned Roth. “Oh, Leon, let me feel you. Pierce me, baby, come on…”
He yelled when he suddenly felt a cold sensation on his dickhead. He didn’t open his eyes, and relaxed again. Leon pulled a little back, and pushed back in.
“Shit, I want you to fuck me hard,” he mumbled. “Please give it to me, gorgeous stud…”
“Lay still,” whispered Leon.
Roth obeyed, and screamed when he felt the pain.
“Oh, shit!” he panted. “Don’t tell me you just stuck a needle through my cock!”
“Ssh… Concentrate on my stake, baby. Feel me inside you.”
His heart was pounding and he felt incredible emotions raging through his body, but he tried to relax again. Leon slowly fucked him.
“Ah yes, that’s good, my darling. I love you baby, believe me.”
Roth let the words soothe him. He calmed down. The pain slowly ebbed away. He didn’t dare to look, but did so anyway. He saw how the ring was pulled through his dickhead when the needle was pulled back.
“Oh my bloody God,” he cursed.
Leon clicked the ball in place.
“All done,” he said content. He pulled his cloves off, grabbed him firmly at his hips and started to ride him.
To his amazement, Roth saw his erection grow immediately. His dick was aching and burning, but he knew he would come so hard, he would loose his mind.
“Shit!” he said between clenched teeth. “God damn, Leon, fuck me! Fuck me good!”
The piercer laughed and rode him vigorously. Roth pressed his hands on his face to stop himself from screaming. His whole body was shivering. His blood pumped the adrenaline through his veins. He became light in his head. His skin seemed on fire, and he just knew he was steaming. The dick in his ass was throbbing.
Leon’s hand enclosed his cock and just squeezed, and Roth came again. He screamed, and very loud. He felt his sperm spurt through his painful dickhead. He could feel every damn drop. He never had an orgasm as good as this, and nearly fainted.
“Oh damn, Leon,” he cried out. “I love you man, don’t stop!”
But Leon let him go, and pushed him in the seat. Roth realized his body was cramped into an arch. Tears were running down his face, and as soon as he realized that, he started to cry.
Leon pulled back and took him in a loving embrace. He kissed his face and rocked him.
“Calm down, baby,” he whispered in his ear. “Ssh, calm down…”
“Damn,” sighed Roth trembling. “That was so damn good, Leon. I can’t describe it.”
“I know, baby… I know.”
“Shit… Oh shit!”
“Ssh… Open your eyes, beauty. Look at your new jewel. Come on.”
Roth slowly looked down, and laughed disbelieving. A fat ring was shining between his legs. He carefully took his limp dick in his hand, and turned it to have a good look.
“Damn,” he said, calmer now. “Wow…”
“Isn’t it beautiful?” asked Leon smiling.
“It is, yes. Wow…”
“My Prince Charming,” whispered Leon. He gave him a soft kiss. “My beauty.”
“Thank you, Leon,” smiled Roth, kissing him back. “I’m glad you did it.”
“Good. Stay in the chair and wind down. I’ll get you a glass of water and a few painkillers.”
Roth couldn’t get his eyes of his new piercing. It looked mighty impressive. It didn’t even hurt him too bad, he had to admit to his astonishment. But he gratefully accepted the water and pills.
It took a while to calm down. Slowly, his heart stopped pounding so hard. He breathed normally, and he sighed deeply.
“I’m better now,” he said.
“Good,” smiled Leon. “Then shall we talk about what you came for, in the first place?”
“What?” said Roth a little confused. “Oh yes, I remember…”
“You remember?” laughed Leon. “Was it that good, baby?”
“It was, yes. Okay, enlighten me.”
“I do remember that guy, you know, and I didn’t like him a bit. He wanted to learn more about the trade, but I wasn’t willing to teach him anything. He wanted to pierce for his own pleasure only.”
Roth nodded encouraging.
“Well,” smiled Leon skewed, “I know I just pierced your cock while I fucked you, but that was my first time, you know. He actually wanted to pierce many times, every time he had sex with a girl, in fact. I didn’t like that.”
“Do you recall a name?”
“Oh yes, how could I forget… His name was Leon too. So I also know his last name, although I normally don’t care about that. His name is Leon Ramsey. And you can find Mr. Ramsey in a certain club. Let me give you the card.”
Roth saw him rumbling through his cabinet.
“I kept a file on him, because I didn’t trust him. It only contains this card. And this.” He handed him a photo. “I tattooed him. I guess that’s how he wanted to infiltrate. And I always make pictures of my work.”
“I’m glad you do,” said Roth, looking at the large photo. “Thank you so much, darling. I believe we can close this case very soon.” He stood up, a little swaying on his legs. “I have to go back to the office.”
“You can’t wear those jeans for a while…”
“I can’t? Shit, man, I didn’t really bring baggy pants with me!”
“Never mind, I have some for you.”
Roth accepted the soft, baggy pants. He pulled them on.
“Right,” he grumbled. “And how will I explain this to my partner?”
“Your partner?”
Roth looked up when he heard the sharp tone of voice.
