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Farm Buddies

June 2005 by  

I was young and very innocent. I have always had known I was gay. I just never told anyone. I remember the summer I worked on my father's farm. My father hired a young man a little older than me. I remember him well he's name was Eric, he had the perfect body. bulging muscles, big arms, warm soft feathery light sandy hair. I always noticed he's huge bulge in between his legs. everytime he walked by I saw that huge bulge tightly rub against his thighs with every step. the guy made me incredibly horny.

I use to savour every moment watching him sweat, he used to always take his shirt off when it got to hot. I would find myself just stare at him in all his beautful glory. The sun would shine and glisten on him. I would see the sweat drip down all over his body. I felt like I could feel his breath everytime he would breath air into his well sculptured body.

My mouth would start to salivate with a desire to just walk up to him and take my tonque and lick the sweat off his body and taking the taste of his body and sweat and letting it just roll down my tonque taking in the taste as the cold hot sweat would drizzle down my throat only wanting me to taste more and to gorge and his manly flesh to satisfy my never ending hunger.

when the day would end I would hurry back home and go into the bathroom where I would stay in there for over an hour thinking about him and fantasize about how I would make love to him. I always took the hand lotion in the bathroom that belonged to my mother. I would squirt it in my hand and I would start stroking my cock with it. I remember after awhile my cock got hard and real hot. The faster I started to stroke the harder and hotter it got until I felt the rush of my cum starting to force it's way to the head of my cock. a tremendous build to the tip of the haed of my cock was there ready to break through. I grabbed a hold of my nuts with one hand I squeezed the head of my cock and ran my two fore finger to the back of the head and then jerked foreward and a large stream of cum shot out onto the shower curtains. I then shot two more large squirts. I let out aloud groan followed by heavy breathing.

I remember just standing there after I shot my load. The cum that was left over was just dangling from my cock. I wiped it with my two fingers and stuck my fingers in my mouth. The taste was warm and salty. I thought to myself I wonder if eric's cum tasted the same. I stepped into the shower and washed myself.

The next day my father had eric and I work together as the other crew went off into another part of the field. Eric and I were going to clean the farm equipment in the barn. I would finally be totally alone with him no one else was around and the other's would be gone for hours. I was steam cleaning a tractor outside of the barn. Eric was was using the air hose to clean out some of the dirt that was lodged in the filters in the harvest machine on the shaker we use to shake the prune tree's. I noticed that he got real dirty frome blowing the dirt out. The shirt he was wearing was full of the dirt, he decided to take it off. I saw him take the air hose and he started to blow the off of his body and out of his hair. Eric saw me look at him and he started to smile.

I said to him your pretty filthy. would you like a wash. He said that would be great I turned to the other garden hose near by and sprayed his whole body. My god there he was all wet and dirty. He said you didn't get all the dirt off. I told him to stand still and I would spray him again. I was about to squirt him again, but he then grabbed the nozzle and my hand and said I know a better way to do it. he grabbed me close to his hard masculine body and gave me the most sweet wet kiss I ever had. He told me he knew that I was always looking at him in a different way.

I think we should go ahead and have some fun, he told me. He unscrewed the nozzle off of the hose and the water gushed out all over us, both of our bodies were drenched wet.

Eric start kissing me harder with his hands grasping my ass in my pants and rubbing his middle through the crack in my ass. I moaned with delight as the tip of his finger penetrated deeper into my hole. Our mouths were dripping wet with saliva running down our faces.

Eric picked me up as I wrapped my legs around him. He layed me on the dirt floor. He ripped my shirt and pants off of me and tossed them aside. I grabbed his crotch and felt his hard cock. I zipped open his pants and pulled them down. he kicked off out of his feet. Eric started ramming his cock in my mouth. I took it in as far as it would go. in and out he cock went we got a rythym going. we were so in tune to each other you could set music to ir. Eric was graoning and moaning with every thrust. I was almost gasping for air each time he shoved it in further open my mouth cavity wider and wider.

After awhile he pulled his cock out turned me over and quickly rammed his thick cock in my ass. I let out horrish screamed from the force of the thrust. I began to enjoy it after the first initial pain. I swear his cock grew bigger inside of me with everytime he pushed it in further our bodies were both shaking and shivering as we fucked each other harder. the sound of his torso slamming against my buttocks souded like to basball bats banging against each other. The harder he fucked the more my ass was throbing.

Eric jerked his cock out of my ass and I heard a loud yell coming out of the top of his lungs as he was about to shoot his wad. I quickly turned around and tilt my head back and opened my mouth. I then felt a this warm like fluid my face and squirted in my mouth. Squirt after aquirt shot at me until my face and the inside of my mouth was drenched in cum. He's cum was sweet and salty better than what my cum tasted like. I let it flow down my throat to satisfy my hunger for that glorious cum. I then let out a loud scream and shot my load all over the dirt floor.

That was one of my best summers I spent on the farm and one I will never forget.

June 2005 by  

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