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Dance Macabre

By Wesley P. Benson

As one born close to Halloween I have always had a natural affinity
for the holiday and all it stands for. Hence, this story; which I dedicate to the
musical masterpiece of the same name by Saint Seans.

It seemed to Josh as if an eternity had past now as he sat there silently peering out of that old third story window ever so anxiously anticipating Taylor’s return. His pent up apprehension nagging at him horribly in such a way that made him fell as if he just had to let go and scream! Had it not been for the fact that he held such mature control over his emotions he might easily have given into that panic filled compulsion! Just then, right when it seemed he was at the very end of his long standing patience from a way off in the distance he heard the sound of the dogs barking. As the sound pierced into his brain his eyebrows spiked and taking in a deep breath he held on to it waiting to hear if the sound would come yet again. Sure enough a moment later the hounds were even louder now and his face broke into a wide grin as he realized Taylor had made it home! Now that the time of anxious trepidation had passed of course he was mentally chastising himself for getting so over wrought with worry. He was always so haunted by the fears that something bad might happen to the young man; he could get lost, or perhaps in his naivety he might have befriended the wrong people. He was always doing that; talking to anyone who came by, getting caught up in the story of misfortune they’d spin for the sake of a handout. He knew Taylor’s heart was so good and so pure that he was always trying to help some poor soul he thought needed assistance.

“Are you here waiting for ‘him’ again?” Kenneth said sarcastically shaking his head as he appeared in the room.

“Oh, crap! You again?” Josh retorted rolling his eyes as he turned from the window to greet him. “You know it all well enough yourself, this is my spot; so where else would I be?”

“If it bothers you when he goes like this,” Kenneth came back teasingly, “why not just go with him?” filled then with his own malicious sarcasm he gave out with that loud spiteful laugh he enjoyed inflicting on everyone.

“Smart ass hick!” Joshua retorted in anger. At that Kenneth stood there throwing his head back again laughing even louder as he clapped his hands knowing all too well that he was pushing the older man over the edge.

“Yes!” Kenneth shouted, purposely taunting him now. “I guess I always was a ‘smart ass hick’ you old sissy-boy!” At that Josh gave way to his anger and throwing his head back screamed loudly, relieving himself of all his pent up tension. His frustration only making Kenneth laugh all the louder, taking an evil pleasure in knowing he had once again frustrated the older man. Suddenly from the next room little Chris, one of the Felts children, let out a piercing scream calling out for his mother as he flew franticly out of his bedroom, racing out into the hallway and down the stairs.

“Oh, that’s just great!” Josh grumbled rebuking Kenneth as he moved over to the open door to peer into the empty hallway, “Now look what you did. You woke him up again. And he’s running down to his mother. For Christ sake the whole house will be up and raising hell now!”

“Oh, tough titty!” Kenneth sneered scornfully. “We’ve gone through it a hundred times now! Any way the dogs are still barking their heads off and getting louder. If I were you I’d get to the back door so you could greet your precious little boy!” Realizing he was only too right Josh turned away from Kenneth shaking his head and quickly vanishing from the room; more eager than ever now to be there at the back door of the old house to greet Taylor as he came home.

Taylor and he had been lovers now since Taylor’s first days as a freshman there at the college. To Josh, a more mature man in his mid forties, Taylor was absolutely every thing he had ever wanted or could want in a lover. So very affectionate and down right cuddly, a constant smile on his face making him a pleasure to behold. His soft skin and clear complexion seemed to call out as if begging to be touched and admired. His blue-gray eyes were like light house beacons that had the ability to pierce right into Josh’s heart. I might add he was blessed with a very well formed, nicely shaped body, and endowed both front and back with everything it took to please any man’s appetite. Certainly after such a long absence, Josh was remembering all this as he made his way to the back door. Standing there, a broad smile on his face, holding on to a great big hug deep in his heart, he stood there and waited for the back door to open. Mind you, Josh himself was nothing to sneer at; thought it was true he was a much more mature man than Taylor he still had a fine body of his own and was in fact a very handsome man with his dark hair and clear complexion. And after all he had been the college’s Physical Education Instructor and its Basketball coach for many years so he was strong and fit with a firm with a shapely body of his own. Suddenly the sound of the hounds barking outside got so loud it seamed to literally shake the whole house, just then Taylor appeared!

“Hey!” Taylor beamed with that angelic smile of his as he came through the door.
“Taylor!” Josh smiled back, his eyes welling up a little. “You were gone so long. I’ve missed you so much!” and at that the two hungry lovers embraced, clinging tightly to each other, filling as best they could the void of loneliness they each had held.

