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erotic stories

Getting Off Early

By Mellicat March 5 2008

I have an opportunity to take off work a couple hours early and decide to go home and surprise Aaron. I knew he had the day off, one of the perks of working at a bank, every piss ant holiday and he gets the day at home.

I open the front door as quietly as I can so he wont hear me come in. There is no sign of him in the living room where I expected to find him. I check the kitchen and the office; hes not there either. I creep silently up the stairs to our bedroom and find him stretched out naked across our bed.

His skin is still glistening from the moisture of the shower he has just taken. The damp towel is lying on the floor beside the bed. His eyes are closed and his lips are parted ever so slightly. His hand is wrapped around his dick and hes stroking himself slowly.

I watch as his hand slides up and down over his cock; his other hand comes up and his fingertips run across his left nipple. I know from our time together how sensitive his nipples are.

My own cock begins to lengthen at the sound of his moan. I am torn between watching the show playing out before me or going over and joining in. I decide on the former, at least for now.

His back arches and his head pulls back as he continues to stroke himself, all the while his finger and thumb are pinching his nipple over and over.

I reach down and unzip my fly to free my own dick that is straining against the tight fabric of my briefs. I reach into my underwear to slide my shaft out and begin stroking in the same rhythm as my lover.

His tempo quickens, as he grows closer to his climax. I increase my speed as well, trying to match his progress. I must have let out a moan because he opens his eyes and looks my way. He gives me a shy grin, and continues his task.

I fight to keep my eyes open as the need to come intensifies. His eyes roam over my body and then flutter shut as he tries to calm himself, not ready to let his release come just yet.

I walk to the bed and stand over him, continuing to stroke myself. He looks up at me with such lust in his eyes. Do it, he says and I feel my orgasm take me. I watch as ropes of come fly from my cock on to his chest and face. He cries out in his own release and his come mixes with mine.

I stumble over and collapse on the bed beside him. After a moment he opens his eyes and looks at the mess on his chest and smiles. Looks like Im going to need another shower.

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