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erotic stories

Matt and Brad

by Ed Flaspo - February 21 2005

I went to Billís party that evening. It was his annual get together, and everybody was there. As usual, I arrived fashionably late, to make sure that I would not be standing around looking for someone to talk too in an empty house.

I parked far down the block because of the large number of cars, and was practicing my come on lines as I walked up to the door of Billís house, when I noticed him, just in front of me, opening the front door, and walking into the bright and noisy interior. And I sensed, as he looked around, just before going through the door, that he had noticed me, too, walking up the front steps behind him. I knew immediately that I was in love.

I entered the house, went through the process of chatting with the guy at the table by the door and making my name tag, and then wandered into the party. The room was full of hot guys everywhere, young and old, cute and hunky, muscled and sleek. I suddenly wondered, as I looked around the room, looking for someone I knew, how I could compete with all the hot stuff just standing around. I felt the mild sense of panic I always feel in a room full of people I donít know, when I saw him again.

He was standing there, in line at the bar in the back room, waiting to get a drink. Immediately, out of embarrassment, and not wanting to be too obvious, I stupidly wandered into the kitchen, wondering to myself how in the world I would find a way to get his attention.

I walked around aimlessly for a while, chatting with one and then another of the people at the party, and trying, from time to time, to get a glance of him. Sometimes, while engaged in conversation, I would see him in the distance, my eyes would wander in his direction, and my friend would turn away to chat with someone else.

Helpless and frustrated, not knowing what to do, I was standing there, when I looked up, and there he was, standing right next to me, holding a drink in one hand.

"Itís you," I blurted out. He turned and looked at me.

"Yes, it is," he answered, laughing. "Who are you?"

"I have been wondering how to find a way to talk to you all evening," I said, before I realized what I was saying. "And now, here you are, standing right there."

"Well, I guess you figured out what to say," he said, laughing again. "Why do you want to talk to me?"

By now I was quite embarrassed, but managed to say, "I saw you coming in just as I walked up the steps."

"Oh," he said, chuckling, "so you were that cute guy behind me. I wondered who you were. Now I know. Anyway, my nameís Matt."

"Iím Brad," I said, and we shook hands.

He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt which showed off a softly developed chest, and which was tight enough to highlight a pair of pert nipples. I felt like reaching over and pinching one of them, but restrained myself. "Donít come on too strong," I warned myself.

He had a smooth, lightly tanned, square face, soft blond hair, and bright blue eyes that danced playfully behind the frames of his fashionable glasses, each twinkling eye magnified slightly by the polished lenses.

Matt and I continued to chat, and I began to relax, somehow finding something to say from moment to moment as I nervously cruised him through the course of several drinks in a row.

I have always been attracted to "softly butch" men in glasses, a look I coveted because of one of my friends in high school, with whom I was, at the time, intensely infatuated. Matt fit my fantasy perfectly. As we talked, I looked into his eyes, wondering how it would feel to be a cute guy behind a pair of glasses. I fantasized that if only I could be the one wearing them, I could be inside his body, and experience his strong sexual aura as my own. I wanted to know how it felt to be him.

The party started to thin out, and I panicked when it occurred to me that he might leave, and I would never see him again.

Instead, he asked innocently, "What are you doing now,"

"Donít know," I muttered, feeling once again ill at ease.

"Letís go somewhere and get a drink," he said.

"Iíll follow you in my car," I said, perking up.

"I need to stop by my apartment first, OK?" he said.

"OK by me!" I replied.

He did not live very far away, and when we entered his apartment, he said, "Iíll be back in a minute."

I nodded and stood there, looking at him, standing nervously in his living room, feeling the sexual tension building in my body, the tightening just below the chest, the swelling in my crotch as my balls began to tighten with expectation. Suddenly, my dick began to stiffen and I wanted to lunge at him, to possess his body, and hold it close to me. I could not help but thinking that he noticed me leering. Instead, he smiled at me, invited me to sit down on the sofa, and left the room.

When he came back a few minutes later, I stayed seated, and I guess he took the hint, because he paused for a second, and then asked if I wanted a drink. We had just decided to stay in!

He handed me my drink, then walked over to the VCR and popped a video into the machine, came back, and sat down next to me on the sofa. My heart raced as he reached his hand over towards me. But it was only to pick up the control for the VCR and switch on the video. He was obviously not going to rush things.

As the video started, we sat quietly for an awkward moment. I was definitely more interested in him than in the video, which is not to say that it was of no interest. The hot, pulsating bodies on the TV screen would certainly be riveting under other circumstances. As I watched, I relaxed, knowing that he was giving me clues about what turned him on, and that nature would soon take its course. The video was obviously to set the mood.

Suddenly, and without warning, he reached down, unloosened his belt, and pushed his pants and shorts down to his knees. Out jumped the most beautiful dick I have ever seen. It was long, with a thick shaft curving upward, topped by a rosy head that looked soft and succulent. My heart leapt into my throat as I saw that pink head peaking out from inside a snug foreskin. He was uncut!