“I missed you too!” Taylor sighed and wrapping his arms around Josh they kissed, long and deep.

“Is everything all right?” Josh asked as he pulled himself loose just enough to eye his partner up and down without actually letting go of him. “You feel so cold.”

“I have you to warm me up now.” Taylor responded then and the two went into a long impassioned kiss full of tongue and the seemingly insatiable lust any man has for his partner after such a long absence.

“Well,” Josh sighed as he brought the bad news out. “I have to tell you, we’re not alone.”

“Oh Babe,” he sighed loosing his smile for a moment. “Please don’t tell me Kenneth’s here already.” Josh just nodded.

“He’s upstairs.” he frowned with a heavy sigh.

“Fuckin’ old redneck! I hope he’s not scaring the kids again!” and at that Taylor got uncharacteristically angry. “Chris hears him and even in a sound sleep just gets scared to death! And he keeps taunting poor little Elisha, hiding her dolls and those stupid little people she has lying all over.”

“Let’s just try and get through it.” Josh came back giving his lover another hug. “I say let’s go up to bed and just forget the old red neck bastard!”

“Well, at least we’re together!” and with that Taylor’s face went back to the familiar glow he bore as his smile returned; that delightful twinkle in his eye lighting up the room. “Will you make mad, fiery love to me then?” he asked coyly

“Wild and passionate love!” Came Josh’s answer, his tone of voice deeper and sincere.

“Shall we make it a contest?” the younger man asked with a quiet impetuous tone. At that Josh thought to himself how there were times when Taylor could become so very sultry, and ‘hot’; especially when he got excited like this. They embraced again softly joining in yet another tender loving kiss. Impishly Taylor thrust his pelvis foreword as they began kissing just enough for Josh to be able to feel the growing hardness he had down there. Throwing his tongue into the younger man’s willing mouth the two sucked face, long and hard; their hands and fingers roving and searching all over each other; teasing, groping and caressing.

“I love you!” Taylor gasped, now fully aroused. “I love you so much!” Owing to the nimble nature of Josh’s fingers and the sexual stupor Taylor was dizzily slipping into, the younger man never even felt his clothing being undone until of course the knowing fingers of his lover tenderly wrapped around his now fully erect and throbbing cock. The sensation made him gasp with surprise instinctively shoving his own hand down between their bodies taking hold of Josh’s strong hand with a growing smile. Instinct instantly gave way to mounting desire; as he realized what was going on the thought it made him chuckle in anticipation and going a little limp he released his grasp as if to say ‘Go ahead! Touch me!’ Closing his eyes he released a panting groan softly now at the feel of Josh’s hand as it slid up and down his column of delight. Then taking hold of Josh by the shoulders he peered deep into his eyes announcing in serious submission.

“Any way you want me!” He hushed still panting as he almost pleaded to his lover, “You can have me anyway you want.”

“Really?” Josh said with a snicker, relishing the moment.

“Yes!” Taylor continued, his body twitching. “Just promises me…”

“What?” Josh asked as he bathed Taylor’s face and neck in a romantic flood of kisses.

“Promise you’ll fuck me!” he hushed. For a brief moment the two dove into each others eyes, the hunger in their souls like a blazing inferno.

“Uumm…I love you!” came Josh’s reply in yet another kiss. “You want me to fuck you hard?” he said in a husky groan as he filled his mind with the thought of it. “Is that it?” But by now the younger man was unable to answer; he was burning up, consumed with the thoughts of what he knew Josh was capable of doing for him. “I promise to please you.” He whispered into Taylor’s ear. And with that he reached around the firm, tight round lobes of his lover’s ass and gave a hard manly squeeze. Taylor’s body swayed a little as his own excitement made him begin to loose the ability to stand upright and he found himself banging into the big kitchen table behind him.

“I can’t believe us.” He laughed looking into Josh’s eyes. “Are we gonna do it right here on the kitchen table?” In answer to the question, Josh just smiled in devilish fashion and unexpectedly let the weight of his muscular body fall on top of Taylor’s causing him fall back in a reclining position onto the top of the heavy table.

“You wouldn’t!!” Taylor laughed as his mind filled with hungry thoughts. Looking into Taylor’s eyes Josh surveyed his face with love and the excitement of a hotly growing lust. For a brief moment the two gazed into each others eyes silently proclaiming their love for one another as well as their need. And then it came, a long hot session of passionate kisses filled with the groans and the wriggling of their hot bodies as they drove each other beyond the point of no return!

