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erotic stories

Franck Moire

By Theed

May 2006

“Good afternoon, McArthur Real Estate, can I help you?”
“Franck Moire,” did it sound shortly through the phone. “For Felix McArtur. Junior.”
The secretary swallowed a remark back.
“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid he’s in a meeting, at the moment,” she said with difficulty.
“Get him out of there.”
“That’s not possible, sir.”
“My name is Franck Moire. F-R-A-N-C-K M-O-I-R-E. I want Felix jr. to call me within ten minutes. If not, the deal is off.”
“If you’d please give me your number, sir,” said the secretary with clenched jaws.
The man gave her his number, still bluntly.
“Ten minutes, lady.” He disconnected.
She threw the phone away from her. Who the hell did he think he was? No way would she disturb her boss!

More than ten minutes later, the two real estate agents came out of the office. They just had a peaceful lunch. Just what they needed, an hour in which they could eat and talk, not as colleagues, but like father and son. They smiled at their secretary.
“Hi Lisa, did we miss anything?” asked Felix Jr.
“Oh, no, nothing important.”
The men nodded and wanted to retreat in their own offices.
“Except an arrogant man, with rude demands. I didn’t comply. A guy called ‘Moire’.”
Felix jr. froze in the door opening. “Moire?” he repeated slowly.
“Yes. A Franck Moire.”
“Franck Moire?” Felix turned with a jerk. “What did he say?”
Lisa turned white. “That… That you should call him within ten minutes…”
“Shit! How long ago?”
“Fifteen minutes…?” she said hesitating.
“What? And what else did he say?” Felix almost screamed.
“That… the deal would be off if you didn’t call him in ten minutes…”
Now Felix really screamed. “What? And why didn’t you warn me?”
“I– I don’t know…”
“No, you obviously don’t know who Franck Moire is! Do you have his number?” He snatched the piece of paper out of her trembling hand. He dialed and waited with his fists clenched until it would be answered. The sound of the other phone could clearly be heard in his earphone, and it took a long time before it was answered.
“Franck Moire? Felix McArthur!”
“You’re late.”
“I know. I’m so very sorry. Am I too late?”
“You’re just in time. A few seconds later I would’ve closed the door. Permanently, for you.”
Felix mimed ‘thank you’ to the ceiling. He pulled his coat on. “Where are you?”
“The family house. How long will you need?”
“Fifteen minutes.”
“Make it ten, Felix. I don’t like to wait.”
“Ten minutes, you’ve got it!” He was already in his car. Franck disconnected. Felix opened his window. “Dad, the family house! And tell Lisa what she nearly fucked up!”
His car raced away.
“The family house,” moaned the older man. “Lisa, come with me.”
Lisa trembled when she sat behind her desk.
“There. Go online and do a search for Franck Moire. Take your time. And tell me what you have discovered about him.”
She obeyed meekly. After half an hour, she walked to her boss.
“And?” asked senior. “Now do you know?”
She nodded. She was a bit nauseous. “I’m so sorry,” she mumbled.
“Oh, Felix will save the situation. He knows Franck Moire for years, from the expositions. He had almost bought one of his paintings, but I withhold him from it. A year ago, and Felix is still sick about it.”
“About a painting? Why didn’t you let him buy it?”
“Because it was far too expensive. You can either buy a house or a painting. In this case, the price made no difference.”
“Great God…”
“Indeed. And now this Franck Moire wants to sell his family house. Can you get the picture?”
Senior nodded. “The family house. Beautifully maintained, in its original state, and in the center of the city. If Felix sells that, we’ll be millionaires. By the provision alone.”
Lisa shivered. “Great God,” she said again. “Am I fired?”
“Oh, no… Franck Moire is sometimes very supercilious. I can imagine your reaction. Just look in art books a bit more often.”

