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erotic stories


By Mellicat July 2005

I'm sitting at my computer when I hear him come in.  My lover, my partner, my significant other, my... everything.

He walks in, coming home from a day spent at his office.  He toes off his shoes two steps from the door.  Next, the tie is loosened, pulled over his head and tossed on the couch.  Striding over to me, he un-tucks his shirt and unbuttons his cuffs.

He pulls back my chair, the casters squeaking as they roll over the hard wood floor.  I look up at him and see the desire in his eyes.

I think I could almost come just looking into those eyes.  Especially when he looks at me in that way, the way he is right now.  I feel my heartbeat quicken, my breath hitches, as my dick grows hard.

He leans over me placing his hands on either side of me, resting on the desk behind me.  Trapping me.   Then he kisses me.  Slowly at first, gently, his lips barely brushing mine.  Then harder, pressing me back in the chair as his tongue enters my mouth.  I can feel the stubble on his face, burning my skin and setting my yearning ablaze.

Reaching down to my pants, he undoes the top button, then the next.  I raise my hips so that he can pull my jeans down far enough to release my cock.  It slaps my stomach, as it breaks free from my underwear.

He leaves my lips and slides down until he is on his knees in front of me.  He places kisses down my neck and chest.  Taking time to bathe each of my nipples with his tongue.

My cock is leaking, needing to be touched so badly, anticipating his hot, wet mouth.

Finally his tongue reaches my shaft.  First he swirls it over my head, then he flattens it out and licks me, starting at the base and sliding all... the... way... up... Slowly.

Next he takes me in his mouth, sliding all... the... way... down... Slowly.  I hear a low moan in my ears and realize it came from me.

Up and down his mouth slides over my cock, his tongue twirling and teasing.

I feel my balls tighten. I won't last much longer.  I never do, he's too talented and I 'm too taken with him.

He senses my urgency and slides his lips down over my cock one final time, taking me all in.  I feel my head touch the back of his throat, then he swallows... And again.  His muscles constricting around me... And again.  I cry out as I shoot.  He's drinking me up.

At last I am able to think again and I open my eyes.  He is still kneeling there between my knees, looking up at me with a big goofy smile, like the cat that caught the canary.

"I missed out on lunch today," he explains.

Oh God, I am so his.

© Melina Catts 2005


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