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One Night In San Francisco

November 27 2006

I was only nineteen when this happened.I was in San Francisco, playing guitar with a rockband who I won't name. After the show I was back at my hotel and I got a strange phone call.

It was from a guy who had been in the audience at ourshow the previous night. He said he had seen me onstage and thought I was nice and he really wanted tomeet me!Maybe I should explain that I have very long brownhair, I am skinny and quite feminine looking for a boy.

My name's Chrissie.I was a little nervous about meeting him but hesounded nice.

He invited me to his house, it was on State street Iremember.His name was Sandy.When I got there I rang the bell not knowing what toexpect. The door opened and this pretty girl greetedme. As soon as she spoke I knew she was a boy. I wondered what I had let myself in for, but I wasstrangely excited.

Sandy was wearing a short black skirt and black nylonstockingsand a peach-coloured chiffon blouse.

He had beautiful blonde hair, long and wavy. His body was slim and hehad long, sexy legs. He gave me a glass of white wine and we sat and talkedfor a while. He had a beautiful face like a girl, withbig blue eyes and soft, red lips. He must have hadhormonesbecause he had lovely rounded, sexy little breasts.He said he had watched me playing on stage and hethought I was beautiful. He kept telling me I waspretty. He loved my long hair.

I was flattered. I told him I thought he looked like avery sexy girl and he loved that.

He kept stroking my hair. It felt nice and I let him.

He asked me if he could kiss me. I said OK and he gaveme a sweet little kiss on my mouth. It was lovely. Hekissed like a girl, really softly. We spent a long time kissing. It was so exciting kissing him, knowing he was a boy.We drank more wine and just kept on kissing andkissing.

He told me I was delicious. He really made me feel good. It felt incredible just kissing him. We were kissing with ourtongues in each other's mouths, licking each other'slips. He had bright red lipstick on and after about anhour we had kissed it all off. I loved his mouth, itwas so full and soft, very sexy.As we were kissing I felt his breasts. They felt sobeautiful, small but so soft and round like a teenage girl's.

He wasn't wearing a bra and he sighed as Islipped my hand inside his blouse and felt them naked.I unbuttoned his blouse front and pulled it wide openso I could look at his lovely breasts and kiss them.I took off my shirt and we sat kissing and feelingeach other for ages.

He said he loved my smooth skinand hekept telling me I was "so feminine". I told him Iloved being girly and I asked him if he had anythingpretty I could put on. He went over to his wardrobeand brought out a red satin dress. It was short with adeep V-neckline and short sleeves. I took the rest ofmy clothes off and sat naked in front of him. It feltso wild and sexy, with nothing on, sittingwith a beautiful half-naked transsexual.

He told me I had a beautiful body. He came andsat next to me holding the dress and we startedkissing again. He was touching me all over.

He wasvery gentle. He stroked my thighs and touched my cock.Ooh. I have never felt anything quite as sexy as having mycock played with by a pretty transsexual. He dropped the dress on the bed for the time being. Hetold me my cock was "so cute" and he fondled it for along time.

Then he went down and kissed it with hisbeautiful soft, girly lips. He took it in his mouth. Iwas in sexual ecstasy.He was sucking my little cock and making it reallywet. It felt absolutely divine and it wasn't too longbefore all my five and a half inches was rock-hard inhis lovely wet mouth.

I wanted to see his cock too and I pushed his skirt uphis legs. He had lovely smooth thighs above hisstocking-tops. I couldn't help but feel them. He waswearing sexy black panties with lace on them. I couldsee that his little cock was hard inside them. Helifted his bum a little and I slipped his panties downhis thighs. He looked so sexy with skirt up,his panties pulled down over his black stocking-tops,his little cock sticking up all hard.

It was just alittle bit bigger than mine. I was feelingoutrageously sexy and I started kissing him all overhis thighs and his cock, making him wet everywhere. Hewas making little girly moans, he kept saying "Oh,Chrissie" as I kissed and licked his thighs and hiscock.

He wanted me to put the red dress on. I stepped intoit and slipped it up over my naked body. Ooh, thesatin sliding over my bare skin. It made me tingle.

My pretty boyfriend zipped it up for me. I looked atmyself in the mirror. I did look very sexy andfeminine, the front of the dress was very low-cut andshowed off my smooth chest, and the hem came half-wayup my thighs. I felt so pretty and girly. It was a delicious feeling to wear a dress and have no pantieson underneath. My naughty boyfriend had taken hispanties allthe way off too and he was laying back on the bedlooking at me with skirt pulled up and his legs wide open,showing me his hard, sexy cock. I could see hispretty little bum hole. I slipped my dress up mythighs and showed him my cock.

I went and gotbetween his thighs and started rubbing littlecock against his. That made him really excited.Suddenly he cried out and I felt him spurt come allover my cock and my tummy. It was so wet and warm andlovely. I slid my little cock around in the slipperymess of his come.

I laid back on the bed and he came and started kissingmy cock and licking his come off it.I can't remember everything we did that night. I know I asked him to put make-up on me. I wanted to looksexy and feminine for him too. I was feeling sooutrageously naughty, and I wanted to try on all hispretty girl's clothes. I remember him putting a pairof black stockings and a garter belt on me.

I kept calling him Sandra and he loved that.We were kissing and feeling each other all night,dressedas really slutty girls. He told me I looked like avamp. At one point we laid together on the bed and suckedeach other's cocks. I loved sucking his cock. We bothlicked each other's bum holes too.

He was so clean and sweet and pretty. Then we spent a long time just laying together in ourpretty dresses with our arms around each other,kissing like lezzie girlfriends. It felt so nice. Ithink we drifted off together into a light sleep.

I do remember that hours later, in the early morning,we both started to get really hard again. We were bothso horny then and we got disgustingly sexy. I remember him sitting with his dress pulled up and his gorgeous girly legs wide open showing me his hole.

He had some cream he was rubbing all over his bum, itwas glistening. He kept mouthingthe words "fuck me" and slipping his finger up hishole so I could see. My cock was raging hard and I got between his legs. He took hold of my cock and touchedthe tip of it on his slippery little hole. I pushedand my hard cock slid right up inside him.

It waslovely fucking him using the cream, my cock slipped inand out so easily. I wanted to keep fucking him forhours but after a few minutes I couldn't hold back,thesexual feeling was too intense. I cried out loud and Ispurted a big load of come inside him.

After that I let him rub lots of cream all over mybare bum and he fucked me too. I was just in a cutelittle bra, nylons and a garter belt by then. I actedreally girly for him, wiggling my hips and wrapping mylegs around him. He loved the feel of my stockinged legs around his body.

He kissed me a lot while he wasfucking me. It was lovely to feel his cock inside me.He squealed like a girl when he came. It felt so warmand lovely inside me.

I love being fucked by pretty boys.When we finally kissed goodbye it was noon the next day. He gave me the red dress as a keepsake.

I took a taxi back to the hotel in a trance.

It's a true story.

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