Felix didn’t care about traffic rules or red lights, and raced through the city. Nine minutes already…
After another minute, his phone rang. He answered it. “Felix,” he panted.
“I can’t see your headlights yet, Felix.”
“I’m around the corner.”
He came around the corner without using the brakes, and stopped in front of the garage.
Franck Moire looked at him from the top of the stairs by the door.
“Eleven minutes, Felix McArthur.”
Felix ran up the stairs and gasped for air. “Please forgive me?” he asked panting.
The artist looked at him through his characteristic shades. Felix straightened his suit. He looked bewildered, he knew. Franck looked impeccable, in his black leather clothes and his white silk blouse.
“Yes, I forgive you,” said Franck eventually.
“Thank you, Franck.”
“Get inside, Felix McArthur, and make your price.”
“Do you really want to sell your family home?”
Felix stopped in the entrance hall and looked around. The house was huge. It had five floors and at least fifteen bedrooms, he knew. It was vacant for years.
“The price?” said Felix softly. “You’d be amazed.” He started his round, as if he was valuing a common house.
Franck waited for him in a room. He didn’t give a time limit, and Felix took all the time he needed. Eventually, he joined the Moire.
“I’m finished,” he said.
“Good. Whisky?”
Franck laid his coat on the bare floor and sat down. Felix sat next to him and accepted the glass.
“This is my bedroom,” said Franck.
Felix just nodded.
“I came here often, to drink and meditate.”
“Why are you selling?”
Franck sipped his drink. “Ghosts,” he said.
“I beg your pardon?”
“I call them ghosts. Memories. Too many memories.”
“You’re not giving me a sad story about your harsh childhood now, are you?”
Franck looked at him through his shades. “My childhood was as you expected. Expensive, spoiled, lonely. But not harsh, no. But still, this house distracts me.”
“Why don’t you rent it out?”
Franck laughed softly. “Can you see me as a landlord?”
“There’re other people for that,” said Felix. “You could make apartments.”
“No, I can’t. It has to get out of my system. It’s a ghost, and it disturbs my muse.”
“I see,” said Felix. “I’ll sell it for you.”
“Good. Only you are allowed to do so.”
Felix looked surprised. “What do you mean?”
“What? Why only you can sell it, an no one else?”
Franck sipped his drink again. “Because you’re my muse, Felix.”
Felix laughed mocking. “Ow, come on, Franck Moire, you could paint before I met you. I met you on an art exhibition.”
“Oh, of course. But thanks to you, I’m so productive lately. The art you knew was old.”
Felix blushed. The whisky kicked in and he was feeling light in his head. “You’re flattering me.”
“Really? Why?”
“Oh, I don’t know… Why am I your muse?”
The artist squeezed his hand. “Because you’re my perfect model, Felix. And I thank you for that.”
“I’ve never posed for you!”
“You don’t have to. I would give it my own interpretation anyway.”
Felix really didn’t know where to put his face. He knew the art Franck made, but had never recognized himself in his work. But the paintings were a bit more erotic, lately.
“I nearly bought one of your paintings, do you know that?” he said, looking in his glass.
“Mh. My father forbade me.”
“Why?” laughed Franck.
“It was rather expensive. More costly than all your paintings, while it was smaller than most of them.”
“Which one do you mean?”
“It’s one I look for ever since. There don’t seem to be any pictures of it.”
“No pictures? I have an expensive painting, and yet there are no photos of it? Describe it to me?”
“They were eyes. Just eyes, with curved eyebrows. Beautiful, blue eyes with yellow and green, and such a seducing look…”
Franck stared at him. Felix didn’t notice.
“I fell in love with those eyes,” continued Felix. “I fell in love with a painting, and I couldn’t afford to buy it. God, it broke my heart.”
“I have to get going,” said Franck suddenly. “When will you give me your report?”
“I’ll call you,” said Felix a little confused. “Tomorrow?’
Outside, Felix hesitated. He was taken aback and a little drunk, but sober enough to give Franck a business card.
“I already have your number,” grumbled Franck.
“I know. This is private. My own cell phone and my email address at home. Do with it what you want. See you later, Franck Moire.”
He didn’t look back anymore and drove carefully home.

