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On Line With Seth and Cody

Wesley P. Benson

Seth was sitting at his computer that afternoon just enjoying some of the pics he had downloaded from the night before. Happy to be taking advantage of the absence of the rest of the family. It wasn’t often everyone else was off doing something, leaving him some private time for him to let his pants down and just be himself. So this 22 year old college student was enjoying a rare treat! It was October fifth, his birthday, and everyone had gone to the mall to ‘get something’. Mom was like that, always trying to surprise yet being so predictable. They were all off getting last minute gifts and picking up a cake. That was fine; and the fact that he had gathered so many extraordinary pics last night only added to his happiness. He met up with some hot dude and hit the Jackpot, it would seem, late that Friday night -- or better said -- early that Saturday morning. Having met another pic buff on the net named oddly enough the Pic-Fairy, who just kept on sending these pics to him. So many downloads one after another, that he was able only to peak at the pics from time to time as they flooded into his computer. Indeed, now as he shuffled through them in his leisure he found himself repeating again and again that these were the hottest pics he had downloaded in a long time. And all of them new!
He felt himself leaning closer and closer to the screen, watching each hot pic with total delight. His mouth jarred open in a continual ‘wooowww’, his eyes wide open and definitely glued to the screen as they carefully swathed every inch of the hot flesh on each and every scathing beauty that continually paraded before him in his indulgence. It wasn’t long at all before that welcome feeling began to flare up inside his body. You know the feeling, that steady tingling, a slow swelling, groaning and growing deep inside your crotch; you swallow hard as you notice your throat becoming dry. Your breathing changes as your chest feels just a bit heavier; and that muffled, thumping sound in your ears you discern to be your own heart beat begins to cause a heating in your ear lobes. Then there it is, that tightness in your jeans you recognize as a stiffening, swelling, thumping hard-on. Somehow, magically your penis has now become a cock and is demanding to be touched; to have your hand ‘feel it’. At first it seems satisfied with a quick pass by just the flat of your palm, and then your finger tips sort of scratch at it; then a moment or two later a squeeze that’s more of a soft pinch. As if your hand is letting the magic worm know it’s aware of it being there in your pants. But of course that only makes it worse. Now the darn thing is aching from its confinement and demanding to be unleashed! You swallow hard and dry knowing full well that you have no control over it. Your hard dick has taken over everything and you are now a slave to it.
“Oh fuck!” Seth said out loud as he forced a momentary reality check. Wrenching himself away from the screen for a quick respite, flicking his eyes and turning his head, forcing his fuzzy eyes to focus on something away from the screen momentarily. All this was just a ploy, it was as if the brain was saying “OK, we’re gonna do what ever the dick wants us to do now, so get ready!” Seth pulled back from the screen physically, but refused to actually sit back. No, he knew this was not the end just a ‘mental commercial’. No indeed, he wanted more of this and he knew it. But for the moment his mind made him re-direct his senses to all the things around him, yielding to his own paranoia. He allowed his senses to check out his surroundings to be sure that nothing had changed. He glanced up at the windows to see that the blinds and the curtains were both closed. A quick head turn around the room to be sure that he was still alone. And yet another look back over his left shoulder to peer at the lock on the door handle to insured him no one could enter his inner sanctum by surprise. He would not want to be caught with his pants down at a time like this.
Then with a smile, he turned back to the screen as the slide show continued with its hypnotic enchantment. But his dick was really hard now, and the adage was most assuredly true that ‘a hard dick knows no conscience’! It demanded to be touched with a will seemingly all of its own it had to be dealt with. And after all, no one was home! ‘Fuck it’, he thought and in a quick tearing away, he undid his jeans and ran his whole palm over his Calvin Kline boxer-briefs feeling his aching and still growing hot cock. Then he grasped his now churning balls and pulled on them a bit, as if they were some transmission-like affair that would shift his inner self into another gear.