“I need to take you now!” Josh announced in a harsh raspy voice as he broke off their kissing and pulled his body up and off of Taylor. Even as he spoke his hands were running over the naked body laid out before him on the kitchen table, devouring the young man with his fingers and the thoughts created in his mind by all his senses. At Josh’s statement Taylor dropped his gaze to his lover’s crotch for a moment to view with a lust filled yearning the hard-on that awaited him. Then he looked back up and into the hungry man’s eyes, his face beaming with delight. Reaching out dreamily he placed his hands around Josh’s neck pulling the man’s face down to his own so that they could join in yet again kiss filled with tongue and hot anticipation.

Grasping first one leg and then the other the hungry man smiled silently lifting them into the air, never taking his eyes off of Taylor’s as he wrapped the legs around his neck. Then he pushed his pelvis foreword and started grinding their hot crotches together, teasing the boy with his menacingly hard throbbing member. A moment later unable to contain himself he reached down and tweaked at one of Taylor’s now firm hard nipples with one hand while gliding his other down to grasp at Taylor’s aching cock and began slowly stroking him. Lowering himself a bit then, Josh took the now reddened nipple into his mouth and teased at Taylor, licking and biting down until he made the young man groan. With the flat of his tongue he then lapped at Taylor’s chest, slowly licking and kissing his way down to the colligates belly button, admiring his soft pubic glory trail. Finally Josh buried his face into the younger man’s groin causing the boy to pant; his hot body convulsing beneath the efforts of his mature lover. By now Josh was snorting and almost growling like a wild animal, excited by his willing lover, intoxicated by the sight and scent of Taylor’s private zone as his tongue and mouth ravaged the younger man as if he was attending some human sexual banquet of love. Raising his head from the table Taylor looked down to watch his lover as he made ravenous love to his young body.

“I love you!” Taylor gasped panting, his head falling back onto the table top with a heavy thump. A moment later he felt Josh’s mouth take in the tip of his cock making him bite down on his lip and smile as he reached out to take hold of Josh’s hand and squeeze. A moan of ecstasy came up from Josh as he let his mouth make love to Taylor’s luscious throbbing cock. He let his mouth slowly slide down the long shaft letting it flood into his throat until he had taken in almost all of it. Letting out another pleasure filled moan he began to very slowly bob his head up and down over the length of it as he sucked hard. With each stroke his head bobbed faster and faster until he was cruising over the length of it like a machine, turning his head from side to side as he took in even more of it with each new stroke. It made Taylor gasp, making soft whimpering sounds that came in perfect time with each down stroke of Josh’s sucking. Suddenly Josh dove down on him deeply, taking almost the entire massive hard dick down into his hot willing throat only to hold it there and then shake it in his throat. The sensation made Taylor’s dick swell and throb like he had never done before! Then slowly Josh slid the now massive cock almost all the way out of his throat, stopping just at the tip so that he could concentrate on the head; he sucked down hard as he quickly twirled his tongue over and under it again and again.

“I love you…I love you!!” Taylor panted in a hushed almost silent chuckle as he closed his eyes and let the back of his head repeatedly bang down softly on the table. Knowingly then, Josh let the tips of his teeth ever so softly graze over the soft tender flesh of the throbbing cock head in his mouth, moving his head to and fro as he slid the tender tip in and out from between his teeth. Taylor squeezed Josh’s hand harder now letting him know he was achieving his goal. At last he replaced his teeth with his soft full lips before spitting out the boy’s cock head; smiling down at his lover, letting the quivering tool pulse there just below his chin, he lovingly tortured him. Taylor raised his head again and looked down with a quivering smile as he panted. Then turning his gaze back to his work, Josh began teasing now at the young man’s balls; first one and then the other, licking and then sucking each one into his mouth. Knowing what pleased his young partner the mature man then sent his tongue down to the now quivering little pucker hole that was Taylor’s back door. He felt Taylor’s body stiffen slightly and as he plied his craft knowing all too well that this is what his lover really liked. Pressing apart the two butt cheeks Josh slowly let just the very tip of his tongue barely graze over the little hole. Fist once and then again and yet again, very slowly until the hole itself seemed to come alive, opening and closing with delight; almost as if it was breathing! Then he lapped at it purposely letting his mouth and tongue slobber at the hole getting it good and wet. Raising himself up Josh surveyed his young vixen as he lay there; then he placed the head of his own hard member onto the little butt hole and as he held it in place he purposely made the head throb. To Taylor the searing hot dick head felt like the tip of a red hot poker and sent a continuous shower of electric shivers up and into his body; when he was done teasing him Josh knew for sure that the college boy was now craving to be fucked!

