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The Sports Teacher

January 20 2006

By Jeremiah

I had played football for the school for four years and now, at the end of my final year at school, now I had turned 17, I was playing in the senior team. I was well built and athletic, with green eyes and soft brown hair. I looked good in a jock strap or a pair of boxers.

Geoff – that was the sport teacher’s name was tall and blond – my favourite kind of guy with a broad white smile that lit up the room. He was also well hung – you could see that through his shorts. Well, anyway, after sport, one Thursday afternoon, I decided to take a cross country run as I was competing the next week for the school and needed a bit of practice. When I got back to the changing rooms it was getting dark, I was the last of the class to get changed – all my class mates had got showered and changed and had already left for home – there was just me and Geoff.

I slipped out of my gear and got into the showers, it was wonderful feeling all that warm water running over my lithe and athletic body. It was quite a turn on. Next moment, Geoff stepped into the shower area at the other end away from where I was showering “You don’t mind if I join you?” he asked. Mind? Why would I mind, he was gorgeous!! “No help yourself” I stammered. Geoff showered routinely to begin with and then when he turned around and I could see his dick, he was as hard as nails. In no time at all so was I. Geoff stepped out of his shower and walked down the shower area towards me “Would you mind soaping my back?” he asked, innocently. “Sure” I said and took the soap from his hand and started rubbing his back with big strong strokes.” No, he said not like that. Like this” he turned around and motioned for me to turn too. He then started massaging my back with both hands. I could feel the soap running down between my buttocks and down my leg. More importantly, I could feel his huge dick rubbing against my backside.

His hand moved up and down my back and his hand slipped down to my cheeks. His soapy fingers slipped down to my hole and he bean to finger me and soap me. “Just relax “ he said and continued to probe and massage me. It felt warm and thrilling to be soaped by this masterful teacher. He took his hand away and held me on the shoulders with both hands and then I felt him push his hard cock into my hole from behind. It slipped in easily but painfully at first. He backed off and took it more slowly. I let out a moan of appreciation and pleasure. He began to rhythmically pump from behind – in – out – in and out. He was so fit, it was effortless and I was in heaven. He moved his hands to my hips and held my hips firmly and used them to control his thrusting – one deep, two shallow, one deep, two shallow – over and over again.

After what seemed like an hour but must only have been a few minutes – he stopped and pulled out completely. “Turn around” I turned and he pulled me to him, and kissed me on the lips, the water streaming down our faces and over our bodies. He pulled away gently and said “Your turn, soldier!” and turned around for me to take a turn at being the top!

I was hard as nails in seconds and ready to pop my load, but I managed to get it in to him and gently pumped away.”Oh God! I’m going to come”
“Then go ahead” he called out
“Here I go!” I shot my load into his beautiful backside and groaned. I slumped over him the water cascading over us.”Easy fella, He stood up and forced me to stand too. He kissed me again and put pressure on my shoulders to go down on to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and worked it with my lips and tongue. A few seconds later he shot his load into my mouth and groaned too. I stood up and his lips pressed against mine, his tongue searched out the cum in my mouth and licked around over my tongue and lips. I loved the salty taste and strength of this guy.

We cleaned up under the shower and walked arms around each other back into the changing rooms. Geoff towelled us down, and dried my cock and balls tenderly and gently, and I did the same for him. He carefully pulled up my underwear and kissed my bulge under the material when they were on. He pulled on a black jock strap and white socks . I began to stiffen again.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” Geoff asked
“Sure I would love to” I answered
“Good” he said “ I was hoping you would say something like that..”
“I think you have a lot to teach me yet” I said.
“Sure do” Geoff said. “Sure do.”

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