Franck Moire was an enigma. Felix thought about their first meeting, two years ago. The exhibition was small and modest, but the paintings breathtaking. The house had been represented on one of the canvasses, in threatening perspective and surrounded by dark thunderclouds. It had brought him in contact with Franck. He had joked he was willing to sell it for him. Franck had accepted his card.
Since then, he came to the exposition every quarter of the year.
He often had had interesting conversations with the rich artist, and had grown attached to the dark, mysterious man. He cherished their strange friendship.

The next day, he told his father all he needed to know, and went to work. He called Franck.
“Can I mail you the report?” he asked.
“Of course,” said the artist. “Would you like to have a picture for the advertisement?”
“How about that painting? It would certainly add to the value…”
“Very good. I’ll mail it to you.”
A few hours later, Felix saw an email come in. He opened the attachment and looked at the spooky painting. He was certain that the advertisement would be a knock out.
To his surprise, another attachment came in. He yelped when he opened it. It was a photo of the painting with the eyes. Finally!
He put it on his desktop and stared at it, until it was time to value a house.

Validating houses was routine for Felix. During one of the conversations, he typed a message on his private cell phone.
“Thank you, Franck Moire.”
After a few minutes, a buzz told him an answer had come in. Felix looked at it, but closed his phone quickly. He needed to look at that in private.
He finished the meeting and quickly went to his car. There, he opened the message. It was a photo. Of eyes. Beautiful, blue eyes with yellow and green.
He cursed softly. He had fallen in love with a painting, and someone had actually been a model?
A message came in.
“You like?” he read.
“Hell yeah! Who’s that?”
“Do you want to see the model?”
“I’ll mail you the photo. To your private mail.”
Felix hit the wheel. He never opened private mail at work, and certainly wouldn’t open this one. He had to get home quickly.
“Dad, I’m done for today,” he said in his earphone to his father.
“I can’t blame you. Say, did you finally find that painting? It’s beautiful. Too bad it was so expensive.”
“I know. But maybe Franck will reduce the price when I sell his house.”
Senior laughed. “Have a nice evening, my boy. And goodnight.”
Felix fetched a pizza on his way home, and quickly started his pc. He waited impatiently until the attachment was downloaded. Finally…
He opened it and uttered a scream.
“I knew it, I just knew it!”

Franck smiled when he saw who was calling him.
“Hello Felix,” he answered the phone. “Did you get the mail?”
“Franck Moire,” groaned Felix. “Those stupid shades of yours!”
Franck laughed. “Ah well. It saves me from embarrassing moments. They’re a bit striking.”
“Franck, I fell in love with those eyes, and now they appear to be yours!”
“Mh. And how do you feel about that?”
“I’m confused!”
“Why?” Franck walked into his studio and took a piece of coal. On a bare piece of wall, he made a sketch of a naked man. “Don’t you want to be in love with me?”
“Franck, what should I do with you? You’re a bigheaded, spoiled piece of shit, who commands me and thinks that’s a normal thing to do!”
Franck sniggered. “You obey me. I never forced you to do that.”
The drawing was becoming more detailed. He licked his lips. A quick line and the penis was an erection.
“Come over, Felix,” he said with a low voice.
“There? Come on, Franck, you live at least two hours drive from here!”
“You have an hour.” He drew the dickhead.
“Forget it, I’m not obeying this time.”
“An hour.” With a finger, he smudged shadows in the drawing. “An hour, Felix McArthur, and no underwear.”
“What did you say?”
“I want you naked under that suit.”
“I don’t want to come over there.”
“No? And why can I hear you’re in your car, now?”
Felix laughed softly. “Don’t start without me.”
“I’ll start in 55 minutes, so don’t stop on your way.”

Felix did make a stop on his way. He refreshed himself in the washroom of a petrol station, and took his boxer shorts off. He was excited. He hoped his half hard on wouldn’t make smudges in his pants.
Franck lived in a beautiful mansion at the coast, with a stunning view and a private beach. It wasn’t a two-hour drive. Felix knew Franck’s games. An hour was more than enough.

