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erotic stories

Flor de la Vida

by Alain -

August 17 2006

We had been walking for what seemed to be hours through a dense rainforest with a thick canopy overhead and my legs were beginning to feel tired when he finally told me we could stop and rest.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back,” he said, with his beautiful green eyes and rich deep voice with the slightest hint of an accent I couldn’t identify.

Trust had for some reason come naturally when he looked at me across the busy street. Leaving the tour group seemed to be the worst idea, however, it was as if my legs moved me without a thought in my mind to follow this man whose voice, body, and gaze conjured up immense warmth from within me. I leaned on the rock ledge that seemed to mark the end of the path we had been following, but he went further still around the huge bolder into an area that seemed to have more light than where we had been.

A few minutes later, he returned carrying something in his two closed hands.

“I have something for you that few have ever seen or ever will see in their lives,” he said.

His lips were seductively full and just above his top lip was a fine dark line of hair that looked completely perfect, yet, never shaven. I didn’t know how old he was, but his voice sounded deep, wise, and experienced in contrast with his perfectly boyish yet muscular bare torso and chest. He leaned back on the rock next to me and the hairs on his arm touched mine and I suddenly felt a burst of warmth from the pit of my stomach. It was warm outside but not enough to sweat in spite of the humidity of the rain forest. Everything felt so perfect.

As I looked at him, the high treetops moved in the breeze and a sweet scent came from the direction he had walked from around the bend. He positioned his body in front of mine so our hips touched, and he lifted his closed hands so that they were between our faces. The sweet aroma I had smelled when there had been a breeze was suddenly much stronger, and I could see a pink fluid seeping between his fingers. Before opening his hands, he licked some of the liquid before it dripped to the ground and then he finally removed one hand from the top of the other.

In his hands laid two beautiful flowers that were obviously providing the sweet nectar smell I had been noticing.

“What are they?” I asked.

“They are called ‘Flor de la Vida.’ They grow from a moss, which is found only here, and they only bloom once every twenty years. Their beauty is legendary along with their existence. But the most amazing thing about them is not their soft petals or beautiful color. They have a sweet juice which has a kind of energy.”

He then picked up one of the flowers from his hand and presented it to me as if it was communion. I opened my mouth, and instantly, my mouth began to water and I felt the petals dissolving into the saliva on my tongue. When I closed my mouth around it, his fingers lingered and I could taste the sweetness from the flower on his skin as well as a faint saltiness that was not of the flower, but instead from him. He then removed the second flower from his hand and placed it inside his sensual lips and turned his head to position his mouth on mine. Our lips opened and our tongues pressed against each other and I started to feel my heart beginning to race in my chest. The beating sound seemed to go faster until it felt like more of a vibration, and the sound of the vibration continued to rise in tone until it was a ringing in my ears. I could feel his excitement swelling between us and suddenly, my orgasm released from the vibration that had taken me. His orgasm followed immediately and our mouths watered with desire for one another. I expected that after such a strong release, we would both fall onto the rainforest floor but the feeling of the orgasm continued and followed in waves which seemed to be unending. Our moans were so loud through our kissing that it seemed like someone surely would have been able to hear us even here in the forest, but we continued to enjoy every wave of ecstasy as it raced through our bodies and our semen streamed down our legs.

After what seemed to be dozens upon dozens of orgasms, the high-pitched sound began to fade in my ears and realization of my surroundings started to again be noticeable. We stopped kissing and it felt like I hadn’t taken a real breath in over an hour. My entire body felt drenched and as we allowed our bodies to relax and pull away from each other, I noticed that our shorts between us were soaked from our many orgasms. Sometime, in the middle of everything, without me noticing, he had unzipped his fly so that he was rubbing directly onto my shorts and lower stomach.

We then both leaned back onto the rock, gasping for air and allowing the cool air to enter our lungs.

“What the hell was that?” I asked.

“I told you, the flower has some kind of energy,” He told me.

“Thank you for allowing me to experience this with you. Are there any more I can take with me?” I asked.