Silently he jerked his chair closer to the computer so that he could sit back in his seat to better fondle himself. This cock was hot and hard! And why not, these pics were fantastic, like nothing he had seen before; and perfect quality. He sighed heavy, slid foreword and smiled now as his mind felt the electric mouths and the tongues of the guys in the pics as they caressed his body. He bit down softly on his lower lip and closed his eyes to imagine his hands roving over the internet dicks on the screen. Their dicks were his, and in his imagination everything there on the screen was real and right there in front of him. Popping out from the white cotton Calvin’s that had till now confined it was the real star of this show. Slowly he ran his left hand up the full length of that blood engorged shaft as the two first fingers of his right hand pushed it away from his body. He taunted the satiny head for a moment and then slid the hand back down the length of the shaft. Grasping it by the base with just his finger tips, he proudly wagged it in the air a few times -- as if threatening the computer screen -- and smiled, happy with his ‘maleness’ and the thrill of the moment.
Now there was nothing else in the whole universe, just the entreating screen, his hot throbbing cock and his all caressing hands -- and it does take two hands to handle a whopper! One hand on the pulsing shaft of his cock and the other groping and teasing at his aching balls as they began to swell and fill up with who and what he was. He could feel his front teeth press down a bit harder on his lower lip, as his hand began to slowly beef up its stroking pace. He was breathing fast now, almost in a pant.
Then it happened! Almost simultaneously his head was jarred back into reality by the sudden sound of knuckles pounding heavily on glass. Seth was so startled by the impending invasion it rocketed his body up from his chair forcing it to repel behind him as he shot up. He could hear it topple over with a bang somewhere there behind him, only adding to his panic. Instantaneously he pulled his shorts and jeans back into place. And his magnificent hard-on was stuffed cruelly back into its prison where it thumped only to slowly fizzle back into a softer and less obtrusive bit of flesh.
Again the pounding came. Now with his senses returned to him he realized someone was at the back door. There was perspiration on his brow, his throat was parched and his face felt hot. Aiming himself towards the kitchen, he went to answer the door. His hands patted down his clothing as he started out; as he neared the door to his room he retrieved the chair, righted it and slid it over to the computer where it belonged. Then as he entered the kitchen, he paused for one last zipper check, so that no one would know he had just been playing with himself.
“Oh...Cody” he croaked as he opened the door with a plastic smile, “Hi.”
“Hey Seth,” Cody beamed back, “what’s up?” And as he was accustomed, Cody came in and headed right to the refrigerator. “I was just...fuckin’ around.” Seth said quickly and then realized Cody hadn’t asked him anything yet, leaving him with that feeling of foolishness we’ve all known at one time or another; some of us more than others.
“Kewl......can I grab a Pepsi?” he retorted, not really hearing Seth, nor waiting for a response to his request.
“Sure...”Seth replied mechanically as his emotions slumped.
“So....” Cody smiled, “what do ya wanna do?” for the first time Cody actually looked at Seth. And having known him for so long, Cody could feel something.
“Yeah Cody,” he smiled sarcastically “I’ll have one too.” and shaking his head he went over toward the refrigerator.
“Hey are your folks not home?” he asked realizing the house was silent. As he asked he headed toward Seth’s room, just as he normally would.
“No actually, I’m alone.” As he said it he thought ‘Or I was’ and he laughed and grabbing himself a soda, followed Cody; never once thinking about the computer in his room which was still showing and re showing those hot new pics, over and over again.
“Woha! Seth!!” he heard Cody swoon. “These are Fuckin’ Sweet! When did you get these?” it wasn’t until he was entering his bed room that the realization of his mistake in not turning off the slide show hit his brain like two freight trains colliding head on. Cody had thrown himself in Seth’s chair in front of the computer and was leering bug-eyed at the screen. A moment or two longer and he might have foamed at the mouth.
Poor Seth was so stunned not only by his having left the computer running but also that now Cody had broken into his privacy that he was too dumb struck to say anything at all. All he could think of was how on earth he could explain the moment.
“Cody!!” Seth finally gasped. And with that he roused Cody from his spot in front of the computer relegating his buddy to the side seat, and shut down the running program in an attempt to regain control of the situation. When he looked over Cody was shaking his head and smiling ear to ear.
“What?” Seth eventually croaked, knowing he had been discovered.
“You were yankin’ it, weren’t ya?” he chided his best friend softly.