“My partner, yes. Like in a team. I work with him, I don’t love him. Come on, Leon, you’re not that jealous, I hope?”
Leon blinked with his eyes. “Actually, I am,” he said calmly.
“Why?” laughed Roth. “You’re gorgeous, why are you so insecure?”
Leon shook his shoulders. “I don’t know. I just am. Hey,” he said when Roth wanted to turn to the door, “Tell me something.”
“What, baby?” He pulled him close to him and hugged him.
“Tell me honestly, if you think you love me.”
Roth grinned. “Honestly?” he said. “I do, baby. I’m very much in love with you now.” He kissed him softly. “Do you love me?”
“Yes. I love you, and I want you to be mine. You’re an classy copper with a terrible expensive taste, and I shouldn’t like you at all, but I love you.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. You are an extreme, tough dude and you should hate fags.”
“I know,” laughed Leon. “But man, do I love a cock in my ass…”
“Do you?”
“Oh yes. And I’d love to be fucked by you, as soon as you can. I’d love to feel a piercing in my ass, baby. I want that ring in my butt.”
“Shut up, don’t make me hot now. Kiss me. I’m off.”
They gave a hot kiss and Roth pulled away from him. He unlocked the door and without looking back, he went into the waiting room. Hugo grinned at his approach, but Roth raised a warning finger.
“No words, Hugo, only thoughts.”
“See ya ‘round, copper,” grinned the boy. “Take good care of your new Albert.”

Roth went straight to the office, although he knew Simon would ask questions. He wanted to nail that Ramsey as soon as possible. He tried to look normal when he entered his office, and saw Simon staring at him.
“Good grief, Roth,” he started.
“Shut up,” hissed Roth. He threw the card and photo on the desk. “This is the guy. You wanted to catch him, so catch him.”
Simon tore his eyes away from him. He focused on the card and picture.
“Do you have a name?”
“Leon Ramsey.”
“Leon?” He looked up. “That piercer?”
“No, no.” Roth shook his head with an annoyed frown. “Not him. Another Leon. What are you waiting for?”
“Actually, I’m waiting for an explanation. What on earth happened to you?”
“Why?” He carefully sat down, but didn’t cross his legs.
“Do I have to make myself clear?” asked Simon with wide open eyes. “Did you look in the mirror yet?”
“Well, you should! Go on, take a good look at yourself!”
Roth sighed and stood up. He walked to the mirror above the sink in the corner of the office. He knew it was him in the reflection, but he could hardly believe it. He had changed. His eyes were far too bright, his pupils black patches against the green. His lips were red and he had a grin he just couldn’t get rid off, no matter how hard he tried.
He had red blotches in his neck and a blush on his cheeks. He looked feverish. Hot. Actually, he looked like he just had a good fuck.
“Draw your own conclusions, Simon,” he said without looking around. “Now leave me alone for a while. Don’t you have to catch somebody?”
“Yes… I do. Sit down, please, Roth. Before you collapse.”
“Oh, I won’t collapse.” He sat down and sighed.
Simon came from behind his desk and kneeled in front of him. He looked in his eyes.
“I know it’s none of my business, but you’re my partner, Roth, and I want to know what’s going on with you. What happened?”
Roth smiled. “I just had an amazing experience,” he said. “And I don’t have enough yet.”
“Yes. Shouldn’t you go away?” He didn’t sound too harsh anymore.
“Oh, I’m off in a minute. But there’s more you should tell me, right?”
“I don’t know. Is there?”
“Oh, such innocence,” grinned Simon. “Why are you wearing those pants? Where’re your jeans?”
“I need a little room in my crotch for a while,” said Roth.
“Really? And can you tell me why?”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
“Oh, I know, I’m not one of you. That’s right, I’m not. But let me use your own words on you: enlighten me.”
“I have a Prince Albert,” said Roth calmly.
“A what?”
“Look it up on the web, if you find the time.”
“Can’t you just show me?”
“Hell no,” laughed Roth. “That would spoil the fun. See you later, Mr. Simon, take a few men with you and be careful.”
Simon turned at the door. “It’s some kind of piercing, right?”
“But you look like you had an incredible good fuck.”
“I had that too. Bye-bye, Simon.”
“With Leon?”
“Yes. See you later.”
“You never cease to amaze me,” said Simon, closing the door behind him.
“That makes two of us,” mumbled Roth to himself.

It appeared not to be hard to catch Leon Ramsey. Simon and Roth looked through the one way mirror and observed him.
“Good job, Simon,” said Roth.
“Ow, shut up. It was nothing. You found him, you know. All I did was bringing him in.”
“Nevertheless, good job.”
“Yeah. Now we have to get a confession out of him.”
“Be my guest…”
“Yeah. I’m going in.”
Roth saw him entering the interrogation chamber. Ramsey looked tough. Roth didn’t like him at all. He looked like someone who could strangle a girl with one hand. He wondered if he had taken pleasure out of it.
Simon tried to be nice, and to let him talk. But Ramsey didn’t say a word. He had given him a brief glance, when he came in, and that was it. There was no eye contact anymore, whatever Simon tried.