“The flower is not one which can be kept for more than a few minutes off of the stem. As you saw, just walking from the spot that I had picked the flower to bring it to you, it began to dissolve in my fingers. Minutes after it dissolves, it begins to rot and is no longer edible. If we picked some and brought them back into town, we would have pockets full of juice that would be putrid. Follow me now.”

He then took my hand and led me around the corner of the rock ledge and told me to close my eyes. The fragrance began to get stronger and stronger with every step as we turned the corner and I could feel sunlight on my face.

“Ok, open them now,” he said.

I became aroused once again as I opened my eyes and saw hundreds of the flowers atop endless amounts of moss in a beautiful clearing that somehow existed in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Behind us was the other side of the rock ledge that had a stream of water flowing from inside it and we drank from it to replenish the fluids we had just expelled.

“Would it hurt us to do that again?” I asked.

Without saying a word, he took my hand and we laid down in the moss in an area that seemed to have the most flowers and removed our clothes. Again we sampled the flowers together. The same vibrations began in both of our bodies and the orgasms again captured both of us into a trance. I could feel our fluids dripping down each other’s skin and as the vibration would begin to grow faint; we would simply pick another flower and place it into each other’s mouths.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed it was mostly dark around us, and all of the flowers had been picked in our vicinity, but my body needed rest, and from the way he was breathing, he was feeling the same. The high-pitched sound began to lower in my ears and he moved his body so it was leaning on my side, and we drifted off into a restful sleep.

Having no idea how much time had past, I again opened my eyes and felt an absence of his body on the ground near me. I looked around, luckily having moonlight to guide me, and tried to call for him, but he was gone. His clothes were also gone from the ground and I could hear nothing around me except for the trickling water from the falls.

Dried semen had layered my body from nipple level all the way down to my shins and I rinsed off my skin the in the stream after drinking what seemed to be gallons of water. I then got dressed and carefully walked around the ledge toward the path. Before leaving the clearing, I carefully picked two of the flowers from the moss and held them in my hands, just in case I could get them back to my hotel room quickly enough and try to preserve them.

As I got about half way down the path, I could feel the petals starting to melt in my hands, and by the time I got to the main road, the smell of the flowers’ juices had turned sour. I opened my hands and saw that all that was left in my hands was a sticky liquid with a terribly unappetizing smell. I thought of turning back to the clearing, but decided I needed sleep and I could always return tomorrow.

I awoke in the morning with an eagerness to return to the forest to see if I had dreamed the whole thing. I was sure of where the trail had been and I hoped that my friend would be there waiting for me. I was disappointed that he was nowhere to be seen.

I again entered the woods following the same path and arrived at the familiar rock ledge. I pointed my nose up in the air searching for signs of the flowers’ aroma but instead, smelled the putrid smell of something that was rotting. As I went around the ledge and returned to the clearing, all of the beauty was gone and the moss seemed to be brown and dying. A sticky fluid covered the brown dead moss and shimmered in the sun. The odor was difficult to handle and it seemed impossible that it could have been so beautiful in the same place the day before.

Water from the stream was still pouring down the rocks, but in the pool at the bottom where the water collected, there was ugly brown colored foam floating on top.

When I looked over at the area where we had been lying naked on the moss, somehow, there was a difference in the look of the ground. It almost looked as though I could see an imprint of where our bodies had been on the ground. In the outline of what looked to be our bodies, were small green sprouts of moss. I then looked back at the stream where I had been standing when I rinsed off the dried semen the night before and the same sprouts of moss were showing signs of growth. There were no other places in the clearing that had the same signs of growth. Whatever this moss was, it required animal involvement in order to complete a 30-year cycle of seed, growth, flowering and then death.

In respect for whatever this plant-life was, I didn’t try again to bring any of the moss with me out of the rainforest. It obviously didn’t want to be removed from the area. As I boarded my plane to go home that afternoon, a smile came on my face as a thought crossed my mind. For once, nature used humans for personal gain, and cast us aside when it was done with us.

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