“Shall I come in now?” he smiled as their eyes met. Pushing his pelvis forward again he forced the head of his dick to press hard against Taylor’s back door just barley entering him. Suddenly just as he was about to slide his way into the young man it seemed the whole house started to shake and shiver; softly at first but quickly turning into a quivering rage. From some where came the loud, almost deafening sound of a ringing church bell. Then Kenneth appeared there in the kitchen, laughing and screaming at the top of his voice as his figure materialized.

“You didn’t make it this time either did you ‘old man’!!” he shouted angrily.

“NO!!” Taylor screamed throwing his body up and into his lover’s arms.

“TAYLOR!” Joshua shouted as he clutched at his lover’s body as if to shield him. “HONEY, HOLD ON!”

“I love you Joshua!” Taylor shouted, burying his head into his lover’s chest as he realized only too well what was happening. As the house continued shaking, the sound of the bell rang out louder and louder then faded quickly away as the sound of eerie almost sinister music filled the air. Then the figures of the Felts family materialized and began flying around the room their faces gnarled in shrieks as they howled in terror. The boy Chris, the mother and father Dana and Rick as well as their daughters Ashley and Alicia all flew about the house wildly screaming and whaling, each taking their part in the macabre ceremony. Then the Felts family all faded away and Kenneth loomed at their side as the two lovers hugged each other and watched unable to move as he raised his shot gun again as began taking aim at the two of them there at their kitchen table.

“I will love you Joshua!!” Taylor whimpered, his face bawling as he clutched onto Josh. “I’ll love you forever!” As the two kissed the sound of the twelve gage rang out just as it had so many years ago. A moment later the Hounds of Hell again began to bark, this time announcing the opening of hell’s gates as the second blast from the shotgun rang out. Then everything went dark and was silent, all except for the sound of the wind in the tree tops.

Outside a group of teenagers who had been having a private Halloween party in the autumn fields nearby thought they heard the sound of a shot gun and screams that seemed to come from the old farm house.

“What the hell was that?” Ashley shouted as she stood up looking toward the dilapidated rubble of the old dark house in the distance.

“Well, that’s the old Felts place.” Jason explained, standing up next to her.

“Yeah,” Ron said joining in. “They say the place is cursed or haunted or some shit. A long time ago the whole Felts family died there in their sleep. Some problem with the fire place and that gas you get.”

“Carbon monoxide?” Donna retorted, taking her place beside Ron.

“Yeah.” Ron chuckled in agreement. “Years later these two Gay guys from the college bought the house and tried to live there.”

“I heard about that.” Jason smiled. “The story goes that this guy broke in one night, some homophobe from town, and blasted the two of the Gay guys with his twelve gage.”

“Stop it!” Ashley snarled.

“No, it’s true.” Ron explained, “The story is that this local jerk off, Kenney O’Donnell, didn’t like the idea of having two Gay guys as neighbors so he broke into the house on Halloween night thinking he would scare the two off. But his gun went off for real and he shot the two of them by accident right there at their kitchen table.” He paused then thoughtfully looking at the dark vacant farm house in the distance. “When he realized he’d killed the two guys he blew his own head off.” Coming close to Donna he announced in a spooky tone, “And it all happened on Halloween, the anniversary of the death of the Felts family!” and making a scary sound and began tickling her.

“Now stop!” she retorted pretending to not like the teasing.

“The story is that on every Halloween,” Jason explained thoughtfully as he too stared off at the old dark house, “they all come back to relive their deaths.”

“Yeah!” Ron laughed. “And if you believe that shit I got a van I’ll sell ya!”

“Well we all heard something!” Ashley muttered.

“More than likely it’s probably some of those stupid college guys having some wild fuckin’ initiation!” Jason sneered, and with that he sat back down in the field pulling Ashley down on top of him.

“Well when I get home I’m gonna e mail Wesley at and let him know what I think of his story.” She said to Jason.

“Happy Halloween Donna!!” Ron laughed as he tickled her again. In kind she responded with a chuckle and a playful slap. “Gimme a kiss before I get mad and won’t let ya.” He laughed and they too sank back down into the field going back to what they had been doing.

The End

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