Shouting didn’t work, and neither did banging his fists on the table. Ramsey didn’t flinch, he didn’t look up, and he didn’t speak.
Roth sighed. When Simon gave him the signal, he went to the room.
Ramsey’s eyes flickered in his direction. Then he looked away again, but slowly, his head turned back towards him. The eyes locked onto his. And Roth saw the recognition.
He didn’t sit down. Ramsey looked at his face, and slowly turned his gaze down. He felt the eyes sliding over his body, down to his crotch. Then, they flashed up again. Roth didn’t wait for the grin to come.
“Enlighten me,” he said softly.
Ramsey shook his head. “I don’t have to,” he said with a hoarse voice. “You know.”
“Do I?”
“Oh, yes. You can’t hide yourself for me, cop. I know what you are. I know what you have done. Did you like it?”
Roth raised a hand to Simon, when he felt he wanted to speak. He pulled a chair from the table and sat down, facing Ramsey.
“I don’t have to tell you anything, Ramsey,” he said. “You have to tell me something.”
“About what, cop?”
“About Vicky, Ramsey.”
“Vicky…” He grinned. “She was hot, cop. She was so hot, and horny, and so willing…”
“I’m not impressed, Ramsey.”
“I know, cop. You like something else. But our goal is the same. Pleasure out of pain, cop, isn’t that what we are longing for?”
“You tell me, Ramsey.”
“She loved a needle through her flesh while I fucked her, cop. Oh, she just loved it. I could make her come so hard… She could loose her mind, cop, just by giving her pain at the right moment.”
“When was the last time you were with her?”
Ramsey laughed softly. He didn’t answer him.
“Did you break up with her?”
“I see. Then why are you speaking about her in the past tense?”
The eyes flashed up. “I do?” he said uncertain.
“Oh yes, you did… And I’ve got it all on tape. Would you like to hear your own words?”
“No…” He stared at his hands. He turned them palm up, looking at them as if he saw them for the first time. Then he brought them to his face, and rubbed them over it.
“I killed her, didn’t I?” he whispered.
“She’s dead, yes.”
“Oh God… Oh no…”
“What did you do, Ramsey?”
“Oh no… No… No!” He shook his head and stretched his hands far in front of him. “It wasn’t supposed to happen! I didn’t want to kill her!”
“Tell me what happened, Ramsey,” said Roth with a soft voice.
“She wanted me to hurt her!” shouted Ramsey in despair. “She wanted me to strangle her, to squeeze the air out of her lungs, while I fucked her! Damn, and I did! I strangled her, and it was so good, to fuck her shocking body… I thought she came! I thought I gave her pleasure!”
“But she didn’t wake up, did she?”
“No! She was just lying there, motionless, not breathing anymore…”
“Then what did you do?”
“I ran off!” yelled Ramsey. “I just took my clothes and ran away! I left her behind! Shit, cop, I didn’t want to do it!” He held his hands away from him and bend his head down to the table, and cried. Roth stood up and walked to him.
“That seems enough,” he said to Simon, who looked at him with jaw dropped. Roth ignored him, and put an arm around the shocking shoulders.
Ramsey turned and pressed his face against his chest.
“You know, cop,” he sobbed. “You know! You understand the desire!”
“Yes,” whispered Roth in his ear. “I understand it.”
“Believe me, it wasn’t suppose to happen…”
“I understand, Ramsey, I know what you mean.” He saw two officers coming in, ready to take him away. “But you killed her, Ramsey. And you should have stopped before it was too late.”
“It was sex…”
“Yes. And I would have helped you, if you had given yourself in. But you ran away, Ramsey. And that, I can’t forgive.” He pushed him away from his chest. “Take him away,” he said.
Ramsey looked at him while the cuffs clicked around his wrists. He blinked the tears out of his eyes.
“And who have you found, cop?” he asked. “Who is it, that understands you so well?”
Roth smiled. “You’ll find that out for yourself. You’re clever enough. Let me give you a clue here: I didn’t use your first name.”
Ramsey held his breath. The officers pulled him with them and he staggered to the door.
“Good catch, copper,” he grinned. “You should be proud of yourself.”
Roth smiled. The door closed behind the men, and peace returned. Simon shut the recorder off.
“Well now, that was swift.”
“Yeah,” said Roth absentminded. “Very enlightening.”
Simon came to him and gently touched his shoulder. “Well done, partner,” he said softly.
Roth sighed once more. He had never sighed so much in his life, he thought.
“An open and shut case, Simon,” he said. “Let’s fetch a drink somewhere. And I need a few painkillers.”
“Yeah. Your new Prince Albert.”
“Did you find out already?”
“Oh yes. And I must confess, I’m very impressed.”
“Me too. I still can’t believe I did it.”
“It worked, on this case.”
“Yes, it did. I hope I won’t get involved like this in the next one.”
Simon gently pulled him with him. He led him to the car, and drove off to a pub.
“So tell me,” he said eventually. “Will you see that piercer again soon?”
“Oh, yeah. He’s a keeper.”
Simon grinned. “Glenn, my man, are you proud?”
“I sure am, Bill. He’s a good catch, I’ve been told.”


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