He began to stroke his cock with his hand, slowly sliding the foreskin up and down the shaft of his cock. I watched in fascination as the head popped in and out of its fleshy hood. Timidly, I reached over and put my own hand on top of his as he continued to stroke the golden tool standing proudly at attention between his legs.

"Here. Let me," I said.

He slid his hand away and then sighed when I firmly grasped his cock, continuing the motions he had started. The feel of his cock in my hand was thrilling as I guided the foreskin up and over the end of his dick, and then down again, making the head pop in and out. Each time I brought my hand up over the head of his dick inside that foreskin, he moaned with pleasure.

I love uncut cocks. They are my favorite thing. His was special, a pure golden tan, with a curved purple vein running along the top, up from the base. It was nestled in a bed of soft golden pubic hair that ran up his belly to his navel in a blond furry trail. His balls were large and firm, still hanging low beneath his cock, but already beginning to tighten from the sexual stimulation.

I was unable to restrain myself, so I slid closer, and, keeping my hand moving up and down his cock, bent over, and kissed the head of his dick. Then I opened my lips and touched it with my tongue, tasting his spunk for the first time. Keeping the end of his cock in my mouth, I glanced up expectantly at his face, and saw that he had leaned back and closed his eyes, which were still magnified behind those polished lenses. He had taken his pants off, but not his glasses.

"Go ahead," he whispered. "Youíre doing great."

Encouraged, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his cock completely, all seven inches of it, taking it all the way, shoving it deep into the waiting passage of my throat. I held back a gag as I pushed his stiff dick even deeper into my throat, until I could feel his pubic hairs tickling my lips. I had taken it all! I keep my head down, thrusting his cock as deep as I could into my face. The thick shaft of his cock plunged into the back of my throat, filling it so completely that I could hardly breathe.

"Oh my god!" he moaned. "Thatís wonderful!"

I could hardly agree more. The sensation of his cock filling my mouth was one I did not want to end. Even as I knew I would soon have to come up for air, I kept my lips firmly pushed into the flesh of his crotch, savoring each moment I kept it there. But eventually, I ran out of breath, and had to pull my head up to breathe. As I did so, I felt his foreskin, which my lips had pushed down from the head, spring back into place, once more enveloping his engorged member. That was when I noticed the taste.

It was a salty flavor, a savory tactile sensation that rolled around on my tongue. I wondered at first what it was. Then, as I tentatively pushed his foreskin back again with my lips, the tang assaulted my taste buds once more. The buildup of secretions from the dayís activity was there, hiding behind his foreskin, ready to be slurped up by my tongue.

Greedily, I started nibbling at his cock again, this time taking just the tip between my lips, and then feeling around with my tongue until I could get it in behind the foreskin. Carefully I worked my tongue in behind the flap, in between the head of his cock and the surrounding outer skin. The tang became even stronger, filling my mouth with a giddy taste sensation that was invigorating.

As I continued to lick on his cock, the flavor faded into a neutral taste that left me with only the sensation of the shape of his cock inside my mouth. I took my hand and put it around the base of his cock, and pushed my lips firmly against my fingers. Then, as I slowly sucked his cock back into my mouth, I relaxed my grip and took the full extent of it into my throat once more. He moaned again.

This time, I was prepared for its size, and it slid in effortlessly, fully lubricated by the fluids in my mouth. Slowly and easily, I let it slide back out, at the same time letting the foreskin tighten again around the head of his cock, neatly guided by my lips and pushed up by my hand. Up and down I went, enjoying the blow job I was giving him. As I continued, faster and faster, he moaned and grunted, fucking my face harder and harder, until all at once he yelled, "Stop!" and pushed my head up. "I donít want to come yet!"

I sat up, leaned back on the sofa, stretched, and looked at him. He had a soft grin on his face, and I knew that he had experienced a blow job by an expert.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Where did you learn to do that?" he gasped.

"It comes naturally," I said.

We sat there a moment, then he looked at me again, and said, "Take off your pants and open your shirt. I want to see what you look like."

I started to unbutton my shirt and he reached over to undo my belt. When I finished with the buttons, I reached down to unzip my pants, since he had already loosened the belt buckle. Once my pants were open, he reached into my shorts and grabbed my stiff dick with his hand.

"Youíre cut," he said. "I like that."

"I like your foreskin better," I said, "itís sexy."

He grunted, then, as I hunched up my butt, he pushed my shorts down to my knees, bent down and put my cock in his mouth. My dick is plenty big and rather thick, but it was not as long as his, so he easily sucked it in, inhaling it all the way down to the base. It felt really good, his moist, warm mouth engulfing my stiff penis.

"Here. Let me take off your glasses," I said, "theyíre getting in the way."

