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erotic stories

Head of the Storm

by Jay Peterson March 18th 2007

His dick always hurt when a storm was coming. His friends called it “Nate’s weather vein” based on the pulsing blood vessel that became so pronounced on his shaft when the weather changed suddenly. Not that all his friends had seen his dick just before a storm! But Danny and Davy had.

It was the summer after high school and they convinced their parents that a short trip to Vancouver would be safe. They loaded up their sleeping bags, tents and camping gear and headed out from Seattle. The three had suspected that the other two were also gay since their junior year in high school. They noticed each other’s sideways glances in the gym, and lingered a little longer after most of the boys had left to admire and watch each other dress--from a distance.

Davy’s coloring was dark due to his Italian grandfather, which probably accounted for the thick dark pubic hair that surrounded his large dick and sent a trail climbing up to his navel. Danny was blonde, with blue eyes, a firm set jaw, and pale skin. His cock was not as large as Davy’s but thick and beautifully formed, with an extra large ball sac hanging below. Nate’s looks were a little harder to describe. He was the artist of the group and wore his hair long and straight. It often fell over his eyes, which were already hooded with long, dark lashes. It gave him a sullen look at times, though he was the more lighthearted of the threesome. Despite his dark hair and dark eyes, his skin was pale. In contrast to the more muscular bodies of Danny and Davy, Nate seemed destined to always be thin and lanky. Having developed a beard later than most boys, dark peachfuzz still trailed from his side-burns. Only Davy and Danny knew he had a cock that would be the envy of any guy.

When they had their first non-chaperoned camp-out the summer between their junior and senior years, they were just beginning to identify themselves as “a group”. Having circled around each other for some time, their friendship began to click in Mr. Howe’s geography class. They decided then and there they would take a trip to Canada that summer to see Glacier Park –not that far from their Seattle homes--that Mr. Howe had spoken so glowingly about.

They made plans for their trip for the first week after school, before Danny left to visit his father in Phoenix, and Davy started for work in the lumber yards. Nate was taking a summer art class in New York. They each secretly hoped there would be some nudity and man-play between them, but those thoughts had not yet been expressed to each other. The first night, however, was the perfect time to lower their inhibitions. It was a swelteringly hot night, especially for the mountains. Undressing in the tent, Danny announced that he was sleeping in his boxers. Each of the other boys happily followed suit, smiling in the dark. Too hot to get in their sleeping bags, they sprawled across the tent floor in an unruly fashion, with foot touching leg here and elbow touching elbow there. Though each wanted to reach out and explore the mysteries of each other’s crotch, none had the courage to be the first, in case they had misread the signals over the last year.

Soon the conversation slowed as sleep took over. The pauses between comments became longer, and the answers became murmurs rather than spoken words. Soon only the sounds of the night could be heard. Outside the still wind began to stir as a cooler front moved down from northern Canada to break the oppressive heat. The forest leaves made rustling sounds as the wind picked up speed little by little, sending leaves swirling down the mountain slopes. Around 2 AM, the edge of the front was just a few miles away, the wind picked up, temperatures dropped, and the intermitten spitting of rain could be heard. Suddenly, Nate woke with a start. He grabbed his crotch and began to moan. Sharp pulsing jabs were racing through his testicles and up the shaft of his penis. He rocked back and forth in pain, moaning quietly to himself until Danny and Davy woke up. “What’s up?” Danny said sleepily. “I… I hurt,” said Nate nervously. “I have a pain in my…in my…” He didn’t know what to say.

“Your stomach?” Davy asked.

“Lower than that,” Nate said. This had happened to him once before, so he knew what was going to happen next. It would be awkward with his friends around, unless they truly were gay. They were going to have to cover some getting-to-know-you territory faster than usual.

Knowing there wasn’t much time, Nate blurted it out. “It’s my cock. It hurts like hell. It does this when the weather changes. A cool front is getting ready to pass over us. I can tell by this pain.”

Davy and Danny looked from Nate to each other.

“Can we help?” Davy asked.

“Yes,” Nate answered, “but it might be a little embarrassing”. Kneeling up on the tent floor, he pulled his boxers to his knees. In the light that filtered in through the tent door, Danny and Davy saw Nate’s cock. It was hard and huge, with an almost swollen look. It was a deep red, nearly purple color as if someone had placed a tight rubber band around its base. The blood vessel that ran up the shaft stood out in sharp relief as if it had been carved from granite. Blood was rushing in to his dick, filling up all the sponging spaces in his shaft, but none was leaving. As more and more blood pumped in, his dick became harder, longer and thicker than they had ever imagined. And it hurt.

“I need you to help me cum,” he finally said. “It is the only thing that releases the pressure for a little while. I will need to jack off once every half-hour until the storm passes. In this state it is hard to cum as the pain is so great. I need every sexually stimulating action that you can think of to prevent my cock head from exploding.”

“I could suck the end of it while you stroke it,” Danny volunteered, as if it were a chore, rather than the object of his lust every day at gym.

“I’ll play with your ass hole if that will help,” Davy said, having wanted Nate’s ass for six months now.

The three boys went to work immediately. Danny’s tongue became expert in fliking the tender tip of Nate’s penis while Nate rapidly pumped his hand up and down his swollen shaft. Danny delicately took the head of Nate’s dick into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the piss hole. Davy first stroked Nate’s ass, then began to lick it with his tongue. He slipped one finger into his manhole, remembering how good it felt when he had been at the doctor’s recently. As his finger brushed Nate’s prostate, Nate began to moan. Davy tugged gently on Nate’s sac, pulling the stretchy skin as far as it would go. He pressed his own hard dick between Nate’s thighs from behind, and reached up to kiss his neck, and reached around to finger his nipples. The combination of tongue, fingers and hand were bringing Nate close to an epic explosion of cum. “Keep doing that he moaned.” Then with a groan of deep pleasure mixed with pain, his prostate and testicles mixed semen and sperm, which shot out in spasms all over the tent. His thighs quivered. He held his dick in his hand like a fire hose, directing the stream of semen as if peeing. He pumped hard as the quivering of his dick continued longer than either Danny or Davy had ever experienced. The force with which the cum shot from Nate’s dick head was amazing, as was the quantity of warm semen. Nate groaned in ecstasy for several minutes as Danny and Davy sat quietly by, envious beyond measure. He was on his knees, with his back arched, his long hair falling down his thin back. He rested his weight on one arm, while one hand stroked slower and slower on the shaft of his penis. After a full five minutes, he dropped to his back, his rod a normal flaccid stem between his legs.

“Thanks, guys,” he said. “I couldn’t have done it on my own. It will start up again in a few minutes. If we keep at it, we can keep the pain away by near constant ejaculation.”

By morning, the three boys had learned a lot. They had sucked, kissed, fucked, and stroked each other more than once. They had kissed lips, nipples, dicks, balls and asses. They had been in every conceivable position and grouping imaginable. Their dicks were spent and tired and hung limp as dishrags between their legs. They slept until noon, then packed and drove away. Behind them was innocence. Ahead lay an adventure they would not soon forget.


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