“Cody...” Seth retorted in an annoyed tone that tried hard to say ‘Who? Not me; never!’.
“Bull...” his friend smiled back in a soft, knowing voice.
“Come on!!!” Seth pleaded, with a grin, silently admitting Cody was right in his deduction, and begging him for mercy from the torment he thought he was in for.
“Hey how long do you have the house all to yourself?” Cody asked with a thought growing so strongly in the back of his head, that it showed itself like a neon sign through his glistening eyes.
“Why...???” Seth questioned, after a moment of silent thought. Pulling his chair closer to Seth’s, and placing it in a position that would allow a better view of the computer screen Cody looked over at Seth with a soft smile.
“As long as we’re alone like this,” he explained in a slow, whispering voice, “let’s close the bedroom door and.......well....we can see those ‘fine’ pics together.” as he spoke he riveted his eyes on Seth’s, forcing his ‘best bud’ to reach back to the silent, unspoken memory the two shared. As he spoke Seth’s breathing seemed to stop momentarily; Cody’s impish smile saying more than any of his words.
“Code.....” Seth replied forcing himself to look away, fronting the idea that such thoughts were immature. Trying without success to hide his feelings of both surprise and definite willingness to actively join into the idea.
“Come on Seth....” Cody retorted in a sincere whisper that threw his real feelings there at Seth’s feet, “....we’re best friends, have been since before pubic hair.” There was a silence between the two just then, as they both paused to examine feelings deep inside. “It’s not like we’ve never done this before.” Cody said breaking the silence with a little chuckle. Then, when Seth still did not speak Cody looked at the face that was refusing to look directly at him and really startled Seth with words that deep down, Seth himself had wanted to say -- even had hoped to hear -- but did not dare.
“I actually think we should do this more, not less.” Cody announced in an almost tender plea to his best friend. Knowing his words were as difficult to hear as they were to say, Cody jabbed at Seth’s arm in a joking way, to sort of take the edge off a bit. He had silent feelings for Seth as well and would never intentional hurt him or for that matter let anyone else. “And how the hell often do we get a chance to be alone like this!” That worked; Seth turned his head and stared into Cody’s eyes.
“We’re best friends man....and more.” Cody whispered back in an almost pleading manner. He really knew Seth and was now toying with his best friend’s true emotions in an all out effort to get his way. He was like a child at K-mart begging for a toy.
“Yeah...we are.” Seth agreed emotionally, his inner wall began to quickly dissolve by the strength of his own silent desires, and his feelings for Cody. There was another silence then. Finally, realizing he had gotten through, Cody sighed, slid back in his chair and with a soft smile announced, “So...go close your bedroom door.” They eyed each other for a moment as Seth fought being told what to do in his own room. “Well I mean you are closer!” he added and with that the two chuckled.
Seth was already getting hard and had been for several minutes now. He had a certain special tenderness for his friend that had always been unspoken. Since the two were in grade school, he had a sort of crush on Cody. And the two did things and shared personal secrets they wouldn’t dare even admit to. This was one of those -- “here we go again” -- moments we’ve all shared when we give way to the desires of that special person in our lives. Sometimes it makes you feel like you’re just a ‘Raggedy Andy’ doll being drug along by that little boy you know you love; silently or otherwise. But then again, when you’d do anything for that ‘little boy’, as long as you could feel like you were his Raggedy Andy then it was a good thing. So with a smile, Seth got up and silently complied.
“Should ya get like a towel er somethin’ too, while yer up?” Cody smiled, peeking over at Seth through the corner of his eye with that impish grin of his that was so irresistible.
“Yes Cody,” Seth chuckled, knowing only too well all that was to ‘come’. Deep inside he tingled to know that he had agreed to do this, silently but still, he was going to go ahead and ‘just do it’.
“I suppose you also want some lotion?” Seth teased. Cody didn’t answer; instead he just fidgeted in his chair and ran his hand over the bulge in his crotch. Seth came back with a towel and some lotion (his private stock) and Cody asked still caressing his bulge. “Sethie you never answered me before, how long will we be alone like this?”