Franck was in a hurry. He wasn’t prepared for this visit, and quickly cleared his place. Every room in his house was filled with paintings and drawings. The walls were covered with sketches, and the walls that were full, had pieces of paper over the drawings. His house was his sketchbook. It was never ready for visitors.
When it was a bit acceptable, he took a quick shower. He chose what to wear; thin white silk and baggy pants. He looked at the time. Twenty minutes, the most.
“Those eyes…”
He quickly ran down to the cellar, to the fire fault, where he kept all his paintings. He could easily find the painting.
“Lucky you’re a self portrait,” he mumbled. “Or I would’ve been so jealous…”

Felix parked in the garage, next to Franck’s large cars. The artist was waiting for him, as cool and dignified as ever. He was wearing his shades again.
“Well now, Franck. Am I in time?”
Franck smiled. “Yes, very good, Felix.”
Felix followed him inside. He had been here before, on a short visit. He had only seen the studio. Now he took a seat in the living room. It was full with bizarre furniture. The sofa was comfortable, and he relaxed.
“Why won’t you show me your eyes?” he said, while he accepted the drink Franck offered.
“Take my shades off, if you like.”
Felix carefully took the glasses away. The beautiful blue eyes looked at him with anticipation. It was odd to see such eyes with a dark haired man. Felix moaned pleased.
“Now I have to put on my other specs, sorry. I’m short sighted.”
The glasses didn’t conceal his eyes, but accentuated them. Felix was delighted.
“I honestly never would have expected it was your self portrait,” he sighed.
“No? And are you sorry that it is?”
“Not at all. But it’s a strange idea.”
“Well, that’s the risk you take, if you fall in love with eyes. There’s always a human being attached to it. You didn’t even know if they would be male or female.”
Felix laughed. “I’ve never thought about it. I just dreamed. I made it my ideal lover.”
“And that wasn’t anywhere near to Franck Moire.”
“No. Does that surprise you? You’re not that ideal.”
“And you are?”
“Oh, I’m sure I’m not. But I’m not half as arrogant as you.”
“That’s an act, Felix. I’m very sensitive, but people don’t expect that. I give the public what it wants; a spoiled, rich asshole. If I would be nice, no one would buy my art. Not for those prices, anyway.”
“An act, eh? So you’re not really that demanding?”
Franck thought about that.
“I’m very demanding,” he said eventually. “I want unconditional love, attention and time from my partner. I want to receive messages all day, be with him every evening, and sleep in his arms every night. And when I want to paint, he has to leave me alone. I’m a selfish bastard, Felix, that’s why I’m still single.”
Felix laughed. “You know yourself well…”
“It’s the truth. Tell me why you are single, then?”
Felix gave it some thought. He had a few relationships in the past, and they stranded for various reasons. There wasn’t a real pattern.
“I don’t know, really,” he said. “It just didn’t work. I think I just want a special friendship, with an interesting man, who can have good conversations and discussions, and is sexy at the same time. Someone with a fascinating hobby. Until now, my boyfriends were so boring.”
“So, a demanding artist wouldn’t be so bad for you,” smiled Franck.
“Mh. How sexy are you?”
“That’s for you to judge.”
Felix pulled on the blouse. “That thing may be stylish, but doesn’t say anything about your body.”
“What kind of body would you like to see?”
“To see? To feel.” He let his hands slowly stroke over his chest and stomach. He felt soft body hair. “Your eyes are to look at. The rest it to feel at. I want a soft body, which reacts to my touch.”
Franck twisted in his seat. “That reacting is no problem,” he moaned softly.
“I can feel that,” smiled Felix. “What do you like?”
“Muscles,” confessed Franck. He touched his arms. “I like a smooth skin, and tight muscles. With an imperfection like a scar or something.”
Felix laughed. “My appendix is gone, but that’s the only scar I have.”
“That’s enough, Felix McArthur.” His hands slid down to his hips. “You have been obedient,” he concluded pleased.
“I’ve always been obedient, Franck Moire. Every demand and impulse of yours, I’ve always fulfilled.”
“I know.” He softly stroked his crotch. “You’ve been my lover for the past two year. We just didn’t tell each other yet.”
Felix unbuttoned Franck’s clothes. “You’re right, do you know that? I love you for years already. Let’s make our relationship complete.”
He held his breath when the erection jumped out of the pants. “Oh man,” he groaned. “Perfect.”
“Not perfect, Felix. That too is a demanding and arrogant piece of shit. With its own will.”
Felix grinned. “You know I will always obey every order. Tell me what it wants.”
“Undress for me. Show me everything.”
Felix stripped slowly. He stood in front of the artist, completely at ease. Franck undressed as well, and played with his testicles.
“Nice body,” he said pleased. “Just how I imagined it would be. Turn around.”
Felix turned. He lifted his arms to flex the muscles in his back, and heard Franck breath heavily. Slowly, he bent over.
