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Tony Foster May 1 2008

I had just been to see my local doctor, and I was feeling pretty low.
He had told me that although I was pretty fit, I needed to take more exercise and that I should really sign up to a health club for regular exercise.

When I got home I pulled out the Yellow Pages and looked under the classification for Health Clubs and Gymnasiums.

After going through quite a few advertisements, I noticed one that had some appeal to me.
It stated that it was seeking members and that for two months the fees had been lowered by twenty per cent.

I phoned the Club and a pleasant voice answered and said, "Can I help you".

"Yes Please, my name is Peter and I have recently seen my doctor and he suggests that I should take more exercise on a regular basis to improve my health".

" Well Peter, my name is Tony and I am the manager here and I would be pleased to discuss with you an exercise plan, if you would like to drop in and see me, would tomorrow be convenient?"

"Yes I can call at the club at 10 am, would you be able to see me at that time?"

"That's fine" Tony said, "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 10 a.m."
"By the way Peter, we ask all our members to wear bodysuits, as it is an all male club ,and the members find that it is better than just shorts and a T Shirt"

"Oh Dear" I answered, "I do not have any".

"Do not worry Peter, I can supply a couple for you tomorrow, they are not too expensive."
"Thank you Tony for your help, I will see you tomorrow."

I was not sure how I felt after that phone call, on the one hand I was excited about getting fitter, but wearing a bodysuit in front of others , was a little daunting!

I had seen pictures of guys in bodysuits on the internet and they showed up ones cock a great deal.

I am well built and my cock is about 9 inches when excited, so I hope that I can control myself when I am wearing this type of clothing.

I had a restless sleep, with dreams of my cock showing through the thin material of the body suit, and awoke a little tired.

After breakfast I drove to the Health Club in my car, the car park was nearly full, so the club must be popular.

On entering the front door, the receptionist, a very handsome young man greeted me.
He was about twenty, six feet tall, well built, with blond hair and a very pleasant smile.
I noticed immediately, that he was only wearing a deep blue bodysuit, and this showed his cock really vividly, and a lovely package it was too.

"Good Morning" he said, my name is Brian ".

I greeted him and said "My name is Peter and I have arranged with Tony yesterday to begin an exercise programme today".

"Oh yes" Brian said, we are expecting you".

With that he picked up the phone, and I heard him speaking to Tony.

In a few minutes Tony came out of his office, he was just wearing a bright red bodysuit, white socks and gym shoes.

He was about five feet nine inches tall, light brown hair, and about twenty three, and had a lovely smile.
"Good morning Peter", please follow me and we will get your gym kit issued to you."

I followed him into his office," Peter, would you please strip off everything and we will find a couple of bodysuits for your use in the club."

I slowly took off my white nylon Addidas Shorts and shirt and I was wearing a bright red silk pair of briefs underneath.

I noticed Tony looking intensely at me, and I felt a little embarrassed.

"Now Peter I have some very nice bodysuits here for you to look at," and with that he opened a cupboard and there were a large variety of body suits of different colours.

I picked up a bright yellow pair, and a pair of light green ones, and checked the sizes, I am also six feet tall and well built, and I felt the material, they were a very fine weave, silky to the touch and with the high rise to the legs which show most of ones thighs.

I opened a package and took out the yellow pair, and I said to Tony, "I hope that I will not feel out of place wearing these as they leave very little to the

I struggled into the yellow suit, and at the same time I could feel my cock rising into a raging hard on!

Tony smiled and said" I can see that wearing the body suit is making you excited, do not be embarrassed Peter, most of the members have a hard on when they put the suits on, it is not a problem".

With that remark he said "I had better check it for a fit, to make sure you will be comfortable"
With that he pulled me towards him, and ran his hand over my arse and the leg openings and then smoothed his hand over my cock, making it become harder.

"Yes that is a great fit, and your cock looks very nice under the material".

I was a little taken aback with that remark, but let it ride.

"Ok Peter, please follow me and we will introduce you to the rest of the class, we keep class numbers to just six persons so we can give individual attention to the members".

With that, he briskly walked down the corridor, and I followed, all the time admiring his arse in the bodysuit, he was spunk!

