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erotic stories


By Melina Catts

March 24 2006

“What is it about this organ that makes me so crazy?” I think to myself as I stroke my lover’s semi hard cock. I love the feel of it in my hand as I bring it to its full glory. I love to take it in my palm while it is still soft and feel it grow under my touch.

I love the sound of his moans, the sound of his breath in my ear as I bring him closer to his climax. The way his hands roam down my back and over my ass, squeezing and pulling me closer to him. My own cock rubbing against his thigh.

I moan as I feel his finger slip into my hole, just past the first knuckle. He wiggles his finger and I feel myself starting to relax, starting to open up for him.

He slides his finger in a little further, moving it in slow circles, stretching me. I love this feeling, this burn. It hurts and feels incredible at the same time.

I’m still stroking his cock; now hard and thick. I run my hands down to its base then trail on down to his balls, rolling them in my palm.

He adds a second finger to my hole, scissoring me. “I want to be inside you,” he whispers.

My dick jumps as if it has ears of its own. “Yeah,” I sigh, “I want you there too.”

I roll over, on to my back and watch his beautifully muscular body as he moves around, positioning himself at my ass.

“Ready?” he asks. He always asks.

I nod.

Then I feel the push and the stretch and the burn, then the pleasure. How can I describe this feeling? Being full, being complete, being loved. All that and more.

He’s pounding into me, all the while watching me, staring into my eyes.

“You are so sexy,” he says, but he is the sexy one. I reach my hand around to cup his ass, loving the feel of his muscles working as he rides me.

I can feel my sac growing heavy as my lover brings me closer to my climax. I bring my hand up to stroke my cock, but his hand beats me there; balancing above me on one arm while his other hand begins its work on my dick.

As he is pushing into me, sliding over my prostate, driving me insane with pleasure I watch his face. His eyes are closed now and his mouth slightly open. I can see the bliss and I love knowing that I am the cause of that bliss, that I am the reason for his pleasure. I love knowing that I can make him feel this way. The same way he makes me feel.

I won’t last much longer. I never do the first time. My desire for this man is too strong. Later, after we’ve both climaxed, we will have a second session that will be slower, longer, but right now our passion consumes us and we let it run its course, burning us, pushing us to its end.

I feel him growing harder, stretching me even more. “You ready?” he asks. “I can’t hold off any longer.”

“Yeah,” I say, “give it to me.”

I feel my balls tighten and my climax takes me as my ass clamps down on him. He thrusts in one last time, holding himself there as his load spurts from his body; the pleasure awash on his face. I treasure these moments; when it is just he and I and for this second everything is right with the world. For this moment I am happy and loved and complete.

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