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erotic stories

Locker Room. Part 3

By Jack Crelin August 9th 2006

I could hear the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor to the locker room, I tensed, my hard cock jolting pain into me when I did it, wanting release but unable to get any. This could be anyone, though most likely it was the manager, he'd definitely ban me, my entire upper body and face, save for my back were covered in cum, my ass oozed it, one of my nipples trailing a trickle of dried blood into my cock through my pubes. My hands were tightly bound to a clothing peg above me and my mouth was gagged with a chain of three sweaty jocks, including my own.

The door slowly opened and in stepped the manager, he'd inherited the place from his dad and was only just twenty-one. He was young and gorgeous, his body was perfectly shaped- athletic but not bulky and he always wore tight clothing to show it off. He looked a little surprised when he saw me, then suddenly his face soured and he walked over to me, sternly standing in front of me.

"What the fucking hell have we got here?" he bellowed at me.

I shrank back in terror, terrified that he'd call the cops. "Because it's fucking hot, and I love it!" he shouted before leaning in and giving me the best kiss I've ever felt. He stood back up, "Wow! The guys really left me a treat today! Shame I'm too busy to enjoy it tonight, got to run, sorry!" he said, licking the flakes of semi-dry cum that he'd picked up from my lips, off his own.

Then he walked swiftly out, turning off the light in the room and locking the door. I moaned, more of the jock odour flooding my nostrils and twitching my now semi-erect cock. With the manager gone what was I going to do? I couldn't free myself and I was now trapped in the gym. I hung my head in despair. I decided the only thing I could do was try and get some sleep, bound as I was, my wrists burning in pain and my body unable to properly relax.

I had a fitful night's sleep, an hour hear, twenty minutes there, all the while my wrist's burned, my cock ached with the memory of the four fuckings and the manager. By dawn my body was caked in dry cum that made movement a trial of pain but I knew soon the cleaners would arrive to clean up before the gym opened in maybe 2 hours.

I heard the door click and prepared for the scream of the cleaner. There was no scream, only a moan of animal pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw the manager standing before me, his tight top already coming off. "Now to try my present out," he said, his jeans expanding outwards as he closed the distance between us.

He got to me and pulled his jeans off, revealing he was going commando with a stiff nine and a half inch cock. He bent forwards and kissed me again, his hands rubbing over my chest. He moaned into me as he did so, then he dropped down and sucked on each of my nipples, careful to not disturb the wound on the one. Then he dropped down and grabbed my balls in his mouth, they were already tightening as my cock came to full mast and he growled into them also.

Then he stood and move round behind me, he placed his cock on my hole and then untied the jocks around my mouth, "Do you want me to?" he asked, "Fuck yes!" I replied, catching my breath. With that he drove his cock in, until his balls banged my own. Then he pulled back, grazing my prostate gland before thrusting again. He kept this up, quick and deep for two minutes before he panted, "M-may I cum in you?" once again I panted an affirmative and he began to thrust harder and faster than before, stroking my prostate gland over and over.

A moment later he let out an animalistic groan as his cock shot a wad of cum into my ass, then another, and another, another followed, he must of pumped as much cum into me as both of the first guys and then some more. He thrust a few more times then pulled out.

"Ok now time for your payment," he said.

He walked around in front of me and unhooked my bindings from the peg, then he placed my aching arms over his head and around his neck before he bent down, showing his asshole to me, "Fuck me, fill me." He said as he backed onto my cock and pulled against the bindings that joined my hands across his neck.

I plunged my cock into him, pulling backwards on his neck. I thrust deeply three times and knew it was over, my cock pulsed again and again, my knees faltered and I could not breathe. My cum filled his ass, three or four times over, I emptied my sac in less than twenty seconds and then collapsed onto him.

He stood and lifted me into his arms. He undid the bindings on my wrists and took me into the showers. Then he lowered me to the floor of the communal shower and turned on a warm, powerful stream of water. He began to massage my wrists, rubbing away some of the burns. Then he took down shower gel and began to gently wash me all over, starting with my head, moving down my dried cum covered chest and my ass, my arms and kegs until he finally returned to my still hard cock. Gently he stroked it, easing its pain, cleaning it of all the cum and blood that coated it.

Gently he began to suck my cock, easing its pain even more so, then once again he lifted me, my tired body draped across his arms and carried me back into the changing room. He dried me off then dressed me in my clothes. "Ok you need a nice sleep and a long hot bath," he said as he dressed himself. He stood and grabbed my things before lifting me in the same manner as previously and carrying me out to his car. He lay me in the back and strapped me in, I was already drifting in and out of consciousness. By the time I reached his apartment I was nearly asleep. He carried me up and onto his bed and covered me before leaving.

The next thing I remember is being lifted out of a perfect sleep being undressed and slipped into warm, bubbly, aromatherapied water. It was perfect, he was perfect. That's another tale entirely though.

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