We entered the gym area and I saw the other five members who had already commenced exercising.
They were all young guys wearing bodysuits of various hues, and with various arousals of their cocks, what a sight for someone like myself, who loves and admires the male body.

"Good morning class" said Tony, I would like to introduce a fellow classmate joining you today, and his name is Peter"

I nodded to every one, and felt rather embarrassed standing in front of the class in a bright yellow body suit and with my cock almost erect under the thin material.

The instructor was introduced to me; he was about eighteen, very tall and in great shape with bulging muscles in his arms and legs.

My eyes went straight to his cock under his green body suit and it looked huge, I would say a good nine inches and rounded!

He smiled and said," Welcome Peter, my name is Chris and we have only just started exercising , so please join the others and we will continue".
Tony left the room and the rest of the class smiled a welcome to me.

Chris put us through various exercises for about 45 mins and I felt pretty tired, as I was not used to exercising.


Chris was a very good instructor and at the end of the session, he called me over.

"Peter, I think that you have done very well today, for a first time, but I really consider that you could do with a good massage to relax you"
"It is all part of the service, and is included in your fee"

I was interested in this, as I do enjoy a good massage, so I readily agreed.
Chris said "Follow me; the massage room is up this corridor."

Again my eyes were drawn to Chris arse in his sexy bodysuit; the cheeks were like two ripe plums ready for the picking!!

We entered a room, which had a massage table with the head opening, and it was warm and pleasant with a lovely smell of Jasmine.

Chris said' Peter I like to undress my clients, I consider this commences a bond between us and helps to relax the person"

"Ok "I said both startled and excited, to be undressed by this young, handsome giant of a man.

With that he pulls me towards him, and I can feel his cock pushing against my back.
He then runs his hands over my arse and my cock, I could feel my breath coming in short gasps, and this was the most exciting thing to happen to me in months.

He slips off the straps of my bodysuit, I can feel his breath on my neck, he then
gently pulls off my suit, and with that my cock springs up with the release from the suit.

Chris instructs me to lie on the massage table on my stomach with my face in the opening at the top.

I could see Chris legs and cock as he slowly pulled off his suit, and he said" I hope you do not mind me massaging you in the nude.
I could hardly gasp "Yes that's fine".

Chris comes right alongside the table and as I turned my head, my vision was filled by a huge rampant cock, he moves forward even more and said "if you want to touch it, please feel free to do so".

I hesitantly ran my lips over it and tried to swallow it, this was difficult in my position, and still I managed to lick it as well as possible.

Then Chris prepared the oil and made it warm and started to massage my back, even and firm strokes, across my back and each time coming closer to my arse.

As he approached my cheeks, his fingers penetrated my arse crack, and entered me.

I was nearly delirious with excitement and could hardly wait for the sweep of his hand and fingers as they crisscrossed my body and down my legs, and then back up to my love channel.

" Peter" Chris said," I can see that you probably need some love and attention urgently, and I want you to get off the bed and go into the bedroom next door and lay down and wait for me."
I staggered off the bed, my cock at "full mast" and my body glistening with oil
and I went through into the next room.

The room had low pink lights and a very large king size bed, with a pretty counterpane and silk sheets. It looked very exotic, like something out of the Arabian Nights!!

I laid myself on the bed, on my stomach and a short while later Chris came in.

He also had a huge hard on, he came over to me, and had a tube of special crème in his hands, and he lathered my arse with this in generous proportions.

Especially around my arse opening and he said in quite a dominant tone
"I am going to fuck you Peter" but I will be gentle.

All I could pray for was that he would be gentle with his huge protuberance, what a cock to be fucked with!!

He pushed it in gently, but I still gasped with pain, an inch at a time, and then he started to move back and forth, I was excited, in pain initially and apprehensive.
all at the same time.
On and On he went and then in a final climax, with his cries and mine we climaxed.

I lay there exhausted and he seemed really spent, and then recovering, he said
"That was great Peter" I hope to service you again soon"

I rolled over and kissed him gently, and said that was a great fuck!

I then got up and showered and went to the dressing room to get dressed.

On the way out, both Brian and Tony shouted out, "hope you enjoyed your first visit".

I said "More than I can say" Be back soon for another lesson, and I smiled on my way to the car.

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