Franck moaned. “I want to paint this… This is beautiful.”
“You can paint it later. Now I want you to do other things with it.”
Franck rose up, and took Felix by his hand. “Come with me, you.”
Franck pulled him to his studio. He pushed the easels aside and threw a few large pillows down.
“Lay down. On your stomach.”
“Here? Why not on your bed?”
“On bed?” Franck almost sounded disgusted. “I have expensive sheets!”
Felix stared at him. “Are you afraid I might sweat, or something?”
“Hell, no. Just lay down. Please, Felix, obey me now?”
Felix sighed, but laid down on the pillows. Franck sat on top of him and rumbled with something. Suddenly, Felix felt something cold on his shoulder blades.
“Jeesh!” he yelled. “What are you doing?”
“Shit, no wonder you don’t want me on your bed!”
Franck laughed. “Relax. Feel it.”
He used a soft brush and stroked slowly over the muscles. It felt like a tender massage. Felix decided to relax and enjoy it.
Franck slid off him, and painted his legs. The brush slid slowly over the inside of his legs, and gently touched his tight balls. With some new paint, he slithered between his butt cheeks. Felix moved his hips when the brush rotated, and slipped in his anus.
“What kind of paint are you using?”
“Finger paint. For children. Completely safe. Is it good?”
“Oh yes. It’s kinky.”
“Good. Turn around.”
“Then I’ll smudge your expensive pillows.”
Franck smiled. He bent over and turned him around. “Teaser,” he said softly. He bent down deeper and kissed him on his lips.
Felix held his breath. “Mm, you taste good… Come here.”
Franck pulled back. “You’re not finished yet, McArthur,” he said.
Felix watched how he was slowly covered with brightly colored paint. He spread his legs willingly and enjoyed the soft strokes over his penis and testicles.
Finally, Franck had enough. “Now you’ve been my model after all,” he smiled.
“Can I kiss you now?”
Franck laid on top of him. They embraced each other firmly. The wet paint stuck their skin together. The paint that was dry felt uncomfortable, but it was exciting at the same time.
Felix sucked his mouth on him in a passionate kiss, and clamped his thighs around Franck’s leg. He slowly stared to ride him.
Franck moaned pleased. “Make me dirty, beauty.” He grabbed his butt between his hands and pushed him on his leg.
Felix’ erection started to leak and made their stomachs slithery. He moved faster and rubbed his balls over the hairy thigh. He felt how he started to come, and groaned with his tongue deep inside Franck’s mouth. His body cramped.
Franck pulled his mouth loose. “That’s it, come, darling,” he moaned. “Let it go.”
Felix yelled when his cock exploded.
Franck grinned at him. “There’s a good boy. Mh, my darling…”
The sperm made a mess of the paint, and Franck smeared it on his hard dick.
“Shit, that’s hot!” groaned Felix.
“Is it? Do you want me to paint your little tunnel?”
Felix spread his legs. Franck pushed his hips between them, but didn’t enter.
“No matter how hot I am, I’m going to take you upstairs with me,” said Franck. “I have another idea.”
Felix stood shaking on his legs. He followed Franck to the bathroom.
“Step in the bath.”
The bathtub was large enough to bathe a whole orphanage. Felix stepped in. A huge showerhead let a rain of warm water fall down on him. The paint dissolved easily, and washed away.
Franck joined him. He cleaned their bodies with a soft sponge.
Felix enjoyed the warm water. He sat down and smiled invitingly. Franck kneeled down and put the plug in. The tub started to fill.
“I think I forgot to clean a spot,” smiled Franck.
Felix spread his legs. “Then you better do your job properly…”
Franck took some soap on his fingers. Felix closed his eyes when the fingers slid between his cheeks. Franck rinsed him extensively.
“I have paint inside me too, Franck.”
“Oh dear, really? How deep?”
“Very deep… Oh!” A finger slipped deep inside his ass. Felix groaned.
Franck laughed softly. He stuck a second finger in and pushed deep. Felix pulled him down, and kissed him. Franck fingered him firmly. In the mean time, he lubed his cock. Without words, he pulled Felix on his lap, and penetrated him slowly.
Felix was in seventh heaven. Franck had a good size, and didn’t hurt him at all. He had never been fucked so painlessly and tenderly.
“Oh, Felix,” groaned Franck close to his ear. “I love you so much. Finally, you’re mine.”
Felix forced him to move faster. “All yours, Franck Moire. Fill me; let me carry you inside me. Shit, you’re so good!”
“I’m coming,” panted Franck. “Can you feel me? I’m coming!”
Felix felt the hot sensation deep inside his rectum. Franck shocked in his arms. He pulled gently back and looked him in the eyes. “I love you, Felix.”
Felix closed the tap. He leaned back in the water and sighed satisfied. “That feeling is mutual, Franck,” he said eventually. “You’re my horror, but shit, I love you.”
Franck leaned back too. “Champagne?” he asked.
“Of course.” He laughed when Franck bent to a small cabinet, to take a bottle and two glasses.
“You’re so prepared…”
“Hell, what do you expect? I’m a spoiled brat, remember?”
“Cheers. To you, and me, and us.”