“Forever!” Seth beamed as he replayed the word “Sethie” in his mind, “the whole clan went shopping for ‘something’ at the Mall and the over to Angeli's Market to grocery shop.” It was nice to think that there was someone close and personal enough to call him ‘Sethie’; and even better that it was Cody.
“Holy Shit!” he exclaimed. “And wait till you see some of these pics!” Seth said really getting in the mood as he plopped down in his seat, flung the towel onto the back of Cody’s chair and sat the lotion on the computer desk in an equal arms reach for either of them.
In a moment the computer was again displaying the long series of sexually arousing pics. And the two of them were tending to their own needs in an exercise that was both separate yet somehow joined. The tintinnabulation somehow heightened by the fact that this extremely private act was now ‘shared participation’. Shared between the computer, the people in the pics of course, and the two special people who were there flailing away at themselves!
Seth was stroking himself and watching the pics as they moved in their consecutive file, delighting the mind and stimulating the body. But he would also dart his eyes over at Cody, or better admitted, Cody’s dick from time to time. Being careful of course not to be obvious about it; he admired Cody’s body, always had. Cody was a husky, sandy blond haired football type guy with a natural physique. Not overly muscular, but firm and nice; especially to Seth. To Seth his cock was nice too; always had been. Though his own hot seven inch meat was longer, Cody’s was somehow more desirable. It was thicker, and most of all it was so much whiter. Seth had a more olive complexion, with dark hair and features. From the first time Seth got a glimpse of Cody’s naked body in a very brief encounter at gym, he had been in awe of that soft golden thatch of fluff. Then there was that special time, about a year ago, maybe less, when Cody surprised Seth with some porno magazines, and insisted the two Seth off together while flipping through the pages. That occurrence was repeated three more times on other occasions. It seemed to Seth that once it was allowed Cody tried to let it happen more and more. Seth liked the idea and wanted to, but somehow it sort of scared him. Though he loved to watch Cody do it. He found himself even fantasizing about it when he was alone. Maybe that’s what scared him. What did it mean to like -- no to desire -- to see his best buddy Seth off and cum. Oh he loved that part of it, Seth would see it over and over again in his mind.
An alarm went off in Seth’s head just then, a frantic scare that almost made him loose his hard on. Somehow, he had forgotten himself and only at the last minute realized that he had been watching Cody’s beautiful, hot cock instead of the pics. And for some time!
‘Oh God!!’ he thought to himself in a frenzy, ‘What if Cody had noticed his interest in him?’ He riveted his eyes back to the computer screen -- though he didn’t actually see the pics. They were there, but Seth’s mind was not watching them. Then he thought, let me just peek over and see Cody’s face, see where his eyes were. If they were glued to the screen, with that leering, lust-filled hypnotic stare Cody usually had, it would mean he was home free. He would know that Cody was too intent on the pics to have noticed his homo-like behavior.
So he took a chance, and darted his eyes over to Cody’s face and quickly back to the screen. But he was forced to do a double take at it because to his amazement, Cody was entranced alright, with that sexually transmitted smile and lustful gleam in his eyes -- those beautiful sky blue eyes – but his eyes weren’t on the screen. Cody wasn’t watching the pics! That stare and that grin were aimed at Seth’s cock. And not just for a moment, but for the whole time! Seth felt really strange, but it made him harder. He stared at Cody’s face for a long time searching his eyes and his expression. Noticing how Cody’s facial movements seemed to be somehow controlled by the way Seth stroked his cock. Then by accident he lost it and gave a soft sort of giggle.
The sound of it broke Cody’s concentration and their eyes suddenly met. Again to Seth’s amazement, Cody was not embarrassed by having been found out. He wasn’t daunted in the least. Rather, he was even more aroused!
“This is great.” Cody whispered still exercising his arm.
“Yeah.....” Seth answered with a horsed smile, and cocked his head.
Then without any warning or for any reason or anything...Cody took his hand off his own cock and went to grasp Seth’s hard member. With every alarm in his body going off Seth grabbed Cody’s wrist in almost self defense, stopping him.
“What are ya doin’?” But that brought a look of such dejection to Cody’s face that Seth wanted to die. He felt as if he had mortally wounded Cody. Something he couldn’t possibly bear, especially at just that moment.
