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erotic stories

The Office Visit

By Jay Peterson

June 10 2006

I had been on a gay chat site for a couple of hours when I started talking with Desi. He was older than me—40-ish, good-looking according to his picture, and had premature gray hair. Quite distinguished looking. He had his own business as an accountant. A one-man show. We both liked cycling, theater, and shared a passion for Agatha Christie mysteries. So we decided to meet. At his office.

This was my first time “out”. I had experienced anonymous sex through the glory holes at the local adult bookstore, and under the stall wall in the university mens’ room, but this would be my first, “Hi, my name is Jay. I’m attracted to men like you. Let’s talk. Let’s have a soda. Is that your hand on my thigh?” And hopefully, “Here’s my phone number. Let’s get together again.”

I drove to his office which was located in a building all made up of one-person offices. No secretaries, no waiting room, just knock on the door and come in. I nervously knocked on his door. He called out for me to come in. I opened the door and saw him sitting at his desk. He was tan, better looking than his picture, and was dressed in a white golf shirt, dockers, and boat shoes with no socks.

We shook hands, and laughed nervously, while we made small talk. He told me about his past life in California, his lover who he had split with a year ago. I told him about my university studies, my home in Massachusetts, and my current room mates.

After about thirty minutes there was an uncomfortable pause in the conversation. We had been talking, laughing, and feeling good attractions. He had a dimple in his chin, and a cute smile that didn’t come across too well on the chat room! His eyes were dark and sparkled when he laughed. I wanted to reach out and touch him, but the set-up of the room was awkward. He was on one side of the desk—the accountant, and I was in a chair on the other side of the desk—the client. I was wanting to feel his touch. Feel the warmth of his body. Smell his cologne. Feel his breath on my face. I wanted to sit side by side—our shoulders touching now and again as we made hand gestures, our thighs touching as we laughed. A hand resting on the arm of the other. Then an arm around a neck. Leaning in. A kiss. Hands touching chest, back. One of us leaning back while the other leaned in.

We both cleared our throats and then laughed a nervous laugh.

“Come here,” he said. He pulled a chair around to his side of the desk and motioned for me to sit in it. He pulled a CD from a drawer and asked if I’d like to watch a new gay porn CD he had purchased. While it was loading, he walked to a closet in the back of his office and pulled out a blanket and spread it on the floor.

“For later,” he said.

It didn’t take the CD long to warm things up in the office. Desi had pulled the blinds and locked the door. Watching the good looking studs on screen sucking cock made our own meat stiffen. Desi put his arm around me and kissed my ear. I could smell him and feel his warmth. I leaned in and kissed his neck and ran my hand down his arm. He squeezed my hand and I dropped to my knees, just like the blonde dude on the screen. I kissed Desi’s crotch, with his clothes still on, and ran my hand up the front of his shirt. He slumped in his seat and spread his legs invitingly.

His eyes were closed. He wasn’t watching the CD anymore. Nor was I. I pulled his shirt from his shorts and ran my hand up his chest. I felt developed muscles and a six-pack, and a little hair around his nipples. I stroked his nipples and massaged his bulging crotch, bending down every now and then to bite his cock which was stiffening in his pants.

“Suck me”, he whispered. “I want to fill your tongue around my dick.”

Unzipping his shorts, he stood up and let me pull them down. His boxer shorts were straining on top of his growing cock. Roughing up his balls a little, I opened his boxer fly and felt around for his meat. I could feel his coarse pubic hair and found the base of his penis, lifting it out into the open air.

It was beautiful. His pubic hair was dark and had been recently trimmed. His balls were hairless and tight. His dick rose majestic, straight and slender and long, with a nicely shaped head. I was hoping it would soon be inside every opening I could find for it.

Holding his balls tightly in one hand, I guided his pulsing dick into my mouth, swallowing it slowly inch by inch. Gently tugging on his sac, I pulled my head back slowly letting his cock slide out, then swallowed it again. Faster and faster I took it in and let in out, pulling gently on his ball sac and fingering his manhole.

We dropped to the blanket in a 69 position and worked on each other’s penis, slobbering and slurping and rolling around. Rolling to his back, he pulled me up on him and I fucked his face while sucking away on his stiff rod. Then rolling back over, he took the top position and shoved his rod deep in my throat while he chewed away on my balls.

I pushed away from him so I could look at our bodies, tanned, toned, naked, each with his own erect dick. He sat up and we gazed at each other. He was 15-20 years older than me, but that only made him that much more attractive to me. He was mature, experienced, established, while I was young, a novice at life and everything, just finding my way in the world.

He raised up on his knees and leaned forward against me, lowering me to my back. I want to fuck you, he said smiling. I opened my legs, as he reached for a condom in his desk drawer. He unrolled it down his erection, then lifted my legs up over his shoulders, and pressed his cock head gently against my manhole. Slowly he inserted the head and waited as I adjusted myself to the pressure. He pushed in ever so slightly more, moaning as he did. I felt myself relax as I felt his manhood take over me. I looked up and saw his dimpled grin and he massaged my thighs and ran his hand to the base of my own cock. He began to stroke it up and down and my ass tightened reflexively. He raised a little higher on his knees, and told me it felt good when I tightened up around his prick.

Deeper and deeper he plunged his warm and stretching cock. It opened me and felt good sliding past my prostate. I began to beg for more and wanted it faster and deeper. He pumped harder on my own dick until I was ready to shoot. I warned him that I was close. He smiled and kept pumping my cock while shoving his own dick deeper and faster into my manhole. At about the same instant, we both tightened up, closed our eyes, and felt our orgasm peak, hang in the air then explode. His deep within me, and mine shooting up into the air and dripping back down on my chest, stomach and his thighs.

For a moment there was silence in the little office, then a shutter from both of us, as he relaxed and lowered his body onto mine, my cum making a cool pool between us, some of it dripping onto the blanket.

Pulling his limp dick from my asshole, he lay down beside me, and we drifted off to sleep. Waking a few minutes later, we smiled at each other, dressed and exchanged numbers.

My books have been in exceptionally good order lately, as I make a point of visiting my accountant often.

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