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Right Now This Is All I Need

By Melina Catts

When I saw him coming through the gate at the airport, it suddenly hit me just how much I had missed him. I knew these last few days had been tough without him, but seeing him somehow made it all more real.

“Hey,” he said when we were finally face to face. We embraced, but in that way we must when there are too many straight, un-approving eyes around. I long to hold his hand, but we are in my hometown, small and full of gossip. I miss our neighborhood in Chelsea where we can display our affection without a second thought.

“Let’s get out of here,” I say.

“Where am I staying?” he asks.

“I got you a room at the Westin.”

“Isn’t everyone else at your parents?” He gives me that look.

“Yes, and you are too if you want, but I wanted us to have someplace we could go.”

He smiles. “Let’s go there first.”

Apparently these last three days have been tough on him too.

We gather his luggage and load it into my rental car. “I can’t wait to get you alone,” he says as he slips into the passenger seat.

I feel my dick start to harden, filling the tight space in my pants. “Hurry,” he says, “or I’ll blow you right here in the parking lot.”

As hot as that would be, the last thing I need is to arrested for performing a ‘lurid act in public’. I start the engine and make the short drive to the hotel.

I had already checked in so we rushed through the lobby to the elevators. “What floor?” he asks.

“Six.” We enter the elevator. We are alone. He pushes the button and the doors slide closed. I long to touch him; instead we stand on each side of the car and stare at one another, longingly.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he says.

“How much?” I tease.

The elevator dings and the doors slide open. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

We rush down the hall with me leading the way to our room. I slip the key card into the slot and push the door open, pulling him in behind me.

We turn into a tangle of limbs and fabric as we fight to get the clothing off of each other; both needing to feel skin on skin.

Once finally undressed we stumble over to the bed, he pushes me back, onto the mattress; crawling on top of me and pinning my hands up over my head. Then he begins his assault with his tongue; kissing, licking and nipping my neck and chest.

I wiggle my arms free of his grasp and sink my fingers into his hair, pulling his face back up and into a passionate kiss. I run my hands down his back, his skin is soft over his taunt muscles. My fingers make their way down to his luscious ass. I cup a round globe in each hand, pulling him to me so that our cocks rub together.

“I want to be inside you,” I whisper.

He moans.

“Is that a yes?”

“Ah…. yeah.”

I smile and roll him onto his back. I usually prefer to enter him from behind, but not this time; this time I want to be able to kiss him, to watch him. I grab the lube off the nightstand where I had left it earlier and squirt the cool gel into my hand. I slick up my dick with it then take my index finger and begin opening him up.

He moans as I slide my finger in just past the first knuckle. I wiggle it around then slide it in further. I watch his face as I make lazy circles, spreading him open. I love the bliss I see in his eyes as he stares back at me.

I add another finger and open him wider. He begins using his legs to slide up and down; fucking my finger. “Come on,” he says, “I want you in me.”

How can I deny his request? I pull my fingers out and put his legs up over my shoulders; then I line up to penetrate him. Our eyes lock as I push in. He is so warm, so tight. I slide in then stop, giving him time to adjust. He sighs and the vice like grip on my cock loosen ever so slightly, telling me he’s ready. I begin rocking in and out of him.

Our passion builds, it’s obvious neither of us will last long. The three days we’ve been apart seem like a lifetime.

His arms slide down my back, taking hold of my ass and pulling me in deeper. I hold still as he then begins pumping his legs against my shoulders raising his ass up and down, riding my cock, pushing me in impossibly farther.

Then he reaches his long arms around so that his finger is tickling at my hole. “Oh God,” I moan. He can’t reach far enough to slide his finger in, but just having it there teasing me, is driving me over the edge.

“Come for me,” he says. “Shoot in my hot ass.”

That’s all I need. I feel my sac tighten and I close my eyes letting my climax take me. I then collapse on top of him.

When I finally recover enough to move, I roll off to his side. His spunk is all over my chest. “Mmm… that was nice,” he purrs. “I have missed this.”

“Yeah, I have too.”

We share a cigarette, lying on our backs, staring at the ceiling. There are things we need to discuss, but not now. Right now we need this more. The closeness, the intimacy does more for my weary soul than I ever could have imagined.

I put the cigarette out and roll back over to him. Now that our immediate needs have been met its time to show him how I feel; what he means to me.

I begin kissing at his ear; my hand sliding down to stroke his cock. “Mmmm…” he sighs and I move on down to kiss at his neck. I take my time letting my actions say what my words never can.

I move on to his nipples, first the left then the right; giving each a work over. His breathing hitches as he tries to keep himself under control. He knows where this is leading.

My ministrations continue, licking at his abs then running my tongue over the tip of his dick. It jumps in my hands at the sensation. I smile.

I take him into my mouth, sliding down on him until his cock hits the back of my throat. I hear him gasp as I swallow around him. I snake my finger down his sac, slowly, lightly so that it almost tickles him; then all the way down to his hole. I know how to play him, what he likes; what makes him crazy, and what makes him shoot like a teenager. I slide my finger into him brushing over his prostate as I swallow around him again. That’s all it takes; works every time. He lets out a low moan as he shoots down my throat.

I let him slip from my mouth and watch him as he lays there in bliss. He is so beautiful.

He opens his eyes slowly, giving me a shy smile and I start stroking him again. “I’m not done with you yet,” I tell him.

He moans, trying to feign irritation. It’s such a chore for him to let me have my way like this.

“Well, if you’re not up to it…” I tease.

His eyes open. “No, really… I don’t mind.”

I reach over to the bottle lube again and squirt some in my hand, letting it warm, then going back to work on his cock. I slick him up then let him watch me as I reach around to prepare my own hole.

His eyes fill with lust as he watches me fingering myself. “You want to fuck me?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he sighs.

“Want me to ride your cock?”

“Yeah,” he says again in a throaty whisper.

I raise my body up over him, straddling him. Then I slide down on to his dick.

For an instant the pain is so intense that I feel like I’m on fire. Then my muscles relax, giving way to allow him in. I open my eyes to see him watching me. I smile and raise myself up slowly, then back down, slowly. Up and down in a measured deliberate pace; wanting this to last forever.

I don’t play the passive roll for him very often and never for anyone else. But even when I let him fuck me, I still have to be in control. He knows that, he accepts that; and I love him all the more for it.

I begin moving faster, leaning back, so that this cock brushes my gland. He is in a total state of bliss and I watch his beautiful face awash with it as I feel my climax getting closer.

“Oh God, you are so tight,” he whispers. “So soft, so warm… Fuck, I can’t hold it. I’m gonna shoot.”

I had planned to bring him close and then take him back down. I had planned to do that over and over again until he was pleading with me to let him come. But my own desire, my own need causes me to forgo my plan. Instead I take my cock in my hand and give it a couple of pulls. I feel his climax shooting into me as I shoot my passion onto his chest, neck, and face.

“Damn,” he says later as we both lay collapsed in a heap, catching our breath. “I think I need a nap after that.”

I roll over, snuggling into the crook of his neck. “Yeah, a nice long nap.”

Discussions can wait; family can wait. Right now this is all I want, this is all I need.


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