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erotic stories


Tony Foster

Colonel Truscott stirred in bed; it was a typical South Carolina morning, hot and humid.

His hand moved over his muscular body and he took hold of his manhood playing with the considerable length of it and eventually bringing it to fruition, with strong spurts of love juice spoiling the bed.

The Colonel was thirty three and a fine figure of a Southern gentleman, he got up and moved to his mirror, and the reflection showed a man in his prime.

Approximately six feet tall, light hairs on his manly chest, with his manhood slightly deflated after losing his sperm, trim waist and strong legs

His hair was a golden blond and his countenance was described as fresh by various socialite ladies at South Carolinas balls which he attended as his due as Southern gentleman.

Harry Truscott was descended from a fine Southern family and when his parents were killed in a tragic accident to their coach and four he inherited a large estate

of over a thousand acres, it was planted with cotton, which when harvested and

baled for shipment to England brought him enormous wealth.

His workforce consisted of approximately one hundred West African slaves, shipped over from North Africa in special slave ships,

They were chained together in filthy conditions, and every now and then. they were sluiced down with water to keep the stench down.

The conditions were most inhuman, but at that period of time it was accepted particularly in the Southern States as necessary to maintain the large estates.

Harry pulled a bell cord near his bed, and the call was responded by a black lad about eighteen, who was only wearing a pair of silk red briefs.

“Yes master what can I do for you”?

Harry replied” Prepare my clothes Amber and order my coach to be ready at 10 am , you will wear your panties and tight white trousers and a silk shirt and accompany me to the slave market.”

“I understand that a slave ship has arrived yesterday from North Africa and  I wish to buy two pretty lads to look after my person”.

“Oh mastah please do not sell me, I love to serve you”.

Harry replied” be quiet, foolish boy, you are my bedroom girl and the new slaves will join you in looking after me”.

Harry, before being dressed by Amber, pushed his cock into Amber’s mouth and told him to suck it strongly.

 Amber swallowed the love juice and licked around the head so as to not lose a drop of the liquid.

They then moved into a sumptuous bathroom and Harry got into a prepared

bath, it had been heavily  perfumed and rose petals strewn over its length.

The bathroom had been styled on a Roman design and was in essence more like a small swimming pool.

Amber pulled off his panties and joined his mastah in the pool, and proceeded to wash him all over, paying attention to every orifice and carefully parting Harry’s

arse cheeks to clean his love chute.

Harry laid back and Amber played with his cock and licked it all over.

After about an hour, Harry decided to prepare for his journey, and Amber followed

him into the bedroom.

Kneeling before him, he assisted his master to get into a pink pair of silk briefs

and pull on a pair of light cotton trousers and a  a silk shirt with slightly flared

cuffs and to complete his sartorial elegance a pair of brown boots which came just below the knees.

Harry pulled Amber towards him and played with his arse cheeks, “my pretty girl “ he said.

Harry strode outside his large mansion, it was built of shimmering white stone with

Grecian columns along its front, and steps leading down to beautiful gardens and a sweeping driveway.

Harry’s coach was waiting for his arrival, the four horses were stamping with impatience and keen to get off.

There were two Negro coachmen in white uniforms, the trousers were very tights and showed off their manhood, and they had red silk shirts, they complemented the coach and horses, both lads were about twenty.

Amber opened the coach door and assisted Harry inside.

The coach was beautifully upholstered, and Harry laid back and shouted to the coachmen.” lets be off town”

Harry pulled Amber to him and push him down between his legs, Amber knew what was expected of him, being that while Harry was being transported in the coach, Amber was to suck Harry’s cock.

However after a while Harry palled at the sucking and told Amber to sit up.

After and hour and half passed, the coach entered the large town that serviced the local area.

Harry directed his coachmen to drive to the slave market which was centrally located.

The crowd consisted of a number of local gentry and many townspeople to see the sale of the hapless slaves.

Harry approached the slave master and because Harry was a good customer he was taken out to the rear holding cells were the slaves were being held.

Harry told the slave master that he was keen to purchase two pretty lads about eighteen to be his personal slaves.

Well “zir” said the slave master, “have two pretty brothers that may take your fancy.”

He pulled two young lads from the crowd of slaves, they were chained together.

Harry looked them over, he pulled aside their loincloths and played with their cocks, rolling them in each hand.

He then pulled them round and pushed his finger into their moist love chutes and then running his hands up and down their legs he felt their muscles and then their arms.

Finally he pulled up their chins and checked their teeth and told them to smile.

Both lads tried their best, but the smile was very fleeting.

“Fine stock” Harry said.

I will place my bid when they are brought on to the selling stage.

About one hour later after the crowd had grown, the selling commenced, there was a large Negro women and two children sold first to a neighbour of Harry’s .

Then the two brothers were brought on to the stage, they were naked and adorned with fragrant oil.

Their cocks were flaccid but after persuasion by the slave master they rose in size and became rampant.

The slave master said to the crowd, “what am I bid for these two beauties?”

The sum of fifty dollars was a thrown bid from the crowd, then Harry shouted one hundred dollars, the crowd gasped as that was a huge sum for two Negro lads.

