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erotic stories

Sex with a God

June 2005 by BlackWolf

It had been a long day. People coming in and leaving. The only comfort was the music in the background and Brian the other employee at the music store. He was a man to be admired. He was lean and fit with beautiful six pack abs. I know because he wears a muscle shirt on Fridays and thank god it is Friday today. He was 6' 0" with short brown hair, small lips, and legs and a butt to die for. He was the perfect man. Smart, confident, and always knew what he wanted. I loved when he came over and chatted with me. He had a deep voice that made me melt when ever he talked. Perfect in every way.

It seemed today was the day of the bitchy customer because a lot came in. It only me and Brian there and we both had two each. It seemed that something was wrong with their copy of "The Killers, Hot Fuss" seemed they wouldn't play on their computers. We knew the problem and replaced the CD with the new ones but not without a customer bitching on his way out. Brian was comfort because he usually calmed them down and had them leaving with a small smile on his face.

When it had calmed down and it was empty he came over and we talked for awhile. "Crazy day, today would you say?"

"Very, I'll be glad when this day is over."

"It's not over yet. Remember your suppose to come over to my house so we could study for the philosophy mid-term?"

I had not forgotten. That thought was the only thing keeping me from going crazy. I planned to come on to the hunk while we were studying. Casually brushing my hand against those god like legs. "Of course I remember. I brought my books with me, they are in my car. I was going to follow you home tonight."

"Good, cant wait to get studying!"

That last comment made me wonder. Is he interested in me? Is he even gay. I always thought Brian was gay yet a little curious. All I had to endure was two more hour of this shit and it looks like five cars are pulling into the drive way. Why did so many fucking people have to like them so much? Why did so many people put their music on their computer?

Finally when the last and most bitchiest customer which me and Brian both had to take on left, we were out of their fast. We closed up and headed to his house. He lived with a roommate who was out of town so we would be all alone.

His house was very nice and clean. He went in the bathroom to freshen up and I was left in the living room praying that we would get on tonight. To have that perfect god like body on top on me fucking the hell out of the butt hole would be heaven on earth.

When He got back we went straight to work. Philosophy wasn't either of our best subjects so we would be here probably all night which I was hoping would happen. I did what I promised I would do and was rubbing my hand casually against his knee. He didn't seem to mind and in fact looked as if he enjoyed it because he adjusted his package a lot.

We were taking a break when he suddenly posed the question. "You gay?"


"Just asking because I am kind of interested in you and with you brushing yourself against me, it has made me very horny."

I was dumbfounded, the man who I admired and ogled over at the music store is now asking me if I want to have sex with him. I could hardly form the words. "We-Well I am horny too. I wouldn't mind taking a lo-longer break t-to relieve some st-stress." With those words he grabbed me and lead me to his bedroom.

When we got there we immediately worked on each others cloths. I got finished with him first and devoured his cock into my mouth which was already hard as a rock. A perfect, like he is, cut 7 inch cock. As I was working his cock he was moaning so loud that I was scared someone would call the police. He was oozing delicious pre-cum and I was swallowing every last bit.

He stood there like a great Roman statue thrusting his dick into my mouth while holding my head, playing with my hair. Sometimes saying a few words to me."Yeah suck that cock. You know you love my big tool."

After about 10 minutes he pulled me up and we started to kiss. A deep and long French kiss. I was in heaven. I was kissing this man which I has fantasized about for so long. When we finished he immediately went down on me. Working me like an old pro. Sometimes teasing me with his tongue. He would play with my balls and massage my hole from time to time. I knew he wanted to thrust his big 7 inch fat cock into me and I so wanted him to do it to me.

After about 15 minutes I came all in his mouth and he swallowed all of it greedily. When he finished I walked over to the bed and laid down. "I'm all yours for the fucking Apollo." He laughed at my last remark and went to get the lube and condoms.

"Well my dear Zeus, are you ready for the fucking of your life?"

"Very much my God of the Sun." He came over to me in his perfect nakedness, put on the condom and lube both me and him up always looking into my eyes with those perfect green eyes.

When he finished he thrust into me slowly pushing in and taking out to make sure I didn't feel to much pain. When he was all the way inside me he started fucking me like a wild man deprived of sex for so long. I was moaning so loud that I was hurting my own ears. His beautiful muscular arms looking like the arms of the mighty Zeus himself. I was feeling pleasure like I hadn't felt before in my life. He was moving his great dick in me all around hitting my prostate and the walls of my anus. He knew how to fuck an ass like no one else I have ever met in my life.

"Yeeeeaah, fuck me you godly man. Harder, harder, awwwww." I went into a trance like state, that was just how good I was feeling.

"I'm going to cum all in your bubble butt ass." He took off his condom and stuck his dick back in me. Within a few second we were both cuming. His cum was hitting with a force and with every wad he shot, I shot another one. We were both empty we sat next to each other and talked a little.

"So, was me performance up to par with the Sun God himself?"

"You were better then Apollo will ever be." We stayed there and talked for awhile and eventually got back to studying. We sometimes sneak in the back of the music store to give each other blowjobs.

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