“I was gonna stroke it for ya.......” Cody almost whimpered, “You don’t want me to??” Immediately Seth began to loosen his hold on Cody’s wrist and tried to smile. But there was so much shock, so much surprise going on in his head and through his senses he simply could not function. When he tried to say ‘Yes ...Yes I do want you to....’ some other sound came out of his mouth. It wasn’t words, it wasn’t even comprehensible, but Cody seemed to understand and began to smile again.
A moment later Cody wrapped his fingers around Seth’s cock, it felt like 30,000 volts of pure electricity went through him. It made him feel weak, as though his body was little more than a glob of butter melting away in Cody’s heat, so much so he began to fear he might fall off the chair and make a real fool of himself. Powerless, all he could do was stare at Cody’s face. Never actually taking his hand off of Cody’s wrist, he now just sort of ran it up his friends arm attaching it to his buddies strong bicep.
“See......” Cody whispered with a smile, never taking his eyes off of Seth’s, “that feel’s good. Doesn’t it?” Oh yes that felt good alright, so ‘good’ that Seth thought his dick would double its size and split at the seams. He could not ever remember feeling so hard, so thick or so excited in his entire life. Another sound came from him then, a kind of whimpering groan, and he realized he was panting.
“Yeah.....ya like that?” Cody asked. Then again without warning Cody slipped out of his seat, never missing a stroke, and came to kneel between Seth’s legs.
“OH GOD!!!” for the first time Seth actually said something understandable.
“ like that.” Cody said with confidence, as he now stared at Seth’s full, hard cock. “You have a beautiful dick.”
Seth heard himself utter another impassioned moan as he watched Cody stroke his hot, hard cock. Cody too was totally hypnotized by his actions and the cock in his hand, looking as if he was in awe of it. As if, yes as if he was in love with it. Just then Cody looked up at Seth from down on his knees and as he smiled, Seth bit his lower lip and wanted to say “Thank you!” or even “Wow” or simply declare his love for Cody, but he didn’t dare. Cody smiled back at him then and in that smile he felt certain Cody had somehow read his mind. Seth’s right hand was still holding Cody’s stroking arm, so Cody ran his other free hand up Seth’s thigh to meet and grasp Seth’s other hand, and their fingers entwined. It was like magic, in that grasp somehow the two joined as one, like some Vulcan Mind Meld. Seth moaned again through his heavy panting.
Then Cody gave a broad smile and as they stared into each others eyes. In slow motion Seth saw Cody open his mouth, extend his tongue slowly and lick the head of his dick. He squeezed Cody’s hand and Cody squeezed back. Again he licked the head of Seth’s throbbing cock. Now Cody smiled, and taking his eyes off of Seth’s brought them to bear on the dick in front of him. For a moment it looked like a kid staring at his favorite piece of candy before eating it. Then without hesitation, Cody opened his mouth, closed his eyes in delighted anticipation, and took in the head and first inch or two of Seth’s cock.
This was so unreal. Seth was totally blown away by it all. And then came the unbelievable sensation of a hot mouth and silky wet tongue wrapped around his poker hard, red hot dick. It was like nothing else he had ever even thought of! Cody began to swirl his tongue around and over Seth’s cock head, slowly pitching his head from side to side, sucking harder and harder on Seth’s love tool, and bobbing up and down again with a loving slowness.
“Uuumm.....” Cody swooned.
“OH CODY!!” Seth said loudly, now unable to control anything he did his hands flew up to pull at the hair on his head and then forming fists they just sort of flailed around. In response, Cody slid more of Seth into his mouth and down his throat, now wrapping his hand around Seth’s balls and giving them a squeeze. For a moment Seth feared he would pass out, as Cody slowly slid his head up and down on Seth’s engorged cock. He didn’t mean to but somehow Seth felt his hips undulate on their own and he could feel his cock fuck Cody’s willing, wild, wet mouth and explore his friend’s throat. And Cody seemed to love it, responding with a short set of guttural groans.