The slave master tried for further bids but the crowd was silent.

Finally the slave master shouted “any more bids”, there being no answer he said”

sold to Mr Harry Truscott.”

Harry had one of his coachmen fetch the two lads and they were directed to put on their loin cloths, they were taken to a nearby hotel, and entering the rear door for blacks only, they were taken to a lean to and washed thoroughly, and then dressed in loose cotton pantaloons and shirt.

Harry arranged for them to be delivered to his estate and repaired to the hostelry for lunch , very pleased with his purchase.

About two hours later Harry and Amber left the town in their coach and returned to the estate

On arrival a white haired Negro met them at the front door and said Mastah Harry

we have cleaned the two brothers for you and washed them in perfumed oil and they await you in the drawing room.

With that Harry strode into the room and the two lads were dressed in black silk briefs and nothing else.

Harry made them turn around to see their arses, and said “very pretty”.

I have decided to call you Tom and Tim, easy names for you to remember” and with that, he played with both their cocks through the pretty briefs.

“Mastah’ said Tom I am a man and had a wife and children in Africa and I am not a girl”.

Harry’s face became enthused with anger, “you are what I want you to be

slave, do not every speak back to me again or you will be whipped”

“I want you to understand that you will both be treated as women and I will have sex with you whenever I fancy so”,

Harry turned and told Amber to fetch the slave master of the household staff.

Amber was back shortly with a very large Negro, he was over six feet tall and very muscular, “Argus, you are to take these two new slaves and teach them some manners and their role in my household as girls for my pleasure”

“Bring them back when they have learnt their place in my household.”

Argus took both lads in his grip and rushed them into the servant’s quarters.

He pulled off the briefs from Tom and Tim, then he picked one up at a time as though they weighed nothing and ripped off their panties and greased a dildo

mounted on a chair and slipped To and Tim onto the large dildo’s.

They both gasped with pain and shock and struggled to get off but Argus strapped them on to the seats.

“Right you two you will earn to obey every wish of our master, and if he wants to treat you like girls you will enjoy it”

“I will leave you on those dildos until you learn some manners.” Argus walked out of the room and Tim started to cry and said” what will become of us”?

About an hour later Argus entered the room and lifted Tom and Tim off the dildos .

He then took them to the palatial bathroom and washed every part of their bodies ensuring their man pussies were properly cleaned and perfumed and their hair was washed and curled.

When he had finished they both looked pretty enough t eat!!!

‘ Now you pair, I will take you to the masters bedroom and you will obey him in every detail, unless you want to be whipped.

He grab an arm of each lad and lead them down the hall to the master bedroom.

The lads gasped when they saw the luxurious bedroom, the bed was over ten feet wide, with numerous pillows across the top, the sheets were made of gossamer silk and the furnishings were grand and palatial .

Argus bowed and said “Mastah I have brought the new girl slaves to you and they

will do your bidding”.

Harry beckoned over Tim and said “kneel girl and open your mouth”.

Tim reluctantly opened his mouth, “wider’ said Harry, and the jaws parted, and

Harry inserted his rigid cock into the moist area and started to push it in and out quite fast and Tim had to suck it , faster and faster Harry went and spewed his cum into the orifice,

Harry was drained but felt great.

He then had Tim and Tom put on silk panties and also silk pantaloons and a pretty silk bodice.

They looked so pretty that Harry was pleased with their appearance,

He then instructed them to get on the large bed, and played with their pussies through the silk, he ordered Tim to put Toms cock in his mouth and suck hard and at the same time he inserted a rubber cock into  Toms arse and fucked him with it.

Tom was breathing heavily and came with a stream of cum into Tim’s mouth .

Later in the evening Harry had recovered from his sucking and decided it was time to fuck Tim.

“Come here girl, it is time to fuck your pussy” Harry said to Tim, Tim removed all his clothing and reluctantly presented his ripe peach arse to Harry, Harry pushed copious amounts  of fragrant oil into the love chute and then without hesitation

he plunged in his rigid member into the fragrant hole.

In and out relentlessly the cock plunged like a steam train, Tim screamed “please stop” but Harry ignored the pleas, Tom watched in horror as his twin was fucked.

Finally with grunts and cries of pleasure cum flowed into Tim’s pussy.

Harry was exhausted after the fucking of Tim.

Harry then said to Tom, “I will have you next girl, so get your pussy well oiled as I will really fuck you hard to show you that you are my girls and I will have you whenever I want to.

Tom said” please master do not treat me as a girl”.

Harry replied “you will do as you are ordered, and pulled Tom over and stripping him of his panties, he plunged a finger into Toms pussy and fucked it.

Then oiling his cock Harry lined up Tom’s arse and inserted it without warning

absolutely relentless in his drive to fuck this lad, in and out , the cock being almost withdrawn and then reinserted  with vigour.

Harry said “I am going to make babies with you”.

After Harry had inserted his seed into Tom he sent for the slave housemaster and instructed him to ensure that Tom and Tim were made to wear sexy silk clothing  in the house at all times.

Tom and Tim were made part of the house harem.

Harry the plantation owner was well catered for in his sexual pleasures for years to come.


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