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erotic stories


by Jordan

February 13 2006

I was sixteen and he was fourteen. We both worked at the same place and went to the same high school; little did I know that we would also share something else in common.

I remember it was around the fall when he first applied for the job at the same restaurant that I worked at. We desperately needed workers so I know exactly why he was hired, but if the manager was feeling the same feelings I was when I first saw him, it had nothing to with a good work ethic. He stood at five foot something and was a caramel Adonis. He had braids that came down to his shoulder and the ended in beads, so you always heard him coming. He had the most beautiful brown eyes, and that is what probably attracted me to him in the first place. I can’t resist beautiful brown eyes.

We had little to no contact at work and even less at school it wasn’t ‘til about a week or two until we finally started making small talk and coming out of our perspective shells. Then one day while talking and staring deep into his eyes I asked, “Okay, so when are you going to let me fuck?” I know that is sounded so crass and wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. His reaction was so unexpected, but good all the same. He just laughed and said soon. I figured he was just playing, thinking I was joking, but oh how wrong I was.

After that we really loosed up, we went out of our way to speak to each other, at school and at work, he always hung around me now and we were becoming fast friends. In close quarters I would take chances and feel him up, and he would say nothing about it, whether it be quick touches on the shoulder, arm, leg, butt, and even dick. He would also present opportunities for to feel on him too, feeling a bug bite here, looking and strange bumps there. I finally decided that I would go for the ultimate goal after he allowed me to stick my hands in his pants and he didn’t even flinch. I decided then it was time to make my move.

The next day at work I followed my usual routine of going to the locker room and changing to work uniform from my street clothes. After only a few minutes he comes bustling in. It had been enough time for me to undress, but not to put on my work clothes, to this day I still wonder if he did that on purpose or was it merely fate. He started to back out of the locker room with apologetic mumble of sorry, but relented after I assured him that it was okay. He laughed and smiled saying I didn’t have anything that he didn't already have and he only came in to pee. While he used the urinal and I continued to change we struck up a conversation as usual. Right before I was about to leave he said something that shocked me still. “Hey, you aren’t going to leave without giving me that fuck you promised are you?” His words surprised the hell out of me that all could say was excuse me. He replied that I heard what he said and then began to walk over to me without even zipping up his pants or tucking his dick away. He came up right next to me and began nibbling on my ear and rubbing my chest. He continued on to begin unbuttoning my shirt. For a moment I started to get a little mad, why’d he wait until I was done getting dressed to make his move, but I quickly pushed the anger away as I realized that this is what I had been wanting to do for forever now. I started to take control of the situation and grabbed his already exposed dick and began to caress and rub it. The pleasurable sensation of my hand on his dick caused him to let out a slight moan and he stopped what he was doing and focused entirely on what I was doing to please him.

While stroking him to hardness, I realized that we were practically about to have sex in public seeing as how any of our co-workers could come barging in the looker room at any moment. I told him to hold on a second as I rushed over to a bench that was next to the door. I pushed it quickly to block the door and rushed back over to my awaiting lover, I began to kiss him on the mouth and lead him by his dick to the other bench in the locker room and I had him lay down. Began to unbutton his shirt I took it off along with his wife beater and I began to kiss down his chest pausing only lick and suck on his beautiful nipples. When I reached his pants he lifted his ass to allow me to slip his boxers and pants the rest of the way off so now he was lying completely naked on the bench. I wasted no time begin the beautiful art of fellatio and swallow his 7 and ˝ inch dick whole. Well not whole but as much as my mouth would allow. I rolled my tongue over his dick as I sucked up and down on his shaft. He lasted for another two minutes and he was cumming in my mouth. I was sincerely surprised that I could swallow it all. After he breathing had returned to normal I peeled my mouth away from his still softening penis. I stood up from my kneeled position and finished undressing myself.

By the time I was done he was sitting up on his elbows, his dick again rising, and staring at my with a come-hither stare. I slowly walked over to him my erection pointing straight out. Leaned down toward his face and began to kiss him again. This time more passionately. I then sat on the opposite end of the bench and began to prepare him for penetration. I gently stuck my fingers in his butt while with the other hand stroking his hard dick. By the time I had got three fingers in he had already came again. I sat on the bench with my legs stretched out and pulled him slowly toward me. I slowly pushed the head of my dick into his ass and stopping only when I saw a genuine look of pain. We had forgotten any type of lubrication. I told him we would stop, but he stopped me and said he wanted this too much to wait. So I hesitantly proceeded to go all the way in it took me about another ten minutes to get in enough to where I was satisfied, being that I didn’t have any lube and I didn’t want to hurt him any more than I already had. I began long-dicking him as much as I could with partial entry. I had only four inches in him and the other five and ˝ in my hands, preventing me from going to far. For the next 45 minutes we fucked like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t hold back any longer when I felt the twitching in my balls telling me I was about to cum and I shoved my entire dick in him. I held his legs up in the air, with them pinned to my sides by my arms. He just laid there with his eyes rolled back in his head enjoying the sensation of being fucked. When I felt my dick stop pulsing I pulled out and leaned down to kiss him again. We quickly started to get dressed as we had now been missing for over an hour.

After I fixed the other bench to its original place, he stopped me as I approached the door. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a kiss. When we broke apart he whispered to me his usual cocky voice, “Next time it’s my turn.” Then with a grin and a slap on my ass he was out the door without a look back.

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