He nodded but kept his mouth on my cock as I reached down and lifted them off his face, unloosening the ends carefully from around his ears. My dick got even harder as I held them in my hand. Then I furtively put them on my own face, feeling the light pressure on the bridge of my nose. I looked across the room at the now blurry picture on the TV set. I wished that the glasses were mine, wondering how I looked wearing them, pretending to be in his body. He continued to suck on my dick. I was very turned on and it felt really good.

He kept at it, slowly working me up, and I began to feel the heat spreading up from the base of my cock. I was starting to get really hot. He sensed my excitement, and pulled up off my dick.

"Donít come," he said. "Weíre not done yet." He lifted his head and looked at me.

"OK," I rasped hoarsely.

"You look cute in my glasses," he said.

"Thanks," I said, smiling self-consciously. "So do you." I took them off and put them on the table by the couch.

"Here, move over," he said, getting up off the couch, and finally kicking off his pants, which had been pushed down around his feet.

I scooted around as he pulled over the cushioned stool near the sofa and sat down on it.

"Lift up your legs," he said.

I obeyed, lifting my legs and putting my feet in his lap so he could pull my pants and underwear off. Then he grabbed at my feet, pulled off my socks, and put my legs up on his shoulders next to his head.

"Your feet are cold," he giggled, then reached out and slapped my dick. "Are you ready for this?" he asked.

"Yes," I grunted. "Are you going to fuck me?" I asked hopefully.

"Maybe," he said, "it depends on how things go. I like to be safe. But youíre gonna like this."

He reached over and found some lube in the table beside the couch, put some on his hand, and began massaging my crack with his slick fingers. It was cold at first, and I must have flinched, because he said, "Hold still."

As the oil warmed up from the heat of my body, I started to relax and enjoy the feeling of his hand on my crack. He rubbed up and down, and then moved from my butt to my balls, cupping them in his hand and squeezing them gently. They were tight and hard, and I sighed at the sensation.

He then grabbed my dick, which caused me to twitch every time he rubbed his slick hand up from the base and over the head. There is no feeling as good as someone else rubbing your dick.

My butt started pumping up and down automatically as he kept massaging my dick with his hand, matching my thrusting motions. I felt the heat rising in my cock again, and reached down to stop his hand. This felt too good, and I still did not want to come. He stopped rubbing me, then reached down and started working his own dick for a while. I watched as he tensed up, then stopped just short of coming. We both needed a minute to cool off.

Suddenly, I felt him prodding at my ass again, and I tensed in anticipation. He had re-lubricated his hand, and was slowly sticking his index finger into my hole. I had not been expecting this, and gasped with pleasure. He pushed the finger all the way in, and then moved it around until he found my prostate. As he began to massage it, my dick hardened so completely it felt like it was going to burst and I felt tears well up in my eyes, a reflex from the intense pleasure.

He kept his fingers up my ass as he reached down and began massaging my dick with the other hand, starting to beat it off. I reached over and put a fresh daub of lube on his hand and he rubbed it into my dick, which almost immediately caused me to shoot wildly all over my chest. My God! The pleasure was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out.

I finished shooting, and started to fall back in exhaustion, but he reached down and grabbed my dick once more, using my slick come as a lubricant. I jerked violently, and he began to laugh as I writhed in agony from the stimulation against my sensitive but spent dick. I tried to get him to stop, but he kept on and on, rubbing the head of my cock between his slick fingers, until I finally had to grab his hand, screaming, "Stop! Please stop!"

He let me lay back a few moments as he went to get a towel, which he used to wipe off the mess on my chest and belly. Then he sat down on the couch again and looked at me expectantly.

I knew what he wanted, so, after taking a few moments to recover, I reached over, took his dick in my hand, and began massaging it gently, playing once more with that beautiful foreskin. His dick stiffened in my hand, and unable to resist myself, I bent down and took it once more in my mouth. I paused after a moment, put a little lube on my hand, and began to massage his butt as I sucked his dick. He arched his buttocks as I pushed my finger deep up his ass. I kept at it for a while, first one finger, then two, as he lay back on the couch, panting and moaning. Suddenly, I felt him tense up, and as I made another push against his prostate, he started screaming, "Iím going to come! Iím going to come!"

"Yeah, do it," I said, mumbling around the dick sticking into my face, and with one last nudge of my finger on his prostate, I felt the sticky warmness ooze out of his dick, squirting against the back of my throat and flooding my mouth. I wanted to swallow it, but knew I shouldnít, so I just let him come into my mouth and then let it dribble out onto his crotch. The salty taste was delicious, and as he slowly relaxed, I continued to suck his dick as it softened, trying to milk every last drop from his oozing cock, until he screamed for mercy, just I had done for him moments before. With one last squeeze of my mouth and one last spasm from his body, I pulled off his now soft cock, and sat back on the sofa to look at his beautiful face smiling up at me in contentment and exhaustion.

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