The alarm clock made an end to Felix’ pleasant dreams. He shut it off. Next to him, Franck turned to him. He looked sweet, saw Felix, with his hair in a mess and a healthy blush.
“Good morning, darling,” smiled Felix.
Franck smiled back, and pulled him under the blankets. “Stay here. It’s far too early.”
Felix kissed him. “I can’t. I’ve got to go to work.”
“Bah. I will pay your salary for today. Stay with me.”
“Nope, I’ll go to work. Coffee?”
Franck let him go, with repulsion.
They had breakfast together. Felix was far too late, and his father was a bit angry with him when he called him. But when he told him where he was, the man was suddenly full of understanding.
“I really must go now. Otherwise, I’ll never sell your house.”
Franck had difficulty letting him go, and didn’t try to hide that for a moment.
“Will I see you tonight?”
“I don’t think so, darling. I have too much to do.”
“Do you want to keep a distance?”
“No,” said Felix surprised. “Honestly not. I just have a lot of work to do, this week.”
Franck nodded, not too convinced.
“You think I’m getting too close, already,” he said.
“Ow, will you please shut up, you moron.” Felix grabbed him firmly. “Do what you always do to me,” he said.
“What is that?”
“When you want attention, just take it. You’re not going to act like an insecure teenager in love, are you?”
“Won’t I scare you away when I act like I usually do?”
“How could you? I don’t know you otherwise.”
After a last kiss, Felix stepped in his car and drove off. A few minutes later, his phone rang.
“Felix,” he answered.
“This week, you’ll sleep at home,” he heard in his earphone. “Think about what you want, with me. Friday night, your choice will be made. If you come to me then, I won’t let you go anymore. Then you’ll stay with me, forever. Got it?”
Felix smiled. “Can I continue my job?”
“Of course.”
“Good. See you Friday, darling.”
“We’ll see.”