The feeling was like nothing Seth had ever imagined, seeming to be outside the limits of time and reality, looking surreal, as if it were happening in slow motion. The sensation of Cody’s hot, willing mouth on his throbbing, now aching hard cock was surpassed only by the knowledge that it was Cody on the other end. How he had dreamed of this moment, only in his imagination it was always him going down on Cody; not at all like what was happening. He had desired it only to abandon the thought as something that could never be realized. Yet now, here it was.
Seth again moaned, louder now as Cody began to slowly and lovingly bob his head up and down the full length of his swollen member. Then Cody allowed Seth’s cock to slip out of his hot mouth, and moving his head from side to side as he held the cock in place, he let his full tongue lick slowly, teasingly at the head. He would slip that pulsing head just inside his mouth momentarily, and then allow his lips to tease at it as he spit it out again. The sensation made Seth’s legs begin to jiggle uncontrollably, as if they had turned to rubber or possibly Jell-O!
“OH GOD!” Seth squealed. A mass of sweat, he felt his body start to slip out of his seat a bit. And there came such a tightening in his balls he felt sure they were going to get sucked all the way up into his stomach. He saw Cody allow his cock to just throb there for a moment, in front of his face as Cody watched it in delight. A slow stream of glistening and gleaming pre-cum oozed out of the tip to trickle down the shaft. Only to be swallowed by Cody as his mouth again latched onto Seth’s thick shaft.
Now Cody clamped down sucking hard on Seth’s dick and in quick darts drove his mouth, lips and tongue up and down, again and again over Seth’s now explosive, hot cock in a heated fury of love and lust. He was so eager to take Seth over the edge and all the way into a hot churning orgasm that nothing else existed now. All that mattered to Cody in the whole universe was making Seth cum!
Arching his back and throwing his head behind him Seth let out a wild, impassioned groan, guttural and loud. And from deep inside his body he felt the surge of his hot, white love juice. His balls felt like they would explode. The head of his cock was now three or maybe even four times as big and as thick as it had ever been before. And then, finally in an almost pain filled stream he felt the first of many gushes of his love juice. That searing hot -- and thicker then he had ever felt before -- cum. Over and over they came in lust filled wanton waves of pleasure. Waves that shot out all over. Some into Cody, some onto Cody, some even made it to the keyboard and onto the computer screen. Eventually, Seth collapsed almost totally out of his chair in the end and he felt as if he had just dug the entire Erie Canal! For a moment his head swooned and he went into a blind. A brief moment later he was brought back to reality by Cody’s now pain filled and pitiable voice.
“HELP MMMEEEEEE!!!!” Cody croaked as he stood up, flailing his own giant member. His knees shook and his whole body was trembling in anticipation of his own orgasm. Seth didn’t know exactly what to do or how to do it, but instinct took its course. And forcing himself into action, he reached out at the torso in front of him. Grabbing Cody’s whacking hand he wrenched the wildly stroking appendage off that precious dick and forced his mouth onto the hot cock he loved and had loved and had wanted. Closing his eyes he sucked and tongued and almost instantly felt Cody’s salty cum fluid shoot into his mouth. It was wonderful!
He felt Cody latch onto his head with both hands and force the full length of his dick into Seth’s mouth and throat. He gagged a bit and some of the love jism dribbled out of his lips and down his chin. But he loved it, he wanted it; he desired it! For the rest of his life, all the other face fucks he would go through would have to compare themselves to this one.
Finally spent, Cody slid back down to his knees, a helpless mass of exhausted flesh. As he rested into place, Seth reached out to him, and the two looked each other in the eyes, their minds and hearts sharing an emotional orgasm all its own. In the glow of that magic moment they brought their faces close together and their lips met in a long awaited kiss. And then in a complete surprise Cody looked into Seth’s eyes.
“Happy Birthday, bud!” he announced with a smile.
“What!” and it all became clear to him.
“Boy,” Cody retorted finally, “we must look a mess. When will your folks be back?” he asked.
“I don’t know?” Seth chuckled, unable to think right at that time all he could do was look into his boyfriend’s eyes and glow.
“Hey.....” Cody smiled as he kissed Seth again. “Man, I am like famished, can we order some pizza?”

The End


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