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erotic stories

The stories I would like to relate to you are all based upon fact, they were adventures I had while I was sailing the High Seas around the world in the British Merchant Navy.

However there is also an element of Fantasy weaved into the story and I hope that you will enjoy traveling the world from your chair, with this mix of fact and fiction.

My Gay Adventures continue-


Tony Foster May 8 2008

The afternoon sun beat down, there was a slight cooling breeze however which
helped a little to dissipate the heat.

My ship the "Valdes" was entering the Straits of Gibraltar, and when I looked
to my port side (left) of the ship I could see in the distance the Rock of Gibraltar
it was a little misty, but I was always impressed with the look of strength that it

We were about one hours steaming time from our next port of Tangiers.

It was 1958 and the French still controlled Tangiers and all of Algeria.

While I was admiring the view and day dreaming about our next port of call, I suddenly felt two strong black arms pull me back into a passionate embrace and lips nibbling my ear.

A husky voice said "Guess Who."
I replied "There is only one person on this ship with such strong dark skinned arms and such delectable lips, and that person is my lover Gerry.

I turned in his arms and kissed him passionately.
A passing sailor saw us and said "Hey you two give it a break."

I laughed and said, "Why, are you jealous'?

That was one great thing on Merchant ships, the crew may or may not be gay, however they had a live and let live attitude to gay liaisons, and although they would take the "Mickey" they would not be upset or cause problems for gay couples on board.

I stayed in Gerry's arms and said "Babe, we will be in port soon and I would love to go ashore tonight with you."

Gerry said "Ok, I have gangway watch until 20.00 after we arrive in port, but I can go ashore after that with you Pedro".

We both reluctantly left the boat deck to continue with our duties.

At 19.30 I finished my duties and rushed to my cabin, I showered and covered my body with very fragrant oil that I had been given as a present.

Then I pulled on a pair of my latest briefs, they were pure silk and a gorgeous pink color.
My cock was rock hard when I preened in the mirror.
The jeans I chose, were pretty tight, as I wanted to show my lover how sexy I could be for him , and my shirt was also silk as that is my favorite material.

There was a knock at the door, and on opening it, I saw Gerry, smiling and looking very handsome in his hipster jeans and a colourful shirt.
His skin glistened, and I felt so happy that I had such a friend who was not only very sincere, but so handsome.

"Come on Pedro, they have lowered the gangway, and we can go ashore".
"Ok Gerry lets go and have some fun"

We walked down the gangway and called a cab, Gerry had been to Tangiers before and knew a night club, nearby which was gay and had a great show.

He told me that the boys who danced on stage were very handsome and that they wore great costumes for their acts.

We arrived at the Marrakesh Club in the old quarter of Tangiers and on entering we saw that a number of the Valdes Crew was already there.

Gerry ordered a bottle of Champagne and arranged with the waiter that we could have a front table with a great view of the stage.

The small orchestra were playing light music, and then a handsome Moroccan
Compeer came onto the stage and said Madame's and Monsieur's, Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to welcome you to the Marrakesh Club, we have many wonderful dancers for your delectation this evening, I feel sure that you will have a wonderful evening.

If during the evening you wish to entertain any of our dancers personally, please contact the waiter and ask for the company of the dancer you desire, they are wearing a number to assist your choice.

With that, there was a crescendo of music and four young pretty dancers came on to the stage.

I would guess that they were about twenty years of age, and their costumes consisted of very light silk wraps of different colours which showed off their sexy
light brown skin.

I watched the lads dancing very attentively and they were so handsome and sexy.

I was holding hands with Gerry and he noticed that I was getting very excited and agitated watching the sensuous dancing.

"Gerry, how about us having two of those lads for a great time together this evening.
If we pay an "off fee" we could take them back to the ship for the night
for some excitement."

Gerry was also very excited at this prospect, so we spoke to the manager and requested the company of two young lads we had seen on stage, number 69 and

The two lads were told that we were interested in their company and came over to see us in their flimsy costumes.

We bought them a drink and my friend, told me that his name was Sheriff, and
Gerry's friend was called Muktah.

They sat very close to us, and then started to play with our cocks through our trousers, and Sheriff started to kiss me, his lips were so succulent and sexy and I felt that we would have a great time together.

Gerry's friend was also very attentive, we decided to get a taxi back to the ship with our new found friends and left after paying the bill etc.

On arrival at the ship, Gerry said "Pedro I am going to take my new friend to my cabin, I will see you in the morning"

"Ok that is fine, have a great time babe".

With that Sheriff and I went down to the lower deck to my cabin, and as soon as I closed to door, he was all over me, kissing and playing his hands over my cock and arse.
I was soon stripped and also Sheriff and we laid down on my bed, kissing strongly and playing with each others cocks.

Sheriff started to lick my arms and my body and this caused my hairs to stand on end, it was so sexual.

He licked my cock and the proceeded to rim me with great passion, pushing his tongue in to the inner sanctum of my body.

I gasped for air, never having felt such pleasure and could hardly contain my excitement.


On and on he went until I could hardly breathe, and then I could feel his cock brushing my arse lips.

In my excitement, I still remembered that his cock was pretty large, and I had previously had problems accepting my lovers cock, Gerry was pretty big in that department.

I leaned over and quickly grabbed a large tube of K.Y. jelly and greased myself up, and then with an almighty push Sheriff was "in"!!!.

With strong strokes he ploughed my arse, in and out like some steam engine
without remorse, I cried out but his relentless strokes continued.

He had no mercy; gradually I felt that the pain was decreasing and that the pummeling I was receiving was gradually becoming a pleasure.

He held me strongly in his arms and did not cease, he was covered in sweat and drops were falling on me.

I felt exhausted but fulfilled, during the night I was ravished three times by Sheriff.

Come the morning, Sheriff told me that he had to leave; it seems that he had an office position but danced in the evening for extra cash.

I said that I would love to see him again and he asked how long we would be in port, I said three days, "Ok Pedro I will see you this evening, I have to go to the club first, and you will have to pay my off fee, is that alright?.
"Of course I said, but please let me give you something for yourself."
Sheriff shook his head and said" No I do not charge friends, and I regard you as a friend."

If you would like to do something for me, please come to dinner on your last night here and meet my family, they would love to meet you, I feel sure.

With that he left, and I could hardly contain my excitement thinking about another night of sex and pleasure with my new found friend Sheriff.

Tony Foster May 8 2008




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