Lisa answered the phone and made appointments. It was an easy job, she felt. To be honest, nothing exciting ever happened.
Felix junior was far too late this morning, and appeared to be absent even then. She found him behind his pc when she brought him coffee. He was staring at the painting on his desktop.
The only thing Felix did that morning, was working on the advertisement of the family house of Moire.
It was Senior who held the meetings that morning. He was occupied the whole time. That’s why Lisa prepared herself for a difficult discussion, when the posh car parked in front of the window.
A man with dark hair, shades, and dark clothes stepped out. He entered and approached her disrespectfully.
“Felix,” he growled. “Junior.”
“I’m sorry–“ Lisa started.
“Don’t give me that crap,” snarled the man. “Call him.”
She took a deep breath. “The gentlemen can’t be disturbed this morning,” she said coldly. “Mister…?”
The man took his cell phone. He pushed a button. “Moire,” he said to Lisa. “Hello darling, I’ve got something for you. At your reception.”
Lisa’s mouth dropped but she had no time to react. Felix junior burst out of his office.
“I’ll never sell you house this way!” he smiled.
“As if you were working at all. Come with me, you’ve got to help me.”
Lisa followed the men with her eyes, and held her breath in shock when she saw how Felix kissed the man on his lips. My God, she thought. Do I have to see that asshole every day, from now on?

“Stop that,” sighed Franck. He pushed Felix away from him. “I am bloody horny already. Don’t tempt me.”
“Shut up. I’m horny too.”
Franck opened the back of his car. “I have something here. Help me carry this inside.”
Felix took the covered picture frames inside. They were heavy, and he carefully put them down at the reception.
“What did you bring for me?” he asked curiously.
“This one is to put in your window.” Franck ripped the paper off. “I’ve let it make it this morning.”
It was a framed reproduction of the painting with the house, on a smaller scale than the original painting.
“Perfect,” smiled Felix. “That will surely help me to sell the house. I already had some reactions, by the way. And I didn’t even advertise it yet.”
“Good. I’m sure you know what to do, to make the best price.”
Felix looked at the other frame. “And what’s that?”
“That, my darling, I will show you in your office.”
Felix took him inside his office. “Oh, Lisa,” he turned to the secretary. “No one must disturb us. Not even my father, okay?”
Lisa nodded. Felix closed the door.
“I have no lock on my door,” he said to Franck. “So we’ll have to be careful.”
“With what?”
Felix grabbed the artist and pushed him to his desk. “With sex,” he growled hoarsely. “Man, I’m so hot, I want to cum all morning…”
Franck let him kiss him. They rubbed against each other, feeling each other with their hands. Franck grabbed him roughly between his cheeks and pushed his fingers against his asshole.
“Is it sore?” he asked softly.
“No. It’s ready for you. Fuck me, Franck, fuck me deep…”
They quickly unbuttoned their pants. Franck pushed Felix down in front of him. Felix bent over his desk, his legs willingly spread. Franck spit on his cock and pushed inside. He groaned.
“Ah,” he sighed pleased. “I needed this. I’ve jerked myself three times already, but it’s not half as good as this hot ass around my cock…”
Felix braced himself and received the forceful thumping in his ass. It didn’t take long before he felt the hot sperm filling him. He moaned in pleasure.
“Oh, I don’t have enough yet,” sighed Franck. “Here comes another one!”
He fucked him hard and deep, until he came for the second time. Finally, he seemed satisfied. He pulled carefully back. A gulp of sperm followed and dripped along Felix’ legs.
“Turn around,” ordered Franck. He lifted him on his desk, and kneeled in front of him. He sucked his cock in his mouth.
Felix had a hard time not to moan too loud. He buried his fingers in Franck’s hair and forced him on his cock. Franck’s fingers entered his wet ass and massaged his prostrate, while he sucked him skillfully.
Felix almost screamed when he came. He bit on his hand to smother his groans. His body shocked uncontrolled.
Franck came up, and licked his lips clean. He sucked on his wet fingers.
“So tasty,” he smiled.
Felix panted, his lips parted. “Wow,” he sighed.
They cleaned the desk and Felix’ ass, and straightened their clothes. A second later, they heard a knock on the door.
Felix scraped his throat. “Come in,” he said, still a bit breathless. His father walked in.
“Well now, Franck Moire! Finally, we meet!”
Franck immediately fell in his role of an arrogant artist, and didn’t shake his hand. Felix almost smiled, knowing the real reason for that. He let the two men alone and went to the washroom.
He was refreshed when he came back. His father turned to talk to him, and he saw how Franck sucked on his fingers, behind his back. He tried to repress a smile, without much success.
Senior finally left them alone, to put the painting in the window. Franck immediately grabbed Felix.
“Let me have you again, horny devil,” he growled. “I want to feel your ass. Or did you wash me out?”
“No. I don’t want to wash you out yet. I want to feel you inside me all day.” He sucked on Franck’s tongue.
Franck opened his zipper and stuck his hand between his legs.
“Oh…” he sighed. “You’re naked. Excellent.” Slowly, he stuck a finger in Felix’ ass. “Hot,” sighed Franck. “And still moist. Oh man, is this good…”
Felix’ legs were trembling. He held himself in balance on Franck’s shoulders. His cock was growing fast. He clenched his teeth when Franck started to jerk him with rapid moves, while he fingered his burning asshole.
“I can feel your muscles deep inside, darling,” whispered Franck in his ear. He pushed a second finger in. Felix yelped when he touched his most sensitive spot.
“Make me come, Franck,” groaned as quiet as he could. “Fuck me hard…”
Franck worked roughly inside his flaming ass. Felix clamped his arms around him and bit in his shoulder to mute his moans. He came with force, wetting the leather clothes in front of him. Franck pulled him close, kissing his face.
“You make me so hot,” he sighed. “Now I have a hard on again…”
“Shall I satisfy you in the same way?”
“I want to come in your ass again… I want to drench you. I want to flood your ass, over and over again. Do you understand?”
“Oh, I understand, baby. And I want you. But–“
Franck didn’t listen to his protest. He pushed him away from him, and forced him against the door. He made him bend over.
Felix sucked the air through his teeth when the man entered his ass. It was getting sore by all the attention, but Franck was too hot to notice that. He banged deep inside him.
Felix heard the voices of his father and Lisa at the other side of the door. It was so exciting, to know they were just a few inches away from them.
Franck rammed his cock in for the last time, and held still while he came. Then he pulled back. He kneeled behind him and started to clean him with his mouth. Felix enjoyed every lap of his tongue.
Finally, Franck let him go. “Get dressed, you slut,” he grinned.
Felix obeyed with a smile, and pulled his pants up. “Now, do you have enough?”
“No. Clean me.”
Felix laughed. He kneeled down and sucked Franck’s wet, limp dick in his mouth. He cleaned him thoroughly. Franck stroked him through his hair.
“You’re so sweet,” he smiled. “You’re such a good boy to me. Get up, and kiss me, lover.”
Felix kissed him. “I need the rest of the week to think, remember? I wasn’t supposed to make a decision before Friday.”
“So? That doesn’t mean I can try to convince you to make the right decision, hm?”
“The right decision in your opinion, Franck, you’re not playing fair.”
Franck sighed, and caressed his back. “Friday is such a long time. I can’t wait for so long.”
“Well, you should. It’s an important choice to make.”
“I know. And I will leave you in peace, from now on. I had to do this, you know. I had to know if you want me as much as I want you.”
“You won’t show up, the rest of the week?”
“Me? No, not in person.”
Felix laughed. “Meaning? Will you spy on me? Pay Lisa to keep an eye on me?”
“That bitch? What do you take me for? No, I have found the perfect way to keep an eye on you.”
He lifted the packet on the desk. “Unwrap it.”
Felix tore the brown paper away. The painting was turned away from him and he looked around it. He saw his most favorite painting looking back at him.
Felix burst out in a laugh. “That’s indeed keeping an eye on me! Let’s hang it on the wall.”
Franck assisted him.
“I suppose I should bring it back with me when I come to you, Friday?”
“No, why? I want you to have it as long as you love me…”
“But… That thing is your most costly work!”
“Yes, and do you know why? Because I didn’t want anybody to buy it. You don’t actually think I want to look into any ol’ house, do you?”
Felix blushed. “What would you have done if I’d bought it, a years ago?”
“Marry you instantly,” grinned Franck. “I truly wish you’d have told me. I would have taken you much earlier.”
Felix took him in his arms. “I love you, you moron,” he smiled.
“Good. Then take your time this week, sell that bloody house, and come to me on Friday. Love me forever.”
They kissed. And Felix knew he would come to him, on Friday.
In fact, so he did.


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